Best Balance Bikes in India : 2021 Reviews

Balance bikes are the best way to introduce cycle riding to your toddlers and young kids.

They are much similar to standard cycles, except one feature – pedals. Apart from riding, these pedal less bikes can improve coordination, teach balance, and improve confidence.

Not all balance bikes are designed equal. To choose the best one that suits your kid’s requirements, we recommend to consider the following factors…

1. Size

To choose the right sized balance bike, we recommend to measure your kid’s inseam – which is the measurement from crotch to the floor including shoes). Minus 1 inch from the measure and result is the height you have to consider while purchasing a balance bike.

2. Weight Capacity

Balance bike should have a weight holding capacity of at least 20kgs as it will be used by kids of 2-6 years.

3. Frames

Frames of balance bikes are made up of aluminum, steel, wood, plastic or composite. Among these, we recommend to go with aluminum as it is sturdy, light weight and rust proof. However, it is available only in expensive models. If you have a budget constraint, then steel or wood are better alternatives.

There are various other specifications such as backrest, leg rest, anti-skid and others. To know about these, you can always refer to our Buying Guide mentioned at the end.

After thorough research, we have come up with the list of 5 best balance bikes for kids in India, 2020

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5 Best Balance Bikes in India

Review of Best Balance Bikes in India1. Strider Balancing Bicycle 

2. Carrywheels ® Coco Balance Bike 

3. Luvlap Wheelie Scooter Ride-On, Blue

4. R for Rabbit Tricycle for Kids

5. Toyhouse Kitty Scooty Ride-on Bike for 2 to 4 Years Kids, Pink


5 Best Balance Bikes in India

Balance BikesNumber of wheelsMinimum ageWarrantyBuy Now

Brilrider Balance Bike22 years6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON

Carrywheels Baby Balance Bikes21.5 yearsn/aCHECK ON AMAZON

Luvlap Wheelie Scooter31 yearsn/aCHECK ON AMAZON

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Trainer Plus Balance Bike 42 yearsn/aCHECK ON AMAZON

Toyhouse Kitty Scooty Ride-on Bike 32 yearsn/aCHECK ON AMAZON

Review of Best Balance Bikes in India

1. Strider Balancing Bicycle 

Strider, since 2007, has been engaged in offering balancing bikes and specialized in 2-in-1 rocking bikes, 12” bikes, and 14” bikes to families all over the world through many dealers. 

This Strider 12 sport balancing bicycle is the next best balance bike on our list. Though designed without pedals, this bike gives better support, freedom, and balance.

With adjustable seat and handle-bar heights, you can use it for kids of 18 months – 5 years. Though it comes in an unassembled state, you can fix it without any tools. It can also be used in the future with better upgrading features like heavy-duty tires and foot brakes. 

Besides, the ergonomically padded seat gives better comfort for the kid. 

Strider’s bike, designed for the young ones, equips safety standards with only 3 kg weight and mini grips for better control. It can bear a maximum rider weight of 27 kg (60 lb).

Though it is lean and mean, it is durable enough and so kicks a bang for your interesting little ones. 

To have years of fun, it uses a durable steel frame and puncture-proof tires. Also, it needs less maintenance to use for a longer time till your buddy reaches 5 years. 

Warranty – No information on warranty, yet, the Strider offers a seven-day replacement policy. 


    Sturdy enough steel-made balance bicycle

    It can bear a maximum weight of 27 kg. 

    The seat and handle heights can be adjusted. 

    Better footrests and grip

    Easy assembly

    Available in different interesting colors


    The packaging was not apt. 

    No pedals 

    No warranty

Buy Now at Amazon

2. Carrywheels ® Coco Balance Bike 

If you want to gift a durable yet safe balance bike for your tiny tot, then this Carrywheels ® Coco balance bike definitely cheers him/her up. It is a safety-certified and standard item to learn and enjoy bike riding from the initial step of balancing. 

Filled with attractive colors, this sturdy high-grade steel balance bike is suitable to use for kids of 1.5 – 5 years. It brings an ideal way to teach the kids balancing art with simple and easy training. 

It adopts a kid-friendly design with an ultralightweight of 2.7 kg, and so it is portable. Besides, it has puncture-proof wheels that give better rider grip and safety. 

Its construction and build meet International Quality SGS and EN71 certified standards. The bike contains integrated footrests and soft hand grips to avoid any discomfort. 

While providing better safety and comfort features, the bike has an adjustable seat, which you can change from 11.5 inches to 18.5 inches. So, your little one cherishes ultimate comfort and confidence trying to become a brave bike rider of the age. 

Unlike the assembly of other balance bikes, this one comes almost in a ready-to-use manner. You just have to assemble the frame and fix the handle to let your under-five kick start the bike riding. 

Warranty: No details of warranty


    Easy assembly without tools

    The carbon steel body parts do not break easily.

    Single-speed rigid balance bike

    Footrest and soft hand grip


    It is available in different interesting colors. 


    No brakes and bell

    No stand

Buy Now at Amazon

3. Luvlap Wheelie Scooter Ride-On, Blue

We loved the cute design of it as it looks exactly the same as a mini scooter. 

Luvlap has focused on building great products for kids’ care right from baby care products to balance bikes and cars. 

This bike allows your kid to develop balancing skills with its 3 wheels same as a normal scooter (one at the front and two at rear). 

It comes with changing headlight colors so that your kid can enjoy balancing in dark areas as well. 

Also, to give the best bike experience to your cute kid, the bike comes with a horn and three musical tunes that the kid can play while riding. 

It also comes with a backrest so that the kid doesn’t fall back and be seated throughout the ride. The seat is wide and wavy for kids of 1-3 years which comes with a seat storage box (kids can store toys or helmets). 

It can hold around 27kgs of weight and is perfect for 1-3 years of kids. It is enough sturdy and durable as it is built of a high-quality plastic body. 

You can easily hold it in your hands and carry it from room to the kitchen or even for picnics due to its lightweight. 

Warranty–  not given


  • 3 wheels
  • Ideal for 1-3 years old kids
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Headlight of different colors
  • Horn
  • seat storage box
  • Easy assembly
  • Three musical tunes


  • No warranty
  • No footrest

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4. R for Rabbit Tricycle for Kids

R for Rabbit is one of the best and most-valued Indian brands for mother and child products. Our next best balance bike comes from this brand. 

It’s a 2 in 1 tricycle that gives a better bike riding experience for your 2 to 5-year old kids as it  can bear 25 kgs weight. 

As it comes with training wheels, it has a 2 in 1 feature by being used as a balance bike with only two wheels and as a tricycle by attaching the removable paddles. 

This way, you can first tune your young child to learn with better balance and then continue the best pedal biking. 

It is hassle-free and simple to install the handle, pedals, padding, and seating without any tools. Moreover, you can also adjust the seat height suitable for your child’s height. 

Without compromising on the safety, R for Rabbit builds it with premium-grade alloy steel by EN 71 certified standards. 

Also, it comes with high-quality plastic tires with 14-inch wheels, easy and soft-grip handles, and a comfortable saddle not to hurt your little champ. 

Warranty: No warranty details


    Adjustable seat height

    Dual-use as a tricycle and balance bike

    Easily removable paddles

    Safe and comfortable bike riding 

    Sturdy build and quality

    Assembly and installation are easy. 


    The pedal has sharp edges and may hurt kids. 

    A bit heavier with 5.3 kg. 

    The packing could have been better.

Buy Now at Amazon

5. Toyhouse Kitty Scooty Ride-on Bike for 2 to 4 Years Kids, Pink

This balance bike also runs on battery but the best part of it is that you can monitor it with the help of remote control (hence you can rescue your kids from any kind of accidents). 

A kid can easily ride this bike with a speed of 2.5kmph. It also comes with a  same sound like an electric scooter (hence, your kid can easily enjoy the ride). 

You can also play music while your kid is enjoying the ride and change the battery within 3 months approximately (it depends on the usage as well). 

It can be used by the kids of 2-4 years easily as it comes with a weight holding capacity of 20kgs. 

Also, it is very lightweight which means you can carry it anywhere from one place to another (like from the kitchen to the bedroom or from house to road). 

ABS plastic is known for its sturdiness and durability which is used in the making of this balance bike. 

Warranty–  n/a 


  • Runs on battery
  • Three wheels
  • Headlight and musical horns
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Footrest
  • Can be maneuvered by parents


  • no warranty 

Buy Now at Amazon


Well, a balanced bike is purchased with a lot of emotions which brings out a lot of fun for parents and kids as well. Buying the perfect balance bike which can not only provide enjoyment but give enormous safety is a tedious task and that’s why we recommend you Brilrider Balance Bike for 1-5-Year-Old Toddlers (Red) for your kids (after thorough research) as it can suit toddlers from 1-5 years, comes with a 6 months warranty, changeable handle and seat bars, provides safety by measuring the perfect height and most importantly, is constructed using sturdy and best material. 

Meanwhile, if your kid is fond of bikes and dreamt of having one when he grows up then what about fulfilling his desire by gifting him Hlx-Nmc Battery Operated Fun Cruiser Bike – Red as this bike runs on battery and can cover 2-3 kmph, an exact replica of the real bikes on the road and most importantly, it has been constructed with high-quality material by keeping the safety measures in mind. 

Also, please write to us about any of your suggestions or queries if you have in the comment section below. We would ensure replying within 5 working days or less (which depends on the flow of comments). Till then, we wish you a very happy and safe shopping 🙂 






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