5 Best Drum Set in India 2021 Reviews: Ultimate Guide

Drum kit or simply drums is a collection of drums and modern kit. In this article let’s discuss few best acoustic drum sets available in market today.

Before you buy your drum kit, it is must to check few points like the parts in drum set.

Shells: Bass drum and toms make the shells; these shells are made up of varieties of wood. Based on the wood used, the sound of the drum is depended.

Hardware: For long durability and for the drum to run for long time, the hardware of the drum is important.

There are more points to consider like the stand of the drums, and the drum set piece quantity which is clearly given in our “Buying Guide”.

From our detailed research and based on the reviews of the different drum sets we have listed 5 best drum sets in India. Hope this helps you in choosing the best drum set easier.

Table of Contents

Best Drum Set in India1.Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

2. Havana Imported HV522 Acoustic Drum Set

3. Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum Set

4. Alesis Compact Kit 4 Drum Kit

5. Arctic Cosmos Complete Acoustic Drumset

Drum Set Buying Guide:What is a Drum kit?

Parts of Drum Sets:


2. Hardware:

Types of Drum sets:


Frequently Asked Questions


Best Drum Set in India

Best Drum SetDrum set piece QuantityWarrantyBuy Now

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit8 pieces1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Havana Imported Acoustic Drum Set5 pieces1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Behringer Electronic Drum Set8 pieces3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON

Alesis Compact Drum Kit4 pad electronic drum1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON


1.Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

Alesis is an American based company and is manufacturing electrical musical products in wide range. They offer wide range of electric drum set and also provide other musicians with effect units, amplifiers, audio processors and audio mixers.

This is an electronic drum kit with complete eight piece set. It delivers a practical playing experience with practice focused educational feature. It comes with 15 preset drum kit sounds and USB MIDI connectivity.

The nitro drum module is loaded with hundreds of in- demand percussions sounds, 40 different kits and 60 built in play along tracks. This module ensures you to deliver any sound you need.

The drum is designed with the 8 inch pad size in diameter with dual-zone mesh snare drum, 8 inch mesh toms, and cymbal pads of 10- inch with playable rubber type surface, hi-hat pads connected to free floating controller pedal and durable 4 post aluminium rack.

Warranty: This drum kit comes with 1 year warranty

Things we liked:

  • This drum kit comes with the 4 mesh and 1 rubber pads.
  • There is a connectivity of 1/8 inch headphone output, stereo ¼ inch TRS inputs and 1/8 inch aux input, hassle-free rehearsals and practice sessions will be easier.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Compared to expensive kits the mesh head are smaller in this product, but they are still playable.
  • Adjustability of rack.
  • There is no mesh on bass drum tower.

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2. Havana Imported HV522 Acoustic Drum Set

From the house of Havana, this acoustic drum kit is an excellent drum kit with good specifications.

This drum kit is designed with premium quality material and it is five pieces set. It features with PVC wrap that includes cymbals, drum pedal and drum throne.

Warranty: HV522 acoustic drum kit comes with 1 year warranty.

Things we liked:

  • It is made up strong quality material and it last longs in long run.

Things we didn’t like:

  • There is nothing much

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3. Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum Set

The Behringer is leading manufacturer of German musical instruments and is well known for producing high range products. XD8USB electronic drum set is designed with higher standards and budget friendly.

For beginners XD8USB is one of the best sounding professional e- drum kits. It comes with 15 studio quality drum sets and 123 distinct sounds.

This drum comes with the drum heads made of natural rubber kit; You can expect the exact feel and response of an acoustic drum that removes false triggering, also with headphones out you can silently practice, which an essential musicians is living in a flat.

The XD8 comes with the USB, so that you can connect it directly into your Daw, or you can use it to activate external sounds via MIDI and with dual-zone snare pad operation it is possible to play a variety  of snare and rim style playing methods.

Warranty: XD8USB comes with 3 years warranty

Things we liked:

  • You can connect this drum to any virtual instrument with USB audio interface
  • It has 10 factory preset plus 5 user programs
  • Most of the wide variety of music styles is covered with professionally composed tracks.
  • For natural dynamic response all sounds are velocity sensitive.

Things we didn’t like:

  • For an experienced drummer there is no sufficient sound variances
  • When playing complex patterns there is lack of responsiveness
  • Compared to high priced models this product has limited features.
  • For heavy hitting drummer structurally it is not dependable.

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4. Alesis Compact Kit 4 Drum Kit

For young drummers this is the perfect compact electronic drum kit, this drum helps the young drummer to improve their skills on their way to fame.

It comes with 4 drum pads which are sensitive to velocity produce pragmatic drum sound with the feel and response of real drum.

Young player can start playing along with music there are loads of inbuilt songs and rhythms, without the wait for “the band” to come.

This kit have includes music coach feature which shows notes on LCD screen and helps the player in learning how to play with the built in songs and rhythms. It is ultra portable drum kit that can be carried anywhere conveniently from AC power and included power adapter.

Warranty: It comes with 1 year warranty

Things we liked:

  • This drum kit uses 6 c- cell batteries, so it can is good portable drum kit.
  • It is very much suitable for beginners, tempo can be adjusted for the beginners to learn

Things we didn’t like:

  •  It don’t contain metronome
  • There are only 4 pads on tabletop, no foot pedals

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5. Arctic Cosmos Complete Acoustic Drumset

Arctic Cosmos is a drumset that every drummer and music enthusiast cannot help but fall in love with. This versatile music beast has everything that an ideal Drumset needs.

It comes with standard drum depths, the unique shell composition with beating edge resulting in clear & focused rack tom, fat & dense floor tom, and bass drums with a balance of punch & boom.

The drums in this set feature the best quality 6-ply poplar shells for big open tones and low even overtones making it ideal for playing legendary Fat rock backbeats.

This drumset best suited for all drummers irrespective of age. It is a perfect music companion for those who wish to take themselves beyond boundaries.

It has a perfect tone expression and has the right balance between mid & highs. If you are looking for stage performances or special events this is your go-to option.

You will be receiving 22×16 inch bass drum, 16×16 inch floor tom, 13×10 inch tom, 12×9 inch tom, 14×5.5 inch snare drum, 14×2 inch & 16×1 inch cymbals along with snare stand, cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, scrum pedal, and throne.

Things we liked:

  • 2 up & 2 down shell pack
  • Robust sound
  • Versatility
  • Mid & highs balance

Things we didn’t like:

  • Warranty details are not mentioned

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Drum Set Buying Guide:

What is a Drum kit?

A drum kit also called as drum set, trap set or just drums, it is a group of drums and other bass beat instruments which are set up on stands to be played by one single player.

Parts of Drum Sets:

First let’s check out the drum kit set up


Snare drum, bass drum and toms that make the actual parts of drum kit are called shells.

Shells are made up of different woods and sounds of drum are distinguished by the wood the drum is made of.

You can choose according to your style of playing what wood type you want.

The following are the different types of woods used in making of drums

  • Birch: These are loud, hard and dense wood that adds to its loudness and make it a brighter sounding kit.
  • Maple: This is commonly used for drum shells, it goes well with all styles of music and it is versatile.
  • Mahogany: It has low end power which means when you hit those drums will give you ‘THUMP’.
  • Poplar: This is present mostly in cheaper drum kits. Compared to other woods the sound quality is not that great.

The next feature of the Shell you need to consider is Sizes; Drum Shells comes in various sizes.

Bigger the Shell, deeper will be sound

Generally drummers are categorized the drums by their diameter size in inches. 14 inch will be the most of snare drum size.

Among the setup the biggest drum is bass drum. According to drummers preferences there is tom size.

2. Hardware:

The part of drum kit that is used to position the drums is the drum hardware. This includes stands for the cymbals and tom mounts. Pedals also are under hardware.

Having a good hardware will last long and provides you more comfort while you play. Cheaper one will not be sturdy and will make your cymbals move around.

You need cymbal stand and hi- hat stand which are single or double braced.

  • Single Braced Stand:

This is how a single braced stand looks like. This stand is not less stable as double braced stand, this is lightweight and easier to transport.

  • Double Braced Stand:

This Double braced stand gives you more support from the bottom that in turn make you feel it as sturdy.

  • Cymbals: To any drum setup these cymbals are most important. Cymbals will sound differently and they have different qualities. Normal drum set up will have crash symbols, ride cymbal and hi hats.
  • Ride Cymbals: Ride symbols are bigger and they range from 20 inches to 24 inches. One ride cymbal is there in most of the drum setup.
  • Hi hats: These are the most important cymbals in the kit as it prioritize getting it over other cymbals
  • Drum heads: Drum heads are the membranes over the drum, drum kit comes with stock head. Stock heads sounds perfectly if it’s your first drum kit. If you tune them properly drum sounds much better.

Types of Drum sets:


Most drum set are packaged as either 4 to 5 piece kit. This refers to amount of drums, not amount of total parts of your drum set, which includes both hardware and cymbals.

  • 4 piece kit: Novice drum set typically includes a snare, bass drum, 1 mounted/ rack toms or floor toms
  • 5 piece kit: This drum set contains snare, bass drum, 2 mounted/rack toms or floor toms


Acoustic (regular) drums and electronic drums are two types of drum sets. Acoustic drums have metal cymbals, to project sound they use wood and metal drums. An electric kit has rubber pads that hits sound to amplifier or to headphones.

Each type has their advantages. Traditional drums are less complicated to set up and have better “feel”, but electronic drum have ability to reduce or eliminate volume of drums. Electronic drums are great solution for students living in apartment or the places where sound levels are concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many wires does snare have?
It depends on the drum kit you are decided to buy. The drum strands of 10, 20, 30, and 40 available. The snare wires strand count does not make a huge difference in sound.

2. What drum size should i prefer?
12 inches, 13 inch mounted toms, a 16 inch floor tom and 22 inch bass drum is the standard size of the drum kit. Smaller size diameters of fusion set benefits in their punchy tone and articulate sound. Benefits of standard size set is larger toms produce more sound and bigger tone.

3. What does the full drum set consist of?
Drum set is divided into four parts,Breakables: sticks, various cymbals, snare drum, throne and sometimes bass drum pedalShells: Bass drum and tomsExtensions: Cowbell, tambourine, chimes and any other instruments are not part of standard kit.


Ensure you try the drum you choose, hope this article give you a clear idea about the Drum sets. Our suggestion from our top picks is Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit, as this is an electronic drum with complete eight piece set and it also have 60 built in play along tracks this ensure to deliver you any type of sound you want.






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