8 Best-Selling Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners in India 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dry dust as well as wet spills. Hence, it is considered as a very versatile cleaning appliance.

Older models of vacuum cleaners were primarily used to perform heavy-duty jobs in commercial properties. However, newer models are quite compact and are available in different sizes. These models are designed majorly for domestic use.

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is ideal for those who have kids at home as they usually spill things or liquids on carpets or floor. Before buying a vacuum cleaner, you should consider the following factors.


Based on the size and performance, there are three types of wet and dry vacuum cleaners. You can refer to the table mentioned below and then select a model that meets your requirements.

TypeCapacitySuitable For


Motor Power: 1 to 4.5 HP
Tank: 7 to 22 litressmall wet and dry jobs around your home, clean your car interior, RV, boats, etc.

MediumMotor Power: 5 to 6 HP
Tank: 30 to 53 litresfor handling tough cleaning tasks, cleaning entire house

LargeMotor Power: 6+ HP
Tank: 7 to 22 litresoffices and warehouses


As a wet and dry vacuum cleaner can suck up both dirt and liquid, there are two different types of filters used. While a paper filter is used to collect dust particles and debris, a foam filter is used to clean liquids. You will have to change the filter when you are switching from one task to the other.

Weight, portability, and noise levels are some other factors that you should also check for. You can go through the “Buying Guide” at the end of the article to learn more about them.

To help you buy a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, we have shortlisted some of the best vacuum cleaners available in the market. Let’s have a look!

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Top 10 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner in India 2021

Best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners for Home in India: Reviews1. Karcher WD3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

2. American Micronic AMI VCD15-1600WDx

3. Inalsa WD Multi-Function Vacuum Cleaner

4. Black + Decker WDBD15 Vacuum Cleaner

5. AGARO Ace Vacuum Cleaner

6. Balzano Professional K-606 Vaccum Cleaner

7. Kent Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

8. Prestige 1200 Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

9. Eureka Forbes DX1150 Vacuum Cleaner

How to Choose a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner?1. Types of Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner:

2. Suction:

3. Filter:

4. Bag or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner:

5. Attachments:

6. Blower:

7. Hose Length:

8. Noise Level:

9. Portability:

10. Weight:

11. Convenient Features:

12. Pump:

13. Tool Storage:

14. Wide Hose:

15. Storage:

16. Durability:

17. Brand:

18. Price:

19. Warranty:

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Top 10 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner in India 2021

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Best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners for Home in India: Reviews

1. Karcher WD3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

The first product in our list is from Internationally acclaimed brand – Karcher. This brand is well known for providing high quality home and garden gear. Their WD3 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is perfect for those looking for a budget friendly wet and dry vacuum cleaner in India.

This machine has a compact design and comes with several features.

  • Karcher WD 3 comes with removable cartridge filter, you can clean the wet and dry mess without changing the filter.
  • The practical blower function helps to suck up the dirt and debris in areas that are hard to reach with regular vacuuming.
  • Its pull and push locking system help you get easy and safe opening and closing the dirt bag container.

As the carrying handle is ergonomically shaped, the device is easy and safe to transport it from one place to another.

This device is perfect for clearing moisture from a carpet, blow dust from radiators, or clear rubble from building works, clearing the garage, entrances or a workshop. You can also use it while trying to clean behind the radiator. This can be used for outside purpose like yards, however we recommend using a proper garden vacuum for clearing the leaves.

Karcher WD3 has 2meter suction hose which 35mm diameter. Apart from that, it also includes suction tubes of 0.5 meters which provides extra extension. Additional accessories come with this product that include car tool, extra extension tubes and hard bristle brush. If you want other extensions, then you can purchase them separately.

Despite providing strong performance, this device doesn’t release much noise. Manufacturer is providing 1year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Things We Liked:

  • Energy efficient motor
  • 2 rubber and 2 brush strips provide optimal cleaning
  • Push and pull locking system allows safe opening and closing
  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Easy removable filter so you can remove dirt without dirt
  • You can work comfortably even in the smallest areas
  • Excellent suction power
  • Compact design
  • Easy and convenient to transport

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Not enough accessories
  • Dust bag is not reusable
  • Filters tend to clog very quickly

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2. American Micronic AMI VCD15-1600WDx

Amercian Micronic which is well versed for its durability and quality. When compared to other manufacturers, this company is very much interested in improving the user friendly features of the machine as per customer’s requirements.

Their VCD15 wet and dry vacuum cleaner model comes with impressive air flow rate and excellent water-lift capability – which makes it reliable for handling any tough cleaning task in your home.

This vacuum cleaner is integrated with 1600Watt motor – which is capable of generating enough suction to pull out even very fine dust particles and fluids easily from the surface.

It has a HEPA filtration system which can effectively trap allergens, dust and other pollutants from reaching back to the surface. This device comes with 6 different accessories – hose pipe, floor/carpet brush, crevice nozzle, wet brush, upholstery nozzle, and 2 extension pipes.

The blower function helps to extract the dirt from hard to reach places. Apart from that, this feature also comes in handy to blow out the debris and dust into trash. Its sleek design and cleaner function which makes it more attractive. It has 15liter stainless steel tank which is light in weight and durable enough to carry everywhere.

Things We Liked:

  • Superior suction mechanism
  • Powerful 1600W motor and HEPA filter
  • Excellent blower function that is capable of reaching difficult areas
  • 1year warranty
  • Washable reusable dust bag
  • Good power length
  • You no longer have to lift heavy tanks to dump the contents
  • Good airflow rate and water lift capability
  • Premium quality materials

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • No dust level indicator
  • No variable speed settings

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3. Inalsa WD Multi-Function Vacuum Cleaner

Since its inception, Inalsa has been providing superior household products and kitchen appliances at affordable prices. Micro WD10 model from this brand is perfect for people looking for a budget friendly wet and dry cleaner in India.

It is a perfect combination of excellent performance and suction power. So, you can get squeaky clean finish without causing any strain to your arms or back. The filters present in it will trap all the dust particles and other pollutants from returning to the surface.

With easy push and pull locking system, you can easily and quickly clean the filters. This product comes with 4 different cleaning tools that include dry/wet brush (for smooth surfaces), floor/carpet brush, round nozzle (small spaces) and crevice nozzle for corners.

This model comes with safe buoy technology which stops the machine completely when liquid sucking capacity reaches a critical point. This feature protects the vacuum cleaner from getting damaged and ensures longevity.

Its blower function is perfect for cleaning or drying hard to reach areas. It comes with 10liters dust holding capacity – so you can happily clean the entire house without any interruptions of emptying the dust collection box.

Being light in weight and compact, this wet and dry vacuum cleaner can be stored easily without taking more space. As it comes with 360 degree rotating wheels and carry handle, you can move the vacuum cleaner easily without straining your arms.

Things We Liked:

  • Separate filters for dry and liquid waste
  • Safe buoy technology
  • Blower function
  • Powerful and durable
  • 4 different cleaning tools
  • Flexible and convenient
  • Easy to carry and move
  • 360 degrees rotation wheel

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Not possible to clean cement floor
  • Gets hot very quickly

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4. Black + Decker WDBD15 Vacuum Cleaner

Next from our list is Black & Decker which is a name you can trust and renowned for high quality and innovative products. Since the last 100 years, Black & Decker has been designing and developing household appliances that make our works easier.

In terms of performance, price, quality and durability, Black and Decker is one of the best cleaning tools in the market. Be it carpets, stairs, garage, or any nook and corners, this device is perfect for cleaning different types of surfaces.

With 1500Watt powerful motor, this device is capable of handling toughest cleaning tasks of your home. It comes with two filters – sponge filter for wet surface and HEPA surface for dry. It has 15liters capacity, which makes it easy to clean the whole house without interruptions.

The blower function enables you to clean corners and hard to reach areas like under the furniture. It also helps to blow dry carpets, sofas and floors. It comes with washable dust bag. So, it the dust bag it filled up, you can easily remove, clean and replace it.

It weighs around 6kgs which makes it a bit difficult to carry around. As plastic is used for build construction, it has to be handled properly. If not, the plastic material can crack easily.

Things We Liked:

  • Powerful motor
  • 15liter capacity
  • Two filters
  • Multi-surface cleaning capability
  • High suction and blower
  • Re-usable dust bag
  • Easy to assemble

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Low quality build material
  • Noisy operation

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5. AGARO Ace Vacuum Cleaner

AGARO is an Indian company that drives your life to extraordinary comfort levels with its standard home and personal care appliances. 

This AGARO Ace wet and dry vacuum cleaner is suitable for hard floor cleaning. 

With a power consumption of 1600 W and strong suction power, it can easily remove both solid particles and liquids. 

With a powerful blower, it assures an effortless cleaning by easy blowing and allows an all-purpose cleaning. 

Also, there is a reusable dust bag with a 3-liter capacity to collect dry dust, tough stains, and hairs. As it has a jumbo-sized dirt collector with 21 liters capacity, you can clean larger areas too, and so, you need not empty the bin repeatedly. 

This AGARO Ace vacuum cleaner can be chosen not only for its better performance but also for easy and hassle-free handling. It has a user-friendly 37 mm hose which can allow maximum airflow. So, it can clean even larger debris. 

Moreover, with a flexible design, the device can also reach far-off places with utmost safety of locking tabs to keep a better connection with the hose. Also, you can move the vacuum cleaner wherever you want without any effort by its 360-degree four swivel wheels. 

Along with the main unit, AGARO offers accessories like a hose pipe, floor brush, telescopic metal tube, and crevice nozzle. 

Because of such standard features and awesome benefits, you can get this budget-friendly wet and dry vacuum cleaner available with a 1-year warranty period. 

Things We Liked:

    Powerful and effortless cleaning

    Multipurpose cleaning brush

    Adjustable, expandable, and extension tubes to reach distance places

    It cleans the wet spills efficiently. 

    Wheels move the device without effort. 

    It is very strong and sturdy. 

    1-year warranty

Things We Didn’t Like:

    It makes a lot of noise. 

    You must have a 16A socket in each room you clean. 

    There is no auto cut-off feature, and so it has to get cooled manually 15 minutes after you switch it off. 

    It is very bulky. 

    The 5-meters long power cord may not be sufficient sometimes. 

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6. Balzano Professional K-606 Vaccum Cleaner

Balzano is an Italian brand providing their products across the world since a decade. This brand is known for their craftsmanship and smart designs. And moreover their after-sales service is unparalleled.

If you are looking for good quality wet and dry vacuum cleaner within Rs.6000 budget range, then K-606 professional model is the right choice. It has 25 liters of capacity and 1600 Watts powerful motor.

This product is equipped with dual-cyclonic action which provides powerful suction and blower performance. So, you can easily handle any tough cleaning jobs at your home. A power control is also provided on the handle – so you can adjust the suction capacity as per your cleaning requirement.

Be it hard floors, carpet, or wooden floors, this vacuum cleaner can clean any type of floor without any issues. The blower mode of this cleaner is perfect for cleaning doorways, and porches and hard to reach areas.

Due to stainless steel body, this vacuum cleaner is durable and long lasting. It comes with several attachments like assorted brush, crevice tool and others. Its sturdy and strong wheels help to maneuver the vacuum cleaner easily.

Things We Liked:

  • 25liter capacity
  • Three-stage MIF filtration
  • Multi-tool attachment
  • Multi-surface cleaning
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Washable filter

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Gets over-heated quickly

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7. Kent Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Kent is a globally acclaimed brand that has been providing several household appliances for over a decade. Its wet and dry vacuum cleaner comes with state-of-the-art technology which makes it suitable for sucking out both wet and dry waste.

As it has high performance motor and strong suction power, you will get spotless finish every single time. Its advanced blower function is capable of removing fine dust particles from the surroundings.

It has 10liters capacity which is enough to handle all the cleaning jobs without stopping to empty the dust bag. It comes with additional tools that include crevice tool, floor brush, flexible hose, and wet brush.

Being light in weight, you can easily move this vacuum cleaner from one place to another without straining your arms. It generates less noise while operating, so you will not disturb any one while using the vacuum cleaner.

Things We Liked:

  • High performance motor
  • Blower function
  • Light weight
  • 10liters capacity
  • Rubberized wheels for easy maneuverability
  • 1-year warranty

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • After-sales service is not reliable

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8. Prestige 1200 Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Last but not least product from our list is – Prestige, a brand that needs no introduction in India. Their wet and dry vacuum cleaner model is perfect for people looking for hassle-free cleaning experience.

It is equipped with 1200 Watts powerful motor which is capable enough to eliminate even toughest and finest dirt particles. It can be used for cleaning floors, carpets, floors, upholstery and other surfaces within seconds.

The HEPA filter present in this machine can effectively remove indoor contaminants. And also prevents the motor from getting clogged due to dirt accumulation. The blower function enables you to clean hard to reach areas conveniently.

As it has 10 liters of capacity, you can clean entire home without any interruptions of emptying the dust bin. The 360-degree swivel wheels will let you move the machine comfortably to anywhere you want. The auto-cut float option stops the suction when then dust barrel capacity of holding water reaches critical point.

Things We Liked:

  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • 1200-watts powerful motor
  • Advanced HEPA filter
  • Easy mobility
  • Auto-cut float
  • Powerful suction and blower
  • 10-liters dust capacity
  • 360 degree wheels for easy maneuverability

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Suction is not powerful as advertised

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9. Eureka Forbes DX1150 Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes is a famous brand for cleaning solutions and you can choose its DX1150 wet and dry vacuum cleaner without a second thought. This is because of its comparatively lower power consumption of 1150 W and feasible hassle-free cleaning recommended for cleaning upholstery and carpet surfaces. 

You can clean both dry and wet surfaces with dual functionalities suitable for light cleaning indoors and outdoors in your home, office, and shop.

With an 8-liter large-capacity plastic container and 10-liter dust collection capacity, you can use this vacuum cleaner for prolonged use with less frequent emptying needs. 

Not only this huge capacity is a plus point, but it has the best cleaning performance too with a motor suction of 1800 mm of the water column, 650 liters/min blower efficiency, and a convenient radius of operation of 8 m. So, even finer and embedded dust from hard or soft surfaces and upholstery materials can be easily removed. 

Moreover, as it has a wide range of accessories like multipurpose brush, upholstery brush, carpet or floor brush, and crevice nozzle to fit for complete versatile cleaning depending on the area. 

Coming to its design, it is sturdy and strong enough with high-grade materials. With the well-equipped 360-degree swivel wheels, you can move this 8-kg device to any room with easy handling, greater mobility, and stability. 

Also, there is an 8-meter long power long to use it effectively to clean unreachable areas too. However, it does not cut or break during the cleaning process as it can be kept in an inbuilt storage space designed for holding the unfolded cord. Yet, you can extend it based on the usage by a simple button-press. 

So, we recommend using this user-friendly, powerful blowing, and efficient Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner to clean dry and wet surfaces of your carpets and upholstery materials. Besides, you can get one-year warranty service from the manufacturer for better durable use. 

Things We Liked:

    Good suction power

    Automatic power cable for storing 

    8-meter radius cleaning with an extensible power cord and hose pipe

    You can clean wet and dry spills on corners and small places. 

    Large capacity 

Things We Didn’t Like:

    The after-sales service was not satisfactory. 

    The wheels are not standard and up to the mark. 

    It makes too much noise. 

    The device becomes hot within 15 minutes. 

    Its durability is not satisfactory. 

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How to Choose a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner?

Before buying a wet and dry vacuum cleaner for your home, you should go through all the factors mentioned below and then make a choice.

1. Types of Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner:

Almost all the models of wet and dry vacuum cleaners are designed in the same way. The only differentiating factor between them is the size and performance. Thus, the vacuum cleaners are categorized on the basis of their size and the type of performance that you can expect from them.

Most models of wet and dry vacuum cleaners are rated with capacity and peak horsepower. The peak horsepower of the vacuum cleaner is the maximum power of the motor. Its capacity shows that how much debris that the vacuum cleaner’s tank can hold.

These are the common factors that are used to determine the size of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that you should buy.


Smaller wet and dry vacuum cleaners can be easily handheld. They can be used to perform all the smaller wet and dry cleaning jobs at your home. They usually offer 1 to 4.5 HP with a tank capacity of 7 to 22 liters.

Even though these vacuum cleaners are small, they are more powerful than handheld vacuum cleaners or regular stick cleaners. You can use these small vacuum cleaners to clean the interior of the car, boats, drawers, etc. You can even use them to clean dirt particles in the workshop or drain in the kitchen, and many more. If you don’t have a lot of storage space at your home, you can buy a small wet and dry vacuum cleaner.


If you want to buy a heavy-duty machine that can be used to handle any tough cleaning job, you can buy a medium wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Any vacuum cleaner with 5 to 6 peak horsepower falls under the category of the medium wet and dry vacuum cleaner. These cleaners usually feature a capacity of about 30 to 53 liters.

With this much power, you can easily vacuum clean your entire house. You can even use it for outdoor use and to clean the garage or even workshop.

Since the tank capacity is more, you can perform some heavy-duty cleaning without having the need for emptying the tank frequently. With a 53-litres tank, you can clean any type of dirt and debris all day long.


These are mostly used for commercial floor cleaning purposes. They are used to clean warehouses and offices. These models of vacuum cleaners are quite heavy and are a bit difficult to move around. They offer the best performance to the users.

The machine possesses a power of 6 HP and more with a tank capacity of 68 liters or more. These vacuum cleaners can be ideally used at heavy-duty construction sites while cleaning the mess or to drain excess water.

If you use a large dry and wet vacuum cleaner at home, you will end up destroying things rather than cleaning. Along with this, the electricity bill will go high too.

2. Suction:

The horsepower of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner can be used to gauge the suction power to some extent. Sealed suction can be used to understand how properly the vacuum cleaner lift water without any airflow.

The sealed suction is usually measured in the inches of water that the vacuum cleaner can lift. For a decent water-lifting capability, you must look for vacuum cleaners with a suction capacity of 50 inches or more.

The airflow of the vacuum cleaner is measured in cubic feet per minute. It is the best rating that you can refer to while comparing similar vacuum cleaners.

It is a function that determines how well that the vacuum cleaner can pull in the air, considering the restriction of both bag and the filter.

While buying an effective wet and dry vacuum cleaner, even for smaller machines, you should select a machine with 90 cfm or more. The higher the cfm of the vacuum cleaner is, the better the suction power of the vacuum will be.

Along with this, the air watt rating is a combination of both airflow and the sealed suction. If you are confused between a vacuum cleaner with similar configurations, you can check the air watt rating to take the final call. You can look for a model with 250 air watts or more.

3. Filter:

The major responsibility of a filter in a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is to make sure that the dust or liquid waste collected by the cleaner stays inside rather than releasing it back to the atmosphere.

Since wet and dry vacuum cleaners suck up both dirt and liquid, they use two different types of filters. There is a foam filter that is used to clean water or other liquids on the floor. To remove dirt or debris, there is a paper filter used in the vacuum cleaners. When you are switching from one job to the other, you will have to switch the filters.

You will find a pleated cartridge filter in most of the models of vacuum cleaners. These filters are easy to change and are less prone to dust leaks when compared to a two-piece paper and foam filter. Some odd-sized filters are quite difficult to find apart from the manufacturer’s website. Hence, you should check the availability of the filters used before buying a vacuum cleaner.

4. Bag or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner:

In a bagged vacuum cleaner, there is a replaceable bag with a filter that traps the dirt and allows air to flow via the bag. Similar to a traditional vacuum cleaner, you will have to replace these bags when they are full.

In bagless vacuum cleaners, there is a chamber or a dirt cup that collects or traps dust and debris in it. This dirt cup or chamber can later be emptied.

If you are allergic to dust or dirt, you should buy a bagged vacuum cleaner as there is no direct contact between the dust or debris trapped in the bag. You can simply remove the old bag and throw it away directly.

This is not the case with bagless vacuum cleaners though. Cleaning or emptying a bagless vacuum cleaner can become a bit messy after a while. Also, while cleaning the container, you might have to shake vigorously or pull out the compacted dirt that got settled at the bottom. There are times when dust also comes back out of the cup.

5. Attachments:

For an effective cleaning session with a dry and wet vacuum cleaner, there are multiple attachments that come with the machine. Almost all the models of vacuum cleaners come with a wide floor utility nozzle. It can be then connected to a rigid extension wand. Some other common attachments that are available are as follows:

Dusting brush: it is suitable for cleaning gentle surfaces like shelves or electronic appliances.

Stiff brush: the brush can be used to pick fine pet hair.

Turbo brush: you can use a turbo brush to deep clean rugs, curtains, or carpets.

Elbow wand: it can be used to clean hard-to-reach corners or places.

Crevice tool: it is designed in a way to suck out the dust from tight corners or places.

Note: If you want to know simple way of using these attachments, then click here to read the article.

6. Blower:

Some models of wet and dry vacuum cleaners come with a blower port that functions in the opposite way. You can use these blowers to blow the leaves or twigs off the lawn or to a side so that it is easy to collect them.

If you are vacuum cleaning your house and if there are places where you can’t reach, you can simply turn on the blower and push the dirt in the open.

Once you remove the dirt, you can again vacuum clean your house and get rid of the dirt. Sometimes the sink gets clogged. To clear the clog, you can use the vacuum cleaner to blow the pipe and get rid of the clogging.

7. Hose Length:

Depending on the model of the vacuum cleaner that you buy, the hose length varies between 6 feet to 30 feet. With the help of a longer hose, you can keep the vacuum cleaner at the center of the location and drag the cleaner to the end of the room without pulling the vacuum cleaner every time you are cleaning a room. Even though it is very handy, there are chances that the hose gets twisted if you are not wounding it carefully.

8. Noise Level:

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly noisy. However, some brands try to put mufflers in the vacuum cleaners to reduce the noise levels. A few brands even use noise regulators.

To figure out the noise level of a vacuum cleaner, you should check the product specification and select a model that features noise levels between 60-65dB. Noise levels of more than 65dB can be very noisy.

9. Portability:

When it comes to portability, it depends on the type of a vacuum cleaner. While analyzing this factor, you should consider the places where you are going to use the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. If you are going to use the vacuum cleaner regularly or if there are 2 or more storeys in your home where you will have to move it up and down, you should check the size and weight of the tank. Also, consider its weight when the tank is full.

If you want a portable vacuum cleaner, you should look for a model with a smaller tank along with an on-body place for the attachments so that you can move all the necessary attachments at once.

10. Weight:

Many users tend to ignore checking the weight while buying a vacuum cleaner. A lightweight vacuum cleaner is very easy to move around. Hence, it makes it easy to clean the house. Some lightweight models of vacuum cleaners are even handheld, stick cleaners, or cordless. These models weigh about 2 to 3 kgs.

A few models of vacuum cleaners are quite heavy. They are very difficult to move around. As they have very powerful motors, these vacuum cleaners can be used to handle even the dirtiest areas. If you think that you will have to move the vacuum cleaner regularly, it is better that you go for a lightweight model.

11. Convenient Features:

Apart from the attachments, there are some other features that you should look for that can be helpful to you in the long run.

  • Auto Shut Off:

Most models of wet and dry vacuum cleaners come with an internal switch that shuts off automatically once the tank is full. It is a helpful feature that prevents any mess that can be created due to overflow.

  • Dual-Swivel Hose Fittings:

Many models of vacuum cleaners have two swivel fittings. These swivels are attached at each end of the hose to prevent the formation of kinks. A few models of vacuum cleaner have only one hose fitting that is available at the canister end.

  • Extension Wands:

Longer extension wands prevent you from kneeling or stooping while cleaning.

  • Hose Lock:

A hose lock is helpful in securing the hose present at the canister end securely when compared to a simple press-on fitting.

  • Hose Adapter:

With the help of a hose adapter, you can attach a hose of any diameter to a smaller hose.

  • Off-the-Wall Designs:

A traditional wet and dry vacuum cleaner roll around and it ends up taking up extra space on the floor. Some models can even slide on a shelf or clip to a wall bracket. However, you have to pay for this type of convenience. Larger models of vacuum cleaners that are available at a similar price usually hold more amount of dust. However, they end up taking more storage space.

12. Pump:

Models with a drain spout usually allow you to attach a pump and a garden hose. This way, you can empty the vacuum cleaner without even lifting the machine and carrying it around. While some models of vacuum cleaners come with a pump other models can accept an external pump.

13. Tool Storage:

A few vacuum cleaners come with convenient brackets so that you can hold extensions and tools. A toolbox-shaped model of vacuum cleaner features a storage space inside.

14. Wide Hose:

Vacuum cleaners with a 2 ½ inch hose often tend to finish the work quickly. A wide hose clogs lesser when compared to a 1 ¼ inch hose.

15. Storage:

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, you should make sure that you have enough storage space available at your home.

16. Durability:

As buying a vacuum cleaner is not a smaller investment, you must buy a machine that is worth it. If the machine that you are buying is not lasting for a long time, your money spent will go waste. The material that is used to build the vacuum cleaner decides the durability of the vacuum cleaner.

While some models of vacuum cleaners are made using stainless steel, other models use high-impact plastics. To understand more about the longevity of the vacuum cleaner, you can go through the customer reviews online.

17. Brand:

While buying any electrical appliance for your home, it is very necessary to select a good brand. Choosing a vacuum cleaner from a reliable brand promises that the product is made using good quality material. These brands provide efficiency and offer better customer service to users.

18. Price:

The price of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner ranges between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 8,000. Larger models of vacuum cleaners are usually costlier than other models.

19. Warranty:

Another advantage of buying a vacuum cleaner from a good brand ensures that you get a warranty along with the product. Most brands offer a warranty of about 6 months to 1 year.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My wet/dry vacuum cleaner is blowing dust backwards. What should I do?
It can be caused due to several reasons like hole in the filter, improperly fitted dust collection box or any installation issues. So, we recommend to check the vacuum cleaner properly or call a professional to have a look at it.

2. Are wet and dry vacuum cleaners expensive?
Price range usually depends on the model you choose. If you have limited budget, then go for models with simple features. Additional accessories and features can increase the price of the product.

3. On which surfaces can I use my wet and dry vacuum cleaner?
They can be used on several different surfaces like concrete, fabric, laminate, upholstery, hardwood, tiles and others. Check out the instructions provided by the manufacturer for more details.

4. How Does a Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Work?
Unlike other vacuum cleaners, they have heavy-duty motors which are capable of sucking both liquid and solid waste. They have separate collections system – as liquids soak, a paper filter is available and for dirt, a collection bag is available.


Cleaning liquid spills can be a messy affair. But with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner at home, handling such cleaning tasks is very easy.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are different from regular ones – as they have more powerful motor and more suction power. Which is the reason, they can suck out water and fine dust from any surface.

With so many options available in the market, it is difficult to choose a single product. However, with proper knowledge, you can narrow down the options quickly. We have provided a detailed description of how to choose a wet and dry vacuum cleaner in our buying guide.

According to our choice, Karcher WD multipurpose vacuum cleaner has grabbed our attention. Its powerful suction power, efficient motor, build quality and performance is amazing. And moreover, its light in weight as well – so, you can move it around without straining your arms or back.

Which wet and dry vacuum cleaner did you choose? If you still have any doubts, write to us in the comment section below. We will clarify them at earliest convenience.







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