Food Processor Vs. Juicer

A modern-day kitchen is incomplete without a food processor and juicer. Are you thinking, “Juicer and food processors are the same”? Well, if you are, you’re mistaken. Food processors and juicers may share some similarities, but they are still different.

If you’re curious to know what’s the difference between a food processor and juicer and what to know which one is better, read along. This article has detailed information about both devices. It’ll help you decide which one’s better and how. So, let’s jump right in.

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What is a food processor?Benefits of a food processor

Drawbacks of a food processor

What is a JuicerBefore buying a juicer, consider: –

Benefits of a Juicer


Food Processor Vs. Juicer


What is a food processor?

A food processor is a device/appliance that is versatile in nature. It means you can prepare a varied range of food using this appliance.

Whether you want to chop, grind, grate, blend or prepare purees; it’s possible with a food processor. You can also knead a pizza dough with a food processor.

It’s usually composed of four parts, which are: –

  1. Lid
  2. Food processor base
  3. Removable blades
  4. A clear plastic body

The food processor is quite spacious. It means you can add way more food as compared to a common juicer. Also, there are multiple blades, usually three, which are sharper and faster.

You can expect blade attachments with this device that’ll help you perform tasks such as: –

  • Mixing
  • Shredding
  • Slicing
  • Chopping
  • Grating
  • &more

The number of attachments or the operations you can perform depends on what food processor you choose. If you buy a costly one from a trustworthy brand, it’ll always come with more attachments and thus perform more operations.

However, when you buy a food processor, keep in mind: –

  • Food processor power rating: If you need a powerful one, you should select the one which has more wattage.
  • The electric motor’s durability: It’s important to consider as your food processor’s life depends on this factor.

Benefits of a food processor

A food processor is an amazing appliance with numerous cool benefits. Here are some: –

  • It can help you prepare food in less time.
  • You can chop food precisely.
  • Its best suited for preparing savory food
  • You can also chop hard solid food because of strong blades.
  • It’s very versatile as you can slice, knead, whip, grate, chop, mix, etc., with this appliance.

Drawbacks of a food processor

  • It’s best suited if you want a thick solution in the end. And if you want a watery solution, this device may not be the one you need.
  • If you use a food processor for large amounts of liquids, it can spill out and create a mess.

What is a Juicer

A juicer is another beautiful electrical appliance that helps in extracting juice. You can put both fruits and vegetables in this device for juice extraction.

When you put fruits or veggies in a juicer, it separates the fiber from the main content. And, in the end, what you get is pure juice in a digestible form.

A normal centrifugal juicer can have 1-3 blades, which can be controlled by a button. Once you turn the juicer on, the blades rotate at a fast speed crushing the fruit to extract the juice. And during this process, the pulp is pushed back into the waste container.

Before you can begin juicing fruits and vegetables, keep one thing in mind. Not all fruits and vegetables do well in a juicer. So, you need to choose wisely.

Some fruits suitable for a juicer are:

  • Lemons
  • Pineapple
  • Oranges
  • Pomegranate
  • Blueberries
  • Grapes
  • Watermelon

Some vegetables suitable for a juicer are:

  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Beet Root

Before buying a juicer, consider: –

  • Type of the juicer: Centrifugal juicer produces more sound but removes the fiber from the juice. At the same time, the cold press juicer is silent but mixes everything.
  • Durability:  Check for warranty or durability of the product, if you want it to last for long.

Benefits of a Juicer

Here are some benefits if buying a juicer: –

  • You can easily take the nutritious value of fruits and veggies in the form of juices using a juicer.
  • With juices, you can increase the intake of vitamins like C, A, magnesium, etc. And all this can help you with your health.
  • The end solution is smooth and watery. So, anyone, even kids, can drink it without an issue.


  • The majority of fruit pulp and fibers are wasted using a juicer.
  • You can use the juicer for just one purpose, I.e., for extracting juices.

Food Processor Vs. Juicer

One of the main differences between a food processer and juicer is the kind of food you can use. With a food processor, you can peel or remove the layers of food.

You can control the rate of reduction. i.e., you can obtain medium, fine, or coarse food by changing the settings. All in all, you can perform multiple operations with a food processor.

However, the juicer is only there to extract juice from veggies or fruits. It uses blades to put pressure and release the juice as a result. It processes the juice in one container and expels the waste outside. Where a food processor wastes nothing, a juicer produces a lot of waste.

If you’re looking for a tool just for juices, a juicer can get the job done. While if you want to process hard foods, make purees, knead pizzas, a food processor is a right choice to make.

A food processor is costly as compared to the juicer. So, you need to decide accordingly.

FactorsFood ProcessorJuicer

BladesFaster and stronger bladesBlades are not as strong as that of a food processor

AttachmentsYou can change the blades when you want to perform different operations.The blade is not removable. So attachments are limited.

WastageIt causes no wastageIt causes a lot of wastage

VersatilityVery versatile and can be used for numerous purposes.Limited to extracting juices


Be it a food processor or juicer, both appliances are useful. What’s the best depends on what you want the appliance for. Juicer has a specific job to perform, while a food processor is more complex and performs multiple operations. So, you need to choose wisely.

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