Best Pressure Washers in India For Car, Home : 2022 Reviews

Be it cars, decks, garage floors, or driveways – Pressure Washers make the whole outdoor cleaning process an easy and quick task.  

Actually, there are two types of pressure washers – electric and gas. However only electric pressure washers are available in Indian market. They are perfect for cleaning cars, patio, decks, bike and outdoor furniture.

While purchasing a pressure washer, the most important factor to check is – Cleaning Power. This factor determines the efficiency of water pressure and flow rate of a pressure washer.

Ideal water pressure is considered 90 to 130 bar and water flow rate is 340L/hr. These numbers are perfect for handling any residential cleaning requirements.

For more clear information on how to choose a pressure washer, we recommend reading our “Buying Guide“. It has all the information required to take an informed decision.

Apart from that, we have also picked out the Top 7 Pressure Washers in India after careful analysis, testing and research.

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Best High Pressure Car Washers in India

Best Pressure Washer Reviews1. Bosch Aquatak 125 1500-Watts Electric High Pressure Washer

2. ResQTech 1700-Watts Electric High Pressure Washer

3. BLACK+DECKER BW13 1300Watt Pressure Washer

4. JPT Proffessional 2300-Watts Electric High Pressure Washer 

5. iBELL WIND55 Pressure Washer

6. American Micronic 1500-Watts Electric High Pressure Washer 

7. Karcher Pressure Washer

How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

How to Choose a Pressure Washer?1. Different Types of Pressure Washer

2. Nozzles

3. Cleaning Power

4. Pump

5. Motor

6. Hose

7. Power Consumption

8. Additional Accessories

9. Cold/Hot Water Option

10. Price and Warranty

Things to Consider While Using Pressure Washer

Things to Avoid While Using Pressure Washer

Can Using a Pressure Washer Have Any Potential Risks?

Some Frequently Asked Questions ?


Best High Pressure Car Washers in India

Pressure WashersPressure AmountFlow RateMotor PowerWarrantyBuy Now

Bosch Aquatak 125 Electric High Pressure Washer125 Bars360 l/h1500 Watts6 MonthsCheck On Amazon

ResQTech Electric High Pressure Washer130 Bar380 l/h1700 Watts2 YearsCheck On Amazon

BLACK+DECKER Pressure Washer100 Bars390 l/h1300 Watts1 YearCheck On Amazon

JPT Proffessional Electric High Pressure Washer 120 Bars390 l/h2300 Watts6 MonthsCheck On Amazon

IBELL Pressure Washer 130 Bars7 l/min1600 Watts6 MonthsCheck On Amazon

American Micronic Electric High Pressure Washer 120 Bars390 l/h1500 Watts1 YearCheck On Amazon

Karcher Pressure Washer 110 Bars360 l/h1400 Watts1 YearCheck On Amazon

Best Pressure Washer Reviews

1. Bosch Aquatak 125 1500-Watts Electric High Pressure Washer

Bosch, the globally recognized brand is always a safe bet. The reason Bosch Aquatak is our 3rd choice and not 2nd is that it has a lesser power motor 1500 watts and only 6 months warranty. 

It is a costlier option. Not something hi-tech but it can make your job all fun and effortless.

It delivers 360liters/hour water with 125 bar pressure— more than enough for any outdoor cleaning tasks. 

The 3-in-one nozzle—fan, rotary and pencil jet—takes care of different cleaning tasks. Say your car wash, patios, sunshades or rooftops to your grimy old BBQ or garden furniture. 

Bosch Aquatak is exceptionally lightweight. The easy push-fit connection takes needs no serious assembling. 

It comes with an easy carry handle and two rear wheels for even better manoeuvrability. A folding and extending handle makes it easier to reach high and low areas without bending. 

According to expert reviews, the machine is quieter than most. Other features are—self-priming, auto-off, fold-down handle. 

The kit includes pressure washer, hose pipe, two nozzles, a pressure pipe, one manual.

A few customers had problems with poor packaging and broken nozzle. So, check it before you start using it. 

The unit is backed by 6 months warranty on the motor. Remember the warranty doesn’t include any physical damage. 


  • 3-in-1 nozzle 
  • High-pressure foam nozzle
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fold-down handle
  • Quite performance
  • Good water pressure
  • Self-priming and auto-off


  • Expensive
  • Only 6 months warranty

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2. ResQTech 1700-Watts Electric High Pressure Washer

If you are looking for the best pressure washer, it is hard to find any better than ResQTech RSQ-PW101. It is fast and powerful! It can clean anything and everything you throw at it. 

This is one of the best high-pressure washers on our list. It can deliver 380 L/hour at 135 bar pressure. That is enough power to wash out the dirtiest stains from your vehicles, oil and grease from garages, road tar, terrace, pavements, etc.

The machine is powered by a 1700-watt motor­­­­­ and a 10 Amp power plug which is easily available anywhere. This can clean an SUV car totally hands-free in less than 15 minutes.

The 90-degree nozzle jets the water directly into hard to reach areas. Like car wheels, beneath the decks, behind the grills etc.

Other features include self-priming, auto-shutoff, jet spray, wide spay, foam nozzle. ResQTech is backed by 2 years warranty.

Walking on two rear wheels, it’s easy to move around with it. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble right out of the box. Inside the package, you have washer main unit, foam nozzle, hose pipe, priming pipe, and a user manual.

Experts say it is a bit on the noisy side. But most of them don’t seem too bothered. There are hundreds of happy customers who mentioned about their excellent customer service. A few customers who faced some issues got a replacement within 10 days. 


  • 135 bar water pressure
  • 1700 watt powerful motor
  • Easy available 10 Amps socket. Most washers have 15 Amps power socket
  • 90-degree nozzle
  • Self-priming 
  • 2 real wheels
  • Light-weight body
  • Excellent customer service


  • It’s a bit noisy due to its powerful motor

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3. BLACK+DECKER BW13 1300Watt Pressure Washer

Black + Decker is the leading producer of handy electric power tools across the world. All their products are well-known for faster assembly and ease of usage.

This BW13 pressure washer model is one of its remarkable products and stands out in the market as it comes with two types of nozzles – adjustable and rotary. 

The adjustable nozzle allows you to adjust the width of the water pressure, according to the level of dirt on the surfaces. So, it is ideal for removing moss from floors, ingrained dirt in between tiles, tough grease or oil stains in between the grills. 

Meanwhile, the rotary nozzle rotates in circles to spray the water covering more area, making it ideal for cleaning your cars or bikes with a hands-free operation.

The appliance consumes 1300 watts and releases water at the maximum pressure of 100 bars, sufficient to remove even the stones stuck on your bike or car tyres. With a flow of 390 litres per hour, the washer helps you clean anything in no time.

Coming to the parts, you get a 3-metre long aluminium hose pipe to connect the washer to the spray gun, a 5-metre long cord to connect the appliance to the power supply, a detergent dispenser to wash your car or bike and a spray gun along with two nozzles.

The washer has large wheels for easy movement, and a handle to carry it anywhere with ease. 

Moreover, the appliance has separate slots for storing the spray gun, nozzles, hose pipe, power cord, eliminating the risk of misplacing them after cleaning.

This pressure washer weighs 7 kgs and does not cause any pain even while using it for longer hours. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the parts and the motor. 


    The waterproof body withstands all climatic conditions.

    Hosepipe made of aluminium for durability.

    1300W motor ensures maximum efficiency.

    1-year warranty on the product.

    Comes with a water flow of 390 litres per hour for quick cleaning.

    5-feet power cord to reach distant plug points. 

    100 bars pressure to remove even the toughest stains.

    Separate detergent holder to easily wash your car.


    Nothing specific to mention.

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4. JPT Proffessional 2300-Watts Electric High Pressure Washer 

If you want a heavy-duty budget pressure washer, try out JPT 2300 Watt Car Washer. It jets 390l water per hour with 120 bar pressure. It blasts away mold, moss, oil, grime and leaves surfaces sparkling.

It doesn’t include any such latest features. And the design is also quite outdated. But it is still a well-built unit. You can use to clean patios, decks, swimming pools, gutters, stones, bricks and others.  

It’s small and compact in size. Weighs just 2 kg. So it’s easy to use and you can lug it around with you while cleaning cars and around the garden. 

Some of the features that can ease your work are—low noise operation, self intake and auto-power off. The unit comes with the electric washer, hose pipe, inlet pipe, a foam bottle, and a pressure gun. 

Most of the owners are happy with the performance. While some others mentioned about missing components. 

The unit has 6 months backup on manufacturer defects.


    2300 Watt copper motor

    Lightweight and easy to carry

    Good pressure

    Compact in size



  • No user manual
  • Poor quality accessories

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5. iBELL WIND55 Pressure Washer

iBELL has been providing home and kitchen appliances, machinery and security systems across the world since 2001. Affordability is what differentiates this brand from the rest. 

This WIND55 pressure washer is yet another innovative product from the brand at a reasonable price range. It comes with a 1600W powerful motor to deliver 7 litres of water per minute at a pressure of 130 bars to make cleaning your cars or bikes a fun task. 

The washer comes with a spray gun and an adjustable nozzle to remove dirt from the rooftop or sunshade of your house, corners of your ceiling, furniture or tiles. With a hose length of 5 metres, the spray gun can reach even the downside of your car, and other hard-to-reach areas.

The ergonomic handle, larger wheels, gun and accessories storage allow you to carry the washer across your house or outdoors with ease. Moreover, it weighs just 8 kgs and is compact enough, letting you place it anywhere while cleaning. 

The product comes with a 6-months warranty during which you can replace the product in case of any manufacturing defects.


    1600W powerful motor for exceptional washing speed.

    Releases 7 litres of water per minute for better cleaning quality.

    Sturdy wheels make the appliance move even on hard surfaces.

    Adjustable nozzle to change the pressure of the water for different cleaning needs.

    6-months warranty.

    Affordable than most of the pressure washers.

    5-metre long cord for easy movement.


    The hosepipe is a bit thin, and can be prone to breakage upon prolonged use.

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6. American Micronic 1500-Watts Electric High Pressure Washer 

American Micronic is a popular brand in the auto-clean section. If you value brand and want an affordable option, we suggest you go with American Micronic 1500W Pressure Washer.

This is a no-frills heavy-duty pressure washer. But, a few customers have complained about not receiving the accessory part(s) such as the foam nozzle. So, if you choose it, check for the accessory parts before anything. 

Nevertheless, it a great performer with 120 bar pressure and delivers 390 liters water/ hour. It is power by copper motor, 1500 watts.

This can pretty much do any outdoor cleaning tasks that you throw at it. Like cleaning vehicles, courtyard, bathrooms, roofs, and terraces.

The multi-function nozzle performs a wide range of cleaning tasks similar to Bosch. 

It comes with a brilliant space-saving design along with two-wheels for easy portability. Moreover, there is an integrated accessory holder to store and move with all the accessories. 

Other features include a quick-fold handle, self-priming, auto-stop, integrated accessory holder.

Inside the package, you will find spray gun, spray nozzle, detergent dozing bottle, hose pipe, priming pipe, instruction manual, and warranty details. 

It is backed by a 1-year warranty. American Micronic offers door-to-door service. So, in case of a problem you just need to request for customer support and their support team shall pick up the defective product. Repair and return it within 7 days. 


  • 1500 watt powerful copper motor
  • Multipurpose nozzle
  • Integrated accessory holder
  • Easy assembling
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Home service   


  • Missing accessory parts
  • Short hose length

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7. Karcher Pressure Washer

If you are really on a small budget, the Karcher K2 can still offer you a good value for money. This boasts a 1400 Watt motor with 360liters/hour flow rate is which is good for medium to light-duty jobs.

It’s best if you use it to clean your cars, bike, driveways or grimy outdoor furniture. Cleaning titles or walls may need some more pressure. 

The machine comes in a small form factor. Extremely lightweight and compact you can easily store it inside a cupboard. 

It doesn’t come with wheels but the small body can easily be picked up by hand. This also comes with a water filter to trap dirt and protects the pump. 

Other important features are—4 m high-pressure hose, rotating and pencil jet, detergent suction mechanism, spray lance and a side hook. 

Karcher K2 is backed by a 1-year warranty. But the problem is, there aren’t many service centers in India. And the parts and accessories are also not easily available. 


  • Affordable and efficient
  • Small and compact body
  • Powerful performance
  • Easy storing and shifting
  • Made with German technology
  • Best for car wash


  • Short power cord
  • Not many service  centers

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How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

Usually a pressure washer contains a motor, pump and water storage. When you switch on the machine, the electric motor or gas engine will power the pump. This forces the water through concentrating nozzle at high pressure. The water force will blast away any accumulated grime or dirt on the surfaces like walls, patios, driveways and decks. Pressure washers are also helpful in cleaning outdoor furniture, siding and others. With this machine you can clean any surface within less amount of time than that required to scrub the surfaces with brush, soap and water.

How to Choose a Pressure Washer?

With so many options in the market, it is quite confusing to choose a single product. If you are experiencing the same, then read the below-buying guide carefully. The information provided here will help you make an informed decision.

1. Different Types of Pressure Washer

The first thing to consider while purchasing is to understand which type of pressure washer suits your requirements. Basically, there are two types – Electric pressure washer and gas pressure washer.

  • Electric Pressure Washers

This type of pressure washer is perfect for cleaning outdoor furniture, small patios, decks and indoor cleaning. As they don’t release any emissions and operate silently, electric pressure washers are perfect for removing or cleaning light stains.

Being portable and light in weight, you can easily store them indoors or in a closet. When compared to gas pressure washers, electric ones are less risky. They are easy to operate, upkeep and maintain.

However, the cleaning power and area span are far less compared to gas version. And moreover, cleaning time is also bit longer because the nozzle lacks wide angles. As most of the cleaning parts like nozzle are made up of plastic, you may have to replace them regularly.

Despite minor risk of electrical shocks, they are perfect for cleaning bikes, cars and other vehicles. They are cost effective and easily transportable. For domestic purposes, electric pressure washers are perfect choice.

  • Gas Pressure Washers

As the name implies, these pressure washers use gas for operation. As they have the capability of delivering high pressure water than electric ones, these are perfect for cleaning large and tough to clean areas like garden, patios, driveway and others. As they have metallic nozzles, they can remove even the most tough grime like tree sap, chewing gums, grease stains and others without using chemicals.

However, gas pressure washers make more noise and heavier in weight. They also release plenty of odor and fumes. As they get heat up quickly, gas pressure washers pose the risk of explosion and other hazards. During winter or cold season, its pump tends to freeze, and you would require anti-freeze to use it.

They are available in heavy, medium and light weight models – from which you can choose any one as per your cleaning requirements. Compared to electric ones, gas pressure washers are much expensive.

2. Nozzles

Nozzles are the most important part of a pressure washer. They are present at the tip of the machine and define the intensity of water and control the angle. Nozzle options differ from one brand to another. Some provide all-in-one adjustable nozzle while others provide set of color-coded interchangeable nozzles.

Among them, adjustable nozzles are more convenient as you have to just twist to change the pattern of spray width. But with replaceable nozzles, you can customize the spray pattern according to your requirements.

To avoid any potential injury risks, it is better to avoid red, zero-degree setting and zero-degree replaceable nozzle. Using higher-degree nozzles, you can complete the task without any risks.

For more clear information, read below points…

  • 0 degree (Red Nozzle) – It is more powerful and concentrated nozzle setting.
  • 15 degrees (Yellow Nozzle) – Perfect for heavy duty cleaning.
  • 25 degrees (Green Nozzle) – suitable for general cleaning.
  • 40 degrees (White Nozzle) – best for vehicles, damaged surfaces and patio furniture.
  • 65 degrees (Black Nozzle) – Being low-pressure nozzle, it is only suitable for applying soap and other cleaning agents.

3. Cleaning Power

Cleaning power of a pressure washer depends on water flow rate and bar pressure. The pressure released will root out the dirt and water flow will rinse off the scrubbed dirt.

  • 340 L/hr water flow and 90 – 130 bar pressure in electric pressure washer is sufficient for light cleaning requirements like car washing, window shutters cleaning, grill, outdoor furniture, mildew, mold and others.
  • 580 L/hr water flow and 140 to 210 bar pressure in gas pressure washer is suitable for heavy-duty works like patios, sidings, cleaning decks, walkways and sidewalks.

Note: For indoor use, electric washers are perfect as they don’t produce any odors and fumes.

4. Pump

Using an in-built pump, a pressure washer forces water out through the nozzle. If you want a pressure washer to last long, then make sure the product you choose has good quality pump. Basically, there are three types of pumps – wobble, axial, and triplex.

  • Wobble Pumps – These are most weak and cheap pumps available. These are mostly present in entry-level pressure washers. They have to be replaced regularly as they don’t last long.
  • Axial Pump – These are mid-ranged pumps which are usually present medium priced or range pressure washers. Compared to wobble pressure, axial pump life span is 2 to 3 times more.
  • Triplex Pump – Among the three options, this is the most powerful one, durable and sturdy one. They are present in high-end pressure washers.

5. Motor

Just like any other electric appliance, motor plays an important role in the efficiency of a pressure washer. Motors used in pressure washers comes in three different types.

  • Universal Motor – These are often found in light-duty pressure washers. They are cheap, light in weight and are capable of producing power suitable for only light cleaning jobs.
  • Induction Motor – These are usually present in medium and heavy-duty pressure washers. Being durable and powerful, they are capable of providing effective cleaning on regular basis.
  • Water Cooled Motor – These are most expensive, powerful and reliable motor present in the market. They are mostly seen in high-end models.

6. Hose

Hose is an important factor to consider if you want to use the pressure washer without any issues. Basically, they vary in length, material and connection type. When it comes to material, plastic is the most commonly used one but for better durability and flexibility, we recommend to go with polyurethane as it is more flexible and durable.

While considering length, it is better to choose a product with at least 50ft more hose length as it lets to complete any task without any hassle. Diameter of a pressure washer is important as well because it decides the flow rate. For decent flow rate, ideal hose diameter range is between 1/4th inch and 3/8th inch.

7. Power Consumption

Most of the pressure washer machines present in the market are electric ones. On an average, these machines consume from 1200Watts to 3000Watts depending on the motor capacity and usage.

8. Additional Accessories

Different pressure washer models come with different set of accessories. Based on your requirements, make sure that the product you choose have all the necessary requirements. Some of the common accessories include…

  • Dirt Blasters – This is a type of rotary nozzle which provides narrow water spray at high speed circular motion. It is much more effective than normal sprays and suitable to remove tough stains on pathways, concrete and other similar places.
  • Gutter Cleaners – It is a simple extension of nozzle which specifically designed to clean gutter easily.
  • Whirls-A-Ways – This accessory has two rotating nozzles inside it which resemble a land mower. They are perfect for cleaning large flat surfaces.
  • Detergent/Soap Tank – Only few pressure washers come with this attachment. The combination of soapy foam and water increases the effectiveness of cleaning.
  • Tool and Cord Storage – Some pressure washers come with in-built compartment to store accessories like tools and cord. This make the product travel-friendly.

9. Cold/Hot Water Option

It is best to opt for a pressure cleaner that can emit both hot and cold water. Hot water is undoubtedly more efficient at removing caked up mud and dirt compared to cold water. However, a pressure machine having both these options can be a little expensive. So, consider your budget as well while making the purchase.

10. Price and Warranty

Every one of us have different budget preferences. f you’re on limited budget, then go with the basic models that offer reliable performance by featuring finite number of components. Electric pressure washers come at cheap rates compared to gas pressure washers. In case, if you wish to have high end pressure washers then look for smart options and accessories that makes the cleaning process easier (in less time).

When it comes to warranty, most of the branded models offer the warranty services ranging from 6 months to 1, 2-years. In case of system/machine failure you can get it repaired (with new accessories and spare parts) for free of cost.

Things to Consider While Using Pressure Washer

  • Before using the pressure washer first time, make sure to read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. This manual contains all the valuable information on how to use this device properly.
  • While using the device, make sure to wear protective goggles as the pressure washing process can send some dust or debris flying into the eyes. Also wear sturdy footwear as a safety precaution as wet floors can be quite slippery.
  • Initially, start with widest spray angle. Also start with nozzle 2 feet away from surface and slowing move closer as required.
  • If your pressure washer has replaceable spray tips, before changing the nozzle tips, switch off the machine and press the trigger button to remove excess water.
  • If you using the machine for first time, then first test-wash any less-noticeable test area until you get hold of it.
  • For washing/rinsing car or other vehicles, we recommend to use garden hose as it will be much gentle of paint. More than required water pressure can cause cracks or chipping of paint.
  • Make sure to use the right spray setting and nozzle. Observe the distance between the nozzle tip and yourself before switching on the machine.
  • Make sure the pressure washer is not placed near electrical fixtures, power lines and power sources.

Things to Avoid While Using Pressure Washer

  • Maintain the distance of at least 6 inches between the pressure washer nozzle and area you are cleaning. pressure washing at closer distance can damage paint, puncture car tires, pockmark asphalt, and gouge holes in deck wood.
  • If you are using gas pressure washer, avoid running the machine for long period without pressing the trigger – this prevents the machine from overheating.
  • Never use a pressure washer while standing on a ladder as switching the trigger on can throw you off balance.
  • Avoid pointing the pressure washer gun at yourself, animals, other people, kids, plants and any other object that cannot withstand the pressure created by the machine.
  • Never plug a pressure washer to an extension cord. The improper setting can cause electric shocks which can be fatal. It should always be plugged directly into a wall outlet.
  • Avoid leaving the spray gun or pressure washer unattended while it is in operation.

Can Using a Pressure Washer Have Any Potential Risks?

Usually, pressure washers release water at very high temperatures (100 to 130 bars) – which is sufficient enough to cause any serious injury if you accidently come in contact with the water spray. That is the reason, why we advise to use the appliance with caution. If you are using it for the first time, then you need a bit of practice. Because if you spray in misdirection or without proper caution, you can easily small a glass or chip the exteriors within no time. Apart from that, it can also cause injuries to people as well. If you are new to using pressure washer, then it is better start with extensive spray settings before you move to more narrow ones. Water pressure and force are higher is smaller or narrow nozzles.

Some Frequently Asked Questions ?

1. Are pressure washer safe to use on any cars?
Yes, pressure washers are completely safe to use on cars as they come with a PSI setting of 1200-1900. This range refers that it will not damage the car exteriors that include number plates, paint and others. Pressure washers come with different set of nozzles. Read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer to know the right nozzle and use it for cleaning the car. If you are new to using pressure washer or do not know the right speed setting, then we recommend to start with lower setting and gradually increase to know the right one.

2. What accessories are provided with a pressure washer?
Most of the pressure washers come with several attachments that include soap dispenser pipe, powerful gun, hose, lance, 3-in-1 nozzle, power cable, brushes, spray bottle, transparent water filter, adjustable wands and others. These attachments help to improve the efficiency of machine and cleaning. However, the number of attachments you get depend on the model, cost and brand.

3. Why is my pressure washer not working suddenly?
The common problem might be either the pressure washer is damaged or installed improperly. And also check if water is coming out from the nozzle. Some of the other common reasons for pressure washer failure are faulty pipe, power failure, hose and others. Check out the root problem of the failure and try to correct it. If you still can’t figure out the problem, then visit the nearest service center for getting it repaired.

4. What is the average lifespan of pressure washer?
If the pressure washer is being used for residential purpose, it is can last for only few hours in a well. So, the pressure washer will last for 7 – 10 years based up on the usage, application, accessories, power utilization and other factors. However, if you are using it for commercial purpose, then the life span will be reduced to 3-5 years.

5. Which brand of pressure washer is best?
The market is filled up with many options that include Bosch, OEM, StarQ, Mecano, Tech Trendz, Krevia, ResQTech and others. According to my personal opinion, brand doesn’t really matter. Check out the model, its specifications, accessories and others to find out the right one as per your budget.

6. Is pressure washer capable of removing oil stains?
Yes, a pressure washer can remove oil stains from walls, driveways, and furniture. You have to set the power nozzle to medium-high mode for best effective cleaning.

7. How does an electric pressure washer work?
The working principle of an electric pressure washer is – first detergent is added to the spray bottle and cold water is filled into the tank. When the machine is switched on, the electric motor starts working. The water pump draws water and detergent and mixes them together. Some of the pressure washers have the capability of controlling the temperature of water mixture (i.e at 50 ˚C – 70 ˚C). when you trigger the gun, water is ejected through the nozzle. You can set the pressure level as per the requirement before switching the machine on.

8. Can I put bleach in my pressure washer?
Bleach is a well-known chemical agent to remove mold, mildew and grime from the walls, driveways and other hard areas. But as it is a chemical product containing sodium hypochlorite, it is very corrosive. It can cause harm to your pressure washer hose and your home exteriors as well. Most of the manufacturers do not recommend using bleach in pressure washer. Damages caused by this chemical agent are not covered in the warranties as well.

9. How long does it take to power a house?
Typically, the amount of time taken to pressure wash a house depends on 30 minutes to 2 hours. Additional time for preparation and transportation may take 15 – 30 minutes. The time period may also vary depending on how big your home is.

10. What is the appropriate pressure required for a car wash?
The appropriate pressure washer setting for a car wash is 1200 – 1900PSI. This is setting is completely safe as it doesn’t damage the paint or exteriors of the car. When it comes to GPM, experts recommend a pressure washer with 1.4 – 1.6GPM.


These are the best pressures washers of 2022. Our listing is completely based on market value and research, owner’s reviews and service quality. We would recommend you to go for ResQTech 1700-Watts Electric High Pressure Washer if you want the best out of all. It has high ratings for performance, quality and trustable after-sales service. The price is a bit on the higher side. So those who want a budget pressure washer can choose BLACK+DECKER BW13 1300Watt Pressure Washer. These two are our recommendations as they are good in every sense. You can choose according to your budget and needs. Do you still have doubts? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.






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