6 Best Free Standing Garment Hanger in India 2021 Reviews: Ultimate Guide

Organising clothes is a huge task, if you’re living in a space with a tiny closet. A freestanding wardrobe or clothing rack is the best solution for this issue without any remodelling required.

These racks are efficient, compact and easy to assemble and are mostly affordable. Before you buy these racks there are few factors you need to check like

Weight capacity: check for the weight capacity of the rack and plan according to your usage. If you are going to use it to hang light garments then light weight racks will be good enough.

If you are going to use it for heavy products then you need to choose heavy duty racks.

Construction material: There are many types of racks available in the market; most of the racks are made up of wood, heavy duty plastic, metals and bamboo.

Apart from these factors there are more factors like different types of styles, shelves or no shelves, wheels or no wheels etc which are clearly explained in our “Buying Guide”.

We have selected six free standing garment hangers based on our customer reviews and research.

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Best Freestanding Garment Hangers

Clothes Rail India: Reviews1.AmazonBasics Double Hanging Rod Garment Rolling Closet Organizer Rack

2. SONGMICS Clothes Rack

3. LEOPAX Rolling Coat Rack, Bamboo Garment Rack

4. KEEAN Exhibition and Showroom Clothes Rail

5. House of Quirk Coat Rack

6. House of Quirk Aluminium Coat Rack

Clothes Rail Buying Guide:How are you going to use a cloth rack?

What to look for in a Garment Rack1.Weight Capacity:

2. Construction material:

3. Different types and styles:

4. Shelves or no shelves:

5. Covered or uncovered:

6. Adjustability:

Why an open wardrobe rack is better than a closed one1. They add Character:

2. They take up less space:

3. They are easier to move:

Frequently Asked Questions


Best Freestanding Garment Hangers

Free standing garment hangersPrimary materialWarrantyBuy Now

AmazonBasics Double Hanging Rod Garment Rolling RackSteel1 year warrantyCHECK ON AMAZON




House of Quirk Coat RackBambooN/ACHECK ON AMAZON

House of Quirk Aluminium Coat RackIronN/ACHECK ON AMAZON

Clothes Rail India: Reviews

1.AmazonBasics Double Hanging Rod Garment Rolling Closet Organizer Rack

This double rod garment rack by AmazonBasics is designed with heavy duty steel and comes with black or sleek chrome finish. It is suitable for your bedroom, sewing area and any place where there is use of storage space for hanging clothes.

You can arrange your clothes, hats, shoes and more in this double rod garment rack, for the easy moving from one room to another, this rod is equipped with four wheels each with 3” rubber casters where you can lock 2 wheels.

Hanging Bars: For the easy organizing of clothes according to their type (like summer clothing, winter clothing, pants, and shirts), this rack is provided with two hanging bars one to the upper division and other to the lower division.

Adjustable Height Shelves: For the additional storage space, this garment rack is designed with adjustable height shelves in top and bottom sides. Each of the shelf measuring 14” long by 36” wide. You can customise you storage according to your need.

Warranty: 1 year warranty is provided to this product.

Things we like:

  • 180 kg is the maximum load weight when the rack is moving, and when it is stable maximum load weight is 135 kg. It can carry enough weight which will be beneficial for user.
  • The four wheels help you in moving the rack from one place to other easily.
  • You can increase the storage as this product comes with top and bottom shelves.

Things we didn’t like:

  • For adult shirts this rack is not suitable.

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2. SONGMICS Clothes Rack

SONGMICS is one of the best brands for furniture, jewelry organizers, and other home necessities. 

This SONGMICS clothes rack UHSR13S model can be your perfect choice if you are looking for an aesthetic and affordable one. 

It has a chrome-plated steel single rod design with a classy silver finish. You can place it in your bedroom, sewing place, or storage space. 

Though you have limited space, it organizes your clothes well. It comes with a minimum rod length of about 36.2” with extendable rods on either side. So, you have a sufficient length of about 52” (maximum) to get added space for clothes. 

Also, it has hooks to hang on your handbags, hats, umbrellas, or belts. 

You need not worry about its strength as it is a heavy-duty garment rack that bears up to 198 lb loads. So, you can even hang heavier clothes like thick coats and winter jackets. 

Being multifunctional, you can also use this rack to hang on potted plants to enhance the look of your living room. 

Besides, it just weighs 5 kg and equips 4 quality wheels. So you can easily glide it anywhere. 

Things we like:

    It is very sturdy.

    It bears huge weight loads.

    You can hang on heavy winter clothes and wet laundry. 

    Assembly and disassembly are easy. 

    No hassles when rolling around

    Ideal to use if you do not have sufficient closet space

    Reasonable price

Things we didn’t like:

    Nothing as of now

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3. LEOPAX Rolling Coat Rack, Bamboo Garment Rack

LEOPAX has come up with the rolling coat rack which is designed with bamboo which last longer is looks well in bedroom, corridors, living room etc, and cleaning also is done easily.

This product is provided with one pole, four hooks and two shelves, and for easy transportation this rack is equipped with four detachable caster wheels.

It is used commonly to store clothes, scarves, hats, trousers, bags, plants.

Things we liked:

  • This rack is light in weight and easy to move from one place to other
  • This rack is made up of good quality wood which is durable and gives natural look.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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4. KEEAN Exhibition and Showroom Clothes Rail

If you are looking for a more spacious clothes rail, go with this 5 *5 (Width * Height) feet KEEAN exhibition and showroom clothes rail. 

It has a modular design with 1 feet or 2 feet extensions too for increasing the size. So, you have additional space to hang your towels, baby garments, bags, and clothes. 

This one is especially designed for heavy traditional dresses, and so it is ideal to use in homes, exhibition stalls, showrooms, or boutique shops. 

To bear huge weights, it is built with premium-quality, industry-grade high-gauge alloy steel. And so it can withstand even 100 kg loads.

However, you need not worry about its assembly when carrying for stalls and exhibitions. This is because it has a simple click and snap assembly by a spring-loaded mechanism. As it requires no other tools, the assembly is hassle-free and takes less time. 

This black-colored cloth rail matches with any exhibit design and room appeal. 

As it is made rust-proof and waterproof, it has better protection against moisture when used outdoors. So, it is definitely a durable option even if it is a bit expensive. 

Things we like:

    Sturdy stand

    Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

    Optimal space 

    As it is foldable and lightweight (8 kg), it is easy to carry. 

Things we didn’t like:

    You have to be careful during assembly. 

    Little bit costly

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5. House of Quirk Coat Rack

This rack comes with three prong legs for the balance and steadiness; it is designed with 8 hooks and is made up of bamboo which gives it traditional look but has modern design.

It will be helpful to organize any outdoor apparel like your sweater, coats, jackets, hats etc. It uses very less space by keeping your home neat and simplifies your task of organizing clothes.

The first hook of the rack can be used to hang hats, for larger coats the upper tier of bar is suitable and lower is suitable for small jackets.

Things we like:

  • It is sturdy and last in long run
  • Its 3 Prong legs gives a good balance to the rack

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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6. House of Quirk Aluminium Coat Rack

This rack comes with 10 hooks which is separated in three tiers, it is used to hang your scarfs, hats, jackets, caps etc. There is an end cap for all the hooks to prevent snagging or slipping of clothes.

It is most convenient hanging tool as it fits in any space and matches any type of office and home decor. This rack is designed with the stylish glossy finish; this black rack is also swaterproof for better protection and durability.

Things we liked:

  • It is perfect for any type of decor
  • This rack is made of high quality stainless steel.

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Clothes Rail Buying Guide:

How are you going to use a cloth rack?

Before you plan to buy a clothing rack it is important to know how you are going to use it. Few prefer a smaller rack that can be used lightly and temporarily in the laundry room for hanging cloths this is enough for their purpose.

Few prefer larger one like an extension or replacement for a smaller closet. In this situation you will be searching for more heavy duty racks.

What to look for in a Garment Rack

These are few factors to consider before you buy a garment rack

1.Weight Capacity:

Plan how much load you are going to use the cloth rack. Portable/ lightweight is suitable if you are going to use it for hanging few things while doing laundry.

But for heavy garments like suits, coats and pants heavy duty like vintage brass clothing racks are suitable. If you dry all the heavy cloths on one rack this type of rack can withstand the weight. Most of the modern racks give you the weight limit option

2. Construction material:

Knowing the Construction material of garment rack is important as it helps you to find the best racks that suit your purpose. Every rack comes with the different qualities that make them stand out of other materials which you can choose from.

Wood, metal, heavy duty plastic and bamboo are few examples of materials used in garment racks.

  • Wood Cloth Racks

The most traditional option is wooden clothing rack in finding the best clothing rack for your needs. There are many options available in wood like its durable and it can be customized to the look as per your taste.

More holes can be added if needed to the rack and it is height adjustable as well.

  • Metal Cloth Racks

There are many fancy garment racks with heavy duty, steel racks are also available. If you are planning for lighter weight metal look for the metal that prevents from rusting or chrome like powder coated metal.

Check for the weight capacity as these metals weight lesser and hold lesser quantity.

  • Plastic Cloth Racks:

These are affordable racks among all types’ materials and also they are lightweight. They gets folded easily than metal counterparts, storage will be easier. Plastic are not that durable than other materials. In long run the rods start to sag and they don’t hold on much as in earlier.

PVC last longer and these are the best alternatives to plastic.

3. Different types and styles:

In the above we have discussed about the materials of the rack now let’s discuss about the different styles of racks that you would like to prefer before you buy a garment hanger.

There are different types of racks available in the market with the different benefits and that can take care of different things which you may need in clothing rack. The important thing to consider is do you need multiple bars or just one? Do you want wheels or shelves? And what about Z racks?

  • Wheels or no wheels?

If you are planning for heavy duty garment rack or you will need to move it around a lot then having wheels to your rack is helpful.

Locking wheels rack may prevent any sort of accidents to happen and give stability to your rack.

  • Single Bar: Single bar racks are standard and they have only one single bar on the top to hang all your clothing. These racks are utilitarian and simple. These racks have many uses and you can put these racks into a corner or closet. For easy transportation most of the single pipe clothing rack comes with wheels.
  • Double rail: This is used for the people who hang lot of clothing, like single rack they have wheels for the easy movement of one room to other.

They come in two different styles, one with 2 bars on top, angled so that you can have enough space for clothing. Other you can have a top hole other is halfway down.

  • Tripods: Tripods style racks have a single pole with two or three arms that extend to top, but few have circular bar or multiple arm levels.

After laundry to dry up wet clothes the three legs racks is suitable as they are sturdy and if you have limited space you can store them away easily as they are collapsible.

  • Z- racks: These are stable cloth racks in the market; these racks come with one or two bars and are often made from metal.

The base is asymmetric and is in shape of letter Z this makes these racks different from standard or double racks. The base takes up much area it may be difficult to find the storage space for the rack.

4. Shelves or no shelves:

Planning to look for shelf as an option in your cloths racks, then this would be great as it helps you as an extra closet or something to hold clothing when you are folding laundry.

To store smaller items like shoes or hats, shelves can be placed to put your laundry basket and you can use them to place your laundry detergent and other essentials if it is in laundry room.

5. Covered or uncovered:

If you are planning to go for transparent clothing then covering your garment rack would be great idea.  You don’t use it very often if you are going to use the space as a closet for some of your clothing.

If you are going outside the cover will help you to conceal the clothing away from elements, if the rack is inside then the cover helps you to prevent them from getting covered with dust.

6. Adjustability:

Customizing your racks helps you if different members of your family or employees are going to use it. To set the height for everyone to reach, most modern racks come with adjustable height of the bars.

The best cloth racks also have extra holes in the vertical support that supports you to add horizontal bars for hanging.

Why an open wardrobe rack is better than a closed one

1. They add Character:

These wardrobes provide double duty as a storage solution and home decor. To any room wardrobe add a designer feel and a modern look which traditional armoires can’t compete with.

2. They take up less space:

If there is shortage of storage space, choosing a sleek rack over bulky armoire is perfect. Like hanging organizers and shoe stand many racks come with extras storage to give more storage with less room.

3. They are easier to move:

Wardrobes are lightweight and are easy moving from place to place and they can fit in any size of room. If you don’t want to use it as clothing storage then you can simply repurpose your wardrobe as a coat rack or decor piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a standard size of cloth hangers?
17 to 21 inch is the nominal coat hanger size. However, dimensions of coat hanger will differ just like their design and styles.

2. Are wooden hangers better for cloths?
Hangers made of plastic or wire not very durable as wooden hangers, and will not support clothes as like wooden models.

3. What is the depth of the hanger?
For reach in closets, the standard depth is 24 inch and is used for shirts, suits, pants and dresses. 2 foot depth is required to handle your hanger, for coats and jackets use 28 inches depth hanger.


The free standing garment hangers are helpful if you don’t have space in your living room, these racks are durable, portable and saves place. It can be used to place all your garments in organized way.

There are many types available in the market select one according to your usage and needs. our suggestion is AmazonBasics Double Hanging Rod Garment Rolling Rack as it is made up of steel and comes with 2 hanging bars which will be helpful to place more garments. It also have 1 year warranty.






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