Choosing The Best Sandwich Maker For Your Kitchen

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With a sandwich maker at home, you can make hot, crunchy and delicious sandwiches any time of the day within a couple of minutes. Compared to preparing sandwiches on a gas stove, it takes much less time and effort.

A sandwich maker uses pressure and heat to seal the edges of bread to prevent the fillings from coming out. The grilling plates provide perfect crunch and ridge marks.

If you want to invest in the best sandwich maker, we recommend reading the below guide carefully. We have assorted all the important factors required to analyze different models and choose the best among them.

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Sandwich Maker Types


Pan Plate Types


Material Types


Other Factors

Factor 1. Type Of Sandwich Makers

Sandwich makers are available in two different types that include toaster and panini press. Both these options make tasty sandwiches and are easy to use as well.

However, they do have some drawbacks as well. So, it usually depends on your needs and preferences. To help you make the right choice, we have provided a clear comparison below.



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Best For Larger Quantities

It is equipped with two grills; one at the top and another at the bottom. The sandwich is kept on the bottom grill and pressed by the top grill. Usually, you can find these panini sandwich makers in burger shops and other restaurant outlets. It can be used to grill anything from meat, vegetables to bread.

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Main Function

Toast & Grill

Sandwich Filling

Can Make Thicker Sandwiches With More Ingredients


Can Taste Great As Sandwiches Get Grilled, Not Just Toasted

Time To Prepare

Can Take Upto 10-15 Mins To Prepare

Ease Of Use

You Have To Be More Careful With The Temperature To Avoid Overdoing The Sandwich.


If The Ingredients Are More, The Ingredients Could Spill Out.


Rs. 1500 To 5000

Check Out The Top Panini Press Sandwich Maker In India 2021


Most Popular For Daily Use

Also known as toaster, this sandwich maker toasts and cuts the bread in four triangular shapes. It doesn’t grill them like a panini model. The main reason for that is the heating plates are shaped into triangles or square cut triangles. Being affordable, it is one of the most common or preferred choices for home use.

Main Function


Sandwich Filling

You Can Only Make A Simple Sandwich With Limited Filling


Good Taste For Daily Breakfast, As Sandwiches Are Only Toasted

Time To Prepare

Takes Upto 5-10 Mins To Prepare

Ease Of Use

It’s Foolproof. Everything Is Automated From The Preheating To The Toasting Temperature


Usually No Spillage, But If Overstuffed, Spillage Can Happen


Rs. 800 To 3500

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Factor 2. Check For Removable Pan Plates And Pan Types

The next factor to consider while purchasing a sandwich maker is the type of heating plates it has. Mostly, they come with a fixed heating plate (either grill or four triangles) while some of them come with a griddle plate. You have to choose a model that has your preferred choice of heating plate.

In some models, these plates are removable which lets you griddle or grill your sandwiches as per the needs at different times or when you entertain people. Some of these models also come with additional waffle plates. If price is not a constraint, then you can choose these versatile sandwich maker models.

Removable Pan Plates



Best For

Plain Toasted Sandwich


Best For

Making Waffles


Best For

Grilled Sandwiches

Factor 3. Type Of Material

Mostly, plate materials are available in three different variants that include aluminum, cast iron and non-stick. Each of them has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Choosing among them depends on individual preference.



It is suitable for people who use the sandwich maker daily or continuously. It not only provides constant and even heat but also holds the heat longer which assures consistent results every time. If properly seasoned, it can become non-stick.


Better Heat Retention

Provides Even Heat For More Consistent Results

Stick-Resistant If Properly Seasoned & Maintained


Takes Longer To Preheat

More Expensive

Will Need To Be Seasoned Periodically


It is a great choice for people who are health-conscious and looking to reduce the oil and fat consumption. The non-stick works similar to aluminum with the additional benefit of being easy to clean. It is a perfect option for small eateries with intermittent use.


Heats Up Quickly

Reduces The Amount Of Oils And Sprays Required

Easy To Clean Since Food Won’t Stick To The Plates


Non-Stick Surfaces Are More Easily Damaged Than Other Types


This is a perfect option for people who need it intermittently. As it heats up pretty quickly, you can make sandwiches quickly and have a fast recovery time. In order to save energy, you can turn off the plates between the uses.


Heats Up Quickly

It Has Great Heat Transference

Less Expensive


Loses Heat Quickly

Requires Use Of Release Sprays Or Oils

Factor 4. Other Features To Look For

The below-mentioned features let you analyze the durability, quality and reliability of the sandwich maker model.

a) Temperature Control

Among the two different types of sandwich makers, panini press models come with temperature control settings. This option lets you cook the sandwiches at your own pace. Check out a model that distributes heat evenly to provide better roast or grill. When it comes to four-triangle sandwich makers, they are not available with temperature control settings.

Temperature Control Knob

b) Cool Touch Handles & Body

It is better to invest in a model that comes with cool to touch handles as you can easily carry them, even at the time of heating.

The body should also be heat-resistant to prevent any accidental injuries or burns while using the sandwich maker. Another safety feature to look out for is a shock-proof body. Being an electrical appliance, it is an important factor to consider before making the purchase.

c) Lid Lock & Auto Shut-Off

It is an important factor to consider by everyone looking to purchase a sandwich maker. Usually, a lock like a buckle or hinged form is provided at the handle to close the appliance. This feature in combination with automatic shut off makes the appliance safe and automated. With these two options, you can complete other tasks while the sandwich is being grilled.

Lid Lock

Auto Shut-Off

d) Power

It represents the efficiency of the sandwich maker or how quickly the sandwich can be prepared. For small families, a small model with 750 watts to 1200 watts is adequate enough. For restaurants, eateries, commercial usage or large families, 2000 to 3000 watts is a good fit.

e) Cord Length

It is better to invest in a model with long cord length. However, it comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Having a long cord ensures you will have ample cord to connect plug points, even if it is a bit far. However, if the cord is too long there is a risk of tripping down accidently. Hence, the choice depends on individual preference. We recommend going for standard length of 1.5 to 2 meters as it provides strain-free operations.

f) Warranty

Usually, sandwich makers in India come with warranty duration ranging from 1 to 3 years. As for any appliance, it is better to invest in a model with longer warranty period as it represents the reliability and durability of the appliance. Another important aspect to check out is the after-sales-service. Some brands don’t provide proper customer service while others provide top-notch service. In order to avail hassle-free service or claim warranty, it is better to go for a brand with good customer support and service centers.

g) Brands

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