Best Dining Table Sets in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Dining table, it’s the place where friends and family come together spend some time and also enjoy the tasty food. Take your time to research and buy a right one, as dining table is expensive investment.

The dining you choose should be strong, should have good seating capacity and should suit your room size.

Check the below factors before you take a decision


This is the important factor to consider while you choose the table; if the material is durable then your table last long through year.

Select the table made of hardwood like Sheesham and teak. Materials such as engineered or composite woods that include plywood and MDF are durable but are not as strong as a hardwood.

Measure the Room:

Measuring the room is important for your dining table especially if it’s smaller dining room. Maintaining 3 feet space between edges and walls around is important.

Table Height and Width:

Dining tables are mostly given the standard height range of about 28” – 30” tall which is enough spacious for you above knee and same level to elbows when you sit.

36” is the standard width for oval, rectangular and square tables, with the varying in lengths based on the number of people you look to accommodate.

Avoid thick veneer is important as it peel of base after few days. Our Buying Guide helps you with more information and more factors to consider before you buy.

As there are so many models and types it would be difficult to choose the right one so to make it easy for you we made research and listed ‘7 Best Dining Table Sets’ please check it out and select the good option suitable for you.

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7 Best Dining Table Sets in India

Reviews of Best Dining Table Sets in India1. Home Centre Montoya Dining Table Set

2. Vinod Furniture Dining Table Set

3. Mamta Decoration Dining Table Sets

4. Royaloak Milan Dining Table Set

5. Douceur Furnitures Dining Table Set 

6. Woodstage Round Dining Table Set

7. Hariom Handicraft Dining Table Sets

Buying Guide for Dining Table SetsWhat to look for when choosing a dining set?

How many of you are going to sit on the table, at a time?

Which table finish would be the best suited for your décor?

What shape of table top suits your interiors?

How to Choose the Right Wooden Dining Table?1. Avoid Thick Veneer

2. Understand the Difference between Hardwood and Composite Wood 

3. Stay Away from Wooden Table with Removable Legs

Why Wooden Dining Tables are the Best?1.Strength & Durability

2.  Look & Feel

3. Variety 

4. Versatility

Best Wood in India1. Sheesham

2. Rubber 

How to Protect Wooden Dining Table?1. Scratches

2. Liquids

3. Temperature

4. Weather

5. Cleaning

How to Clean Sticky Residue from Wooden Dining TablesSteps to Clean:

Tips & Tricks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


7 Best Dining Table Sets in India

Dining Table SetsNo.of.chairsType of Wood

Home Centre MontoyaDining Table Sets2 chairs and a benchCompressed WoodFree Installation Service1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Vinod FurnitureDining Table Sets3 chairs and a benchSheeshamSelf10 daysCHECK ON AMAZON

Mamta Decoration Dining Table SetsFourSheeshamSelf1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Royaloak Dining Table SetsFourTempered Glass and metalFree Installation Service10 daysCHECK ON AMAZON

DouceurDining Table SetsFour
SheeshamSelf10 daysCHECK ON AMAZON

Wood StageDining Table SetsFourSheeshamSelf1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Hariom Handicraft Dining Table SetsFourSheeshamSelf1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Reviews of Best Dining Table Sets in India

1. Home Centre Montoya Dining Table Set

Are you looking for a strong, classy, and hearty dining table set for regular use? Then you can go with this Home Centre Montoya four-seater dining table set that comes with two upholstered chairs and a big seating bench. 

Home Centre itself is a class of excellence in serving standard products that are customer-friendly. This one will definitely fulfill your long-lasting dining table requirements as it uses premium quality rubberwood and compressed wood of MDF that add up to the durability. 

It brings up your living room aesthetics with a contemporary style and classy design with a beautiful veneer finish. 

Some other features that highlight this dining table set are:

    The chair’s base has a high-quality cushion pad made of polyester to give more comfort. 

    The melamine finish enhances its appearance.

    The table has a box-seat construction with a tabletop and champed edges. 

    The seller provides free installation services for its assembly. 

With dimensions of length – 120 cm, width – 75 cm, and height -75 cm, this Home Centre dining table is sufficient for a small family. 

The L*W*H dimensions of the chairs are 45*40*90 cm assuring a feasible position. Also, the bench is comfortable with the size of 100 cm – length, 40.5 cm width, and 500 cm height. 

Warranty  – 1-year warranty

Ultimately, this dining set lasts for long because of its quality strength and minimum maintenance. It is suitable for your modern room decor and also gives you better comfort.


    A neat construction model

    Ergonomic look 

    No warp zone, and so it is safe. 

    Perfect installation service


    It could have been more sturdy. 

Buy Now at Amazon

2. Vinod Furniture Dining Table Set

Vinod Furniture has got a good name in India. This dining table set from Vinod Furniture is a 4-seater model with three chairs and one bench. 

It is unique by being made of premium quality Sheesham wood and also teak wood. The table, chairs, and bench have a strong build and look beautiful with a honey-colored finishing, and the set fits for traditional or contemporary room designs. 

While its chairs are pre-assembled, you have to fix the table’s legs by a DIY mode with the help of screws and screwdrivers provided in a packet. 

Some other additive features you have to know about it:

    The weight of the dining table set is approximately 100kg. So imagine its strength to bear more contents and heavyweight people. 

    The bench is spacious enough to accommodate two kids. 

    The DIY assembly of the table is so easy. 

The size of the table is – 34 cm Length * 34 cm Width * 30 cm Height. So, this square look gives a distinctive appeal to your dining room. The chair has a length of 17.5 cm, a width of 17.5 cm, and a height of 35 cm that can be easily reachable to kids also. 

Warranty – Only ten days

This model of the dining table set is not only good-looking but also strong and worthy enough because of the Sheesham wood use.


    Ideal for a family of 2-3 members

    The wood has a fresh feel. 

    Sturdy and long-life

    Easy DIY assembly

    Value for money


    It may be congested sometimes.

    Very limited period warranty

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3. Mamta Decoration Dining Table Sets

The first thing that we noticed by Mamta Decoration Dining Table set is that unlike Furniture World and Corazzin this is a four seater set.

It is uniquely designed furniture. The chairs have a long flowing, curved back support that looks modern and provides ample comfort.

In contrast to the previous two, Mamta Decoration is offering a four seater dining table set. 

The chairs come with attached cushions, and hence can be used for multiple purpose like in living rooms, or while sitting and working. 

We can also guarantee the quality and durability of the furniture, as it is made of Sheesham wood. One of the best hardwoods found in Indian soil.

Some other benefits that you will get when they buy this dining set are:

    The set has an extremely modern and contemporary look that will enliven any empty space.

    You have a choice in the shades of the wood from Dark Walnut to Honey Teak Brown.

    Even the cushions come in variety of colors like Teal and Cream.

Compared to Furniture World and Corazzin, both the table and chairs of Mamta Decoration Dining Set are wider. The table is 40-inch long and 40-inch wide and 30-inch in height. 

The chairs’ seating height is 18-inch, which is within the average seating height of dining chairs (18-20 inch).

Warranty: 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects

Overall, an extremely elegant and modern looking dining table set, that you will love to own and flaunt.


    Provides ample hand-space while you sit to eat

    The product is exactly the way it looks in Amazon picture


    You would have to assemble the product yourself

Buy Now at Amazon

4. Royaloak Milan Dining Table Set

Royaloak is an iconic furniture brand in India as its diversified products give an improved lifestyle and reach international standards. 

This Royaloak Milan dining table set is unique from others on this list with its tempered glass build. 

It comes with a square-shaped glass table with four seats made of sturdy metal. Its contemporary style and Italian design match completely with your modernized dining area. 

Its other splendid features that you shouldn’t miss are:

    The tempered glass top adds elegance. 

    The dining set has a bottom glass for the utility to keep table mats, coasters, and other dining essentials. 

    The chairs have a powder-coated steel finish that enhances their black-colored appeal.

    It assures great comfort by an ergonomic design and foamy backrest on the chairs. 

    The seller provides a free installation service with perfect assembly. 

The table’s length is 51 inches, width is 31 inches, and height is 29 inches. 

The chairs’ dimensions are – L – 15 inches, W – 15.5 inches, H – 38.5 inches. 

So, it is suitable for a family of 4 members only. 

Warranty – The manufacturer offers replacement and warranty services for about 10 days from the date of purchase. 

In a nutshell, this Royaloak Milan dining table set is the right blend of aesthetics, comfort, and functionality suitable for luxurious dining needs.


    Beautiful tempered glass tabletop and Italian design

    Perfectly ideal for a small family.

    Bottom glass for utility

    Free, timely, and good installation services

    The replacement service within 10 days is better.


    The glass is of poor quality. 

    The chairs are not comfortable and bend soon. 

    The sturdiness of the table and chairs is average. 

    Only 10 days of warranty

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5. Douceur Furnitures Dining Table Set 

Another beautiful and trendy dining table set comes from Douceur Furnitures which is the best place for hearty furniture. 

This model comes with a table and four seats made of Sheesham wood. Thanks to its world-class build design and elegant contemporary style as it perfectly adds aesthetics to your stylish and modern dining space. 

Other best reliable features about this dining table set are:

    It’s dark walnut finish is so elegant and matches your interior decor. 

    The ergonomically designed chairs have a cream and grey cushion for extra comfort.

    It is a trustworthy wood product that meets international standard quality and is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and Quality Assurance Advisory. 

    It is a genuine product that comes at the factory price. 

    Self DIY assembly is very easy with all the provisions included. 

The dining table’s size is L – 40 inches, W – 40 inches, H- 30 inches. So, even after keeping all the delicious dishes and other essentials, there will be additional space. 

The chair’s dimensions are – L – 18 inches, W – 18 inches, and H – 40 inches. Moreover, the seating height is 18 inches, and so it is comfortable for the adults to reach the table. 

Warranty – 10 days of replacement and warranty services

Finally, we recommend using this modernized and elegant wooden dining table set for a comfortable dining experience in your home.


    Most elegant dining table set

    Easy DIY installation

    The wooden quality and finishing are excellent. 

    It comes with 10 days replacement service.


    The warranty could have been longer.

Buy Now at Amazon

6. Woodstage Round Dining Table Set

Choosing a distinctive dining table set from a reputed brand like Woodstage is a big relief and trustworthy deal. 

This dining table set from Woodstage looks beautiful and unique from other models over here with its round-shaped table that serves the small needs of a family or friends with 3 to 4 members. 

Made of Sheesham wood or Rosewood, this set is sturdy assuring quality and longevity. It has an incomparable classic style and ultra-modern design that blends with any home decor. 

Other special incredible benefits of this dining table set you should never outlook are:

    The Sheesham wooden table and chairs have a walnut finish that makes the set showy in your living room. 

    Apart from using it as a dining table for breakfast or dining, you can also use it as a writing study desk or workspace. 

    It gives an easy DIY instruction guide aiding in self-assembly. 

The dimensions of this dining table are: the diameter of the table is 43.5 inches and the height is 30 inches. The chair’s length is 17.5 inches, width is 16.5 inches, and height is 35.4 inches. 

With its compact size, you can place it anywhere in your kitchen, living room, coffee shop, dining area, hotel, or restaurant. 

Warranty – 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects

If you wish to have a unique round wooden dining table that is durable and stylish, then you can go for this contemporary model that is stable and beautiful.


    The round shape of the table looks unique. 

    Durable with Sheesham wood

    Hassle-free DIY assembly

    Sturdy enough


    Not any as of now

Buy Now at Amazon

7. Hariom Handicraft Dining Table Sets

A vintage furniture manufacturer who knows the tricks of the trade well. That is how we would describe Hariom Handicraft, a company that has been into furniture making since 1990. 

The four seater dining set made and offered by Hariom Handicraft backs its reputation of providing the best products to its customers. 

The dining set is made of Sheesham wood, and is donned with Mahogany finish, making it a combination of class and quality, something that every buyer looks for. 

Some more points to highlight are:

    Just like Furniture World, even this one is handcrafted and hand-painted by artisans.

    The chairs of this set comes already assembled making it less toilsome. 

    There are no artificial products like MDF used to make this dining set.

Unlike Shree Jeen, Hariom Handicraft table and chairs are smaller yet wider, making them comfortable and easy to reach. 

The table is 30 x 39 height and width, which falls well within the bracket of average heighted tables, and chairs are 36 x 18 height and width, making them comfortable and accommodative. 

Warranty: 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Overall, a good look dining set that comes in a very affordable rate, especially keeping the quality in mind.


    Reliable and durable

    Antique design


    Table requires self-assembly

Buy Now at Amazon

Buying Guide for Dining Table Sets

What to look for when choosing a dining set?

After giving you 7 best options, we did not want to stop just there, but wanted to help your further.

So, if you have started thinking on the lines buying a dining table set then contemplate on these questions:

How many of you are going to sit on the table, at a time?

It’s an age of modern families, living a busy life, with lesser spaced homes. 

The wise decision would be to look for a dining table based on how often you get to sit together.

Keeping which in mind, we have put in our list two, three chair and bench, and four seater dining sets, that take less space, are beautiful to look at, and durable because they are made of best quality wood. 

Which table finish would be the best suited for your décor?

You can either go for a glossy or matt finish table top, both the looks have their own touch of elegance. 

Matt finish furniture adds warmth and texture to your dining space.

A glossy dining table set creates a fresh, open and modern dining setting. 

If you are looking for a matt finished wooden dining table, then something like DeckUp dining set is just what you need.

For glossy finish we would suggest Shree Jeen Mata Enterprises dining set from our list, or you can even look for a crafty design like RjKart from our list of ‘Best Dining Table Sets’.

What shape of table top suits your interiors?

  • Round or Oval shaped dining sets are mostly for social purpose. Which is why you find round tables in restaurants or cafeterias the most.
  • Square shaped tables provide a more open and spacious kind of feel, and also have a lot of options. They can fit in a small corner quite easily. 
  • Rectangular shaped dining space is what we recommend. As they are spacious, are great match with dining benches, and can accommodate more chairs in case of emergency visits. 

How to Choose the Right Wooden Dining Table?

Whether you wish to place your dining table close to the window, verandah, or in a closed space, you do need to choose the right wooden dining table.

One that will not soak moisture and start wearing off, or form cracks too easily. 

Ensure all these criteria mentioned here are met.

1. Avoid Thick Veneer

When looking for wooden dining table, steer clear of thick veneer, because sooner or later it will peel off from the base. 

How do you know if the veneer is thicker – the table top will feel plastic like. 

Another obvious thing to notice is the seams that connect the corners.

2. Understand the Difference between Hardwood and Composite Wood 

Always opt for hardwood such as Sheesham, instead of composite wood like plywood, hardwood solids and MDF. 

Composite woods are a mixture of hard and soft wood bits that are compressed into board. Though they are durable but not as sturdy as hardwood. 

And while MDF may remain steady for short term, your hardwood furniture will really last longer.

3. Stay Away from Wooden Table with Removable Legs

Dining tables with removable legs are often made of fiberboard, a material derived out of pressed wood scraps. 

We would suggest you to stay away these wooden dining sets, as they will never last long. 

Why Wooden Dining Tables are the Best?

A wooden dining table set is a combination of aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, something that no other material can provide.

But, that is not all, we have practical reasons why you should be looking out for wooden dining tables, like:

1.Strength & Durability

Wood is a natural raw material, which makes it long-lasting and robust. Hence, it’s a perfect choice for a buyer looking for longevity. 

Whether it is a hardwood (wood from broadleaved trees such as oak) or a softwood (wood from conifers like pine trees), there is an innate stability that is common in tree woods. 

Stability and durability also ensures easy maintenance. You only need to wax, polish and oil your dining set occasionally. 

2.  Look & Feel

Wood whether light colored or dark, add charm to your home décor. And when crafted by skilled artisan, they turn into true masterpieces in terms of design and innovation.

Also, if you stay in high density apartment, in the midst of city hub-bub, then you might wish to foster a sense of naturalness in your living space. 

A wooden dining space is the perfect way to achieve this, through its wide color spectrum and fascinating patterns of fibers. 

3. Variety 

Wood comes in variety of colors and tones, which is what adds variety to dining table styles. 

The subtle, yet noticeable difference in textures adds up to the variety quotient. 

Apart from the obvious texture and tone variety, wood can be carved, cut, and polished in a variety of ways, something that you will not get in glass dining table sets. 

4. Versatility

A wooden dining set goes with any kind of home setting, and is also ideal for homes with kids. There are lesser chances of accidents.

The versatility of a wooden furniture extends to the outdoors too. You can use the chairs to sit in your balconies or verandas, as there is no fear of rusting. 

Best Wood in India

Most of the wooden dining sets that we included in our list of ‘7 Best Dining Table Sets’ are made of Sheesham, or Rubber Wood. 

We are sure you will want to know why Sheesham or Rubber? 

So, here are some reasons why Sheesham is considered the best for home furniture:

1. Sheesham

  • Availability – Sheesham is deciduous tree found in India, hence the wood is easy to avail. This is what makes Sheesham one of the most sought-after option in the Indian furniture industry.
  • Best Carving Alternative – Sheesham is the best hardwood for craving as per experts.

Also, it has a medium coarse texture, which ensures that the wood does not bend or break during carving.

  • Economical – Since Sheesham is easy to avail, there is no added exportation cost for manufacturers, which reduces the manufacturing cost, making Sheesham dining tables affordable. 

2. Rubber 

Though rubber wood is not as good as Sheesham when it comes to variety, but this one is a tough wood, and can also be availed at lower cost. 

One more quality of Rubber is that it can be man-made. A material constructed by combining several pieces to give it a better look. 

We at HomeZene, recommend Sheesham for best quality dining table set. 

How to Protect Wooden Dining Table?

Yes, wooden dining tables are long lasting, but they are also exposed to wear and tear caused by your pets and kids, sunlight, and rough use.

Most dining tables are prone to moisture, marring, heat and chemicals because they remain indoors. 

And if you wish to keep the dining set outdoor then they should be able to withstand sunlight, rain, wind and more. 

So, buy your dining set, but also know the way to protect it. 

Here are some simple steps that you can take to safeguard your wooden dining table set:

1. Scratches

While moving your dishes, glasses or vases do not scoot, rather pick them up and put at the other place.

Also if you are placing any type of pottery, lamps or items on your table, then attach a felt pad at their bottom for easy movement. 

Use linen, cotton or placemats while you sit to dine. 

2. Liquids

Wipe liquid spills immediately, because if left unattended, they can damage the wood finish, and eventually the wood itself. 

Look for individual coasters, they will guard your dining table top from water rings. 

Another good way to protect your wooden dining set is by ordering a custom clear glass, that fits on the table top. This will protect the entire wooden surface, allowing the shine to remain intact. 

Also, do not use chemicals such as fingernail polish, as if they spill then the stain cannot be removed easily. 

3. Temperature

Avoid keeping hot pans and dishes directly on your wooden table. 

Put a hot pad, or pan/pot stand under each hot dish, or better still cover the complete table with a protective pad, designed to fit the entire table. 

If your wooden dining table is meant for interior use only, then move it out of direct sunlight, as the UV rays may fade or bleach the wood. 

If your dining area is in a closed space, then maintain a room temperature of 70 to 75-degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of 50 to 55 percent to help the wood not dry. Because, dried-out wood split or crack easily. 

4. Weather

Apply a fresh coat of paint, stain or water-repellent sealant, to protect you outdoor dining table sets from weathering. 

If you do not take these necessary steps, then your wooden set will fade, rot or decay soon. 

Also, cover your outdoor dining tables with awning, patio or roof umbrella to provide that additional protection against natural elements.

5. Cleaning

While cleaning your dining table use lint-free dusting cloth, that is dampened with wood furniture polish. This helps in removing dust and dirt particles from your wooden tables. 

Also, when you clean the tables on a weekly basis, it removes grease, dust and grime and excessive build ups.

We strongly suggest you to avoid using dry cloth to clean the wood furniture, as that will grind the dust down into the wood, causing microscopic scratches. 

How to Clean Sticky Residue from Wooden Dining Tables

There are many who complain that their dining spaces form a sticky residue with time. 

Basically, it is the finish on your wooden table which when gets old, leads to sticky surface, and may also be the cause of discoloration. 

As the days pass by, you will feel a gumminess on the surface, that can leave scratches and other types of marks very easily. 

To preserve your dining table, follow these steps:

What you need:


    White vinegar

    Dishwashing detergent (mild)

    Murphy’s oil soap


    Sponge or soft cloth

Steps to Clean:

Step 1: A thorough cleaning process removes worn-out varnish, that will remove the sticky residue. Which is why we are using white vinegar, that has an acidic effect.

Step 2: Mix and make a solution of part water and part vinegar.

Step 3: Use the solution to wipe the table completely. But, scrub lightly without applying     much pressure, to avoid scrub marks or streaks.

Step 4: Rinse by wiping down the table with clean water and cloth.

Step 5: Allow the table to dry completely.

Step 6: If you do not have vinegar, then go for a slightly stronger cleaner. Repeat the steps mentioned above, but add a mild dishwashing detergent to water, replacing vinegar. 

Step 7: For a stronger residue, use Murphy Oil Soap. It can be safely used on any wooden surface. 

Step 8: Dilute the residue with water for mild cleaning, apply directly if the surface is stickier.

Step 9: Once rinsed, wipe the table with a soft cloth to remove the sticky residue. 

Step 10: Rinse with clean water and cloth. 

Step 11: Allow the table to dry completely.

Step 12: Once you see the sticky residue gone completely, apply a wood wax that repels water and stains to the surface for protection. 

Tips & Tricks

    More acidic varnish cleaners are available in most hardware and home improvement stores. 

    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the cover. 

    Once done with cleaning apply wood wax.

    If none of the methods mentioned above resolve the sticky situation, then it’s time to refinish the table completely. 

    Though wood cleaners can be sometimes avoided because of a waxy build-up. They offer a level of protection beneficial in protecting the surface and varnish. 

    To keep your dining table safe and away from the stickiness, apply a wood cleaner, or polish it weekly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best type of wood for a dining table?

Hardwood is the best type of wood for crafting furniture. It does not chip or break easily, making it a durable product.

2. Which dining table is best wood or glass?

We recommend wooden dining tables, as they are durable, easy to maintain, and look classy. Glass dining tables are glossy, but the table tops get scratched easily. Also glass tables are not sturdy enough.

3. How do you protect a wooden table top?

There are number of things to remember like:

    Pick and move the dishes instead of scooting

    Keep the dining set away from UV rays, example: near windows

    Wipe liquid spills immediately

    Avoid keeping hot pans and dishes directly on the table

We have given more details on how to maintain dining table sets in our ‘Buying Guide’. Read to learn more.

4. How to pick the right dining table?

There are number of factors to consider while choosing a dining table like the type of wood used, the space, the design of dining table and more.

We have mentioned about all the above points and more in our ‘Buying Guide’ go through it to learn more. 

5. Should dining table chairs have arms?

Most dining table chairs do not have arms, and that makes it easy for you to glide in and out of the chairs easily, without having to push or stretch yourself much.


A dining table is a long term investment, hence you got to be careful when buying one. While there are number of factors that should be taken into considerable, the most important ones according to us are:

    Wood quality

    The space available



A dining set that fits well in all these criteria is one worth availing.

After doing an extensive research, we found one set in our list of ‘Best Dining Table Set’ as truly worth, and that is dining table set offered by Homecenter Dining Table set 

The set is made of Sheesham wood, is a two seater, comes with one-year warranty and one of the cheapest dining sets that we came across. 

But, if you think otherwise, then feel free to share your thoughts. We will be happy to hear you out, and you will also enlighten the other buyers.

Also, share your experience in case you have already bought any of these products. 

Stay stylish, choose the best dining table from our list!






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