Best Hair Crimpers in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Do you want to get a different look, rather than regular straight or curly hair styles? Then simply crimp your hair to get crinkled or zig-zag look by using the best hair crimper. Crimping your hair will not only give a fancy look (choose from different styles like tie in a super ponytail, hang it lose, half up space buns, etc.) but also adds volume to your hair.

The usage of crimping iron is very easy and straightforward but not like using flat irons or curling wands. Before purchasing this hair crimper, you should keep these 3 main things in your mind for grasping the best one.

Size – Crimping your hair will take a long time to style your hair. So, choose the right sized crimper as per your hair type. Like for long and thick hair, go with wider hair crimper and for short hair, select a mini crimper to style your hair.

Material – The plate of the hair crimpers are made of different materials like metallic, ceramic, tourmaline, etc. So, choose the one that distribute heat evenly and protect your hair.

Temperature – The temperature will perfectly make your hair to get properly styled. So, set the temperature as per your hair type.

Whether you’re in a search for best hair crimpers for short hair, long locks or just for volumizing. Then simply go through the Buying Guide to know all about hair crimper and select the best hair crimper from our top picks to reduce your stress and strain on market research and shopping time.

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Best Hair Crimpers in India

5 Best Hair Crimpers in India: Reviews1. RemingtonS3580Ceramic Crimp for Hair

2. Professional Feel Hair Crimper Cum Hair Straightener

3. Rozia Corn Hair Styler Crimper

4. Vega 3 in 1 Hair Style Crimper

5. StyleHouse Professional Hair Crimping Styler

Buying Guide for Hair CrimperHow to use a Hair Crimper:

Sizes of Hair Crimpers:

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Hair Crimper:1.Size

2. Plate Material

3. Temperature Settings / Heat Levels:

4. Auto Shut – Off:

5. Types of Hair Locks:

Benefits of using a Hair Crimper:

Tips for Proper Usage of Hair Crimper:

Frequently Asked Questions


Best Hair Crimpers in India

Hair CrimpersTemperatureHeat-up TimeCord LengthWarrantyBuy Now

Remington Hair Crimper150 to 220 degrees30 Seconds1.8 mm3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON

Professional Feel Hair Crimper 130⁰ to 230⁰ C30 Seconds2 meters—–CHECK ON AMAZON

Rozia Corn Hair CrimperUp to 200⁰ CLess than 90 seconds1.6 meters2 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON

Vega 3 in 1 Hair Style Crimper110⁰ to 230⁰ CLess than 100 seconds2.8 meters2 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON

Style House Hair Crimper140 to 220 degreesLess than seconds1 meter—–CHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Hair Crimpers in India: Reviews

Looking for a best quality hair crimper that makes your hair look gorgeous with zigzag pattern without damaging your hair. Then below list presents some popular choices in which people are making online in India. You will definitely find a best match from our top picks. All these hair crimper products are of high quality with excellent performance. Choose the best to say goodbye to limp and lifeless tresses.

1. RemingtonS3580Ceramic Crimp for Hair

Remington is a trustable brand for personal care products. It has been operational for 80 years and creates unique tools that elevate your style.

This S3580 crimp is one of the brand’s easy-to-use styling products that every girl will instantly fall in love with. 

If you love to create crimps for your hair on a daily basis, then this is an ideal choice. Because, it contains ceramic plates that are not only safe but also control the frizz. With the wider plates, this tool is best for girls with thick and long hair.

You can set the temperature of this crimp between 150 to 220 degrees celsius. So, no matter what your hair type is, you can easily style your hair without much effort. 

Coming to the features, this tool heats up in just 30 seconds, so you can instantly use it just after plugging it into a socket. Moreover, it automatically shuts off after 1 hour to prevent damage to both your hair and the appliance.

There’s also a 1.8-metre long cord. So, you can connect this tool to any faraway socket and style your hair according to your convenience. 

Product Information:

Warranty – 3 years on manufacturing defects

Minimum Temperature – 150⁰C

Heat-up Time – 30 seconds

Cord Length – 1.8 meters

Maximum temperature– 220⁰ C

Color – Black

Coating – Ceramic

What we liked:

    High-quality ceramic coating to protect your hair.

    Quickly heats up for instant use.

    3 years warranty from the brand.

    1.8 m long cord for flexibility.

    Comes with an adapter.

What we didn’t like:

    Nothing specific to mention.

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2. Professional Feel Hair Crimper Cum Hair Straightener

Professional Feel is a most popular and well established brand in the Indian online market scenario. It comes with hair straightener and hair crimper that glide smoothly over the hair to get gentle styling experience. It is a lightweight and compact that makes it safe and easy to carry to any place you’re going like for a date or party or work.

This hair straightener cum crimper will make your hair look waves or silky straight to style your hair by creating effective results easily and quickly. Adjustable temperature dial setting up to 230⁰C for all hair types. It has professional wider plate with crimper function and also come with PTC heater for immediate heat up and rapid heat recovery.

Product Information:

  • Heating Time – 30 seconds
  • Warranty – No
  • Cord Length – 2 meters
  • Coating – Ceramic
  • Color – Black
  • Adjustable Temperature Dial Settings – 230⁰ C
  • Temperature settings – 2 levels

What we liked:

  • It is durable with PTC heater that protect the device from overheat and temperature settings.
  • The wider plates of this crimper will help to style your hair perfectly.
  • It has sleek ergonomic design with tangle free swivel cord

What we didn’t like:

  • It won’t support dual voltage
  • No warranty

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3. Rozia Corn Hair Styler Crimper

It is a professional crimper with ceramic plates for ultra-smooth gliding and straight hair. It has root corrugation crimping which can be safely used to increase the density of the hairstyle. It has a soft swivel cord with a rotation of 360⁰ along with on/off switch with led indicator. Suitable for worldwide voltage in which you can style your hair at the comfort of your place by using this hair straightener.

Product Information:

  • Working Length of the Plates – 90 mm
  • Size – 90 X 20 mm
  • Maximum Temperature – 200⁰C
  • Heat-up Time – less than 90 seconds
  • Plates Width – 20 mm
  • Length of the fuse – 270 mm
  • Cord Length – 1.6 meters
  • Warranty – 2 years (24 months)

What we liked:

  • The ceramic plates of this crimper will provide smooth sleek styling and a high shine finish.
  • Comes with 360⁰ swivel cord to use this crimper at any angle from the root of the hair to end.
  • The floating working plate has up to 200⁰C salon sleek styling and comes with on/off switch that has led indicator.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some customers complaint that this hair crimper takes a lot of time to get hair crimped properly, as it has no option to manage the temperature.
  • Some users say that quality of this product is not up to the mark and not suitable for professional use.

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4. Vega 3 in 1 Hair Style Crimper

From a party look to a corporate look, this hair styler is one stop solution why because you can simply use this to straighten, curl and crimp your hair. The flat plates of this styler will help to straighten your hair along with creating sleek look. The curling iron will create lustrous locks for your hair and finally the crimper plates helps to create waves with beautiful textures.

You can glam up your hair with this Vega 3 in 1 hair styler every day to grab salon type hair styles. It comes with 1 button to switch to 3 different styles freely and conveniently and also you can lock the styler with this switch. The crimper plates have 5 ridges that comes with beautiful crimps.

Simply slide the on – off switch to turn on the hair straightener and slide the switch to turn it off after usage. It comes with 360⁰ swivel cord that helps to rotate conveniently and thereby prevents unnecessary tangles.

How to use: Insert a 2 – inch section of hair between the plates and close it. Move it to straighten your hair (OR) hold the hair for a few seconds and then release it to get hair crimped. For curling, wrap the hair around the barrel and hold it tightly using clamp to get free flowing curls.

Product Information:

  • Plate Size – 105mm X 30mm (straightener plates)
  • Barrel Diameter – 32 mm (for curler)
  • Maximum Temperature – 230⁰C
  • Minimum Temperature – 110⁰ C
  • Product Weight – 150 grams
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Cord Length – 2.8 meters
  • Color – Black
  • Power Consumption – 220 to 240 V, 45W and 50 Hz
  • Plate Coating – Ceramic

What we liked:

  • It gives options to switch to 3 different hair styles with its ceramic coated plates (allow heat distribution evenly and protect the hair from heat damage) – Silky straight, gorgeous curls or textured crimps.
  • Suitable for all types of hair.
  • Easy lock system with single styling switch for all styles and has 360⁰ swivel cord to use this crimper at any angle.

What we didn’t like:

  • All the plates are heated at once, even while using one plate, which makes the use of more electricity consumption and also increases the risk of burning the skin while using.
  • Some users say that the outer edges are getting heated up at high temperature and accidentally, if it gets in touch with the skin (across head or neck or hands), then it burns your skin.

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5. StyleHouse Professional Hair Crimping Styler

StyleHouse is an Indian brand that manufactures professional hair styling tools like dryers, curlers and crimpers and also other beauty accessories like massagers and facial steamers. The products are not only affordable but also exude a salon-like experience at home.

If you own a beauty salon or are getting trained under a professional, this hair crimping styler is an ideal investment to make. Because, it has a mix of both tourmaline and ceramic plates to style even thick and coarse hair while keeping the hair smooth and shiny. Moreover, as tourmaline material reaches maximum temperature, you can experiment with different hairstyles on your customers.

Coming to heat settings, you can set this crimper from 140 to 220-degrees celsius to get the hairstyle that you have imagined with ease. As an added benefit, this crimper heats up in seconds. So, this tool comes in handy when you are in a rush for a party. 

With the ideal dimensions of 35.4 x 11.5 x 6.2 cm, the crimper is compact enough to fit in your handbag. Also, the plates are not too thick or too thin. So, they can easily reach the roots of your hair for creating proper hairdo’s. 

The only drawback we have found is the cord length. Not that it is too small, it measures around 1 metre, which is less than what RemingtonS3580 crimper offers. 

Product Information:

Minimum Temperature – 140⁰C

Heat-up Time – 30 seconds

Cord Length – Around 1meter

Maximum temperature – 220⁰ C

Color – Black

Coating – Ceramic + tourmaline

What we liked:

    Ceramic and tourmaline plates for professional use.

    Adjustable temperature settings.

    Lightweight (500 grams).


    Easy to handle.

What we didn’t like:

    No warranty from the manufacturer.

    Insufficient cord length.

Buy Now at Amazon 

Buying Guide for Hair Crimper

The zig-zagged hair with super voluminous look is always a trend. Want to grab this zig-zag hair pattern and make yourself look beautiful?

Then simply go through this guide to know all about hair crimper and its features you need to consider while buying.

How to use a Hair Crimper:

Here are the step to step procedure that explains you how to use this crimper properly for crimping your hair.

  • To get perfect crimps, you have to wash your hair and dry it properly. For best results, use a volumizing shampoo.
  • Then apply any heat protectant serum or spray some volumizing mist, especially if you’ve dry or frizzy hair.
  • Blow dry the hair on low heat for about 10 – 15 seconds to lift the hair cuticles and also to make the tresses to get ready for styling.
  • We know that before styling your hair, you have to remove tangles by using a soft bristled brush to protect your hair during styling process.
  • Then divide your hair into equal sections and fasten each section by using salon clips.
  • Finally, start crimping your hair, section by section, by applying equal pressure on each segment and spend at least 5 – 10 seconds to move on.
  • Secure your style with hair spray for long lasting waves even though, if you exposed to wind or stay outside.

Sizes of Hair Crimpers:

In general, there are three different sizes of crimpers – mini, standard size and wide, in which each one depends on the size of waves (or zig-zag pattern) you wish to make.

Mini Hair Crimpers – This compact crimper will gets heat up quickly and style your hair with even heat distribution. Easy to use and carry to everywhere you want to go. Mini is perfectly used to style your short, thin or normal hair to get tight crimps (mini waves).

Standard – Most of the crimpers that available in the market are standard crimping size. It is widely used to achieve casual waves and most of the hair stylist or professionals use this standard size of the crimper due to its versatile uses. It comes around 1 inch size and thereby creates volume to the hair by working at the roots to give full crimp throughout your hair.

Wide – This crimping iron fits in the range of 1.5 inch waves or more. It styles your hair quickly without depending upon the type of your hair and its volume along with holding the style for a long time and can be operated with several settings. Also, large waves will definitely add some volume, texture and elegance to your hair.

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Hair Crimper:

Here are a few factors listed below, which you have to consider before buying a hair crimper to get the best and most suited one.


Crimping is a time taking process. So, if you choose a mini or short crimper for crimping your thick hair then it is even more time consuming process and unable to style your hair properly. Simply, choose the right crimper that suits perfectly for your hair type.

  • For long and thick hair, buy a large and wide crimpers
  • For short hair, choose a mini crimper.
  • For broadened crimps (like waves), go for a wider hair crimper.
  • For textured crimps (tightly packed), choose a mini crimper.

2. Plate Material

In general, the hair crimpers are made of different materials like metallic, ceramic, tourmaline, etc. the tourmaline plates are strong and durable in which they can reach up to the highest temperatures. It effectively eliminates static in hair and gives guaranteed results. The plates get heat up quickly and it is used in professional crimpers. It suits best for thick and coarse hair.

Coming to ceramic plates, which produce even heat and controls frizz but won’t work well in eliminating friction. So, the perfect mix of ceramic and tourmaline will work best why because it reduces friction, static and thereby hair damage. Costs less and suits best for normal hair types.

  • For professional use, try a hair crimper with tourmaline plates
  • For regular use, buy a hair crimper with ceramic plates
  • For occasional use, go for a hair crimper with metal plates

3. Temperature Settings / Heat Levels:

Temperature setting will help to style your hair perfectly. Different hair types require different heat levels to grab the best results. So, set the temperature as per your hair type. Prefer to use low or required heat to penetrate the strands and thereby increase to get the desired hair style.

Follow the below mentioned heat ranges to prevent damaging your locks.

  • For styling fine or thin hair, the heat of the crimper should not go beyond 350 degrees (to prevent hair damage, prefer to use less temperature).
  • For normal hair, try to stay below 400F to prevent any heat damage to your hair.
  • If you have thick, textured locks, it requires high temperature range and stay up to 450 F on initial passes.

So, choose the device that has multiple heat settings (adjustable temperature settings) and also opt for a device that heat up quickly for styling your hair.

4. Auto Shut – Off:

Auto shutoff feature will switch off the hair crimper when it reaches the highest temperature level to protect your hair tresses from burning. It effectively reduces the chances of hair damage while using the device.

5. Types of Hair Locks:

Before buying a hair crimper, you have to consider your locks why because the hair type will decide the effectiveness of the product which you are going to buy. The heat styling tool will damage your locks, if you didn’t choose the right one for your hair type. Choose the one that comes with ceramic plates for styling your fine strands without damaging.

  • For coarse and thick tresses, choose the one that effectively crimp your stubborn locks.
  • For fine hair, look for a crimper that work well with fine strands.

Also, select the crimper based on how large you want to have your waves. Crimpers available in different sized barrels to grab different sizes of waves.

  • If you want big, soft waves, prefer crimper with a large, wide barrel and deep grooves
  • If you want small, tight waves, then go for a hair crimper with a small barrel and narrow grooves.

Benefits of using a Hair Crimper:

Crimping your hair is not only a styling option but you can grab various benefits with this versatile hair tool. This hair styling product will definitely change your look and may vary your hair in terms of style, volume and texture.

  • It adds volume to your hair and lift the roots. So, perform different styles which can add volume to the hair and thereby give life to the roots.
  • It gives an even texture and a polished look across the top layer of the hair. To get an even hairstyle, this crimps will add a nice foundation to any of your formal hairstyles for parties or work events.
  • You can get mermaid curls without the usage of curling iron. Also, you will get waves hair style perfectly by using this hair crimper.
  • Crimpers will add volume to your hair and boost up its appearance. Whatever hair style you do, the base to the style with crimping will definitely help to get beautiful updos to get thick and good looking hair.

Tips for Proper Usage of Hair Crimper:

Here are some tricks which you have to keep in your mind to get the best results while using this hair crimper.

Right Size – The crimpers will come in different sizes (small or large, mini, standard or wide) and you have to choose the one that suits your desired style of creating crimped hair for full hair length or for small hair shafts. The small or mini one is handy and you can use it close to your roots that gives a better lift to your hair. The large one has high efficiency that crimps hair quickly.

Heat Protectants – Using a heat protectant while crimping your hair will help to prevent the hair from getting damaged why because we are using heat to style the hair.

Dry the Hair – Always remember that your hair is completely before using any heat styling tool why because the wet hair when exposed to high temperature will definitely damage your hair strands.

Perform a Test Run – However the excessive heat is really dangerous to your hair locks so, it’s best to do a test run before you actually use it. Simply start using this crimper at a low temperature to prevent the hair damage and work your way up.

Heat Exposure – Never ever leave the crimping iron for too long on the hair, as it damages the hair locks. So, start exposing your hair to heat for 3 seconds and then increase the time till you get the desired results. 

Don’t Pull the Crimping Iron – Crimping irons are different from a regular flat iron. So, you should not pull this crimping iron to run down the length of the hair. Just hold the crimper for a few seconds and release it. Repeat throughout the hair to style it perfectly.

Hair Spray – Its best to use a hairspray to ensure the crimps will stay for longer time and to protect your hair from external damage.

Weight of the Crimper – Buy a lightweight one that easily fits in your hand and help you to style your hair without getting strain or stress, rather than choosing a heavy tool which causes stress and inconvenience to use it.

Adding Volume to Hair – First of all, rinse your hair with volumizing shampoo and conditioner and blow dry your hair (or use dry shampoo to boost volume either by spraying or rubbing it on the roots). Pin up the top layer of the hair with hair clip and crimp the remaining hair sections under the top layer. Finally, brush the un-crimped hair gently over these sections by hiding textures to get volumizing lift to your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How the hair crimpers different from hair straighteners?
The only thing that differentiate the hair crimper and straightener is that having ridges on the surface of the heating plate of crimper, which is used to create crimped look on the hair. For crimping, you have to hold two plates together at equal intervals to create crimps on hair but for straightening, you can simply slide the tool throughout the hair to prevent natural curls and make it look straight.

2. How long we have to hold the crimper on the hair?
It depends on the particular crimping iron (how hot your crimper is) and your hair texture for crimping. In general, 10 – 15 seconds is the correct time to hold the crimper on the hair. In case, if you can’t achieve crimp in this time range, then increase it as mentioned on the product.

3. Can we crimp the hair without a crimper?
Yes, of course, we can create crimps with braiding method. Simply make small small braids all over the hair and press them by using a flat iron to crimp your hair.

4. Is it possible to crimp my hair which I didn’t washed today?
In case, if you washed your hair a day or two days ago then you can crimp your unwashed hair which has less product build up but it’s not good to crimp dirty hair which was oily and has a lot of product build up on the hair scalp.

5. What will happen if I brush my hair after crimped?
Brushing your hair after you crimped may create loosened waves, voluminous hair and frizz as well. So, avoid brushing your hair immediately after styling it with hair crimper.


We hope that the above mentioned buying guide and top rated best hair crimper products will definitely help you to choose the best one, as per your requirement. As per our expert’s opinion, the Remington hair crimper works best why because it has comfort slip free grip, wide textured plates and the inbuilt PTC heaters which helps to regulate the heat and protect your hair while crimping.

Which hair crimper you are going to pick and why? Want to share your experience with us? Do let us know your thoughts on hair crimpers by leaving a comment in the below comments section.






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