5 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

People generally choose ceiling fans to keep their room cool and comfortable on less energy consumption. The ceiling fans with lights is gaining its popularity in Indian market. Although, it is a personal preference but its sound good to have a decorative lights together with amazing air flow in the room.

The concept of ceiling fans with light is to introduce a way that circulate air to get cool while brightening the room. These type of fans comes with high performance motors along with the smart features like boost, sleep and timer mode and gives a complete control over the fan’s functionality.

Want to upgrade to ceiling fans with lights? Then make sure to keep these 3 main factors before investing in this product to grab the best one.

Fan Blade Span / Blade Sweep – This represents the diameter of the circle the rotating blades make and the size of the room. Like for small room (less than 80 sq. ft.), choose 24 – 42 inches blade span for matching the square footage of the room to the right diameter.

Fan Motor – The motor in the ceiling fan will determine the airflow. CFM and motor are interrelated why because the best performing motor will definitely boost the CFM along with reducing the wobbling and noise.

Location – The place where you want to fix the ceiling fan is also important. In general, we install fans in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms (mostly indoors) and outdoors (like patios, garden area or porch).

To clear your confusion on what to choose, which one is best, how to choose and from where to choose, we are providing you the Buying Guide along with some top rated best ceiling fans with lights in Indian online market (as per the reviews and ratings). You can simply sort out the perfect model as per your requirement without getting comprise on the comfort of your home.

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Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India

Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India: 2021 Reviews1. Crompton Uranus 48 – inch Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights

2. Halonix Hexa Antique Ceiling Fan with LED Light

3. Orient Electric Aeroslim Smart Premium Ceiling Fan with IOT

4. Usha Fontana Maple Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights

5. Orient Electric Spectra Under Light Ceiling Fan with Remote

Buying Guide for Ceiling Fans with Lights:

Things to Consider while Purchasing the Ceiling Fans with Lights:1.Fan Blade Span / Blade Sweep:

2. Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM):

3. Fan Motor:

4. Blades:

5. Control Options:

6. Efficiency:

7. Location:

8. Pole Length / Drop Rod:

9. Budget:

10. Lighting Options:

11. Exterior Finish

12. Design Options

13. Warranty

Ceiling Fan Lights

What are the Types of Ceiling Fans?1. Standard Fan

2. Low Profile Fan

3. Energy Star Fan

4. Dual – Motor Fan

5. Damp and Wet Fan

Ceiling Fan Style

Ceiling Fan Light StyleOutdoor Ceiling Fans with Lights:


Frequently Asked Questions

Wrapping Up:

Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India

Ceiling Fans with LightsSweepAir DeliverySpeedWarrantyBuy Now

Crompton Uranus Fan with Lights1200 mm200 CMM320 RPM2 yearsCheck On Amazon

Halonix Ceiling Fan with LED Light1200 mm225 CMM350 RPM2 yearsCheck On Amazon

Orient Electric Aeroslim Ceiling Fan with Light1200 mm240 CMM310 RPM2 yearsCheck On Amazon

Usha Ceiling Fan with Light1250 mm205 CFM310 RPM2 yearsCheck On Amazon

Orient Electric Spectra Ceiling Fan with Light1200 mm230 CMM320 RPM2 yearsCheck On Amazon

Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in India: 2021 Reviews

It is somewhat difficult to choose the ceiling fans with lights from various branded products that available in the market. Here, we are reducing your researching strain and shopping time by providing some best top selling ceiling fans with lights in Indian online market. You can simply pick the one that suits best for your requirement.

1. Crompton Uranus 48 – inch Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights

The Crompton Greaves is one of the best manufactures of ceiling fans with attractive designs. The Crompton Uranus ceiling fan comes with a perfect balance of the utility and aesthetics with its elegant metallic shade and intricately crafted lamp shade. It is suitable to use in any room (especially on bedrooms, living rooms or outdoor areas).

The 4 blade design will ensure maximum air delivery and 3 intricately crafted lampshades will give premium look to spaces with royal lighting and keeps your room cool and comfortable. You should pull the respective cord that attached to the fan to control the light and speed as per your convenience.

It comes with a powerful motor that makes less noise while running the fan. Its wide sweep will definitely ensure the refreshing cool blast of air to each and every corner of the room at every time you turn on the fan.

Product Information:

  • Sweep – 1200 mm
  • Minimum Air Delivery – 200 CMM
  • Blade Size – 1200 mm (48 inches)
  • Rated Speed – 320 rpm
  • Power Input – 72 watts
  • Dimensions – 50.7 X 28.1 X 26.5 cm
  • Weight = 7.25 kg
  • Color – Ivory
  • Warranty – 2 years


  • It comes with decorative lampshades and detailed magnificent carving to enhance the beauty of your room.
  • The convenience pull cord will help you to get control over the speed and light intensity.
  • It looks attractive with 3 lampshades and 4 blades along with superior gold finish design.
  • Have a sturdy and durable hanging rod and also this fan is easy to clean and maintain.


  • The replacement of the bulb is somewhat difficult why because we need bulbs that have spiral threads.
  • Some customers report that the fan is making a slight noise while using it.

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2. Halonix Hexa Antique Ceiling Fan with LED Light

Halonix is a famous brand known for excellent lighting solutions and fans. This Halonix Hexa antique ceiling fan with colorful LED light not only performs well but also suits your modern room designs. 

It has a six-blade unique design that delivers high air volume. Moreover, it uses a copper wire motor that supports its effective performance and enhances its durability. Also, it does not make any noise and so you feel undisturbed when you sit, relax, or sleep. 

The blades are of wooden finish give a decent look to the fan and the multicolor LED light arrangement elevates the appeal and aesthetics of your room. 

Also, this product is a feasible option as it comes with an all-function remote that allows customized control and hassle-free operation. 

Moreover, it is ideal for air-conditioning rooms. So, it is an affordable and efficient option you can go with an additional advantage of a 2 years warranty period. Remember, it is recommended for room size with 11*13 feet or 12*12 feet. 

Product Information 

    Sweep – 1200mm

    Minimum air delivery – 225 CMM

    Blade size – 1200mm

    Rated speed – 350 rpm

    Wattage – 85 Watts

    Dimensions – 58*31*23 cm

    Weight – 8kg

    Color – Brown

    Warranty – 2 years


    It is best suitable for rooms with AC.

    It adds aesthetics to your room by LED lighting. 

    2 years of warranty service from purchase date


    The after-sales service was very poor. 

    There were complaints about missing warranty cards. 

    The build quality would have been better.

    The fan seems to wobble because of improper blade balancing. 

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3. Orient Electric Aeroslim Smart Premium Ceiling Fan with IOT

This Orient electric aeroslim fan comes with technological genius of very silent and powerful that has mesmerizing looks, super-efficient inverter motor, aerodynamic profiled blade design, smart IoT control, telescopic adjustable mounting, slim cylindrical design, remote controlled operation, voice control via. Alexa and Google Assistant, and integrated underlight.

It ensures silent operation even at low voltages and its blades are made of high grade glass filled compounded abs that provides strength to the blades to make them rust proof, bend proof and easy to clean.

This smart fan is iota enabled which provides control and comfort at your fingertips, as it helps to manage the speeds and modes, lighting and reverse rotation of the fan. The telescopic adjustable design of mounting will complement for both modern and traditional ceilings.

It has IoT enabled for control with Orient Smart App that comes with Google Assistant and Alexa voice controls in which you can control fan scheduling (on & off or speed regulation), reverse rotation (for proper air circulation throughout the room), built – in timer (fix timer for 2 – 8 hours), scene switching light (with dimming options), turbo mode (for direct maximum speed), breeze mode (auto speed change for natural wind feel) and sleep mode (auto speed control for uninterrupted comfortable sleep).

Product Information:

  • Sweep – 1200 mm
  • Power Consumption – 45 watts
  • Speed – 310 rpm
  • Air Delivery – 240 CMM
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Dimensions – 66.3 X 39.8 X 41.2 cm
  • Weight – 5 kg
  • Color – Champagne Brown


  • It comes with special features like hydrographic / PU finish, ceiling adjustable telescopic mounting, highest air delivery, aerodynamic & slim design, bend and rust proof ABS body and remote with display.
  • This new age IoT enabled fan is slim, silent (noiseless, frictionless and stable) and powerful with inverter technology that saves up to 40% energy.
  • You can operate it with a remote or mobile app (IOT based fan) with controlling options like fan scheduling, reverse rotation, turbo mode, sleep mode, and breeze mode. Also, multiple fans can be connected to the same App.
  • The telescopic adjustable mounting design complements for all types of ceilings.
  • Bend proof and rust proof body with a hydrographic/PU finish and has high gloss premium finish.
  • Eye comfort and smoothly diffused light to protect your eyes


  • It is difficult to get the spare parts of this ceiling fan
  • It is only available in two colors and also the color of LED lights and driver is same.

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4. Usha Fontana Maple Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights

Usha is the most trustworthy brand preferred by Indian consumers and its ceiling fans are of premium quality and value.

This Usha Fontana Maple ceiling fan with decorative lights is an epitome of grand stylish looks adding aesthetic appeal to your room. 

With dual purposes, it gives an efficient airflow performance and also beautiful colorful lights. 

It has a stylish high gloss electroplated motor that brings a beautiful elegance aiding in ceiling decor. 

Moreover, with three separate chain cords for speed and light controls, you can have a customized airflow and lighting experience. With lesser electricity needs of 70 Watts, it saves power and energy. Besides, it even works at low voltage power. And so you need not worry even if you have voltage fluctuations. 

As the under-light is removable, it is easy to clean and maintain. So, you need not worry about any damages to the fan or light. 

Also, it has superior and high permeability grade electrical steel lamination that is rust-free, and so, it lasts longer. 

Product Information 

    Sweep – 1250mm

    Minimum air delivery – 205 CMM

    Blade size – 1250mm

    Rated speed – 310 rpm

    Wattage – 70 Watts

    Dimensions -58.3*13.9*25 cm

    Weight – 9.2kg

    Color – White

    Warranty – 2 years on motor


    Higher air delivery and speed.  

    Mild steel rust-free durable fan 

    Aluminum blades with super gloss electroplating motor

    3 pull cord control for fan speed and light settings

    The under-light is removable. 

    It is the best decorative ceiling fan cum light for indoor applications.

    It works even at low voltage.

    It is an energy-saver.

    2 years warranty services on motor


    No remote control

    Installation is a bit tough as it needs a down-rod mounting. 

    The sweep area seems to be average. 

    The product does not come with bulbs.  

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5. Orient Electric Spectra Under Light Ceiling Fan with Remote

It is an innovative ceiling fan that comes with remote controlled with timer options and 5 LED display options for ease to use and its premium look will complement your room décor. It has full copper motor for its longevity (adds durability to give your ultimate comfort), remote control for easy operation (has timer feature with 5 level speed control), multi-light LED display (illuminate the room as per your mood with 5 LED lights like candle, red, green, yellow and blue and can adjust its intensity) and electroplated finish (stylish look with electroplated plates that are elegant and durable).

Product Information:

  • Sweep – 1200 mm
  • Air Delivery – 230 CMM
  • Speed – 320 rpm (revolutions per minute)
  • Power – 70 watts
  • Number of Blades – 3
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Color – Silver (pewter finish)
  • Weight – 7.45 kg


  • Comes with premium electroplated finish and full copper motor for durability.
  • Automatic and manual color changing mechanism for lights
  • Remote controlled for ease of operation along with timer feature.


  • Not possible to control this ceiling fan with a mobile app
  • The motor or fan is making some noise while running even at low speeds.
  • Some customers report that the light is very dim and won’t serve the purpose of lighting.

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Buying Guide for Ceiling Fans with Lights:

Using ceiling fans with lights will add some extra touch of style to your home décor. Whenever you want to update an existing room or replace an old fan or fix a new fan in your new home, then you have to follow this buying guide to find the best one that suits your style and budget.

Things to Consider while Purchasing the Ceiling Fans with Lights:

We know that usage of ceiling fans in the room will definitely saves the energy (electricity) and money. So, you should be careful and look several features when buying ceiling fans.

Scroll down to know how to find the perfect cooling device for your room.

1.Fan Blade Span / Blade Sweep:

This represents the diameter of the circle the rotating blades make and the size of the room. So, to determine the best fan for your room, here are some general guidelines to follow for matching the square footage of the room to the right diameter.

  • For small room (less than 80 sq. ft.), choose 24 – 42 inches blade span.
  • For medium room (for 100 to 150 sq. ft.), go with 44 – 50 inches blade span.
  • For standard rooms (150 to 300 sq. ft.), prefer to buy 52 – 60 inches blade span.
  • For large rooms (more than 300 sq. ft.), choose 62 inches blade span (or) 2 fans with 42 inches blade span

2. Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM):

Cubic feet of airflow per minute is another important factor to consider why because it represents the wind chill effect that make people to feel cool. In general, we want a fan with highest CFM to turn down the thermostat by cooling your room faster. But a higher CFM comes with bigger motor which requires more energy to run. For best results, choose at least 6000 – 7000 CFM.

3. Fan Motor:

The motor in the ceiling fan will determine the airflow. Generally, the outdoor spaces won’t require much airflow distribution when compared to closed areas. CFM and motor are interrelated why because the best performing motor will definitely boost the CFM along with reducing the wobbling and noise.  The motor comes with finishes that include white, bronze, oil – rubbed, brushed nickel and black with metal or wood blades.

However, the fan motor device will run for several hours a day, so you have to choose the best one like DC motors (DC brushless motors). These are latest and most efficient in ceiling fan motor technology and expensive as well. Choose higher efficient motors for more energy saving and this DC motor fans is 70% more efficient than standard models. Also, prefer to choose motors that are larger than 200 mm for good quality at affordable range.

4. Blades:

The number and angle of the blades will represent the fan’s functionality and its shape (like sleek and rectangular mahogany blades or oak colored blades). Most of the fans are coming with 3, 4 or more blades in which three blades are most efficient and 4 or more blades work quieter and gets aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Coming to the angle of the fan blade, choose the blades that are angled at 12 – 14 degrees why because less than 12 degree angle is too flat to circulate the air effectively. Remember that fan blades should be at least 2 – 3 feet from the ceiling and at least 1 feet away from the side walls.

5. Control Options:

The normal ceiling fans in India comes with a wall control regulators but this ceiling fans with lights will come with specific control options like remote control, reverse rotation and pull cord.

Remote Control – You can adjust or control the speed and intensity of lighting of the fan with a simple button. It is especially helpful for the rooms where the ceiling is high and unable to reach the pull cord facility and also to get control on fan at any time.

Pull Cord – It is the common type of fan controlling options in which you can gain control over the adjusting speeds and light intensity. This pull cord is ideal for the ceiling fans with lights on guest rooms and other rooms where it has low ceiling.

Reverse Rotation – This feature gives you a complete control over the climate of the room, especially useful in winter seasons. This unique controlling option will circulate the warm air near the ceiling to various parts to keep the room warm.

Wall Control – Just like normal fans, this ceiling fan with lights – speed, direction and lighting can be controlled by pressing switches on the stationary remote which is installed on the wall.

Smart Phone – The fans along with its light fixtures can be easily controlled with an associated app that installed in a smart phone.

Voice Recognition – As the technology is reaching its heights in innovation, there are some special light bulbs that respond to voice recognition to turn on and off lights.

6. Efficiency:

Do you know that ceiling fans with ENERGY STAR seal are 20% more efficient than any other ceiling fans? Also, make sure to check the watts of electricity required to run the fan. In general, the average is about 70 watts. So, choose the best ceiling fan with lights which is more efficient.

7. Location:

The place where you want to fix the ceiling fan is also important. In general, we install fans in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms (mostly indoors) and outdoors (like patios, garden area or porch).

  • For outdoor (open areas), Fix a fan with wet rating to withstand weather constraints.
  • For outdoor (partially covered areas like patio), install the fan with damp rating, which can handle moisture from outdoor air.
  • For indoors, install dry rated type of ceiling fan, as they are not exposed to moisture and outdoor elements.

8. Pole Length / Drop Rod:

The pole length directly depends on the height of the ceiling. A drop rod which is neither too high from the floor nor too close to the ceiling is the perfect for ceiling fans. So, the height of the ceiling will determine the length of the drop rod.

The adequate distance of a fan from the ceiling will help for its better movement. Also, for a safety option the ceiling fan should be fixed at seven feet height from the floor will provide proper rotation. Here are some general guidelines that give you a complete idea on this,

Length of the PoleCeiling Height

6 cm9 feet

12 cm10 feet

18 cm11 feet

24 cm12 feet

36 cm13 feet

48 cm14 feet

60 cm15 feet

9. Budget:

The price of the ceiling fans with lights are comparatively expensive than normal ceiling fans without lights. They comes under the price range between Rs. 3500 – 10,000. This is because of the additional features like remote control units, LED lights (light kits), stronger motor, etc.

10. Lighting Options:

There are different lighting options available (like LED, halogen, fluorescent) in the market for ceiling fans with lights. Although, these lights come with a unique holder arrangements (existing light fitting mounted above the fan) in which you have to choose and select the bulb (or light) as per your preference. While some other fans comes with an option of an integrated light without adding or removing them at any time (just replacing).

11. Exterior Finish

Choose a high quality premium finish to your ceiling fans with lights to get matched with your other furniture in your home. Choose the best exterior finish like brass or aluminium or simply fans with dust free finishes (anti-dust feature) to enhance the beauty of your home.

12. Design Options

Before buying a ceiling fan with lights, you have to choose its sizes, colors, finishes and materials from the endless varieties available in the market. Although, the color and finish depends mainly on the material and some commonly used materials include nickel, steel, bronze and different wood types.

Also, synthetic materials come in a wider range of models in different colors that look like metal or wood materials. Coming to its size, there are some models with universal sizes that range from 12 inches to 72 inches in diameter to get fit for any room. So, determine the size of your fan by considering square footage and height of the room.

13. Warranty

Always check the warranty period that provided from the manufacturer before buying a ceiling fans with lights. This will ensure the quality of the product and a trust towards the brand from the buyer’s side. In general, the ceiling fans with lights will come with a warranty of 2 – 5 years and also check what are the services included under this warranty option.

Ceiling Fan Lights

Before choosing a ceiling fan with a light kit, you have to know the range of lighting sources like LEDs, halogen, and fluorescent. So, that you can grab the best as per your requirement but check that the bulb style should match to your home décor.


Light emitting diode (LED) light sources are the perfect match of style, design and finishes to reach your home décor needs. The Led ceiling fans fits to any space (for both indoor and outdoor) to provide bright illumination while circulating cool air in your room to maintain a calm environment.

They are positioned under the blades of the fan to give more brightness, but remains energy efficient and comes with an average lifespan of about 50,000 hours. They are more expensive than other lighting options.

2. Halogen

Halogen light source consumes 15% less energy than incandescent light sources and comes with an average life span of about 1500 hours. These bulbs works emit a warm light and suits best for easy to reach fans in living rooms and dining rooms. The drawback is that halogen lights produce a lot of heat when used for longer time.

3. Fluorescent

Fluorescent light source (CFL light bulbs) consumes 75% less energy when compared with incandescent light sources and comes with an average lifespan of about 10,000 hours. They emit warm or cool lighting. Best to setup where the bulbs are not exposed and also won’t work well with dimmer switches.

4. Incandescent Light Bulb

This incandescent light bulb is the original basic form of electric lighting bulb in which their popularity has got down in the recent years due to more energy efficient models. Suits best for dimmer switches.

5. HID Light Bulb

High Intensity Discharge (HID) light bulbs are less common lighting option. Suits best to use in large spaces like warehouses, garages, workshops or outdoor street lights, due to their lighting power but not for use in residential homes.

What are the Types of Ceiling Fans?

You should select right type of ceiling fans available in the market to grab the best ceiling fan with lights why because the type which we choose will dictate the type of lighting that work best to give stylish look. Let’s know about the types of ceiling fans in detail.

1. Standard Fan

It is the most common type of ceiling fan that comes with 3 – 5 blade design that installed on a downrod and built – in light. This type is most customizable and versatile and they are available in a variety of colors, styles, light shades, different materials and finishes. Switch to a standard fan type with light kit to have a unique look.

2. Low Profile Fan

Also, known as Hugger Fans or Flush Mount fans. This low profile type is installed directly on a mounting bracket without any need of a downrod. Best to install in the rooms with low ceilings. It comes with multiple fixtures and lighting options that allow you to modify (customize) as per your preference.

3. Energy Star Fan

This energy star fan are generally energy efficient fans that comes with several distinct varieties that includes low profile and standard models. These fans with lights uses 60% less energy when compared with standard fans with lights. There are numerous customization options available for this energy star fans. The energy star ceiling fan models come with 2 year lighting kit and 10 years motor warranty.

4. Dual – Motor Fan

As the name says, this model has two motors and in simple words, it has two fans with two models. This type of fan will circulate the air all over the area with greater distance and became quite popular in public buildings. Adjust the two fans individually to enable the direct airflow in a particular direction at certain speed. It enhance the look of your room with its style and right type of lights.

5. Damp and Wet Fan

This type of fans are designed with durable all weather blades that resist warping and other humidity damage. The damp model suits best in the rooms (bathrooms, sunrooms and porches) where there are high humidity and no precipitation. The wet model suits best for open, exterior buildings like patio where there are actual precipitation. Heavy duty lights are used in this model to withstand the high humidity levels.

Ceiling Fan Style

In general, the overhead fans with light kits comes with various designs and  styles like traditional, modern, tropical, contemporary, unique, rustic, and transitional that matches to any type of décor for styling your home.

Modern Style: To enhance your modern lifestyle, you can select a modern style fan with lights. They are constructed from steel, chrome, bronze or nickel though synthetic and real wood materials are also used. Simple lines, clean and neutral colors are quite common in this style and enhance the elegance and simplicity to your room.

Contemporary Style: They come with features like smooth, rounded edges other than stark lines. They built with steel, bronze, real wood and nickel. These models works as a functional accessory and enhance your room’s beauty.

Traditional Style: This traditional style of fans are designed with classic and outdated style that creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. This style comes with nice looking but focused on function rather than fashion. So, they look normally in the room to cool the surroundings.

Transitional Style: This transitional style is designed with the combination of contemporary and traditional styles. It comes with an elegant, warm and comfortable design that has a healthy dose of simple, clean lines. Its popularity lies on the scale between traditional and contemporary.

Rustic Style: These are constructed from materials like steel and wood to give an unpretentious look and natural warmth to the room. They suits best in cabins and places that focus mainly on the natural beauty.

Victorian Style: The Victorian style fans with lights may take you to the Victorian era in England with its versatile style and pleasing overall look. They use expensive materials to fit the atmosphere of the room.

Lantern Style: They come with lantern style lighting fixture and the fan itself utilizes rustic, traditional or contemporary design. The lights in this fan are built with a glass lantern fixture overtop. This lantern style suits best in cabins or cottages with natural themes.

Mission Style: These style fans are popular offshoot of the American Arts and Crafts Movement. They employ at least some wood with notable feature of geometric lines. They generally create a simple casual look in your room.

Craftsman Style: This style is another offshoot of the American Arts and Crafts Movement, in which it is notable for its handmade look. They are made from warm and wooden materials to bring a uniquely American look to your home.

Kids Style: These are exclusively suits best in your kid’s bedroom, as they are colourful, bright and playful style fans. They generally, utilize themes from books, movies or sports and the light combo with this fan style will definitely add joy to your child’s life.

Ceiling Fan Light Style

Before installing ceiling fans with lights, you have to know how many types of lights available in the market. However, there are mainly two options available for lighting your ceiling fans. They are fans with already installed lights & fan without lights but come with a light kit for adding to a pre-existing fan. So, select the light carefully which suits for both your ceiling fan and for overall home décor.

Bowl Lights – They come with a glass bowl fixture that covers a downlight and most of these type of lights have a pull chain control system. These are simple and straightforward that commonly suits for every room by providing medium level ambient lighting.

Branched Lights – They come with multiple light fixtures that range from 2 – 5 light configurations. Each and every light is adjustable which makes you direct the light where you want to shine it. Suits best in any room that works great for a space with other lighting provided.

Schoolhouse Lights – It uses a vintage, antiquated light fixture along with cover or shade to get a nostalgic look of an old schoolhouse. They are stylish and retro option to fix on your room.

Integrated Downlight Lights – These light are built into the fan itself and commonly suited on low profile model fans to give direct bright light. Best to use in smaller spaces. They simply create a clean look to complement the space of your room.

Uplight Lights – Here the light will point up towards the ceiling that provides illumination to a wider area but this illumination is dimmer than other options. Suits best for the rooms where direct lighting is not required like bedrooms while sleeping, as it provides soft ambient light.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Lights:

Do you want to cool your patio or lanai areas of your home? Don’t you want to enjoy your barbeques, pool or dinner parties going late in the night? Then go for outdoor ceiling fans with lights. The exterior (outdoor) fans with lights are UL damp listed for covered outdoor spaces and UL wet listed for outdoor spaces that exposed to the elements.

The hotter summers will be cool down with this outdoor ceiling fan with lights. The exterior fans with lights options comes in various styles, sizes, designs and finishes, in which you can pick the best outdoor fan for your porch, patio, gazebo or covered deck.

The outdoor ceiling fans with lights comes with two main categories based in UL rating. The wet rated (resistant to snow, rain and all weather outdoor applications) fans will create illumination and cool the outside relaxation open areas that are fully exposed to elements around the home and are damp rated (handle air moisture but don’t get direct contact with rain, water and snow) when using in outside covered areas with partial exposure.


  • You have to allow at least 39 inches between the light fixture and fan blades.
  • Turn off the power (electricity) before installing the ceiling fans with lights and fit this by following the guidelines given in the user manual.
  • The ceiling fans with light have higher maintenance cost than regular ceiling fans and also they come with light kits in which one has to be careful while installation.
  • Choose a right sized fan to increase your safety and to figure out the best, you have to take the length of the longest wall in the room.
  • For best results, locate the fan and the light fixture in the center of the room but not too close to the walls. Install it at least 10 inches from the ceiling.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I buy a ceiling fan with a light kit?
Check whether the area is getting adequate natural lighting or not, before deciding to buy a ceiling fan with light. Want to get control over the amount of light and cooling in your room, then a ceiling fan with light or light kit will be your best option.Ceiling fans with light kit provides an ample and even lighting all over the room. It is suitable for all types of spaces and also compatible with a remote or wall dimmer that makes you easy to adjust the light intensity.For example, if you’re using energy star fans with star light kit then it works 50% more efficient than conventional fans with lights and also saves your electricity costs, as you won’t have to change the bulb frequently.

2. How to install a light to an existing ceiling fan?
Many ceiling fans are sold without a light attached to them but do you know we can add this light kit option to your existing fan by simply following the below mentioned procedure.*Turn off the power source before starting the process and check whether the bottom of your existing ceiling fan comes with a house cap (at the center of the fan where you assemble the light).In case, if the existing ceiling fan has no housing assembly then you are unable to attach this lighting assembly.*Simply assemble the wires inside the lighting housing of a fan by measuring the diameter of the opening on the fan.*Buy an appropriate light kit for your fan (some manufacturers produce universal ceiling fan lighting kits) and then decide in which style to assemble like attach a fixture with 1, 2 or more light bulb sockets.Unscrew the cap and connect the light’s wire to the fan wire by using a wire nuts.*Screw the lighting assembly designed to attach to your ceiling fan.Then install the light kits, glass shades and pull chains by simply following the instructions given by the manufacturer.*Now pull the chain to enjoy the feel a cool breeze and light from your newly improved fan.

3. What are the best brands for ceiling fans with lights?
There are many best and trustworthy brands like Usha, Orient, Havells, Crompton, Hans, etc. are available in the market that produce best quality products with attractive models. Each brand offers different features than others. The above mentioned products are from best brands, you can pick one that suits as per your requirement.

4. How to choose the best ceiling fans that consumes low power?
Although, there are variety of ceiling fans available in the market with different power consumption. Always check the power consumption feature before buying them, prefer to choose fans with LED lights that consume less electricity and also gives attractive look to the room.

5. Are the bulbs of ceiling fans available in the market?
Although, there is no guarantee given by the company for the bulbs. In case, if the bulb gets damaged or fused then you can easily get it from any retail shops or electric shops (or) simply get the bulb from online stores.

6. What are the benefits of using remote control ceiling fans with lights?
This remote control feature is quite useful and easy to operate at any time, especially at night time. You can easily speed up or slow down its speed (or) turn on or off its lights. So, simply you can control the light intensity and speed of the fan.

7. What is a good airflow for a ceiling fan with lights?
Although, there are different models available in the market with different air delivery system. They maintain different CFM ranges as per the motor power and product capacity. The good CFM range from 4000 – 5000 on high speed. For standard speed of the top ceiling fans with light kits range from 5000 – 6000. The best CFM is over 6000 which is higher than normal range.

8. How to know light intensity for different rooms?
Although, buying a ceiling fan with lights is easy but you have to consider the room where you want to place this fan. As a general rule, we want brighter light for areas like dining rooms, kitchens and hallways. For areas like children bedrooms or play areas, TV rooms, we opt for less light. So, choose the best one with perfect intensity for your home.

Wrapping Up:

Now you came to know how to choose and which one to choose from the above mentioned buying guide and best products. So, select the appropriate ceiling fan with lights that suits perfect as per your requirement and budget.

Our experts suggest that Orient Electric Aeroslim Smart Premium Ceiling Fan as a best option why because it comes with features like hydrographic / PU finish, ceiling adjustable telescopic mounting, highest air delivery, aerodynamic & slim design, bend and rust proof ABS body and remote with display. Also, it has IoT enabled for control with Orient Smart App that comes with Google Assistant and Alexa voice controls

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