How To Choose The Best Air Fryers For Your kitchen

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Air fryers have become quite popular in India for their efficiency in preparing fried and crunchy food without using oil.

They work by circulating hot air around the food to cook and crunch them up. Apart from frying food, an air fryer can also be used for boiling, grilling, baking and roasting foods.

If you want to invest in this healthy appliance, we recommend you consider certain factors that help you choose the best option.

In this article, we have provided a detailed guide that has all the information required for picking the best air fryer.

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Air Fryers Types


Manual vs Digital


Air Fryer Capacity


Other Features

Factor 1. Types Of Air Fryers

Air fryers are available in two different variants that include basket and paddle. Though they have similar working principles, each type has a different approach. Below, we have mentioned a clear comparison between these two variants. Check it out to make the right choice that is suitable for your requirements.



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More Popular

It is one of the popular air fryer types in the market. As the name implies, it comes with a dedicated basket where you can place the food and it will complete the process for you.

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It Is Helpful To Prepare Grilled, Fried And Roasted Food

They Come With Small And Large Baskets That Help You Prepare Food Using Just A Teaspoon Of Oil.

These Air Fryers Have A Longer Lifespan.


Unlike Their Counterparts, They Are Not Suitable For Making Curries.

Mostly, They Need A Small Amount Of Manual Assistance To Stir The Food At Some Point During The Cooking Process.

Best For

It is suitable for small families as it has a small basket, making it inefficient to cook food in large quantities.

Price Range

3k to 9k

Check Out Top Basket Air Fryers In India



This option is preferred by people who love fried food but want a convenient cooking solution. Unlike other options, they have openings at top. You can just the food ingredients and forget as it doesn’t need any manual intervention. It will automatically complete the process and turn off when it is done.


They Are Multipurpose Fryers

You Can Make Fried, Roasted And Grilled Food. Also, It Is Helpful To Make Curries And Liquid Type Dishes.

Simple To Use And Needs Little To No Oil.

Comes With A Rotating Paddle Which Turns Or Stirs Food While Cooking.


Expensive Compare To Basket Type Of Air Fryers

Best For

Paddle type air fryers are suitable for small to medium families. They can also be used for making gravy curries.

Price Range

8k onwards

Check Out Top Paddle Air Fryers In India

Factor 2. Which Mode To Select: Manual Vs Digital Mode

Air fryers in India have two types of modes: manual and digital. The choice between these two options is usually purely individual preference. To help you choose, we have provided a clear comparison below.



Air Fryers With This Option Come With Temperature Controls, Timers Which Can Be Adjusted Using The Knob.

They Are Less Expensive Compared To Digital Air Fryers.

In This Model, You Cannot See The Time And Other Restrictions Are Not Visible Which Makes It Hard To Adjust The Controls During The Process.


As The Name Implies, These Air Fryers Come With A Digital Display.

They Come With Different Features And Specifications That Are Available In Normal Air Fryers To Provide Crunchy Fried Food.

You Can Set The Temperature And Time Digitally And View The Timer On The Digital Screen.

They Are A Bit Expensive Yet Worthy To Invest.

Factor 3. Choosing The Air Fryer Capacity

This is one of the key factors to consider while purchasing an air fryer. Air fryers in India are available in different sizes ranging from 2 liters to 6 liters. Some manufacturers provide air fryers with more than 6-liter capacity. Such large capacity models are suitable for large families and commercial purposes.

While choosing the capacity, consider your cooking requirements and family size. To provide a clear idea, we have provided details below for your reference.





(1 person)




(2-3 members)



Mid-size Family

(4 to 6 members)



Large families

(6+ members)

Expert Tip

Air fryers that have more than 3 liters of capacity are worth every penny you invest. Because they come with many additional functionalities like grilling, roasting and baking.

Factor 4. Other Features To Consider

The Below-Mentioned Features Will Help You Analyze The Reliability, Usability And Durability Of The Air Fryer.

a) Pre-set Menu Options

Latest Air Fryers Come With Built-In Cooking Programs So You Can Select The Dish You Are Preparing And Push The Button Adjacent To It. And The Fryer Will Automatically Adjust The Temperature And Time According To It And Complete The Process Without Any Manual Intervention.

Pre-Set Menu Options

b) Wattage

Power Consumption Defines The Efficiency Of Any Electric Appliance And The Same Goes For Air Fryers As Well. Most Of The Air Fryers In India Have Wattage Ranging From 1000 To 1500 Watts. If You Want The Food To Be Cooked Within Less Time Then Choose A Model With Higher Wattage. However, Remember That Higher Wattage Means Higher Electricity Bills.

c) Food Separator

This Separator Creates Two Individual Spaces Within The Basket. So, You Can Cook Two Different Items Together In A Single Go. This Will Save Both Time And Energy As Well.

However, This Option Is Available With Limited Models. Even The Most Popular And Efficient Models Don’t Have This Option. In Such Cases, You Have To Purchase It Separately.

Food Separator

d) Auto-off Mode

This Premium Feature Is Available Only In High-End Models. This Feature Will Automatically Turn Off The Air Fryer When The Food Is Ready. This Will Prevent Overheating Or Burning Of Food. And Moreover, It Also Saves Both Time And Energy As Well.

e) Ease of Cleaning & Maintenance

It Is Better To Avoid Purchasing Any Model That Requires A Lot Of Maintenance And Rigorous Efforts To Clean, Especially If You Are Working Women Or Have A Busy Life. So, An Ideal Air Fryer Should Not Have Tough Reaching Corners So That It Is Not Different To Remove Food Bits Stuck In The Interior. Most Of The Air Fryers Available In India Are Dishwasher Friendly. So, Check Out The Specifications Properly To Choose An Easy To Clean And Safe To Use Model.

Food Separator

f) Ease of Cleaning & Maintenance

Most Of The Latest Air Fryer Models Are Available With Different Safety Features That Include Cool-To-Touch Handles, Auto-Turn Off When Food Is Cooked Or When The Basket Is Removed. Some Models Have Overheat Protection As Well To Protect The Air Fryer Against Sudden Overloads.

g) Warranty

Warranty Is A Representation Of Manufacturers Confidence In The Model. Different Brands Provide Different Warranty Durations. Some Of Them Have 6 Months Warranty While Others Come With Warranty As High As 2-Years. Some Brands Provide Extended Warranty At Additional Cost. It Is Better To Choose A Model With Higher Warranty.

e) Top Brands To Look For

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