5 Best Stand Mixers in India: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Mixing dough is the most difficult, tedious and messy job. If you are a regular baker, then stand mixers can be of a great help in the same.

In the recent few years, stand mixers have also adapted to the new innovative concepts. Apart from mixing dough and batters, they can chop, slice, whip, make ice creams, pasta, ravioli and others.

Though stand mixers are a bit expensive than hand mixers, having these extra attachments make it affordable.

And the best part is – mixing with hand mixers are tough and strain your arm muscles. But with stand mixers, all you have to do is add the ingredients and start the machine. You can attend to cooking or other things while the stand mixer is handling your job.

While purchasing a stand mixer, it is very important to consider certain factors. So that your investment doesn’t go waste. Our “Buying Guide” will help you in the same.

Apart from that, this article also contains best stand mixers available in India. We have picked them up after a thorough analysis and research on all the products available in the Indian market.

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Best Stand Mixers For Cakes and Baking

5 Best Stand Mixers Reviews in India1. Inalsa Stand Mixer 

2. iBELL 6650S Electric Food Stand Mixer

3. MYSA SM-1502 Stand Mixer 

4. Black & Decker M700 Hand Mixer

5. AMION AM 4310 Stand Mixer

How to Choose a Stand Mixer?1. Analyze your cooking needs

2. Different Types of Stand Mixers

3. Capacity

4. Power

5. Speed Settings

6. Planetary Action

7. Weight

8. Ease of Cleaning

9. Noise Level

What Attachments Are Usually Provided with a Stand Mixer?

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

Best Stand Mixers For Cakes and Baking

Stand MixersPowerCapacitySpeedsWarrantyBuy Now

Inalsa Stand Mixer 1000 watts5 liters8 speeds2 yearsCheck On Amazon

Ibell Stand Mixer1300 watts6.5 liters6 speeds1 yearCheck On Amazon

MYSA Stand Mixer 800 watts5.5 liters6 speeds1 yearCheck On Amazon

Black & Decker M700 Hand Mixer300 watts3.5 liters5 speeds2 yearsCheck On Amazon

AMION Stand Mixer1000 watts—-6 speeds1 yearCheck On Amazon

5 Best Stand Mixers Reviews in India

1. Inalsa Stand Mixer 

Inalsa is one of the fast-growing Indian brands for home and kitchen electrical appliances. 

This Inalsa Kratos stand mixer runs faster with a 1000W power motor that enables multiple functions like combining, beating, mixing, whipping, kneading, and creaming to serve various kitchen needs. 

It comes with a 5L stainless steel bowl that is more than enough for fulfilling larger capacities too. It also includes one main unit with an SS bowl, whisking cone, mixing beater, dough hook, splash guard, a user manual, and a warranty card. 

Moreover, you can just make anything and use it for customized purposes with 8 level speed controls and a pulse function. So, you can get the perfect texture to your desired dishes without any place for disappointment.  

This stylish Inalsa stand mixer also looks beautiful in your modular kitchen with an elegant design and LED indicator. With the simple knob-turn operation, you can use it with hassle-free maintenance in your kitchen. Besides, it has a sturdy ABS-made body that adds to its aesthetics and durability. 

Also, you need not worry about its safety as it equips the best safety features like safety lock protection, dust-proof splash guard, anti-sleep feet, and overheat safety protection. 

This one is a safe, reliable, and affordable stand mixer option that comes with 2 years of warranty service assuring peace of mind. 


    Efficient in multiple functions

    Planetary rotation with 59 touchpoints

    Speedy meal preparation

    304 food grade Stainless steel bowl 

    Powerful and 100% Copper winding motor

    Compact size and occupies less space in your kitchen

    Overheat protection and anti-slip vacuum feets

    Easy to clean

    Budget-friendly stand mixer

    2 years warranty


    The build quality is average. 

    There could have been lower speed settings also. 

    Only suitable for small families

    A little wobbling

    Not that sturdy 

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2. iBELL 6650S Electric Food Stand Mixer

iBELL is one of the leading companies offering high-quality electronics goods. Its kitchen appliances are always the best choices for Indian consumers because of their quality standards, trendy designs, and affordable prices. 

This iBELL 6650S electric food stand mixer grabbed a place here as it has a high-power copper motor of 1300W and a huge capacity bowl of 6.5L. It is the all-rounder in your kitchen as it is multifunctional for whipping, egg-beating, juice making, kneading, blending, and meat mincing. 

It has an illuminated 6-speed control knob that manages different speed settings to carry on your personalized action. It operates at a speed of 1-3 through a dough hook for heavy mixtures like bread and pastries. With a 2-4 speed beater, you can deal with medium-heavy mixtures like crepes and sponge mixtures. Besides, its 5-10 speed whisk is for light mixtures like cream, blancmange, and egg white. 

As iBELL assures customer-friendly design, it includes a powerful motor that runs at high speeds to finish your tasks quickly. It offers the stand mixer with 5 different attachments including a dough hook, blender, mixing beater, meat grinder, and whisking attachment. 

Never mind its performance as it is perfectly efficient. It works so well even for harder substances like meat as the meat grinder attachment prepares minced meat for sausages, burger patties, and fillings very conveniently. 

Through a low noise operation of less than 76dB, you can finish off the kitchen tasks without disturbing others. Moreover, the sturdy ABS housing and anti-slip pad create a good base to work safely. Its elegant one-layer silver painting also gives a beautiful look and appeal to your kitchen space. 

So, this one can be a perfect stand mixer choice to obtain at your feasible budget. 


    It works great. 

    Low noise

    Good build quality

    It is multifunctional with different operations.

    Very much affordable

    1-year standard warranty and 1-year additional warranty on free registration


    The transparent items are made of very thin plastic that may be easily prone to breaking. 

    You should deal with it carefully. 

    The customer service could have been better.

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3. MYSA SM-1502 Stand Mixer 

Are you in search of an all-in-one kitchen appliance to perform different mixing operations at a reasonable cost? Then, this MYSA SM-1502 can fulfill your desires. 

It fits your small family kitchen needs with a 5.5L 304 food-grade stainless steel bowl, splash guard, and a 100% pure copper 800W motor fixed on ABS sturdy housing. It has a tilted head for easy operations of kneading, combining, and whisking. 

With a dough hook, it creates a great force to knead bread, pizza dough, and tough cookie batter. You can make cakes, biscuits, icing, pastry, and mashed potatoes with normal and heavy consistency by its efficient beater. Also, the whisk tool increases the air amount into the foods like sauces, cream, or egg whites. 

You can easily install and uninstall the required attachments easily. There is also a 6-speed control knob to allow variable speeds. Moreover, the mixer has a rubber cap fixed at the bottom to give safety and also avoid spilling mixtures. So, you can have quick and trouble-free cooking preparations effectively. 

This new MYSA stand mixer model is compact and grey and looks stylish in your modern kitchen. It is also a strong and durable product so your investment is so worthy. Also, the manufacturer offers one-year warranty service for correcting any manufacturing faults. 


    6-speed controls with pulse function

    Sturdy ABS housing

    Tilting head eases your operation

    Planetary mixing action

    Quiet operation

    All the metal gears are efficient

    Easy to install, use, and clean

    Soft kneading in 4-5 minutes

    Affordable price

    1-year warranty


    Only the cover could have been better covering the rims.

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4. Black & Decker M700 Hand Mixer

If you are looking for a stand mixer that is very handy, compact and portable, then Black+Decker is the right choice. The manufacturers of Black+Decker have specially designed this model to provide perfect desired consistency and performance every single time.

This product consumes just 300Watts which is sufficient enough for whipping, beating and kneading small batches. This is a perfect tool for people who bake occasionally or for small families/bachelors.

It has a large 3.5liter capacity geared rotating bowl that ensures consistent mixing. It has 5 different speed settings along with turbo function that allows customized mixing. 2 attachments are provided with this product that include a dough hook and beater. These attachments are made up of high quality stainless steel for longevity.

Being compact in size and conveniently shaped, it uses less kitchen space. The convenient beater lock/eject button makes it safe and easy to use. This product comes with 2-year warranty.

Things We Liked:

  • Compact and portable
  • Light in weight
  • Consumes only 300Watts
  • Stainless steel attachments – a dough hook and whip/
  • 5-speed turbo action
  • 5liter bowl
  • 2-year warranty on this product
  • Quick beater eject button and beater lock

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Heats up quickly

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5. AMION AM 4310 Stand Mixer

Though it is not that familiar to all, this AMION brand stand mixer has better features for easy and powerful handling. 

It fulfills many food preparation methods like kneading, whisking, beating, and mixing with its sturdy stainless steel dough hook, whisk tool, splash guard, and beater. It has a stylish knob that allows 6 variable speeds for your desired function. 

Make sure that you start from a slow stir to fast mixing for better performance. You can also have guidance tips on the mixer’s top to use these speed controls. 

Moreover, the device assures a planetary mixing around the 4 quarts with complete efficiency without any requirement of scraping. It runs with a 1000W copper motor that runs faster and yields quicker results. You can mix even thick batters and doughs for cookies, mashed potatoes, bread, pizzas, and others without any effort. 

AMION stand mixer not only has easy operation and use, but also hassle-free maintenance by wiping with a damp cloth or sponge and drying. 

Also, it looks beautiful on your kitchen countertop with a stylish tilt design of the ergonomic handle, easy-turning knob, one-touch button, and LED display. It has a strong body with well-built paddles. It also comes in attractive colors suitable to your kitchen space decor. 

As AMION offers this stand mixer at an economical price range with one year warranty, it can fulfill your kitchen needs within your budget. 


    Multifunctional with kneading, mixing, whisking, and beating

    Heavy and sturdy body

    Powerful motor for fast operation

    6-speed controls

    Elegant design and colors


    Excellent after-sales service

    12 months warranty


    The quality could have been better. 

    No information of its capacity

    The plastic attachments were not up to the mark.

Buy Now From Amazon

How to Choose a Stand Mixer?

If you are unsure what to consider while purchasing a stand mixer, then this buying guide will be of a great help. We have assorted all the information required to analyze a product. Analyze your requirements and choose accordingly.

1. Analyze your cooking needs

Before purchasing a stand mixer, sit and think how many times and what will you use it for. If you bake regularly or have a large family, then stand mixer is a necessary option. Also analyze how beneficial are that extra attachments (that come with stand mixer) for you. This helps you understand whether you really need a stand mixer or not.

2. Different Types of Stand Mixers

Basically, stand mixers are categorized into two types – Title head and bowl lift.

  • Tilt Head – Tilt head model allows the user to insert and remove the work bowl by lifting up the head of the mixer. Tilt head models are lighter and easier to use and clean up compared to bowl lift models.
  • Bowl Lift – In this model, the work bowl hooks onto the arm of the machine and it has to be raised in order to remove the bowl. Bowl lift models are more stable compared to tilt head models.

3. Capacity

As stand mixers come with mixing bowls, it is important to consider the capacity of the mixing bowl that you need before you make a purchase. A large capacity bowl of 6 qtr. or higher is suitable for making large batches of batter. It is best to choose a smaller capacity mixer if you are going to prepare small batches of batter.

4. Power

If you are going to work with large quantities of dry dough, then it is best to opt for a stand mixer with high power rating and features a high quality induction motor. A stand mixer with less power rating cannot handle mixing large quantities of dough.

5. Speed Settings

Different foods require different speed settings for mixing up. It is best to choose a stand mixer that comes with wide range of speed options that will allow it to perform different functions such as whipping, blending, kneading, etc. Most of the stand mixer come with at least 3 – 12 different speed options.

6. Planetary Action

This is an important feature of a stand mixer that ensures efficient mixing and blending. Planetary action means that the mixing attachment spins around its axis in one direction and orbits around the bowl in the opposite direction.

7. Weight

When it comes to a stand mixer, the heavier it is, the sturdier it will be. This will ensure, the stand mixer doesn’t bounce off on the kitchen counter while in operation. If you keep it on the kitchen counter, then weight may not be a major concern. However, if you are going to store in a cupboard, then taking it out/in can be a major daunting task. Usually, the stand mixer should be at least 20 pounds to do the mixing job without bouncing.

8. Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning stand mixer is a bit complicated than hand mixer. After using it, you will end with different pieces to clean up. Some of the manufacturers provide dishwasher safe parts, which makes cleaning a bit easy. However, if the parts are not dishwasher safe then you have to clean them with your hands.

9. Noise Level

Stand mixers will make noise while you are in operation. The noise levels are a little bit more than rotatory hand mixers. Some models are even worse than others. So, check out the reviews and features before making the purchase.

What Attachments Are Usually Provided with a Stand Mixer?

Having extra attachments or accessories can increase the versatility of the stand mixer. Even an affordable or cheap stand mixer comes with at least 3 extra accessories. With you love trying new different recipes than having more can be of a great help. Below, we have provided a list of attachments that usually come with a stand mixer.

  • Dough Hook – It usually shaped in C or spiral. Used for kneading dough for making breads, pizza, pasta, chapatti and others.
  • Wire Whip – This attachment is also called as balloon whisk. It helps in whipping cream, frosting, eggs, meringue, mayonnaise and other similar items.
  • Flat Beater – This is one of the common attachments that are very useful for a baker. It is excellent for cake batter, cookie dough and mashed potatoes.
  • Pouring Shield – some models come with this special feature. It helps in adding ingredients without splashing while the machine in use.

Apart from these common attachments, some models provide extra accessories that include pasta cutter, ice cream whipper, juicer, roller, ravioli cutter and others.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the benefits of having a stand mixer?
Stand mixers are much more powerful than hand mixers. They are capable of handling heavy dough as well. They mix up the batter or dough pretty quickly and thoroughly as well. As it is stationary and doesn’t require much attention, you can start it and continue with other works. Most of the stand mixers come with different attachments which make it easy to whip, whisk, mix batters, dough and chop/slice as well. Some of the stand mixers also help you make pasta, sauce, ice cream, or even mill grains.

2. What are the drawbacks of having a stand mixer?
Stand mixers are much expensive than hand mixers. They are heavy in weight, so you cannot store in some place and regularly move it out for use. They take up space on your kitchen counter (if your kitchen has small counter space, then this can be an issue). Sometimes, cleaning them is a bit daunting task.

3. How many Watts does a stand mixer consume?
Usually, stand mixers consume 200 – 250watts of power. If it consumes anything less than this range, then it will not have the capacity of mixing anything thicker than pancake batter.  

4. Apart from mixing batter, can I use a stand mixer for something else?
Yes, you can if the stand mixer has come with extra accessories. A flat beater accessory is helpful for mixing cookie dough, cake batters, frostings, shredding cooked pork or chicken. The whish is helpful for whipping eggs, cream, marshmallow fluff, churn ice-cream and homemade butter. The dough hook helps you need the dough. Some attachments even help you make pasta, ravioli, slicing, dicing and others

5. Should I really purchase a stand mixer?  
Well, it depends on what your requirements are. If you like baking, making pizzas, or have a large family, then stand mixers can be of a great help. You can mix doughs or batters in less time, without making your hands or kitchen platform messy. So, analyze your requirement carefully and make a decision.

6. Which stand mixer is best in India?
* There are several brands that provide different models of stand mixers. Some of the best and popular brands selling stand mixers in India are…* Morphy Richards* Panasonic* Bajaj* Wonderchef* KitchenAid* Black and Decker

7. What is the difference between a stand mixer and food processor?
Both stand mixer and a food processor have different place in a kitchen. A stand mixer helps you handle a lot of things than a food processor cannot. Few things are beating eggs, mixing delicate batters, mixing heavy dough, and whipping creams. A food processor can only help to mix, grind and chop/slice vegetables, herbs, and blend dry ingredients.

8. How long can I run the stand mixer continuously?
This usually depends on the load size it can take and speed used. If you are doing heavy loads, it can no long stay on for more than 5 minutes. For kneading pasta dough or bread dough, you can run the machine for 3- 5 minutes continuously. If you have to knead any further, take a little break of few minutes and run it again for another 3 – 5 minutes.

9. How can I clean the attachments of stand mixer?
You can either run them under tap and use soap water to remove the oil/grease. Most of these attachments are dishwasher safe as well.

10. Will the attachments or accessories become rusty?
If the attachments are made up of metal, then they can be rusty. So, make sure to get it completely dry before storing it.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

If you love baking or if you whip up cookies regularly at home, a stand mixer is one of the best investments. With this kitchen appliance, you no longer strain your hands for mixing. And moreover, your kitchen platform stays clean (without splashing mess). Stand mixers are also very easy to clean and maintain as well. Once you are done, just place the attachment and bowl in the dishwasher for cleaning.

If you are thinking of purchasing a stand mixer, then we recommend to invest in Inalsa Stand Mixer It is perfectly suitable for beginners or people who need small quantities of dough. It is small and compact, so fits in any kitchen. Comes in different colors and several attachments. For more information, read our detailed description in the article.

Apart from that, if you still have any questions or doubts, feel free to notify us in the comment section below. We will answer them as soon as possible. For more such article, stay tune with our website.






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