Different Type of Weighing Machines

From checking weight to weighing food ingredients, weighing scales have become one of the must-have things at home.

While purchasing it, you may have come across different types of weighing scales. Each type serves different purpose and comes with its own limitations as well.

To help you analyse the right type suitable for your requirements, we have provided complete insights on each type including their functionality and features.

Table of Contents

Type of Weighing Machines1. Bodyweight Weighing Scale

2. Kitchen Weighing Scale

3. Compact Bench Scales

4. Baby Weighing Machine

5. Luggage Weighing Scale

6. Floor/Platform Scale

7. Postal, Retail, And Counting Scales 

8. Industrial Scales

Digital Vs. Analog Weighing Machine: Which is best?What Are Analog or Mechanical Weighing Scales?

What Are Digital or Electronic Weighing Scales?

What is Bluetooth Weighing Machine?What Makes a Bluetooth Weighing Machine Different From The Rest?


Type of Weighing Machines

Below are the different types of weighing machines that we often come across in our daily life. Although we may not use all of them, they are essential for our residential and industrial purposes.

  1. Bodyweight Weighing Scale
  2. Kitchen Weighing Scale
  3. Compact Bench Scales
  4. Baby Weighing Machine
  5. Luggage Weighing Scale
  6. Floor/Platform Scale
  7. Postal, Retail, and Counting Scales
  8. Industrial Scales

1. Bodyweight Weighing Scale

A bodyweight weighing machine is the most common type found in most homes.

Used For

This weighing scale is significantly used for measuring the bodyweight of the user.

Characteristic Features

These weighing machines come in different types, like analog and digital models. While the former scales are the traditional ones, the latter are the most advanced and popular ones. With the latest technological advancements, the digital weighing scales come with added features. These advanced features assist in measuring and monitoring different body measurements like body fat, BMI, bone mass, etc.

Mostly Found In

We see these weighing scales mostly at homes and gyms for measuring the weight of the individual.

2. Kitchen Weighing Scale

As the name says, a kitchen weighing scale is a measuring device mostly found and used in the kitchen. If you love experimenting with new dishes or want to bring out the chef in you, this is the best kitchen companion you ought to have in your kitchen arsenal.

Used For

Are you a health freak? Are you someone who is in an unceasing process of mastering the cooking art? Then all you need is a kitchen weighing scale. Using this device, you can measure the various ingredients that you need an exact quantity for your recipe or diet proportions.

Characteristic Features

Often seen in compact designs, you can store these weighing scales anywhere in the kitchen. They are highly beneficial for people who are health-conscious, and who have a huge concern towards their healthy eating lifestyle.

These scales usually feature a tared container that helps you to weigh the ingredients in the same bowl. Besides, the other significant aspect of these scales is that most models come with units of measurement feature. This unique feature allows the user to switch between grams and ounces easily without making you wait.

Mostly Found In

You see a kitchen weighing scale mostly in kitchens at homes and restaurants.

3. Compact Bench Scales

Compact bench scale is yet another most commonly used weighing machine for measuring different objects.

Used For

You can use a compact scale to measure the exact weight of food like fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. You can even use them to weigh boxes for accurate transport costs, jewellery, and others.

Characteristic Features

Most compact scales come with a weighing capacity of about 50 kgs. However, there are some models that can weigh items of up to 150 kgs. They are easy to use, durable, affordable, and often come in a space-saving size. These scales feature a stainless-steel bench and keypad.

Mostly Found In

The compact bench scales are mostly found in grocery stores and shops.

4. Baby Weighing Machine

As the name suggests, these weighing machines are exclusively for weighing babies or infants.

Used For

This equipment helps in knowing the exact weight of your baby. Using this infant weighing machine, a mother or parent can easily track the weight and height of his infant or toddler.

Characteristic Features

The infant weighing scales come with curved scales specially designed to hold the babies when you lay them down on the scale. These machines are very precise and give you an accurate measurement with milligrams.

Mostly Found In

These baby weighing scales are most common in pediatrician offices and hospitals.

5. Luggage Weighing Scale

Needless to say, this is a dedicated luggage scale.

Used For

The luggage weighing scales are exclusively for weighing the luggage. If you are someone who frequently travels by flight, this machine is very useful. It measures the accurate weight of your luggage quickly and easily so that you can adhere to rules from the airlines.

Characteristic Features

A luggage weighing scale is the best way to weigh your luggage. Most of these machines come with a hook to hang the luggage to them. Once it lifts the luggage, the exact weight gets displayed on the screen. This luggage scale ensures the travelers that they are not carrying too much luggage in the flights than the prescribed load. This will help in avoiding the baggage fees in the airport.

These luggage scales come in slim and elegant designs. They are easy to use and portable, too.

Mostly Found In

We see these weighing scales mostly at homes for measuring the weight of the luggage.

6. Floor/Platform Scale

These weighing scales are exclusively for measuring the weight of heavier objects.

Used For

The floor or platform weighing machines come specially designed for weighing huge containers, boxes, and counting a large number of mechanical parts like screws, bolts, etc.

Characteristic Features

These weighing scales are sturdier in construction and have a huge capacity. They come equipped with an automatic lever system, adjustable weights, and a flat platform to place the items for weighing. These platforms are so spacious that they can contain heavy containers and give their accurate weight. You can completely rely on these machines to weigher heavier items.

Mostly Found In

Because of their sturdier construction, you mostly find these machines only in industries, construction sites, and other manufacturing companies.

7. Postal, Retail, And Counting Scales 

These weighing scales are for those in the business of selling.

Used For

The postal scales, as the name suggests, are for weighing the letters and parcels. These machines are very precise and give you an accurate measurement in milligrams. This makes it easier to calculate the shipping and delivery charges.

The retail weighing scales are specifically to measure the accurate weight of food, beverages, and other small objects.

The counting weighing scales are for counting packs or items that weigh the same.

Characteristic Features

The postal scales accurately calculate the weight and charges and display the price whenever you add or remove the mass. Postal scales approved by Australia Post LPOs are the best you can go for.

The retail scales feature a display that shows crucial information like the weight of the item, price per unit, total cost, etc.

Counting scales make the tedious manual process easier into simplest and easiest. They save your valuable time and money.

Mostly Found In

You can see the postal scales in offices or sales-related workplaces that include determining postage or tariff cost for delivery.

The retail scales are exclusively for commercial settings like grocery stores, shops, etc.

You find the counting scales mostly in hardware stores and similar ones.

8. Industrial Scales

As the name goes by, the industrial scales are for industrial purposes.

Used For

You use the industrial scales especially for weighing heavy loads and oversized items.

Characteristic Features

These weighing scales come with a built-in printer that creates labels on the items instantly. They have the highest capacity than any of the other weighing machines.

Mostly Found In

Because of their higher capacity, you find these scales in manufacturing companies, packaging warehouses, and shipping businesses.

Digital Vs. Analog Weighing Machine: Which is best?

Weighing machines come in both digital and analog models. The former has a significant advantage over the latter and is best for weighing body weight. Let us see what makes them different from each other.

What Are Analog or Mechanical Weighing Scales?

Also known as mechanical weighing scales, these devices use mechanical methods to measure weight. They have the capacity to cope up with a weight of up to 120 kgs.

They feature dial mode that displays measurements of the load on it. They have rigid body construction, and you can see them mostly at the doctor’s office or government hospitals.

What Are Digital or Electronic Weighing Scales?

The digital or electric weighing scales are those devices that work on batteries. They give accurate and precise readings when compared to analog weighing machines.

With the advancements in technology, these devices evolved to be more popular. They come with multiple useful features that include monitoring different body measurements like body fat, BMI, bone mass, etc. They no longer measure the bodyweight alone.

You find them mostly in homes, gyms, nutrition centers, and high-end hospitals. They are available in different options and features, and one may find it difficult to choose from among them.

Some of the most popular models from digital weighing scales come in the following options. Weighing scales with step-on sensors, devices with auto switch-off technology, electronic machines with weight reading history, and weighing scales that are Bluetooth-enabled or app-enabled. These are different variants you can find in the digital weighing machine models.

Here is a comparison table to make the analysis more easier for you:

Analog Weighing Scale
Digital Weighing Scale

Work On
These machines work on a mechanical method to gauge the bodyweight.
The digital weighing scales work on batteries.

Body Construction
They have a rigid body construction.
The digital weighing scales are lightweight and sleek in design.

They feature dial mode that displays measurements of the load on it.
The digital scales come with advanced features.

Mostly Seen At
Mostly seen at the doctor’s office or government hospitals.
Commonly found in homes, gyms, nutrition centers, and high-end hospitals.

The analog machines are reliable. But, it can be a little tough to read the display with a decimal place.
The electric weighing scales are more reliable than the analog machines.

Ease Of Use
They are easy to use. However, the dial keeps wobbling, making it difficult to read.
These machines are very easy to use. They have a high contrast display that shows the readings very clearly to the users.

The analog weighing scales are durable. However, the springs may wear out over time.
The electric weighing machines are more durable than the analog models. Moreover, they even come with a warranty.

The analog weight machines are a little heavy to carry.
The digital weighing scales are lightweight and sleek in design. They are easily portable.

It is available only in a single option.
It is available in varied options like Step-on sensors, auto switch-off technology, Bluetooth-enabled, etc.

Extra Features
It does not include any extra features.
A digital weighing scale comes with advanced features like different body measurements, body fat, BMI, bone mass, and other metrics.

They have a capacity to weigh up to 100 – 120 kgs.
The digital machines have the capacity to weigh up to 150 kgs.

They are cost-effective and may be lower or higher than their counterparts based on the digital scale model.
The digital scales are affordable and the price may vary depending on the model you choose. High-end machines are very costlier than analog devices.

What is Bluetooth Weighing Machine?

In the earlier paragraph, we mentioned about a Bluetooth-enabled machine. You may ask us what this device is. Let us explore the significance of this device and how it is different from the other weighing machine models.

This device comes enabled with a system, and shares all the records of your activities like walking, gymming, and other physical exercises into its system. This will keep you aware and updated on your activities, the efforts you have put in, and their results. This further allows you to know the calories burnt in your workouts, and accordingly, you can change your schedule.

What Makes a Bluetooth Weighing Machine Different From The Rest?

Here is the answer to why a Bluetooth weighing machine is significant from the other models:

  • Graphical Representation of Physical Activities

The Bluetooth weighing scales gives you a graphical representation of all your physical activities. It displays all your records of the workouts over the varied timeline.

  • Past Data Storage

Do you want to how effective your workouts were in the past few sessions? Do not worry! This weighing device stores all your previous data so that you can retrieve them as and when needed.

  • Synchronization Of Data

The Bluetooth weight machine allows you to synchronize the data easily with enhanced customization.

The aforementioned aspects are the characteristic features that are available in a few models. However, there are certain features that every Bluetooth weighing machine comes with. Let us have a look at what they are:

  • Compatibility

The Bluetooth weight machines should be easily compatible with various technologies, domains, and also the operating systems of your mobile phone.

  • Large Storage Space

The next crucial factor you need to check for in these devices is the robust storage space. Your machine records volumes of data on a regular basis and stores them in the system. Hence, it needs to have huge storage space to store and display the records and results whenever you want them. The data space available in these scales should be enough for more than ten users.

  • Sleek Design

The Bluetooth weight machine should have a sleek and flat design. That said, it should fit in any corner of the room without occupying much space. Moreover, it should be easy to use. Also, check for warranty protection, as it is a mandate for every electronic product that you purchase.


Whether you are health-conscious or a chef or a business person, a weighing scale is a must for varied needs. I hope this article explained the different types of weighing machines and where you can commonly use them. Depending on your requirements and purpose, you can easily zero-in on the right device. Think wisely and choose wisely.

If you feel this article answered all your queries and cleared all your confusion, let us know in the comments section below. You can share your feedback with us by adding your inputs to this write-up. Feel free to reach out to us if you need more information or have any questions on the same.

Stay healthy and stay safe!!!







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