Foam Vs. Coir Mattress

Finding the right mattress can be quite crucial for your sleep. Sometimes, all the mattresses don’t suit your back. So, you should select a mattress that not only suits your back but provides a comforting sleeping experience.

If you don’t know which mattress is best for you, read this article in full. We’ve briefly described both foam and coir mattresses in this article. You can read through the insights and find which one is the best for your body.

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What is a coir mattress?Common types of coir mattresses

What is a foam mattress?Common types of foam mattresses

Coir Mattress Vs. Foam MattressMaterials used: 

Life Span: 


Seasonal Use: 

Relief from Back Pain:


What is a coir mattress?

It’s a type of bedding made from coconut or coir fibers. The coir mattress is a combination of two materials, coir being the primary material. Secondary material is used to make the bedding feel soft to the person that sleeps on it. It is because it is not possible to sleep on coir bedding alone.

The secondary material used in this mattress is polyurethane high-density foam. Once it’s placed, another layer of cotton is also installed for added texture and comfort.

Common types of coir mattresses

There are two types of coir mattresses widely available in the market. Here are those types: –

Hybrid coir mattress: Hybrid mattress, as the name suggests, is a blend of coir, which acts as the primary material, and adjustable foam. This mattress provides breathability, which allows easy circulation of air. It’s suited well for hot and humid regions.

Rubberized coir mattress: This mattress is also a combination of coir and latex. This bedding makes the upper surface quite hard and comes with orthopedic advantages. So, if you’re suffering from any backache problems, this mattress can be ideal for you.

Pros of Coir Mattress:

  • It comes with orthopedic benefits
  • It supports good air circulation and improves the sleeping experience.
  • It’s suited for hot and humid regions because of its breathable nature

Cons of Coir Mattress:

  • Coir mattresses are not much durable
  • For some people, it can be the reason for back pain.

What is a foam mattress?

The foam mattress is crafted using a blend or mixture of polyurethane foam and other types of foams. Unlike other types of bedding, foam mattress helps in even weight distribution. It can enhance your sleeping experience if it’s compatible.

Common types of foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are available in a varied variety. Here are some common types available: –

Polyurethane foam mattress: It’s one of the most commonly found mattresses, which is totally synthetic. It’s built primarily using carbon compounds, which is why the name polyurethane foam mattress.

Bonded mattress: This mattress again has a polyurethane foam, which derives its strength from synthetic substances.  

Memory Mattress:  This mattress is composed of a unique substance that comes from NASA. When you lay on this mattress, it’ll memorize the curves of your body and will bend accordingly. And when you get up from the mattress, it’ll eventually return back to its original shape.

Latex Mattress: It’s made using latex, which is a byproduct of a rubber tree. The sap of the rubber tree is the primary or essential material used for this mattress. However, the secondary material used here is foam. All in all, this mattress offers medium solace to the user.

Talalay mattress: It is another mattress that is made using latex bedding. The difference between latex bedding and Talalay is the procedure used for making these bedding types. Talalay uses the Talalay procedure, which latex uses the Dunlop procedure. However, the solace in Talalay is superior to that of the latex mattress.


  • This type of mattress provides decent support to the back and is good for the spine too
  • Orthopaedic doctors prefer these types of mattresses for pressure points
  • The transfer of motion is almost negligible in this case.
  • It’s more durable as compared to the coir mattress
  • It’s affordable


  • Poor ventilation or breathing ability causes the mattress to become hot during summers

Coir Mattress Vs. Foam Mattress

Here are some factors on the basis of which we’ll compare both types of mattress: –

Materials used: 

  • When you talk of foam mattresses like the memory, bonded or Talalay mattress made using a synthetic material. Now, this synthetic material can increase the chances of you catching allergies.
  • However, if you talk about coir mattresses, it’s made from natural materials like coconut fibers. So, if you are prone to allergies, these mattresses can help. It’s because only natural elements are used for crafting this bedding type.

Life Span: 

  • Most foam mattresses like PUF are not very durable. But you can find more durability in the latex, bonded, and Talalay mattresses.
  • Coir mattresses are not much durable.


  • Coir mattress offers a soft texture and delivers the comfort you need from your bedding.
  • However, the foam mattress offers a medium level of comfort to the user.

Seasonal Use: 

  • Foam mattresses become too hot to sleep on during the summer season due to poor air circulation.
  • Coir mattresses, on the other hand, present a cool surface to sleep on even during the summer season.

Relief from Back Pain:

  • Coir mattress is made from numerous layers like the coir, latex, cotton, etc. This makes the entire mattress porous and soft to lay down upon. Now, when the bedding is not too stiff, it’ll automatically comfort your back and thus relieve you from back pain to some extent.
  • Foam mattresses help with back pain relief too. If you sleep on the side, a memory mattress can really help. When you lay sidewise, your body pushes the mattress and creates certain dents that comfort the body. And this is what helps in sleeping better and treating back pain.


Basic education about anything helps us with good decisions. And deciding on the right mattress is no exception. Both Coir mattress and foam mattress bring along different benefits. So, you should decide according to what you need.

You can go through the basic description and pros & cons of both mattress types. Once you do, you’ll definitely find the one that you need. If this info helped you in making an informed decision, do share it with others in need. We regularly post similar content, so keep coming for more.



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