Best Selfie Sticks in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

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Everybody loves to take a picture and it is easy to click selfies of yourselves thanks to smartphones with front cameras. But when it comes to taking a group picture, there is a high chance that some of your friends WILL be cut out of the frame and in the process, out of your life. Don’t lose friends. Get a great selfie stick.

Sometimes, even high end phones like the Pixel 3 or other models which offer wide sweep too end up not capturing a lot of the background. A selfie stick helps you capture all the details of the frame and is thus a saviour of your group pictures, get togethers and even your on the go videos.

Selfie sticks of today are versatile and come with a lot of features like foldable, bluetooth and a lot of stability for better pictures and videos.

A Good Selfie Stick has

1. Lengthy Stretch:When you unfold the stick and stretch it, it should be at the very least 1 metre or 3-4 feet in length in length (40 inches). This is an ideal length that is neither too far for making awkward pictures that you need to crop nor too short that the frame is small. Ideal for big group pictures and videos too.

2. Good Thickness of the stick: The stick, when expanded should be be thick enough so it gives stability and does not cause imbalance to your hands while you take a picture or shoot a video. Thick sticks also do not tire your hand out very easily

3. Better Build Quality:A good selfie stick should give you at the very least 2 years of life. Also, good quality sticks do not break easily and they could be handled with freedom when outdoors.

4. Strong Clamp on: The clamp of a selfie stick enables you to place your camera device and fix it on the selfie stick. Most cheap and low priced selfie sticks have low quality clamps that either break very easily, loose their spring strength or worse, have very narrow space between them. Try to choose a clamp that is strong, has a good spring quality and most importantly, can seat any and all mobiles/cameras of thickness

5. Has Great Connectivity and ConnectivityWhile bluetooth connectivity is a great add on, we are talking about the basic connectivity wire. The wire that connects your device to the selfie stick should have wider connectivity. It should support all devices. When you are out with your friends/family, almost anyone should be able to use this stick with easy.

Additional Features:

This is where the bluetooth feature, foldable ability and other such minor quirks come in. If you are choosing a bluetooth enabled selfie stick, then go for a version that supports 4.2 or above bluetooth. This version is compatible with a lot of smartphones of today.

Also, a lot of quirky selfie sticks come with additional feature such as lanyards, belt clips, flip-lock extensions, Universal adapter etc., try to include them in your selfie stick too.Foldability is a quirk but make sure that the hinges where the device folds have strong nuts. Say no to plastic nuts as they tend to break down easily. Pick something stronger like either fibre or metal.

More about the additional features and factors about selfie sticks are given in the “Buying Guide” section below.

Now that it is out of the way, listed today are the top 7 best Selfie Sticks that are suitable not just for mobile phones but also for DSLRs or even your Go Po.

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Best Selfie Sticks in India

Top 5 Selfie Sticks in India 20211. Hoteon Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick with Wireless Remote

2. MOBILIFE Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick

3. WeCool Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick

4. pTron Glam Plus Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick

5. Realme Selfie Stick with Tripod

Buying Guide: Tips to Pick a great quality selfie stick1) Bluetooth selfie sticks

2) Corded Selfie Sticks

3) Manual selfie sticks

Additional factors to consider while purchasing a selfie stickTripod:


Hands free Functionality:



How to setup and use a selfie stick?Mounting the device onto the selfie stick:

Horizontal style:

Vertical style:

How to click a selfie using a selfie stick1) Bluetooth Selfie Sticks

2) Corded Selfie Sticks

How To Adjust Selfie Stick Angle

How to charge a Bluetooth selfie stick?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Best Selfie Sticks in India

Best Selfie SticksConnectivityTypeWarrantyBuy Now

Hoteon Selfie StickBluetoothTripod and Selfie Stick6 months Check the Price

MOBILIFE Extendable Selfie StickBluetoothTripod and Selfie Stick6 months Check the Price

WeCool Bluetooth Extendable Selfie StickBluetoothTripod and Selfie Stick6 months Check the Price

pTron Glam Plus Bluetooth Extendable Selfie StickBluetoothTripod and Selfie Stick1 year Check the Price

US1984 1288 Monopod For Camera and SmartphonesBluetoothTripod and Selfie Stick1 year Check the Price

Top 5 Selfie Sticks in India 2021

1. Hoteon Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick with Wireless Remote

This 2-in-1 selfie stick and tripod stand from Hoteon is one of the most flexible sticks in the market with Bluetooth connectivity so you can completely go wireless while clicking photos.

You can convert this selfie stick into a tripod stand instantly by simply unfolding the bottom part of this stick. It merely takes 3 seconds for the stand to come out. 


The wireless remote operates with a 120 mAH battery, so you can take 7500 pics at a time.Though the quality of the selfie rod is good, the tripod stand is prone to breaks.

The Lithium battery is replaceable and you can find one easily in the market.

The stick is extendable from 10 to 26 inches for more precise photos and videos.

Bluetooth connection is seamless.

Comes with a spare battery.

Compact size, easily fits in your luggage.

6-months warranty.

Full Review:

Made of high-quality steel and plastic, this is a highly flexible and multifunctional stick that can be extended up to 23.6 inches. So, you can use it for pictures, facetime, selfie videos, vlogging and many more.

Coming to the phone holder, it can be extended up to 3.5 inches, so it can comfortably fit all the smartphones, even the mobiles with 6.2 inch screens.

The cradle of this stick is rotatable up to 270-degrees, so you can conveniently move the phone screen to any side for the perfect selfies and videos.

This selfie stick is lightweight (140 grams), so it is not a burden for you to carry it wherever you go. 


If you are looking for a lightweight and wireless selfie stick that only makes your job easier, this one’s for you. It is also very affordable and lasts longer. 

Buy Now at Amazon

2. MOBILIFE Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick

This is yet another wireless selfie stick with Bluetooth compatibility. It means you can operate it with a remote control even when you are 10 metres away.

It also has a built-in tripod, so you can watch movies, attend virtual interviews or capture videos. 


360-degrees rotatable phone holder to take best selfies in any angle.The tripod stand can be more sturdy

When folded, it is just 18.6 cm, making it portable.

Stainless steel and ABS plastic materials enhance durability.

Lightweight (160 grams).

6-months warranty.

Full Review:

This selfie stick has a sturdy ABS plastic smartphone holder with anti-slip rubber pads to hold your mobile intact. It can accommodate all Android and Apple smartphones with 6.2 inches height.

The rod has a 220-degrees rotatable clamp which also has a knob, so you can adjust the angle of the image or video with ease.

The remote is detachable and is made of ABS plastic, so it is free from scratches even when you drop it accidentally.

Moreover, the tripod stand comes out with just a single click and it is also made of ABS plastic, making it waterproof. So, you can use this selfie stick in any climatic conditions to record the most beautiful scenery.


With the ability to mount your smartphone in both vertical and horizontal positions, you can use this selfie stick for capturing the best selfies and videos. The bluetooth connection is also quick and allows you to seamlessly operate the stick. 

Buy Now at Amazon

3. WeCool Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick

WeCool is an Indian brand that provides mobile accessories like charging cables, selfie sticks and also audio accessories like neckbands, earbuds and earphones. 

This multifunctional selfie stick from the brand operates with Bluetooth 5.1, making your selfie game a cakewalk. You can connect the Bluetooth to both Android and Apple phones even when you are 15 feet away from the device.

You can also turn this selfie stick into a tripod with just the press of a button and use it for doing the youtube videos.


The wireless remote works with a 120 mAH battery, allowing you to take up to 10000 pics.Nothing specific to mention.

The stick weighs just 113 grams and is portable.

Compatible with even 6.5 inch smartphones.

The stick, when unfolded can be extended up to 68 cms to capture beautiful scenery at the back while taking selfies.

Easily fits your handbags, college bags and backpacks.

6-months warranty.

Full Review:

This selfie stick cum tripod stand is foldable, so it becomes small enough (18.5 cms) to carry it in your hand bag. When unfolded, you can extend the rod up to 68 cms, which is adequate to capture the perfect group selfies.

The rod is made of stainless steel and the rest of the stick is made of high-quality ABS plastic, so these materials not only make the selfie stick lightweight but also waterproof.

Coming to the smartphone holder, you can rotate it 360-degrees, so you can use it for taking pictures at all angles.

The holder has silicone pads on the top and bottom to not cause cracks on your phone while fitting it. 


This is an affordable, feature-filled and sturdy selfie stick that can be used for all purposes. With Bluetooth 5.1, you can easily connect it to any smartphone. 

Buy Now at Amazon

4. pTron Glam Plus Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick

pTron is also an Indian brand that is well-known for selling top-quality wireless devices like earbuds, headphones, power banks and selfie sticks; all at affordable prices. 

This stylish selfie stick from the brand also comes with a tripod stand that is sturdy unlike the others we have seen. 

With Bluetooth 4.1 embedded, you can quickly connect your phone to the stick even at a 10-metre distance to enjoy hands-free selfies. 


The rod is extendable up to 73 cms, supporting both close and long shots.Bluetooth connectivity takes time.

Comfortable ABS plastic handle for steady selfies.

Lightweight (132 grams).

When folded, it measures 20 cm, so it is tiny and portable.

Can easily support phones with a width of 10 cms.

1-year warranty.

Full review:

This selfie stick cum tripod comes with a replaceable lithium battery that allows you to take up to 7000 photos before replacing it. 

Weighing just 132 grams, you never feel like you’re holding something huge, so you can focus on taking perfect selfies.

Containing stainless steel rod and plastic mobile holder and grip, this stick can be used for years together in any climatic zone as it’s corrosion-free and also waterproof.

The phone holder is flexible enough to fit smartphones with a width of even 10 cm. This means it can hold all the Android and Apple phones perfectly. Moreover, you can rotate it 360-degrees for selfies and videos.


This is a stylish looking and compact selfie stick that is lightweight, so it helps you record various moments using your single hand. If flexibility is your concern, go for this one.

Buy Now at Amazon

5. Realme Selfie Stick with Tripod

As you know, Realme is a very popular smartphone brand across the globe. All the products it launches are focussed on customer satisfaction, features and economic prices.

This selfie stick cum tripod is one example of how Realme makes good products. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.1, you can instantly connect this stick to any smartphone. 

And, with the lithium battery, you can take up to 10,000 pictures. So, once you get a battery, it will last longer than you expect.


Easily detachable remote.Phone holder is a bit tight.

Can be extended up to 60 cms.

Made of high-quality Aluminium.

Lightweight (163 grams).



1-year warranty.

Full review:

Made entirely of oxidised aluminium, this selfie stick is not only sturdy but also sustains falls and breaks. 

When unfolded, the stick can go up to 60 cm, so you can easily capture images from any angle and height. 

When folded, this selfie stick measures 19.9 cms, which is just a bit larger than your smartphone. So, you can easily carry it in your handbag or backpack.

Unlike the other models, the tripod stand on this stick is strong and stands intact on any surface. So, you can easily use it indoors and outdoors.


If you are a brand-lover, then this selfie stick is the one for you. Made of aluminium alloy, this one’s sturdy enough to be a good companion to you during your camping and touring events.

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide: Tips to Pick a great quality selfie stick

For you and me, a selfie stick may not mean a lot. After all, its primary function is to good pictures of ourselves and our experiences, for professionals, it is different. If you are a professional VLogger or a traveller, then it is not just a selfie stick but your tool to your profession and a way of life.

Actually, how many of you knew that there are more than one type of selfie stick? There are actually 3 different types of selfie sticks

1) Bluetooth selfie sticks

One of the most sought after types of selfie sticks, the bluetooth selfie sticks are bluetooth enabled devices that are very simple to use and come in versatile varieties. All you need to do is pair it with your mobile or bluetooth enabled camera device and you are good to go.

Most of the tripod selfie stick models employ the bluetooth versions but a lot of normal selfie sticks also come with bluetooth options. These devices can also be used for not just mobile devices but also Gopro and DSLRs too.

Apart from that, these type of selfie sticks also come with a detachable remote clickers that can be used when you are using the selfie stick in a tripod mode for VLog or any other shoots and random candid photography.

While they are great for vlogging and shooting candids, they may not be ideal for travelling photography as the bluetooth clicker requires a great deal of recharging of the battery which might be a trouble while you are constantly on the move.

2) Corded Selfie Sticks

These are the most common and widely available and used type of selfie sticks. As the name suggests, they have a corded auxiliary cable that comes with the stick that needs to be plugged into the aux port of the mobile device.

There is a button present on the handle part of this type of selfie stick which, when pressed releases the shutter and clicks the picture or takes the video.

Unlike the Bluetooth devices, not all of the corded selfie sticks support DSLRs while a few could support Gopros. But when it comes to Gopros, the compatibility is not always at its best and is always dependent on the product that you choose.

Corded selfie sticks are also one of the most affordable types of selfie sticks

3) Manual selfie sticks

Similar to the corded selfie sticks in terms of design, manual selfie sticks vary in terms of functionality.

These types of sticks do not have any cords or au wires or any type of connectivity to the mobile device except for the extension stick that can be used as a distance pole to click pictures or take videos.

One of the earliest forms of selfie sticks, these type of sticks are hard to operate but have stronger sticks. They are no longer in fashion and are hard to find in the market too.

Additional factors to consider while purchasing a selfie stick


An important feature if you are a professional photographer on a shoestring budget. Having a convertible selfie stick enables you to shoot not just self videos but also you can place the camera or your mobile on the tripod at a certain distance for greater stability and clear shots.

Most of the tripod styled selfie sticks also come with compatibility not just to smartphones but also to Gopros and DSLRs too.


An additional feature that is new, mirrors give you great access to rear shots. Most mobiles of today have an excellent rear camera but a comparatively low resolution front camera. This has become a norm.

With a mirror embedded selfie stick, you can use the rear camera of your smartphone to shoot as a front camera. A handy feature, a mirror could actually amplify your shooting and quality of the video.

Hands free Functionality:

This talks about the remote clicker functionality that is available in a lot of bluetooth enabled selfie sticks.

While a selfie stick is all about your ability to take your own pictures, a hands free clicker remote takes this experience to the next level.

You can set the camera at a desirable angle and use the remote clicker for perfect shots. This feature is a favourite and most preferred by professional photographers who use bluetooth enabled tripod styled selfie sticks often.


We do not need to explain the importance of an electronic being waterproof. With everything that you pay, electronic items are notoriously known for their one weakness. Water.

A waterproof selfie stick will enable you to shoot comfortably in rains and in puddles of water too. But be sure that along with the selfie stick, your mobile device or the camera is also waterproof or protected against the onbound water.


A selfie stick is anything but expensive. While there are a lot of models that promise great agility and other things with greater pricing, unless the stick is capable of supporting a bigger camera along with a Gopro and has a lot of additional functionalities, a typical and all functioning bluetooth enabled Selfie Stick should cost you no more than 2000 rupees. Bigger is always better but make sure it fulfills all of the above mentioned factors.

How to setup and use a selfie stick?

Mounting the device onto the selfie stick:

There are two different types of mounting styles of the selfie sticks. The horizontal and the vertical style.

Horizontal style:

A horizontal styled clamp has an extendable clamp that needs to be extended and the mobile device has to be placed in between the top and bottom of the clamps.

Vertical style:

The vertical style is the second style and it is same as the horizontal style but the clamp openings are vertical in nature. You need to place the aux port facing downside and open the clamp and then place the device between the two openings of the clamps.

In either of the styles, be sure that you are placing the device by taking out the cover or the back pouch from it. Most of the large devices do not fit in the clamps when the back pouch is placed on it.

How to click a selfie using a selfie stick

1) Bluetooth Selfie Sticks

    Switch on the selfie stick

    Power on the bluetooth on your mobile device or your camera

    Search for and pair with the selfie stick

    Place the device on the clamps and adjust it carefully.

    If the device is a tripod style stick, place the tripod down and fix the camera carefully.

    Now use either the remote clicker or the button on the camera to start the video or smile set click

2) Corded Selfie Sticks

Simple to use, all you need to do is mount your camera carefully between the clamps, extend the stick and then hit the button present on your handle bar to click photos or take videos.

How To Adjust Selfie Stick Angle

A selfie stick comes with a bracket screw that can be used to set the angle. First rotate the bracket screw counter clockwise until it is loose and then adjust the stick up or down as per your requirement. Then rotate the bracket screw back in the clockwise direction until it is right and tight.

How to charge a Bluetooth selfie stick?

A bluetooth selfie stick comes with a USB port that you need to connect to a USB based charger that charges the device to full charge in about 1 or 2 hours. You are now good to use the device for about 100-1000 pictures too (if your battery permits)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why does my selfie stick bend downwards when I extend it?
Usually, when you extend the stick to its full length and place a heavy device like the iPHone 6 or 7 or the Samsung, it tends to bend. This is either due to the weight of the device or the stick of the selfie stick being puny. Go for a sturdy and strong stick which is stable and does not wobble or bend.

2. Why has my Bluetooth battery has run out too soon?
Non rechargeable bluetooth batteries of selfie sticks run for more time than rechargeable. Always carry a power bank in order to charge your selfie stick.

3. Why does my selfie stick does not extend very easily?
Most of these sticks have a problem of getting rusted between the joints. Apply some wax or oil and they will again tend to open and close easily

4. Do one type of selfie stick work with all types of devices?
Short answer is no. Not a single type of selfie stick works for all types of mobiles as a few mobiles do not connect or have the compatibility for all aux wires and bluetooth cables. Look at product descriptions before making a buying decisions


With a 2 in 1 tripod and selfie stick model built from Aircraft grade materials and appealing design, the Hoteon Bluetooth Monopod Selfie Stick not only has a bluetooth connectivity but also provides premium performance. Which is why it is one of our top picks of the best selfie stick in India. While that was our list, if you have any questions or queries regarding cameras and their accessories, be sure to write to us and we will get back ASAP.






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