Best Video Door Bell for Home

Video doorbells have become increasingly popular due to their effectiveness in deterring burglars and keeping homes safer. In fact, studies show that homes with video doorbells are less likely to be targeted by burglars.

Video doorbells are equipped with features such as motion detection, night vision, two-way audio communication, and customizable motion alerts. Some models also offer live streaming and facial recognition, providing added security and convenience for homeowners.

It also offers convenience by allowing homeowners to answer the door from anywhere, at any time. They are easy to install and can integrate with other smart home devices for a complete home security system.

Overall, video doorbells are a valuable investment for homeowners looking to improve their home security and peace of mind. With their advanced features and accessibility, they provide an effective solution for keeping homes safer and more secure.

Table of Contents

1. Qubo Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell

2. Hikvision KIS204 Video Door Phone 

3. Godrej Security Video Door Phone

4. L&G Video Doorbell

5. CP PLUS Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell

Things to Consider While Buying a Video Door Bell

1. Qubo Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell

Award-Most Recommended

Tagline-Customized chime tunes.

Choose from 36 unique chime tunes for the perfect sound, customized around your life.

Easily stay connected to your front door with an Instant Visitor Video Call feature and a built-in Intruder Alarm System. The 1080P Full HD Camera provides clear visuals, and you can choose from 36 chime tunes and customize modes like Do Not Disturb for complete peace of mind. Talk with visitors using clear 2-Way Talk or pre-recorded messages, and advanced AI capabilities detect and notify you of any person detected, with the option to ring a siren in case of an intrusion. Watch daily time-lapse videos with a special collage of the day’s events. This device works with Alexa and Google and is perfect for apartments and builder floors.

2. Hikvision KIS204 Video Door Phone 

Award-Popular Pick

Tagline-Hands-free communication.

Experience effortless communication with a hands-free video intercom, built-in speaker, and microphone for clear sound.

This product offers a pinhole camera that captures high-quality video at 25 fps. It also features Auto IR for night vision up to 2m, a built-in omni-directional microphone, and a loudspeaker. The 7-inch TFT LCD screen provides clear images with noise suppression and echo cancellation to improve sound quality. Easy installation and operation make it user-friendly. The device can store up to 200 images for later viewing.

3. Godrej Security Video Door Phone

Award-Value for Money

Tagline-WiFi connectivity.

Stay connected to your visitors through the See Thru Pro app on your smartphone, enabling contactless calling from anywhere.

Stay connected to your front door with the first true WiFi video door phone. The device features a high-resolution 7” indoor display unit, smartphone viewing, motion detection, and a high-resolution wide-angle camera with a white LED for night vision. With an angular wall bracket and voice prompt available in 13 regional languages, the device offers convenient installation and easy operation. See Thru Pro Video Door Phone’s WiFi module and mobile app allow for contactless calling, reducing public contact and ensuring safety. Remotely record videos and images, and enjoy smart safety the contactless way.

4. L&G Video Doorbell

Award-Editor’s Choice

Tagline-PIR motion detector

PIR motion detector senses motion and sends alerts with three levels of sensitivity for enhanced security.

The L&G Video Doorbell is designed to provide you with peace of mind through its advanced features. With a full HD 1080p camera, you can see, hear, and talk to people in real-time from your phone, tablet, or Alexa/Google devices. The device also includes an advanced PIR motion detector and motion detection alerts with 3 levels of sensitivity. The L&G Video Doorbell has both infrared and colored night vision, making it easier to monitor your home at all hours of the day. It also includes a low battery reminder and an anti-theft alarm, providing you with extra security. The device’s battery life lasts between 2-4 months and requires a 2.4Amp charger with an input of 100-250V AC and an output of 5V/2.4amps, which must be purchased separately.

5. CP PLUS Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell

Award-Also Consider

Tagline-Full HD resolution

Clear and detailed video with high-quality Full HD resolution for better viewing and recording.

The CP Plus doorbell camera is an advanced security device that provides full HD video resolution for better image quality. With Wi-Fi connectivity, the camera can be connected to your home network and accessed from anywhere in the world through cloud technology. The built-in PIR sensor enables motion detection and real-time alerts, while the two-way talk feature allows you to communicate with visitors remotely. The device also has an inbuilt battery that provides 100 press for visitors, and a USB chime that alerts you inside the home with 20 different melodies. The SD card slot can be used for video recording, and the device comes with free installation service. This doorbell camera is an ideal solution for those who want to enhance their home security and stay connected to their visitors even when they are not at home.

Things to Consider While Buying a Video Door Bell

    Video quality: Look for a doorbell with clear video quality, preferably in HD or Full HD resolution.

    Two-way talk: Ensure that the doorbell has a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication with visitors.

    Motion detection: Look for a doorbell with a PIR sensor for motion detection and real-time alerts.

    Connectivity: Consider a doorbell that can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network for remote viewing and accessibility.

    Compatibility: Make sure the doorbell is compatible with your smartphone or other devices.

    Storage: Determine if the doorbell has a built-in storage option or requires an external storage device, such as an SD card.






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