Best Electronic Safes/Lockers in India: Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Electronic safe lockers are the perfect way to protect your valuable, money and important documents from home theft. As it the matter of your wealth, you can’t trust and invest in a cheap one.

For purchasing the best and safest electronic safe, you have to consider the below important factors…

Size: This depends on number of items you want to store in the electronic safe. Most of these devices in India come in sizes ranging from 8 L to 34 L. If you have small or few items to store, then go with smaller range. However, if you want to store large number of items, then go for larger capacity.

Locking Mechanism: Most of the electronic safes in India have either biometric or touch keypad. Biometric mechanism uses finger print as locking mechanism. While touch keypads allow access through PIN number you can create.

Along with them, you should also check out other factors like fire resistant, water resistant and others. We have mentioned them clearly in our buying guide with detail explanation.

Depending on size and facilities, the price of these devices ranges from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 15000. In this article, we have also provided detailed information on best electronic safe lockers in India as well. 

Also refer our “Buyer Guide” for further reference.

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Top 7 Best Safes/Lockers online in India

7 Best Safes/Lockers Reviews in India1. Godrej Digital Electronic Safe Locker

2. AmazonBasics Security Safe

3. Stok St- Es1723 Small Electronic Safe 

4. Ozone OES-BAS-05 Core Series Safe

5. Yale Standard Large Electronic Safe

6. Valencia- Crux Electronic Digital Security Safe

7. Dolphy Unique Design Electric Safe

Buying Guide For Electronic Safe Lockers

Types Of Safe Lockers1. Wall-Mounted Safes

2. Floor Safes

3. Weapon Safes

Factors To Consider Before Buying1. Budget-Friendly

2. User-Friendly

3. Compact

4. Durable

Type Of Protection1. Fireproof

2. Water Resistant

3. Tamper-Proof

Safekeeping Protocols

Benefits Of Using Electronic Safes

Frequently Asked Questions


Top 7 Best Safes/Lockers online in India

Best Electronic SafesLocking MechanismWeightWarranty Buy Now

Godrej Security Solutions Access Electronic SafeElectronic Lock6.5 kg1 Year Check On Amazon

AmazonBasics Security SafeElectronic Lock7.48 kg1 Year Check On Amazon

Stok St- Es1723 Small Electronic Safe Digital LockNA1 YearCheck On Amazon

Ozone OES-BAS-05 Core Series SafeDigital lock6 KgsNACheck On Amazon

Yale Digital LockerElectronic Lock12 kg1 Year Check On Amazon

Valencia Electronic SafeDigital lock16 Ltrs1 Year Check On Amazon

DolphyElectronic SafeElectronic Lock10.5 kgNACheck On Amazon

7 Best Safes/Lockers Reviews in India

1. Godrej Digital Electronic Safe Locker

Godrej safe locker is a wise choice to answer security concerns. Its super strength is due to fully welded single metal multi-bend construction.

This sturdy case comes in a compact size and can be fixed anywhere in your home or workplace. It comes with pre-drilled mounting holes so you don’t have to strain yourself. You will also receive 4 anchoring fasteners to fix the locker anywhere you wish with less effort.

It is designed with a specialized locking mechanism. The smart motorized shooting bolts offer great safety and are resistant to all kinds of magnetic fields and vibrations. To unlock the safe, you need to enter a 4-6 digit security code on a programmable keypad. If you fail to enter the correct password in 4 consecutive attempts, the keypad freezes to block further attempts.

If you are the owner and misplaced or forgot the password or if the keypad batteries are drained out of power, you can unlock the safe with manual override keys provided. If you lost those override keys and the batteries are dead, you can connect the safe to a power source with a USB cable and open the safe.

Other Notable Features

Enhanced security

The locker enables you to have a master password that only you can access along with a common code. To make sure peepers don’t get a glance, the keypad does not show the entered code.

Wide Application

It can be used perfectly at home or office to store important items such as cash, jewelry, documents, etc.

The Verdict

The fully welded single metal locker is stronger than other lockers. Its strength is enhanced with stainless steel motorized bolts. Its compact size with dimensions 40 x 31.5 x 30.5 cm lets users put it in small and secure places easily.

What We Liked

  • Unibody construction
  • 1-year warranty
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Autolock function
  • Override key
  • A smart motorized locking mechanism
  • USB power backup

What We Didn’t Like

  • Extra care must be given to protect the product from damages while delivery

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2. AmazonBasics Security Safe

If it was a perfect world there would be no need for accessories like a security safes and having such safes installed inside your house will definitely protect your valuable from the hands of thieves.  The black 14L security safe with electronic lock designed by AmazonBasics is the best security safe available at this price range. It is constructed with steel and comes with 2 override keys that you can use in case of emergencies, and going by its build quality it holds the top position on our list.

This 14 liter security safe comes with a very effective electronic lock and more than electronic override keys. These keys are to be kept separately so that they can be used in case of emergencies.

This is not a fireproof or a waterproof safe but it does have an adjustable safe along with reprogrammable digital access and solid steel exterior makes this security safe one of a kind.

4 bolts are included with the safe to mount it to the wall, floor or shelf. The electronic interface runs on AA batteries but they are not included in the package. The exterior dimension of the safe is 16.93 inches in length, 14.57 inches in width and 7.09 inches in height. The door of the safe is 2 inches thick and the overall weight of the security safe is 7.48 kilograms.

Now, there is 1 year limited warranty for this security safe and you can also call for customer service at [1800-419-0416]. Unfortunately, the warranty is not applicable in India for items sold by Amazon Export Sales LLC.

Other Notable Features


The safe is constructed with steel, the floor inside the box is carpeted. The steel construction protects the safe from any external scratches or damages.

Reprogrammable Digital Access

TheAmazonBasics security safe offers quick set-up and easy operation. After you have installed the batteries you can set your passcode. Two emergency override keys are included, which makes it possible to access the valuables inside the safe in case of emergencies or if the batteries of the keypad runs out. The digital display has three different symbols to indicate locked, unlocked, and low battery.

Concealed Hinges

Besides the electronic lock, the security safe comes with 2 live-door bolts, a superior pry-resistant steel door and also concealed hinges. Actually, these are extremely useful addition to the design in order to prevent any kind intrusion to the valuables inside.

Shelf & Mounting Hardware

The shelf inside the safe can be adjusted according to your requirement. It sits on the rails of the safe which are attached and it can be removed easily.

The exclusive design of AmazonBasics Security Safe allows the user to bolt it very easily to the floor, shelf, or wall. Thus, 4 bolts are included for the purpose.

The Verdict

Overall, the AmazonBasics Security Safe comes with a pry proof design so that it can’t be opened by the intruders forcefully. The steel exterior makes the safe scratch resistant and immune to any damage. 2 keys are included for easy access of the device and the adjustable shelf enables the users to change the interior according to their needs. The safe may not be fire or water proof but it is extremely durable and trustworthy piece of hardware designed to protect your valuables.

What We Liked

  • It is good quality product made with durable steel.
  • Easy to operate.
  • It is a very safe security locker, almost impossible to pry open.
  • A detailed manual is provided so that you can install it properly.
  • The carpeting inside the safe is smooth and amazing.
  • Very specious and the adjustable shelf complements it well.
  • The electronic lock system is way beyond expectation.
  • Value for money.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The battery indicator is not reliable.

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3. Stok St- Es1723 Small Electronic Safe 

This small white safe is perfect for storing cash and small valuables. It comes at a very competitive price and is pretty easy to operate. With its simple mechanism and lightweight design, you can also use this safe as portable one.

It has a digital locking mechanism and works on AA batteries. Although it comes with all essentials, like grouting nuts, user manual, etc., but the battery cells are not included in the package. 

It is made of cold-rolled steel that makes it durable. This electronic safe is 2mm thick at the body and 4mm at the walls, which is decent enough to give you security. 

The dimensions are 230 X170 X 170(mm) and has a warranty coverage of 1 year. However, if you do not like white, this locker is also available in black. 

Other Notable Features

  • Wrong Password Attempts

It has a mechanism that locks it automatically if the wrong password is entered for three consecutive times. It stays dysfunctional for three minutes after which it will give you attempts again to open the door. 

  • Backup Unlocking Option

In case the batteries run out, or you forget the password, you can use its override keys to open the lock.  

  • Double Bolt Locking Feature

Apart from the digital locking feature, there is a bolt as well, which increases its security factor. At this price range, this feature is an added bonus. 

  • Easy Password Reset Function

To reset the password, you will have to unlock it. After that, simply press the red button near the hinge to reset the PIN. It’s as simple as that!

What We Liked

  • Durable and good build material
  • The double bolt locking feature 
  • Auto freeze mechanism
  • Included emergency override keys
  • Compact design
  • Very affordable

Whats We Didn’t Like

  • Requires a little time to align and lock the door
  • Batteries are not included in the package

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4. Ozone OES-BAS-05 Core Series Safe

The Ozone OES-BAS-05 is yet another electronic safe with tons of features at a reasonable price. This locker is indeed one of the best owing to its sturdy build quality, digital lock, double bolt feature, and Lock freezing technology. 

The Ozone OES-BAS-05 has a dimension of 30 cm x20 cm 20 cm and weighs 6 kgs. It is not exactly a big locker per se but will give you adequate space to store valuables as its volume is 10 ltr. 

It is indeed an economical buy, but on the downside, it will allow you to set only 4 digit passcodes. Hence, even if you intend to set a hard-to-guess PIN, you cannot do so with this particular electronic locker. Also, you will not get a colour option as it is available in just one colour. 

Other Notable Features

  • Low Battery Warning

This locker will give you an early low battery warning. With this in-built indicator, you will get ample time to procure the batteries before the existing ones are dead. 

  • Strong Shooting Bolts

The locking bolts of the Ozone OES BAS 05 is exceptionally strong, which provides an added protection as tampering with it can be a challenge. 

  • Double Layer Protection: Master Code and Override Keys

Just in case you have forgotten the password or the batteries are dead, you can fall back on two options. One is the master code that you can register beforehand with the company. The second is the override key which can open the lock for you. 

  • Auto Freeze Lock 

On three wrong password attempts, this appliance will automatically freeze the locking mechanism for three minutes straight. This feature will give you enough time to arrive at the spot if the attempts are made by a thief.

What We Liked

  • Classy design and build quality 
  • Low battery warning
  • Strong shooting bolts
  • Moderately spacious interiors
  • Override keys, and registered master code gives extra unlocking options

What  We Didn’t Like

  • Warranty issues
  • Allows only 4 digit passcodes
  • Battery Consumption is high

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5. Yale Standard Large Electronic Safe

Yale designed this secure electronic safe to protect your valuables at any cost. It is made of a highly durable steel body and two sturdy 16mm anti-saw locking bolts.

Although the whole body is made of steel, the inside floor is decorated with carpet to avoid scratches or damages. It has a capacity of 26.8 liters with interior dimensions of 250 x 370 x 290 mm. It is optimum enough to store all your valuables.

To assist you further, the safe comes with pre-drilled holes so that you can easily mount it to a wall or fit it in a cabinet of your choice at home or at your office.

You can rest peacefully about the security of your valuables. The safe gives access with a password of either 3 to 8digits. In case if an incorrect password is entered for 4 consecutive times, it sounds an alarm for 3 minutes straight and the keypad auto freezes for that duration.

Other Notable Features

Non-volatile memory

The keypad is designed to store the password in its non-volatile memory which means if its battery runs low, the password still works after you replace the batteries.

User-friendly access

In case you forgot the password or as we discussed above, if the keypad runs into a low battery, you can access the safe with the 2 security keys sent along with the safe.

The verdict

The safe has exterior dimensions at 30 x 38 x 30 cm giving a 30cm depth of highly durable heavy-duty steel that is hard to drill. You can also utilize the company’s assistance to install the safe in your home or you can do it yourself by simply following the manual you receive.

What We Liked

  • 1-year warranty
  • Hidden password entry
  • Strong anti-saw bolts
  • Incorrect entry alarm
  • Pre-drilled holes

What We Didn’t Like

  • Manual could be more informative

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6. Valencia- Crux Electronic Digital Security Safe

The digital security safe by Valencia-Crux is built to last longer. It is made of sturdy alloy steel that gives it its strength and high durability. The compact-sized locker is easy to fit by bolting at the bottom or at the back.

You can set up both admin code and user code of either 3 to 8 digit combination. After 3 wrong password entries, the safe sounds an alarm and freezes the keypad for 5 minutes. In case you forgot your password, you can open the safe using manual override keys.

The locker comes with two locker bolts that are 16mm thick. These are made of strong material that cannot be sawed. You can engage these bolts with the knob placed on the outside.

With 25 x 35 x 25 cm dimensions, this safe can be moved and placed anywhere without much effort. It comes with three indicator lights that tell various interactive stages.

Other Notable Features

Carpeted floor

The whole body is made of steel and the floor inside the safe is decorated with a carpet to avoid chances of damages or scratches.

Convenient & user-friendly features

The safe lets you know the life of the battery and the status of the safe. Its 16-liter volume gives you good enough space to secure your valuables.

The verdict

This strong and secure safe is an ideal choice as it has all features that are essential for a locker. Even with all these features, the price is very economical. It is very user-friendly and easy to install with either grouted or anchored way of installing.

What We Liked

  • Digital LED pinpoint
  • 16mm steel bolts
  • Admin code & user code set up
  • Incorrect entry alarm feature
  • Easy installation

What We Didn’t Like

  • Warranty is not mentioned

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7. Dolphy Unique Design Electric Safe

Made of cold-rolled steel and with powder coating finishing Dolphy Unique Design electric safe is manufactured to be extra hard and strong compared to any other lockers.

The safe is made with a top opening design giving it a unique look, nonetheless, it compromises in no way in securing your most valuable belongings. You can safely keep jewelry, passports, cash, prescribed drugs, and even electronics.

The highly durable steel used in the making of this safe is purely pry-resistant and has endurable strength. To protect your belonging from scratches or damages, the floor on the inside is added an extra carpet layer.

You don’t have to put much effort to set up the locker. All you have to do is put four AA batteries that are not included and reprogram the safe with your personal 3-6 digit password. The safe also comes with an indicator that lets you know every time it is running out of battery.

Other Notable Features

Charger Plug

On the inside, there is a charging slot available to keep your electronics charged while safe-keeping them in the locker.

Live-locking bolts

The locker is protected by two live-locking bolts that are highly durable and give impenetrable security.

The Verdict

The safe is designed to be unique from other lockers available. It weighs 11.25 kg and has dimensions 41 X 13 X 35 cm. It can be placed on a shelf, inside a cabinet, on the floor, or on a wall. It comes with the necessary hardware to mount it anywhere you like. Its high strength with great thickness gives assurance to its users that their belongings are safe.

What We Liked

  • The system freezes after 3 wrong passcode entries
  • Low battery indicator
  • Charger plug
  • Top open
  • Durable finish

What We Didn’t Like

  • Warranty is not mentioned

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Buying Guide For Electronic Safe Lockers

Safe lockers are the most opted options of all the safety items, simply because the technology used by the safe lockers is absolutely simple and yet effective, keeping all of our necessary items in safety which hold a significantly high value in our life

However, choosing this option is not highly appreciable just because people find it a bit of tricky to get along with such devices. There is a particular system that is used in the lockers of which people are usually unaware of. We will be providing you with all the assistance here which would help you attain all the sufficient knowledge in this regard. You can select the best safe and decide to finally buy it.

Types Of Safe Lockers

The types and amount of possession people have varies and it highly has an effect on the design and build of safes. Each kind of possession requires a different kind of outlet and keeping this point in view, safes have also been made in different categories to fit in the need of the people.

1. Wall-Mounted Safes

Wall mounted safes are the widely known safes, especially because they are highly displayed in movies. These are famous for their presence in spy movies and hence, most of the people would be familiar. As the name itself reads, this safe is usually mounted on a wall, might be at any area of the wall. The users can select if they wish to mount this safe directly into the wall keeping it visible, i.e. revealing, or they can choose to hide it behind any of the objects which goes into the wall.

For example, a huge painting that will be equal to the size of the safe or bigger! They are popular also for the fashionable looks they have but, the only issue is they usually support lightweight objects. Belongings that are lightweight would be good to go with the lockers and the height or weight they can support will be already conveyed to you.

2. Floor Safes

As the name reads, these safes go into the floors of the house or area you wish to place a safe at. They are fixed into the ground and they are well known for the capacity they offer. These safes offer facilities of taking in possessions which weigh a lot. You can choose to keep a lot of items in this safe which would be of various quantities and weights. The reason they can hold such large quantities is that they themselves are bulky in shape and design and are made up of hard and sturdy materials that can support heavy weight.

3. Weapon Safes

These safes are made with extreme consideration. This is because they usually are meant for items that are of sensitive nature as well as the unique physical attributes associated with weapons of the same said items. All such items need extra security and that is the reason why the weapon safes have additions feature to facilitate the safety they require. Such features comprise of additional locks, advanced locking technology and a super built-in material similar to that of pry proof metal.

Now that you know the types of safes, based on your requirements, you can select the most compatible option for you. In short, everything depends upon the items you wish to secure inside the safes.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

Now that you know the type of safe you would need, you must further know on what basis you may shortlist the various models of safes. There are certain factors you must consider in order to buy the most appropriate safe and here are all of the factors explained in depth:

1. Budget-Friendly

Preserving the hard earned money is always the plan which drives people into buying the products which are a bit cheaper. Saving a few bucks never goes out of fashion. So are there different types of products which are expensive but are no good as per their specifications. Even if you decide on spending a huge amount, you must check on to it if they are worth every single penny you spend on them. Spending a fortune on anything is never desired. Hence, you can actually try buying an electronic safe online. All the products are made available online and speaking in terms of price, range with 4k to 15k. The basis of the price varies as the features and specifications. So, make sure you know in advance what you want.

2. User-Friendly

An electronic safe, the name says it all. Such safes are generally built with the assistance of the most advanced technology. The safe run on the technology which assists the use of passwords i.e. they can be opened and closed with the help of passwords. There are also combinations of few safe with extremely high-end technology assistance and such safes work on the basis of the retina and also laptop connectivity. The point at the end is that the safes must be user-friendly, i.e. they should be easily operable, absolutely eradicating all kinds of confusion and frustration issues.

3. Compact

The ways of life have been changing and so are the choices of people. People have started to highly demand neutral stuff. They wish to keep everything as minimal as possible which would also lessen the maintenance. This is the reason why no families and the member wish to have these huge and bulky lockers anywhere in their rooms. Also, because the safes are not something which is to be exposed and shown out to everyone, hiding them would be very difficult if they are huge physically. A safe is something people wish to keep in their bedrooms, hidden somewhere and this is why it is extremely important that the safe is absolutely compact. That is the safe must be small in size, being able to fit anywhere and yet not stand out of the crowd or cause a hindrance for the other items of the room. The best place or the places where people usually select to keep the safes are either cupboards or almirahs.

4. Durable

Safes usually cost a lot and that is the reason why they come into the category of long term investments. The first feature a long term investment must possess is durability. It has to last for a long time. Especially when we talk about safes, they are supposed to be extra durable for the items we keep in them are extremely valuable. Purchasing a safe, again and again, is just not a viable option and that is the reason why they need to be durable. The best thing to do here is to avoid going for basic or fancy safes, rather select the one which has the highest reviews. As this would be a guarantee in itself that the product is long lasting!

Type Of Protection

The next thing to consider while buying a safe is the kind of protection you want your safe to provide. There are a number of factors that need protection or defense such as fire, water, and tampering. Let’s go through all the factors in detail.

1. Fireproof

Here the safe provides protection against high temperatures and probably fire. In case of a rise in temperature or an outburst of fire, no loss of valuables or any other temperature related issues is bound to arise. The safe manufacturer will specify the maximum temperature the safe can handle. There are also some manufacturers who might not notify you in advance. It is here you need to make the choice.

2. Water Resistant

This might be useful for users who reside in areas that are a lot more prone to frequent flooding. Here, a waterproof safe truly comes to rescue. No matter which climatic conditions the safe goes through, it will safeguard the valuables which are kept inside it.

3. Tamper-Proof

This is a general characteristic a safe possesses. At least that is what safes are meant for, to provide protection against any of the outer forces or impacts such as tampering. Safes can already bear a certain amount of tampering. It is only in special use-cases that users may wish to have a safe with an added built-in capacity to withstand any kind of hard and effective external force.

Safekeeping Protocols

Safes are obviously meant for safekeeping your valuable possessions but going out of your way to provide extra protection to your Safe is always the best option you can go for.  It is to ensure that the safe never falls out to be on the wrong hands. Some of the protocols are mentioned below:

  • Never Forget to Lock Your Safe

Forgetting is part of human’s mental functioning and it is more than obvious you would forget to lock your safe all the time. The best precaution you can take is, lock the door the moment you are done placing or removing your possessions. It doesn’t matter if the safe does have anything inside it or not, or whichever kind of possession it has inside it. What matters ultimately is if the safe is locked. You need to make sure you keep your safe locked all the time to prevent it from any kind of mishappenings. After all, it’s better to take precautions than medicine.

  • Never Choose an Easy Passcode or Keep a Backup in an Easy-to-Find Location

It is important that you never choose an easy passcode that can be easily guessed by anyone who knows you well. The combination of the digits needs to be complex for outsiders but also easy for you to remember. Also with the fear of forgetting the passcode, people like to keep a backup somewhere they can get access from easily, but actually this may end being another way of getting people close to your valuables. It is therefore important that you take extra care to not keep any kind of backups in any location which is easy to access. Because you never know who might end up finding it and use the information in the wrong way.

  • Don’t Boast About the Safe’s Presence or its Location

Safes are always meant to be hidden. Showing people you got a new safe or how fashionable or compact it is, should not be done by you. Your excitement might be a thing but is not a safe thing to do. It doesn’t matter what new technology, the safe comes embedded with. Advertising the product or revealing the location of the safe is to be avoided at any cost. Take care of it just like you would take care of any of the other expensive products you own.

  • Best Thing to Do is to Bolt Your Safe

Yes, a safe does have a passcode, but providing it with an extra layer of protection can always keep your mind and heart at ease. Keeping your safe bolted at any location is yet another extra security feature you can provide to it. Some examples are, you can choose to bolt the safe in any of the walls at your place or even to the floor of any of your rooms. But make sure you take extra precautions.

Benefits Of Using Electronic Safes

Here are all the significant purposes the safes are meant to fulfill. There are plenty of advantages an electronic safe can offer, and here are a few items which may result in your favor:

  • Desired combination

Electronic safes usually work in a certain way, a combination of digits is to be put up on the keypad which will be provided on the safe’s outer part. This electronic keypad backs up the open system and also the bolting system of the safe. If a key locking facility is provided, changing the key of the safe is generally a difficult option to go for. While changing the combinations of the safe is always an easy and effortless thing to do. This is the reason why an electronic safe is widely chosen to be used in any kind of business organization. For instance, if any of the key worker or employee chooses to quit or leave the organization and is aware of every insider information including the safes passcode, it can be easily changed upon him/her leaving the organization.

  • Facilitation of innovative decisions

Safes provide you with the facility of changing the combinations of open bolt components. Along with this facility, they also provide various other options and innovative decision making ways. The examples of such decisions are ace code, management reset code and a few other client codes which help them browse.

  • Difficult for outsiders to gain access

Perks for electronic safes is that they are highly flexible in nature which is why it is almost difficult for any other person to gain unauthorized access to the safe. Electronic lockers can be reconfigured with ease. This enhances the security of the safe such as changing the code easily, how long it stays locked, how long it stays unlocked can all be easily tested. Also, these electronic safes have a monitoring facility that helps the organization keep track of the locker and simply with the deployment of any member’s presence.

  • Gets along with your expectations

Firstly, having these high-end electronic safes are an advantage in terms of looks. Looks do matter and having an ultra modern safe is always impressive and stylish. The next thing would be less administration. You need not keep a different individual to look after the keys of the safe or you yourself don’t need to keep a key with you no matter where you go. But here in this electronic safe, people will be assigned with their own set of passcodes which can be used to gain access. This would have an impact on time wastage and also costs incurred would come down.

  • Simultaneously less wear and tear

Physical objects are sooner worn and torn as compared to electronic items. This is because of the mechanism they work with, which includes the use of physical objects and usually numerous times. Like for an instance, if you use a passcode or swipe a card there is usually no mechanism here. You will enter in the password every time or swipe the card off easily every time, as compared to the normal key mechanism. The keys are a lot more prone to damage as with constant use they become worn out, bent or even broken.

Purchasing an electronic safe is just like purchasing any other electronic items, you need to weigh in all the details if you wish to be satisfied with the purchase you choose to make. Make sure you go through all the details we have already discussed in the above buying guide. This will help you form a base of knowledge about the electronic safe lockers and also will provide you with all the arguments in favor of purchasing an electronic safe over a combination safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What possessions can one store in an electronic safe?
You can store any valuable things in a safe irrespective of nature and size. This is actually the first thing you should be considering before shortlisting a type of safe to buy. You must make sure, you decide in advance what are the items you will be storing in a safe. This will determine which type of safe you are in need of, as per the size requirement.

2. What materials are used in the making of safes?
Almost all the safes are made up of steel. This is because steel is a highly reliable metal which can be a tough substance with high endurance and strength. If you compare a few safes with the majority of the safes, the difference is the amount of the metal used in the construction. The quantity varies according to the purpose it is meant to serve. For example, safes which are meant for high possessions have a high content of metal which is why they are thicker.

3. Are electronic safe also resistant to chemicals?
Yes, a number of safe are made with metals that have the capability of enduring a lot more than just force and pressure. Such safes do not breakdown even with fire or any other harmful chemicals. If you have a probability of such facing such issues, it is best to purchase safes which are made up of fireproof chemicals along with metal.

4. Which safe is the best option to preserve weighted possessions?
Valuables like metals, guns, etc need a safe which has a high level of capacity in terms of space and weight. The best option for you would be a floor safe. These safes are usually mounted inside the floor of the room you wish to have the safe mounted at, and have a great weight capacity. These safes provide higher protection to your valuables as compared to the other types of safes.

5. Safes best suited for money management in organizations?
If you are running a business organization and are in search of safes to store your income, the best option for you will be the wall safe. These safes are mounted in the walls of any room you choose and are extremely easy to access. Ease in access is important because you will be opening the safe more than often to store in the money you earned or give out advances from the reserve you have in store inside the safe.

6. What is the major difference between a combination safe and an electronic safe?
Combination lockers have one combination code which is the greatest demerit a safe can have. If anyone gains access to the code, he/she can easily get ahold of the valuables in the safe and steal them. Also, if you wish to change the code, it is extremely difficult to do so. As far as the electronic safes are considered, the combination or the code can be easily and conveniently changed whenever desired or the need arises.

7. Should I consider pricey safes?
Prices are never too be mistaken with the features provided and the work done. You need to weigh in the functionality and endurance of the safe rather than the money as a decision making criteria. Make sure you get the most of the price you pay.

8. Do the dimensions of the safe matter?  
Yes, you need to take the dimensions into consideration and check if you have the required space available at your place. This is because there has been a lot of times when customers chose safes in a hurry and ended up not having enough accommodation for the safe.

9. Are there any inner requirements of the safe which need to be taken into consideration?
Yes, and it depends upon the items you wish to store inside the safe. The inner requirements here are referred to the shelves which act as a divider and also organizer. This comes handy when the safe is bought for documents or money purposes.

10. How should a safe be installed?
According to the types of safes you choose, you will have to bolt them down to the location they are fit for. For example, you will bolt the wall safes into the walls of your room or office and the floor safes go into the floor, properly bolted.


It is extremely important to make sure all your valuables are safe irrespective of the place you stay at or the purpose you need to fulfill. The best option to go for is an electronic safe which can be easily used to keep away all the important things you own, in a safe place. We have tried our best to give you a complete guide on all the factors which need to be taken into consideration while purchasing an electronic safe.

Our top pick is the Godrej Security Solutions Access Electronic Safe. It is by far the best budget safe locker you can find now. The design is fully pry proof and the all steel exterior makes the safe scratch resistant and extremely durable. With 2 keys for easy access and convenient adjustable shelf, it can make your life a lot easier and headache free.

We hope, by now, you have a rough knowledge of all the things you need to reach out to if you wish to make the most out of the safe. After all, security is something which is never to be compromised with!

Let us know what you have picked for yourself on our comment section below. We are all ears!






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