Best Foot Spa Massagers in India 2020

Your feet run, jog, jump, walk but have the least rest of all. Doesn’t matter if you’re sitting or standing, your feet are always at work. Bearing some weight of your bulky body.

While you may not afford to go down to a fancy spa and get a pedicure every day (unless you have very deep pockets!), a foot spa massager will provide you an instant relief your feet deserve and need.

The moment you place your feet inside the steamy water mixed with some epsom salt and maybe a little fragrance, your feet will transcend into a nirvana. As the bearably hot water touches every possible nerve of your feet, every other nerve of your body responds. You will be at peace, like never.

A Spa Massager is a worthwhile device that every home needs one irrespective of who use it. Kids, Adults or the Senior Citizens.

Don’t worry about spending a fortune as I give to you the best 3 Foot Spa Massagers. I’m going to review each one of these and then you can pick the one of your liking.

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Top 3 Foot Spa Massagers in India

Best Foot Spa Massager Reviews in india 20201. DEALCROX Foot Spa Bath and Roller Massager for Feet Pain Relieve and Care(Best in Budget)

2. JSB HF36 Foot Spa Massager (Best Selling)

3. Beurer Foot Bubble Spa (Best Performance)

How to make sure that you pick the right foot spa massager?1. Size of your feet

2. Temperature control and heater elements

3. Orthopaedic enablers

4. Aromatic Oil Compartments

How to use a foot spa massager?

Frequently Asked Questions


Top 3 Foot Spa Massagers in India

Foot Spa MassagerTypes of massagesWarrantyBuy Now

DEALCROX Foot Spa Bath and Roller Massager(Best in Budget)roller massage
bubble massagena Check the Price

JSB HF36 Foot Spa Massager (Best Selling)Bubble Massage
Vibration massage1 Year Check the Price

Beurer Foot Bubble Spa (Best Performance)Vibration massage
Bubble Massagena Check the Price

Best Foot Spa Massager Reviews in india 2020

1. DEALCROX Foot Spa Bath and Roller Massager for Feet Pain Relieve and Care(Best in Budget)

First on our list is one of the cheapest and the most affordable foot spa massager of quality. It comes with automatic heating and magneto therapy.

All you need to do is plug up the device, pour in some water and the device’s central heating element of international automatically heats up the water very fast. Place your feet and relax them to the fullest.

Thanks to the magneto therapy of the massager, you would be subjected to a weak magnetic wave due to the electro permanent magnet present inside the massager. This will give you a certain therapeutic relief from foot stress.

DealCrox’s massager also has gas wave oxygenation where in more oxygen is pumped into the water which will diffuse into the water and thus aid in the increase of oxygen of the skin tissues making them healthy.

The infrared physiotherapy gives you a very calm and therapeutic feeling thus completing your journey of relaxation and detoxification of the feet.

Apart from that, the massage rollers present inside the device will give you a soft and smooth massaging experience if you wiggle your feet inside the pool of water a little.

Though durable and standard in operation, the product could improve in its build quality and maybe give the user a certain warranty. The product still stands tall and awesome for your every day usage.

Things we liked about the foot massager:

    Magneto Therapy

    Infrared physiotherapy

    Automatic and fast heating

    Gas wave oxygenation

Things we didn’t like about it:

    Low plastic quality

    No warranty

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2. JSB HF36 Foot Spa Massager (Best Selling)

Next up is the best selling foot spa massager in India. The JSB HF36 is highly portable and comes with a very large tub to sink your both feet in comfortably and freely.

Easy to use device that gives you a warm and cozy experience, this foot spa massager’s automatic heating element can heat up the water placed in it in a jiffy.

The heating element is temperature control and also has a seperate LCD display.  It has auto-reflexology rollers inside it which give you a very soothing effect when you wiggle your feet about these massage rollers.

You no longer need to travel to a salon to get a pedicure. Also acting as a pedicure machine, this foot spa massager also comes with a small brush attachment which could give you a very calming effect when used upon.

The device also vibrates and gives you bubble massage thus increasing the comfort level to the very tired feet that you place inside this. But make sure you are using this device in a dry place and are in contact with any wood or rubber. Because, though with the good plastic used, there still might need to improve the insulation.

Apart from all of that, the JSB also gives you a 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects if found any. All this have made this one of the best selling product.

Things we liked about the Foot massager:

    Auto-Reflexology rollers

    Temperature control heating element

    LCD Screen

    Vibrato therapy

    Bubble Massage

    1 year warranty

Things we didn’t like about it:

    Needs to improve the insulation

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3. Beurer Foot Bubble Spa (Best Performance)

Finally, we come to the best pedicure machine that gives you a superior performance. This foot spa massager is known for its bubbling nature and the easily interchangeable pedicure elements.

The Buerer Foot Bubble Spa gives you a relaxing and therapeutic experience with its multi directional massages. The heating element is very fast in heating up the water and can be controlled thanks to the dial knob present on the dashboard side of the device.

Solid and durable in nature, you can place your feet to relax and let the device do its work. The vibration massage of the massager is very soothing in nature and along with the vibration, the bubbles speak to the pores of the skin under your feet as they replenish them with energy.

The device also comes with 3 different removable and detachable attachments for different foot reflex zone massaging. One is a brush that gives you a ticklish yet soothing experience whereas the second one gives you a press to soothe pain experience while the final one is studded to give you acupressure styled relief.

While there is no warranty for this product, it is a worthwhile buy that will stay with you for a long time.

Things we liked about the foot spa massager:

    Durable and strong body

    3 Different removable attachments for different relax zone massaging

    Fast heating element

    Bubble spa experience

    Dial knob for temperature control

    Long lasting

Things we didn’t like about it:

    No warranty

    A bit expensive

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How to make sure that you pick the right foot spa massager?

Choosing a foot massager is not a rocket science. But that doesn’t mean you blindly pick the first product that a Naptol Bachat Bazar tries to sell you. The quality of a foot massager is never dependent on how fancy it is but rather on the following

1. Size of your feet

Most of the foot massagers that are sold off for very cheap prices do not actually fit every size of feet which makes it equally and if not more annoying.

You come home after a tiresome day and then when you try to fit your feet in the massager to realize that they are just ill fit boxes with no wiggle room for your feet or even the toes could be highly irritating.

The right sized foot spa massager has a universal size. That doesn’t mean that it should be a very big of a box but it should be able to let you sink your feet until above the heel deep. A simple box with enough space for your feet and toes to wriggle around enough is fine.

2. Temperature control and heater elements

A foot massager needs to be able to contain hot water in order to be able to soothe and calm your feet.

Foot spa massagers come with automatic heaters which are responsible in heating up the water once it is poured in the container.

The heater should be able to bring the water not to boil but enough hot for your feet to be able to get relaxed.

Also, make sure that this heating element ahs proper insulation from the cable being used to plug into the switchboard. Because you are directly placing your feet inside a small bucket of hot water with electricity. So be careful.

Trusted brands have proper insulation and conduct well backed tests to make sure that the device possesses no threat whatsoever.

3. Orthopaedic enablers

The main reason that you are buying and placing your feet in a foot massager is because they “Massage”.

Foot spa massagers come with a multi utility orthopaedic balls and bearings fitted into the device. When you place your feet inside the device, these orthopaedic enables will start massaging your feet as you push and pull your feet through,

A few devices even have fancy and highly awesome features such as

  • Magneto Therapy:

Where you will be subjected to weak magnetic waves using a permanent electromagnet which will yield highly healthy results.

  • Oxygenation

This refers to the release of oxygen into the water to increase the oxygen content in it which will diffuse into your skin tissue and thus not only cleanse out the skin but also aid in the decrease of inflammation and oxidizes your skin by improving the health of your tissues.

  • Infrared Physiotherapy

Subjecting your feet to a controlled infrared light would aid in the reduction and a great relief from the musculoskeletal pain of your feet.

4. Aromatic Oil Compartments

Not every device has this but the presence of a compartment where in you can place or pour in a few drops of aromatic oil would give you not only a soothing feet but a feel good aroma that will be your makeshift aroma therapy too.

How to use a foot spa massager?

    First place your foot massager near a dry area and near a plug point

    Pour in some soft water in the massager

    Add some epsom salts if you have any

    Add some aromatic oils if you have them

    Place a chair or an armchair near the device and turn it on

    While the water comes to boil, you can even put on some relaxing music to improve the experience too

    When the water is hot enough, place your feet inside the device and rest on the chair

    After about 10-15 minutes or however long you feel fit, use the device.

    When you are done, take out your feet, pat them dry using a cotton towel and if possible, apply some mild moisturizer (the salts may deprive your skin of water content)

    Now drain out the water and then rinse off the box with some cold and fresh water.

    Dry out the entire device before closing and storing it away.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are foot massagers good for your blood circulation?
Ans: While there are no solid proof that the device may have a positive effect on the blood circulation, the orthopaedic elements present in the device may be of great assistance in helping maintain a healthy blood circulation.But however, the Environmental Protection Agency suggests you not to use this if you are diabetic, have infections, open cuts, sores or someone with a poor circulation in your feet.

2. What do you put in a foot spa massager water?
Ans: While epsom salts or even baking soda are usually put in foot spa massagers, one can even use common sea salt in the hot water to get the job done. A few people even place medicinal and relaxational herbs in the water where as a few people even use aromatic oils or flowers too.

3. Why does a foot massage make you sleepy?
Ans: Foot massagers are relaxing agents. They relax your nerves on your feet and there are certain nerves on your feet that have a major impact on your overall nervous system. Relaxing these nerves will relax the nerves that are directly connected to these nerves.

4. What oils can be used best for foot massages?
Ans: Basic coconut oil can also do the trick but most people prefer essential oils such as Thyme, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender or even Lemon grass for their various health benefits such as deodorizing, decrease of swollen cankles, relaxation and pain relieving properties.

5. How long should I be using a foot spa massager?
Ans: For a relaxed environment, you can use a foot spa massager for about 15 minutes and even can be pushed upto 30 minutes too. But anything done for too long could hold repercussions. Thus try not to place your feet in hot water for more than 1 hour or so as they may tend to get soggy and reduce slowly in their skin consistency.

6. Is foot massage therapy good for nerve damage?
Ans: Massages are the de facto and most popular recommendations for patients with nerve damage as they help increase the health of the nerves. But this again should be done in moderation or only under your doctor/orthopaedic recommendation as there may be a few risks or a few types of massages are not recommended for all.


With its ability to give you magneto therapy, infrared physiotherapy, a gas wave oxygenation, roller massage and instant heating all at a very affordable and economic pricing, the Dealcrox’s Foot Spa Bath and Roller Massager is our top pick for the best foot spa massager.

While that was our pick, we would like to see which one did YOU like? Do you have any questions regarding foot massagers? Do you think we missed anything in our list? If so, please feel free to write to us in the comments section below.







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