10 Best Mattress In India: 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

“Get Perfect Mattress for Undisturbed Sleep”

Here are our top picks within affordable range.

A good quality mattress is like a backbone for a relaxed sleep.

Right choice will help you relax the muscles, improve posture and sleep by contouring to your body shape. But a wrong choice will leave you with back pain and disturbed sleep.

To purchase the right mattress according to your needs, consider below factors…

  • Firmness

Basically, there are 3 types – soft, medium and firm. To select among them, you have to consider 3 factors that include sleep position, weight and whether you suffer from back pain or not. Based on them we have assorted the information in a table mentioned below…

WeightFirmness ChoiceSleeping PositionBack Problem


AverageMedium Multiple positionsYes or No

HeavyFirmBack or stomachNo

  • Material Type

Several types of materials are used to make mattresses. Some popular ones are latex, memory foam, and spring.

  • Memory Foam – It is best suited for people looking for pressure relief, body shaping, back support, and great hug.
  • Latex – Perfect for sleepers who want cooling, bounce and responsiveness.
  • Innerspring – Best for people who want similar bouncy feeling.

Other equally important factors include motion isolation, thickness, edge support, etc. You can get detail information in our “Buying Guide”.

Along with that, we have also picked up the Best Mattresses in India after a lot of research, testing and reading a lot of customer reviews.

Table of Contents

Top 10 Best Mattress Brand in India

Top 10 Mattress Brands Reviews in India 20211. The Sleep Company SmartGrid King Bed Mattress

2. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

3. SleepyCat – Gel Memory Foam Mattress

4. Sleepyhead  Memory Foam Mattress

5. Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress

6. SleepX Dual Comfort Foam Mattress 

7. Extrasleep Coir PU Foam Mattress

8. Duroflex Back Magic Memory Form Mattress

9. Insleep Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

10. Springtek HealthSpa Orthoapedic Foam Mattress 

11. Comforto Duplex Comfort Foam Mattress

Buying Guide: Pick the Right Mattresses that Fulfil your Requirements:1. What position do you sleep in?

2. Do you sweat during your sleep?

3. Indian Mattress Types

4. Your Ideal Mattress Size

5. Mattress Firmness

6. Mattress for Your Body Weight

7. Some Other Qualities of a Mattress

8. Weight:

How Do I Know When to Replace My Mattress?

How to Set Up a Memory Foam Mattress

Common Myths about Mattresses?

Tips for Longer Life of Mattresses

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Top 10 Best Mattress Brand in India

MattressesPrimary MaterialMattress FeelWarrantyBuy Now

The Sleep Company SmartGrid MattressMemory FoamMedium Firm10 yearsCheck On Amazon

Wakefit Orthopaedic MattressMemory FoamMedium Firm10 yearsCheck On Amazon

SleepyCat – Gel MattressMemory FoamMedium Firm10 yearsCheck On Amazon

Sleepyhead MattressMemory FoamMedium Firm10 years Check On Amazon

Emma Original MattressMemory FoamMedium Firm11 YearsCheck On Amazon

SleepX Dual Comfort MattressFoamMedium Firm3 yearsCheck On Amazon

Extrasleep Coir MattressPU FoamMedium Firm5 yearsCheck On Amazon

Duroflex Back Magic MattressMemory FoamMedium Firm7 yearsCheck On Amazon

Insleep Orthopaedic MattressMemory FoamMedium Firm10 yearsCheck On Amazon

Springtek HealthSpa Orthoapedic MattressPU FoamMedium Firm6 yearsCheck On Amazon

Comforto Duplex Comfort MattressFoamMedium Firm11 yearsCheck On Amazon

Top 10 Mattress Brands Reviews in India 2021

1. The Sleep Company SmartGrid King Bed Mattress


The Sleep Company is an Indian brand, created with the support of a renowned scientist, Dr. Tripathi, who has 40 plus years of experience in material science. The brand relies on German and Japanese technologies while making every mattress. So, they are sure to provide ultimate comfort. 

What got The Sleep Company on top of our list is their patented SmartGRID technology – we all know about foam or memory foam or spring – guess what, their SmartGRID is not made from any of these. This was developed by Dr. Tripathi after years of R&D to develop the most comfortable mattress. Unlike other mattresses, the unique grid structure would smartly adapt to your body shape or sleeping position.

The walls of the grid would buckle down on body curvatures like hips, shoulders, head to give hotel-like comfort and the walls will stay firm under the back for extra spine support for Orthopedic needs. So ideal for everyone – looking for a hotel-type mattress or for anyone suffering with spine problems like spondylitis, joint pains, shoulder, back and hip aches. As per most customer reviews sleeping on The Sleep Company mattress is like “floating on a cloud”.  

Moreover, the Smart grid is made of hypoallergenic material – this ensures the mattress never attracts germs, bed bugs or any other bacteria. 

The mattress is also equipped with a 4-inch smart foam and a 2-inch high-density foam. Together, these let the mattress mould according to your body shape to provide more support to your body, no matter which position you sleep in. This foam also makes the mattress firm enough to provide support to hefty people. 

Having more than 2500 air channels, breathability will not be a concern. Also, these channels regulate the temperature of your body to provide the right sleeping environment. So, you can have a sound sleep even during scorching summers or harsh winters. 

Apart from all these features, the mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty against all the defects in the materials. 


  • Patented SmartGRID technology – the only brand in Asia to have this
  • Provides 2 times more support than normal mattresses.
  • Comes with a cotton cover that is soft and cool.
  • The grids make sure you don’t sweat even during summer.
  • Ensures optimum support for the back, front and side sleepers alike.
  • It’s ideal for people who want both luxury comfort & good for the back.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Concerns:

  • A bit heavy given the quality and durability of the grid material
  • Buy on The Sleep Company

    Buy Now From Amazon

    2. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

    Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress can be availed at a discount price of 20% and additional offer of no-cost EMI.

    With a 20 year warranty, 100 day sleep trial and a soft yet comfortable solution to any back/spine pain, the Wake Fit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress steals in the first spot.

    If you are a pregnant woman or just any individual who has a history of back pain, this is a perfect choice. It does not just help you relieve your back pain but also keeps its temperature flexible memory foam keeps you cool.

    People who choose to sleep on Memory foam do not change or shift their sleeping positions in more than 4-hour stretches. Hence the mattress locks on to your favorite sleep position and offers great help to back pains and comfort to the spine.

    The mattresses core is densely filled with memory foam fused with other premium quality foam (orthopaedic foam). Even with that, the mattress stays soft which talks about the good quality of the foam used. This thickness of foam aids in retaining the shape of the mattress and durability even in prolonged usage over the years.

    As mentioned, the mattress is temperature flexible. This is so because the cells of the foam are bigger in size and this helps in the greater flow of air to and from the mattress. Thus it not only keeps the entire mattress cool but also reduces the possibility of odors forming.

    This mattress is also light in weight and easily transportable it only weighs 10 kgs. The cover of the mattress is made up of high-grade cotton and it can be removed and washed from time to time.

    Wakefit’s 100 day trial period, 20 years manufacturer warranty and their incredibly fast customer service make it the finest pick of the lot.


      100 Days sleep trial  period

      Light in weight and does not sag down easily

      Use of High Quality of Memory foam and is in a dense packing for greater comfort.

      Great help in back pain and neck pain.

      The easily removable and washable outer skin can increase the life of the mattress.

      Temperature flexible and prolonged coolness due to bigger foam cells

      Comes in different customized fit sizes.

      20 years manufacturer warranty.


    • None so far.

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    3. SleepyCat – Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    A gel-based memory foam mattress that is rolled up and mailed for you to try for 30 days and return if you don’t like it. The SleepyCat mattresses win in two aspects. Incredibly great product and equally incredible customer support.

    Ideally made to serve as a saviour for people suffering from back pains, this mattress can be used by people both young and adult. Old people may slightly feel uncomfortable because of the softness of the mattress.

    Made out of 5 layers of 6-inch thickness, it has the base, netted covers, memory foam and the orthopaedic gel. The outer layer of the mattress is made out of high-quality GSM fabric that is handcrafted and knitted. You also have an easily removable Zip on the top which makes it easy to remove and clean from time to time.

    The mattress is non-motion transferring in nature. This means that no matter how much your partner moves about in their sleep, it won’t cause the mattress on your side to move. Thus you can sleep peacefully undisturbed by their movements due to the great motion isolation factor.

    But apart from the awesome features, we feel that the thickness of the mattress could be increased. Memory foam mattresses are supposed to be denser and thicker. This mattress is dense enough but needs to be a bit thicker. But that could be opinionated as well.

    The product comes with a 10-year warranty and also the aforementioned 30 day trial period. During this time, you can actually test out the mattress. Does the gel really work for you? Can you feel your partner moving about the sleep? or whatever it is that you want to test.

    Apart from all the above, sleepycat has a social side. For every 10 sales they make, they donate 1 sale.


      30 day trial period

      10 Years manufacturer warranty for the mattress

      Easy carry and delivery

      Dense and high-quality memory foam used and thus increased comfort.

      Ideal for back pains and neck pains too.

      Great motion isolation. No more disturbance of your partner tossing around in sleep.

      Incredibly helpful customer support


      Mattress and the memory foam layer could be a bit thicker than just 6 inches.

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    4. Sleepyhead  Memory Foam Mattress

    A mattress that allows you to test it for 100 days before you decide on keeping it forever. The sleepyhead queen sized mattress is a medium firm mattress that’s made out of 6 inches thick Memory Foam.

    Ideal for people who are looking for a luxury product which is soft yet medium hard for a comfortable sleep. It is also good for people who wish to control their back pain but may not be ideal for people of the older generation.

    Sleepyhead memory foam mattress comes in a total of 4 layers apart from a sturdy base. The base is filled with layer 1 of support foam which provides a good bounce feel to the mattress. Upon this, the second layer of memory foam (responsive) is inserted. A high-quality comfort foam upon these two layers adds a good feel when jumped on the bed. Memory foam mattresses are the have great air flow. In order to facilitate this airflow, the mattress is covered with a high quality removable and washable fabric that’s breathable.

    This mattress has a good motion isolation factor. This means that no matter how much you turn or toss in sleep, the bed on your partner’s side is unaffected. Also, this mattress is really helpful in inducing deep sleep. Our reviewers found out that they had 6 hours worth deep sleep when prior it was about 2 or 3 hours a stretch.

    While the mattress is comfortable for families to use, we found that it is not that great of a deal for back pain though advertised as such. We suggest you test this mattress for a while. Moreover, if you do not like it, they always have their 100 day testing period.

    We also felt that the colour of the product can be anything other than white as white is easily spoilt. Apart from that, the build quality of the mattress is great and even has a 10-year manufacturer warranty. You can claim this if you find any issues with the quality of the product.


      100 day trial period.

      10 Year warranty

      Medium soft and comfortable mattress.

      Breathable and high-quality outer fabric

      More levels of foam add to good density and thus more comfort.

      The outer cover can be easily removed and washed.

      Great Motion Isolation Factor. You cannot disturb your partner by tossing around in bed.


      May not truly work for orthopaedic pains as advertised.

      White bedding may be an issue as it can easily be damaged.

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    5. Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress

    Next on our list is the Emma Original Mattress that comes in a Queen size of 72×60. The mattress features German engineering with a unique design to create a comfortable mattress.

    The mattress has a three-layered memory foam and measures 8 inches in height. This ensures that it is suitable for all sleeping positions. It is suitable for all sizes and shapes. No matter which position you sleep in, the memory foam offers you good support.

    It uses UltraBase technology to optimize the foam for a perfect spinal alignment. The mattress is neither too hard nor too soft. It has the right density to support pressure points and relieve stress.

    Besides, it also has an extra layer of ZeroGravity foam made of polyurethane to offer you additional support. In this mattress, even if you change your body position frequently, the other person will not feel anything. This is achieved by using the Motion isolation feature.

    Emma’s Original mattress features a breathable Airgo-cell layer. The layer ensures that there is enough air circulation. So, you will not feel any heat in your back while sleeping.

    It comes with a machine-washable cover. You can wash it in your washing machine to make the cover look good as new. Furthermore, the mattress is durable. It will retain its shape and quality for long years.

    Emma has backed this product with an 11-year warranty period. Besides, it comes with a 100-day free trial. If you are not satisfied with the mattress, you can return it within 100 days and receive a refund.


    • Has German engineering
    • Relieves support and offers comfort
    • Ideal for all sizes and shape
    • Retains the shape and features for a long time
    • Motion isolation feature
    • Available in 10 different sizes
    • 11-year manufacturer warranty
    • 100-day free trial


    • Expensive

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    6. SleepX Dual Comfort Foam Mattress 

    Next on our list is a Sleepwell producer. Sleepwell SleepX is a dual mattress which means that it is both soft and hard. Furthermore, this mattress comes in as a forerunner for quality in the budget mattress range.

    One side, it is medium-soft whereas, on the flip side, it is Hard; making it good for spine alignment and soothing back pain. The mattress is 198.12 cm long, 182.88 cm wide and has a 6 inches depth. Perfectly suited for a double-sized bed frame.

    The hard part of the mattress is out of high-quality Rebonded foam whereas the soft side of the mattress is made out of foam material. The upholstery (the cover material) is a premium fabric that is quilted and knitted.

    With the added thickness and soft PU foam in that quilting, the mattress is comfortable enough and gives you a plush feel. The side walls are quilted with Airmesh fabric which increases the perforation and thus air circulation keeping the mattress. 

    Ready to use once out of the box, Sleepwell provides a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty on the product. 


      Very economical and budget-friendly

      Dual mattresses which are soft on one side and firm on the other. 

      6 inches thickness

      Rebonded foam used for the hard side

      Premium quilted upholstery used

      High-quality PU foam used

      3 years manufacturer’s warranty


      Comfortable sleep but not suggested for people with back pain.

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    7. Extrasleep Coir PU Foam Mattress

    Next on our list is Extra Sleep, a coir based mattress with 5 inches thickness and perfect for back support and orthopedic issues. What stands interesting is that Extra Sleep claims to use Artificial Intelligence to model the sleep of an individual in order to design their mattresses.

    The mattress is 83 inches long and 41 inches wide. Extra Sleep is a triple-layered mattress. The first layer is a premium quality quilted foam. 

    The second layer, as mentioned, it is made out of coir and the material used is authentic and lasts for a long time. This coir is from natural rubberised coir layers which offer support to your back and maintain a correct posture when you lay down on it. 

    Apart from the coir and the foam layer, the final layer is made out of PU foam that works to enhance the support to the mattress. This supports forms to be the base for the mattress and provides ample comfort and promotes peaceful sleep.

    Coming to the cover material, it is pure and premium quilted cotton fabric. While it may not have the level of perforation as a memory foam mattress but has decent breathability and passage of air while maintaining the right temperature on it. 

    Available in about 20+ different customization, Extra Sleep provides you with 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. What is also interesting is that Extra Sleep has had a consistent good ratings and reviews on their mattress by satisfied customers.


      Highly rated and customer satisfied product

      Very reasonably priced

      5-inch thickness coir and foam-based mattress

      Triple-Layered mattress

      The first layer is premium foam, 

      Second layer is natural rubberised coir for better back and spine comfort

      The final layer is PU Foam for enhanced support to the mattress

      20+ Customization

      Quilted fabric cotton cover that is breathable to a certain extent

      5 years manufacturer’s warranty


      Perfect within the budget but does not have a model with memory foam

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    8. Duroflex Back Magic Memory Form Mattress

    Duroflex is one of the prominent mattress companies that provide comfortable mattresses offering good support. The Back Magic mattress is specifically designed for people having back pain issues.

    The mattress features 5-zoned orthopedic support beneath the quilted layer. Duroflex’s Back Magic range mattresses are the only mattresses that are certified by the National Health Academy. The mattress is extra firm to provide support to people with back pain.

    It has an FPS layer that provides support to five zones of your body. Sleeping regularly on this mattress ensures that you have a good spinal alignment. It also corrects irregularities in your body postures.

    The mattress has 7 different layers including the knitted fabric quilting, 5-zoned orthopedic support, resilient foam layer, and high-density coir. The coir ensures that there is enough space for air circulation. As a result, you feel cool and comfortable while sleeping on the mattress.

    The other two layers are rebonded foam and woven fabric. The rebonded foam increases the durability of the mattress. The fabric acts as a protective cover and ensures longevity.

    The Back Magic mattress measures 5 inches in height and comes in blue color. It is backed with a 7-year warranty period.


    • Only mattress line to receive a certificate from National Health Academy
    • Comes with the 5-zoned certified orthopedic support
    • Ideal for orthopedic patients
    • Extra-firm
    • Offers excellent support to people with back pain
    • Offers differential support to 5 parts of your body
    • Optimizes spinal alignment and removes irregularities in body posture
    • Does not generate heat


    • Very firm and not suitable for people preferring soft mattress

    • Small in size

    • The warranty period is less.

    Softometer Reading

    Medium Soft

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    9. Insleep Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

    With amazing NASA approved advanced memory foam covered with high GSM knitted fabric, this mattress will provide comfortable good night sleep. Ideal for those who want to sleep cool and sweet free, as it maintains balanced body temperature by providing proper air ventilation throughout the mattress.

    The Insleep Orthopaedic memory foam mattress comes in a total of 4 layers apart from a sturdy base. The top and bottom layer of the mattress is made with anti-bacterial knitted fabric. The second layer of the mattress is open cell memory foam that provide an excellent support to your body. The 100% high resilient support foam layer will give soft comfort and ample support.

    It has 72 (L) X 48 (W) X 6 (H) inches will make it fit perfectly for a double sized bed. Also, it allows you to customize the mattress in various thickness (4/5/6/8/10 inches). This mattress is compatible with adjustable bases to get a comfortable sleep.

    This orthopedic mattress provides perfect cushioning support to the hips, neck, back, spine, and shoulders and thus relieves pressure. Eliminate any pains of tossing and turning in bed from your partner with its zero partner disturbance. The conveniently compact compressed (3C) smart packaging will reduce the carbon footprint.

    This superior build all season comfort memory foam mattress comes with various features like dual comfort, ventilated fabric, moisture wicking fabric, anti-bacterial, and has roll away packing. Have a worry free sleep with its 10 years limited warranty.


    • Pure high resilient bacteria – free foam base.
    • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Orthopedic dual comfort memory form mattress.
    • Medium soft that provides excellent support to your neck, spine, joint, and back.
    • Zero/no partner disturbance even while tossing around in bed.
    • Superior build with moisture wicking ventilated fabric.
    • Breathable and high quality outer fabric.


    • May not truly works for relieving your orthopaedic pains.
    • Found some minor quality issues here and there.

    Softometer Reading

    Medium Soft – Medium Firm

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    10. Springtek HealthSpa Orthoapedic Foam Mattress 


    An ortho foam mattress that comes with pocket springs and whatever the size you want it to come in. The Springtek Ortho Mattress ends your search for a firm, foam based and bouncy mattress.

    Medium firm, this mattress is ideal to help you with your back pain and also neck pain. Ideal for older people but manageable for all ages.

    This mattress can be used on either side. That means you can turn it to any side to be used for the same results and comfort.

    The comfort secrets of Springtek mattress lie in the 4 layers (including the base). The outer layers are filled with minute pocket spring based foam casings. Above this is a layer of felt support and upon this is is a quilt foam support is placed. All the layers are then topped and closed with a premium quilt knitted onto them.

    Warranty for springtek is tricky yet funny. The duration of the warranty is equal to the thickness of the mattress ordered. For instance, if you order a 6 inches thick mattress, you get 6 years of manufacturers warranty. But no-where did we see any compromise in terms of quality of the mattress.


      Good fit for people of all ages.

      Pocket Springs for a good bouncy feel

      4 layer based mattress

      6,8 and 10 years warranty available (Depending on the inches of mattress ordered)


      Claims to be medium firm but we have experienced it to be a little soft but manageable.

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    11. Comforto Duplex Comfort Foam Mattress

    It is difficult to find a budget mattress that also has dual comfort (Soft and Firm). The Comforto Duplex is perhaps the best budget-friendly and premium quality mattress in the list.

    As the mattress comes with dual comfort, it is ideal for people with back pain (the hard/firm side) and for people looking to relax and relieve stress (Soft side).

    One side of the mattress is stuffed and layered with a dense support firm. This shall be the medium hard/firm side. Now the other side of the mattress is filled with dense soft foam. This will be the medium softer side. These both layers are now closed and knit together with a plush and premium quality quilt fabric.

    The thickness of the mattress is available from 4 inches to 5 and 6 inches too. The dimensions of the mattress can be easily customized and even you can talk to the customer service representatives for different dimensions if needed.

    Comforto Duplex is made with fine raw materials and this is evident in the durability of the mattress. The outer design of the mattress is smooth-edged giving it a premium look and feel. This has to be the case as the company has been in the mattress business for about 35 years now.

    Coming to the warranty for the product, you will be getting 11 years of warranty in this. This includes 2 years of full warranty and the remaining would be a pro-rated warranty. I.e, after 2 years of full warranty on the product, as the time increases, its warranty value decreases. You cannot get the full amount but shall get a certain (significant of course) percentage of refund/ credit on new purchases.


      Budget Friendly

      Dual Comfort makes it ideal for people of all ages and for people with back pain too.

      11 years warranty available

      Finest quality Raw materials used.


      Pro-rated warranty

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    Buying Guide: Pick the Right Mattresses that Fulfil your Requirements:

    Those who know how sleep can affect daily life will understand how important it is to choose the right mattress. Choosing one mattress among hundreds of others based on material, comfort and price- definitely not an easy task. So here is the easiest mattress buying guide for you. It includes the followings-

    • Your sleeping position
    • Suitable mattress type
    • Mattress Size
    • Firmness
    • Body Weight
    • Other Qualities of a Mattress

    1. What position do you sleep in?



    Everybody has their favorite sleeping position. Some like to sleep on their sides while some prefer sleeping on their back or stomach. Now, your sleeping position has a lot to do with your mattress. How? Each sleeping position has different needs like support, firmness, comfort, etc. If you choose the wrong mattress you don’t get your desired sleep. If you have already noticed pain in your neck, back or hip, chances are that you are not using the right kind of mattress. And you need to change it soon.

    Here is your ideal mattress choice according to your sleeping style.

    Sleeping stylesSuitable Mattress

    Side SleepersSoft to medium-firm

    Stomach SleepersMedium Firm

    Back SleepersMedium Firm

    Combination SleepersMedium to Firm

    Side Sleepers:


    A proper mattress with pressure relief becomes more important for side sleepers. This is because when you sleep on your sides you put the pressure of your body entirely on your hips and shoulders. You need something that will sink your hips and shoulders a little. Something soft to medium firm will be appropriate.

    A memory foam mattress will be best for you. This will maintain proper spine alignment while relieving pressure from the neck and back areas.

    Stomach Sleepers:


    Indians generally have wide hips and heavier chests. These parts naturally bear more pressure than the rest of the body. When you sleep on your stomach they accumulate even more pressure. So you should not opt for something too soft otherwise you will sink too deep. And you will lose proper spine alignment.

    Your mattress must have ideal firmness to stand the pressure. Foam or air-bag mattress is better for stomach sleepers who prefer softer mattresses. They will also conform to your body curves giving proper support to the back.

    Stomach sleepers also change their sleeping positions a lot. So it’s better to avoid spring mattress if you sleep with your partner. Or else you will disturb the other person as you move during your sleep at nights.

    Back Sleeper


    Firmness and support are two crucial factors for people who sleep on their back. If you sleep on a bed that is too soft your body will sink.  This will cause pain in the back areas after using it for a while. Your ideal mattress must support the lumbar spine curve. Else it can result in prolonged back problems. Choose something soft enough that prevent forming pressure points but firm enough to provide adequate support to your back.

    A memory foam mattress provides maximum comfort to the back sleepers. It will conform to the natural spine alignment while providing softness and comfort. You can choose anything but avoid a spring mattress.

    Combination sleepers:


    By the words “combination sleepers” we mean those who change their sleeping positions between back, sides, and stomach. If you are one of them you need a good balance between comfort and support. A medium-firm mattress will be your perfect match.

    We suggest you opt for a hybrid or gel bed. It will let you sink a little while you are on your side, give support when you are on your back and prevent sinking too deep as you sleep on your stomach.

    2. Do you sweat during your sleep?

    This is the problem with many of us. And it is important to note that some mattresses feel hotter than the others. Usually, the soft and conforming mattresses don’t allow much air to pass through the sheets. They hold more heat compared to any firm mattress.

    Some mattress materials such as foam trap the body heat. If you naturally sleep hot then it’s better to avoid such materials. Opt for an innerspring or hybrid mattress. They let more air to pass and sleep comparatively cooler.

    3. Indian Mattress Types

    This is probably the most confusing part. As there are not 2 or 3 types of mattresses, there are many. And each of them differs a lot from each other. In India, you will find the following type of mattresses.

    • Coir Mattress
    • Spring Mattress
    • Memory Foam Mattress
    • Foam Mattress
    • Latex
    • Hybrid
    • Air bed
    • Gel bed or Water bed

    a) Coir Mattress:

    Invented in India, Coir Mattresses are the most economical and eco-friendly mattresses available around the world.


    Made out of dried coconut coir, these mattresses are firm in nature and are incredibly affordable. They are made up of fibres hence there would be no motion transfer from one part of the bed to another. If you are someone who constantly shifts in your sleep, these mattresses are a great go to. You won’t be disturbing your partner in their sleep.

    As the coir is made up of coconut, these mattresses do not have proper elasticity. Hence prolonged usage will lead to the coir being pressed down and thus the sagging of the mattress. They also may be a bit uncomfortable to sleep on than foam or latex mattresses.

    The average lifespan of a coir mattress is 5-6 years.


    • Economic
    • No motion transfer
    • Firm and thick base.


    • May cause a prickly sensation if the sheet/cover is thinner
    • Gets sagged down over usage for years
    • May alleviate your back pain due to its firmness
    • Lower lifespan of the mattress

    b) Spring Mattress:


    Spring mattresses are the traditional mattresses. As the name says it has metal springs inside and a nice cushion cover outside.

    Because of the springs they are very bouncy. And because they are bouncy you face the problem of “motion transfer”.

    Whenever the other person moves the bed makes some movement. And it can disturb your sleep too. However, some brands are applying a foam layer on the top to prevent motion transfer to some extent.

    The best part of owning a spring mattress is that they sleep cooler. Due to the gaps between the springs and the cover they provide maximum airflow through the sheets. This helps in regulating body temperature.

    These coil mattresses are comfortable to persons suffering from back pain and other position related discomforts.

    But the problem with a spring or a coil mattress is the metal spring cutting through the outer sheet covering. This may seem hazardous. Hence always look for strong quilt type or even better fabric for spring and coil based mattresses.

    They also make good choice for the couples as they are bouncy. They are usually more expensive than coir mattresses and also last much longer.


    • Mid-Budget-friendly prices
    • Bouncy feels
    • Ideal for moderate backaches.


    • Not ideal for longer durability
    • Exhibit motion transfer. You can get disturbed while your partner moves about in his/her sleep.
    • If buying of low quality, then chances are the springs break and tear through the upper fabric

    c) Memory Foam Mattress:


    These are an innovation over the regular foam mattress. And these cost more. Memory foam mattresses use a different material called viscoelastic polyfoam.

    It is denser which gives that tight hug feeling. It retains the pressure as you press it and regains its original shape after you leave.

    It conforms to each body curve that is pressed into it.  These can remember the imprint of your body shape for a few seconds. Hence it is called “memory foam”.

    The greatest quality of a memory foam mattress is the motion isolation capability. This ensures a peaceful sleep for both the partners. As the tossing and turning by one never bother the other.

    They are good for both side/back and stomach sleepers.


    • Ideal for people suffering from spinal or shoulder pains.
    • The moulding and conforming ability of the mattress makes it the best pick for side or single position sleepers.
    • These mattresses are temperature regulator and can perfectly juggle the air flow
    • The build material is polyurethane, hence it can repel off any dust and allergies as such that effects the mattress and you too.


    • Though good for spinal or shoulder pain, not ideal for older generations and severe back pain as the mattress is too soft.
    • Not great for people who like to constantly toss around in sleep.
    • Can be a bit smelly, Better use mattress perfumes to counter it.

    d) Foam mattress:


    These are the most popular and cost-effective mattresses found in India. They use the regular foam which is less dense.

    They do not provide the cuddling feeling like the memory foam. But they are soft and provide adequate back support. They are good for people with back pains.

    They also have motion isolation capability like the memory foam but they are a lot cheaper.

    But the problem with foam mattress is its sagging. Many foam mattresses tend to sag down towards the edges due to the foam ageing over a period of time.

    The main issue with the foam and memory foam mattresses is that they retain the heat. If you naturally sleep hot they may not be the best option of you.


    • Ideal for backaches,hip pains and neck-pains etc.,
    • High Durability
    • Temperature regulation. Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winters.
    • Exhibits motion isolation. No more getting disturbed by your partner due to their tossing in sleep.


    • Expensive
    • If low quality, foam mattresses can get sagged down.
    • Sensitive to high heat.

    e) Latex:


    Made out of either natural or synthetic rubber based materials, Latex mattresses are alternatives to foam mattresses. They provide the same amount of bounciness and memory foam properties within them.

    Latex mattresses are made out of many polyfoams and other synthetic materials to provide different properties. A few are extra smooth and soft while a few are hard depending on the proportionate mixture of these materials.

    These mattresses are ideal to relieve shoulder pains, backaches and are incredibly awesome for people who wish to sleep in a single position for a longer time.

    They are also temperature regulated and have a higher lifespan (more than 8 years typically) than average mattresses. This is due to the fact that they are far denser than a standard mattress.

    Latex comes in two major types. Dunlop latex and Talalay latex. Dunlop latex has a heavier base and is used for bases of major mattresses. The Talalay latex is a mixture of both lighter and heavier froth of the foam.


    • Have great bouncy feel to them like spring mattresses.
    • Can be either soft or hard depending on the requirements
    • Temperature regulated and do not heat up easily
    • Longer life span for the mattresses due to their denser body composition
    • Can help ease body aches and back pains along with shoulder pains too.


    • Expensive out of all mattresses
    • The rubber used may lead to some odour forming. Use mattress perfumes to counter it.

    f) Hybrid Mattress:


    A hybrid mattress combines 2 or 3 mattresses into one. You can have multiple benefits from a hybrid mattress at an affordable price.

    You will often see a hybrid mattress made of latex and memory foam or latex and innerspring. This allows you to get the benefits of both latex and foam. Like, the conforming of memory foams and cooling of a latex.

    You can also take the advantages of a high-quality mattress as a smaller layer, memory foam at the top, for an example.

    They are multipurpose and work for anyone. These are the best choice for the combination sleepers who change their sleeping postures at night.


    • Comfortable
    • Cooling
    • Good support
    • Medium bounce


    • Not very durable

    g) Air-mattress:


    Air mattresses are also known as air beds or blow-up beds. They are inflatable or tire like which means you need to pump them up with air.

    The majority of them are made with polyvinyl chloride or PVC. But recently some brands are using rubber or urethane plastic. These are better versions.

    You can roll them up and store them easily inside your cupboard. Hence, they are very popular for camping and as temporary beds for guests.

    It lets you adjust the mattress thickness so anyone from any weight group can use it. They are good for bedridden people as they prevent bedsores.


    • Cheap and Easily transportable
    • Can be used by people with lower back aches and bedridden patients
    • Does not sag often of much
    • Does not absorb heat from your body. Moreover, water beds help dissipate heat when used in summer and keep you cool.


    • Are prone to get punctured and damaged easily.
    • They are one side flocked. I.e, one side used to sleep. Advisable that you find something that is flocked and usable on two sides.

    h) Gel Mattress or Water Mattress


    Some memory foam mattresses are infused with gel. If you don’t like sleeping on a foam mattress or have foam allergies these can be a better option for you.

    They are engineered with better airflow and cooling capabilities. They are good for people with arthritis.


    • Cool
    • Comfortable
    • Good support
    • Good for people with back pains


    • Expensive
    • Not easily available

    4. Your Ideal Mattress Size



    Indian sizes are different from that of American. The following are the list of sizes that are available and are common in Indian households. These sizes correspond to the bed frame/ cot size that you own.

    a) Single Size:

    Sized in (72 X 36) inches to (75 X 36) inches, these mattresses are ideal for single cot bed frames. These may seem a little cramped up for an adult but are ideal and big enough for kids to feel comfortable.

    b) Double Size:

    Sized at (72 X 48) to (75 X 60) inches, these mattresses are essentially almost the double size of a single mattress. And are ideal for 1 heavy individual or 2 normal sized individuals. People who share a bed and are frequent travellers opt for such mattresses.

    c) Queen Size:

    Sized at (72 X 60) to (78 X 60) inches, this mattress is ideal for 2 large adults to sleep comfortably without any hassle. Most 3 member families tend to buy this (2 parents 1 kid) but that usually isn’t a smart choice. You tend to get cramped up or do not have enough space to move about.

    d) King Size:

    The largest size in India (unless you have your mattress custom made). It is sized at (72 X 72) to (78 X 72) inches and is perfect for a 3 member family (2 adults and 1 kid). You can even go for it if you are a four-member family too. It may be a bit cramped up, however.

    5. Mattress Firmness



    What is firmness? It is the feeling when you lie down on a bed. It tells how hard or soft the bed is. It is measured with a scale ranked from 1 to 10. Where 1 refers to an extra soft bed and 10 is the hardest with little to zero conforming.

    The ideal firmness for your mattress mainly depends on the two things- your body weight and your sleeping position. You should know the comfort offered by your mattress and the firmness are two different things. Comfort doesn’t always mean a softer bed. The bed you will find most conformable to sleep in again depends on your weight, sleeping style, mattress material, pressure points, etc.

    Here is a table to define firmness more accurately.

    Firmness LevelMattress TypeQualities

    1Extra SoftHigh sinkage most conforming

    2 to 3Soft bedSinks and conforms to an extent

    4Medium softSinks conforms lesser than the previous

    5MediumBalanced sinkage and support

    6Medium firmSinks very little, average conforming

    7 to 8firmMore support, minimal conform

    9 to 10Extra firmNo sinkage, little to zero conform

    6. Mattress for Your Body Weight



    Heavy people generally sleep hot and sink a lot more on softer mattresses compared to lighter people. This is why a firmer mattress becomes more comfortable for a heavy sleeper.

    Similarly, people on the lighter side find it more comfortable sleeping on a softer bed. If you are someone in the middle you are lucky as most of the mattresses are designed based on your body type.

    Here is a table to simplify your choice depending on your body weight.

    Weight GroupYour Best ChoiceFirmness Level

    Light ( less than 58 kg)Softer beds which conform very closelySoft – 2-3
    Medium Soft -4
    Medium – 5

    Medium ( 58 to 104 kg)Medium soft beds. A good balance between soft padding and supportMedium Soft -4
    Medium 5
    Medium Firm-6

    Heavy ( more than 104 kg)Firmer beds which offer maximum firmness and minimal conforming.Medium Firm -6
    Firm-  7 to 8
    Extra Firm-9

    For example, innerspring and hybrid mattresses are more popular among heavyweight people. It is because they are less conforming and more supportive. But if you have other preferences just make sure you get enough support and your spine doesn’t get off the alignment.

    Like heavyweight people who sleep on the sides can choose a foam or latex mattress to avoid pressure build-up. This is fine unless you choose something that is too soft and feels uncomfortable to move.

    7. Some Other Qualities of a Mattress

    • Thickness:

    This is an important factor in mattresses. The thickness of any mattress lies between 5 and 15 inches. The average mattress has about 10 inches thickness.

    The thickness of the mattress is dependent on the total weight that it would be bearing. If you are heavy, you would feel comfortable in a thick mattress compared to a thin individual who would feel comfortable in a small mattress.

    • Conform:

    Conforming is the ability of the mattress to adjust according to your body shape. It helps in proper alignment of the spine and keeps you comfortable. This also stops pressure points from developing.

    Remember that a softer bed may not be conforming. For example spring or coil mattress. It may feel soft and bouncy when you sit but can feel completely different as you sleep.

    Usually, latex or memory foam mattresses conform the best to your body. Some advanced foam mattresses are made very soft but they still conform closely while offering the right amount of support.

    • Motion Isolation:

    Do you get bothered as your partner moves or changes their sleep positions? If yes then you must need to consider this factor.

    As one of the partners moves the motion is travelled across the mattress surface and reaches to the other partner.  This often causes sleep disruptions. Especially to them who are too sensitive to sounds and movements.

    A good mattress with motion isolation prevents transferring of the motions by isolating them in small areas over the mattress surface. Your best choices are innerspring mattress with pocket coils, coir mattress or memory foam mattress.

    • Edge Support of a Mattress:

    If you have noticed mattresses start sinking particularly from the edges. This is because people tend to sit more on the sides.

    A mattress with edge support counteracts to this pressure. An edge support is a hard rigid framing covering the edges to prevent it from sinking. This type of framing is more important for a spring mattress.

    Foam mattresses usually don’t have it. They are sturdier and can hold the pressure better. Some foam mattresses use denser foam to cover the sides for even better results. They may or may not look like regular edge support. Some even have artificial edge support just because people like it that way.

    • Noise:

    Are you too sensitive to noise? As some of the mattresses are famous for making a lot of noise.  This is common with the spring/coil mattresses without innerspring pockets. They make an irritating squeaking noise as you move during the sleep.

    Usually, foam, latex or the coir mattresses don’t make any disturbing noise. But the airbags mattress with electrical components and air pockets deals a lot with noise.

    • Support:

    Support is referred to as the ability to provide a flat surface. A mattress that has good support keeps your pelvic religion properly aligned without sinking on the heavier parts. This is crucial if you have back pain because doctors will often recommend you to sleep on a flat and even surface.

    All mattresses provide maximum support when they are new. But it tends to loose with time. Generally, spring, latex or gel mattresses losses its support sooner than others.

    • Durability:

    The durability of matters means how long it can be used. An average mattress should last you 7 years. But this will depend on your usage and the material that is used in the mattress.

    If you have a baby at home accept that it won’t last for so long. The urine stain, spills and other body fluid such as vomit can reduce the life span of a mattress. But some mattresses naturally wear off sooner than others.

    For example, the coir mattresses have a shorter lifespan than a memory foam mattress where the latex and the air bed mattress live the highest.

    Here is a table which shows how long you can expect a mattress to last.

    • Off-gassing:

    Almost all mattresses emit some non-toxic odorless gas when they are new. But only the latex and the memory foam mattresses give out an unpleasant odor. This usually dissipates within a couple of days if it is kept in an airy room. But there are some exceptionally strong odors which take much longer to completely disappear.

    8. Weight:

    Mattresses are heavy to move objects and tire you out easily. A typical king size mattress weighs about 45 -50kgs. Hybrid and Latex model mattresses are heavy in nature.

    If you hate carrying around heavy stuff and if you are a frequent traveller and shifter, go for something lite. Airbed, Foam and Spring are lighter alternatives.

    How Do I Know When to Replace My Mattress?

    Consider replacing your mattress if

    • You are using it for more than 7 years:

    It is not the case with every mattress type. But it is a general rule of thumb. The replacement will depend on the material and your sleep habits.  A latex or foam mattress lasts the longest up to 7-10 years. While a coir mattress may need a replacement after using it for 3-4 years.

    • You are having disturbed sleep or waking up with aches and pains:

    Some mattresses continue to provide comfort and support as they do when they are new. Sadly some don’t. If you are waking up during sleeps or having body aches that never have bothered you before, then you should seriously think of replacing the current mattress. Don’t hesitate even if they are fairly new or the manufactures said it would last some more years.

    • Your mattress has a deep indentation or sagged too much

    Mattress sagging is nothing new. They all sag after using them for a couple of years. Indentations also develop on the areas which come under heavy pressure. But, sagging and indentations to an extent where it becomes uncomfortable to sleep requires you to change your mattress.

    How to Set Up a Memory Foam Mattress

    Foam mattresses usually come in a rolled up packaging and it has become a trend lately to choose a rolled up bedding delivered to your doorstep. The mattress is sent in by compressed in the factory and then rolled up into a neat package to be delivered and assembled by the buyers.

    Step 1: Open the casing and take out the rolled mattress.

    Step 2: Spread out the mattress on the bed and make sure it fills in all the corners.

    Step 3: Take small scissors or a knife. Most sellers of foam mattresses provide with a small opener which is available with the packaging.

    Step 4: Cut open the plastic around the mattress packaging exposing the inner mattress to air.

    Step 5: Wait for just a few minutes as the mattress absorbs the air surrounding to it and inflates to its original intended size.

    Common Myths about Mattresses?

    Mattresses might seem like any other ordinary furniture. You may sometimes get lost in the craze on why there is such a big deal about mattresses. But trust me, it IS a big deal. With its deal are associated with many myths that come along. We decided to demystify some of the myths about mattresses.

    Myth 1: A soft mattress is all I need forever to sleep in peace.

    No. Soft mattresses are good for comfort and relaxation. But they are not always the case. They may not be ideal for people with back pain.

    Myth 2: I just need to buy the hardest mattress there is to cure my Back pain.

    A big no. Mattresses need to be equal amounts of soft and a bit firm too. Back pain obviously requires a mattress that is towards the firm end but a totally firm mattress would be worse than sleeping on a stone. Choose a mattress that is firm yet soft for use.

    Myth 3: I need to wait till my mattress has sagged out entirely before I buy a new one

    Once a mattress begins to lose its elasticity, it begins to lose its charm and helpful nature. Actually, it will do more harm to you than good. Sagged mattress cause back pains and may result in an irregular sleep pattern. Better to invest in good nights sleep than to a hospital. It is better to have a change of mattress every 8 or 9 years.

    Myth 4: Memory foam is the most comfortable and best mattress there is

    A mattress is best only when it suits your specific requirements. Memory foam is comfortable for most but it may not be ideal for people who constantly suffer from back pains.

    Myth 5: Foam mattresses with gels are cool and temperature regulators.

    Gels in mattresses are placed in order for better regulation of temperature. It is ideal in dissipating heat and keeps you cool at most times.

    Myth 6: I should always flip my mattress every few months to keep it from damage.

    As we also mentioned in our tips below, this is true only for mattresses which are the same on both sides. But you cannot expect this to work for dual comfort or single-sided spring mattresses. Dual comfort needs to be flipped only when you need the other comfort and single-sided have to stay as they are designed. One-sided.

    Myth 7: Washing my bed sheets, linens and outer casings are enough to keep my mattress clean.

    I’m sure you have thought of the billion microbes that live in your bed. In order to keep your bed clean, clean the sheets. Yes. But also clean the mattress as a whole. You can use various methods of cleaning to remove stains or keep the mattress clean which is explained below.

    Tips for Longer Life of Mattresses

    • Wash the linens and outer casings regularly. Once every month should do it.
    • Use a mattress protector if possible. There are even waterproof protectors available which can increase the life of your mattress to many folds.
    • Flip the mattress to the other side once every 6 months to maintain the consistency of the foam/coir/coil. Most mattresses work the same on two sides (unless you have a dual comfort mattress or a spring mattress).
    • Keep your pets away from the beds. Dogs or Cats with their paws can slowly deteriorate the string consistency. It will cause the threading to become loose and thereby decrease the life of the mattress.
    • Avoid getting into bed barefoot. Try wearing a pair of socks for extra comfort or wash your hands and feet before getting into bed
    • Make sure you have the correct mattress that fits perfectly with your bed frame. Fitting an over large mattress in a small bed might seem comfortable or the chalta hain style. But in the longer run, it will decrease the life of the mattress considerably.
    • In case if you are an airbed or waterbed mattress, owner/user, make sure that you are deflating the beds often. Stagnant air can cause problems not just to you but the mattress as well. It may pop out and burst if used for longer durations. Keep deflating it and inflating it from time to time.
    • Know the weight capabilities of mattresses before buying. Foam and Latex mattresses are capable of holding on greater weights. Increased weight can decrease the mattress’s life.
    • Try to get a waterproof and easily washable bed sheet or cover casings if you can. They protect your mattress from any stains or any other fluids/humidity causing damage to the mattress.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is my mattress causing me back pain?
    It is so possible. A mattress that is too firm creates pressure points. They cause pain in certain areas such as hips, shoulders, upper back. If you sleep on your side you may experience severe pain in shoulders if your mattress is that bad. And if you sleep on a too-soft mattress and experiencing some sort of back pain it can be related to your mattress. Maybe it is not providing proper support and your spine alignment is off from its actual position.

    2. What is the best mattress for back pain?  
    For aching backs, the best option is an orthopedic mattress. They are available in India. Any doctor will suggest it to you. However, if you want something that everyone use go for a memory foam mattress. They are medium-firm which is recommended for you. They will conform to your body proving support to the spine curve.

    3. What is the best mattress for pregnant women?
    Firstly, it is important to note that you should sleep sidewise. Avoid sleeping on your back and never on your stomach. The ideal mattress for you should not be too firm or too soft. Choose something in the middle as you need good support and greater comfort. Go for foam or a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress. But strictly avoid the coir and spring mattresses.

    4. What is the best mattress for kids?
    Avoid mattresses which use PFU or Polyurethane foam. They are mostly used in foam or memory foam mattresses. Some chemicals added in the foam during the making process can be harmful to the children.This foam starts breaking down into smaller particles with time. When they come in contact with air they might cause coughing, headache, etc. The best type of mattress material for kids is latex. They are made with natural elements. Provides great support as well as comfort to their undergrowth bodies.

    5. My mattress giving me allergies. What should I do?
    The mattresses accumulate dust, dust mites, pollen, pet hair, etc over time. If you are having allergic reactions shift to a hypo-allergic mattress. The outer layers of these mattresses are made with anti-microbial factors which don’t allow the accumulation of dust.  They are also good for people with asthma.

    6. What is a reversible mattress?
    Reversible mattresses are two-sided. It has one firmer and one softer side. You can use any of them depending on your requirement.

    7. What is a pillow top mattress?  
    It doesn’t refer to an in-built pillow. A Pillow top mattress means a very soft cushioning layer on the top. It provides extra comfort to the sleeper. It is often mentioned as “extra soft” on the product details.

    8. How to make a mattress last longer?
    * We recommend to use a mattress protector to prevent stains.* It is better to change the mattress liners once a week.* Avoid letting your pets sleep you in the same bed. Purchase a separate mattress for them.* Let it soak sunlight at least once in a year.* Don’t jump on the beds as it will make the mattress to sag.* Follow cleaning directions provided by the manufacturer.


    Mattresses are essential investments. All the work a Human does is to get enough food and peaceful sleep at the end of the day. With over 20 years warranty and the usage of best possible materials for longer durability, our research points towards the WakeFit orthopaedic mattress as the best pick.

    What do you think? Do you have any questions pertaining to mattresses that you wish to ask our team of experts? Please write your views and questions as comments so that we can get back to you as fast as possible.







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