How To Choose The Best Bread Maker For Your Kitchen

Do you love having freshly-baked bread for breakfast but don’t have time to prepare it? Then investing in a bread maker is the right choice.

This appliance is specially designed to minimize the effort and time required for making the bread. Once you add the ingredients and turn the appliance on, it will automatically mix, knead, proof and bake the bread.

With this appliance at home, you can try different kinds of bread recipes within less time.

If you want to invest in the best bread maker available in the market, we recommend considering the factors mentioned in the below buying guide. This information will help you make the right choice that is suitable for your requirements.

3 Key Points To Know For Choosing The Best Bread Maker


Bread Maker Capacity


Bread Maker Types


Other Factore

Factor 1. Choosing The Bread Maker Capacity

This is the first factor to consider while purchasing a bread maker. Ideal capacity range usually depends on family size and baking requirements. Bread makers in India are available in different capacities ranging from 500 grams to 1200 grams.

Purchasing a small-sized option may not be suitable for medium to large families. However, baking large quantities of bread at once can lead to wastage. So, you have to analyze your requirements before making the purchase.

Below, we have provided a rough estimation that helps you determine the right capacity.



8 Slices



(2-3 members)


12 Slices


Mid-size Family

(4 to 6 members)

1000 – 1200 GRAMS

16 – 20 Slices


Large families

(6+ members)

Expert Tip

While analyzing this factor, make sure to consider your future requirements as well. This helps you invest in a model that will be sufficient for several years.

Factor 2. Types Of Bread Maker

Bread makers in India are available in two different types that include horizontal and vertical. Choosing between them depends on your requirements. To help you, we have provided a clear comparison below for your reference.



Bakery Style

These bread makers are suitable for people who love to bake good-looking loaves. The bread loaves made by these bread makers look similar to the one available in bakeries. These bread makers come with a set of two kneading paddles. You can bake a variety of breads in this type that includes all-purpose flour and gluten-free.

Best For

Large And Horizontal Breads Like Bakery Style.

Check Out Top Horizontal Bread Makers In India


More Affordable

These bread makers make tall and fluffy top bread that looks like a brick which is different from regular-shaped breads. They are available with only one kneading paddle, making them suitable for people who are looking for affordable and compact options. In this type of bread maker, it is important to use the right set of ingredients to get a fluffy and tasty bread loaf. Instead of all-purpose flour, it is better to use bread flour and active yeast.

Best For

Small Qualities

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Factor 3. Other Features To Consider

a) Pan Material

Mostly, Bread Makers In India Are Available With Thin Aluminum Or Heavy Cast Aluminum Pans. Pans Play An Important Role In Determining The Bread Crust. Thin Aluminum Pans Usually Provide A Thin And Light Crust While Heavy Cast Aluminum Provides A Thick And Dark Crust. You Can Choose Between Them Based On Your Preference.

Pan Material

b) Pre-programmed Settings

Bread Makers Come With An In-Built Set Of Programs. Some Of The Common Options Include Whole Wheat Gluten, Pizza Dough, Gluten Free Bread, Sourdough Bread, Various Crust Options, Sweet Bread, Whole Grain And Bake, Cake, French Bread, Quick Bread, 1.5 To 1Lb Bread And Others.

Using The Control Panel, You Can Access These Program Settings. Bread Maker With Programmable Settings Will Let You Adjust And Customize The Bread Making And Baking Process That Includes Kneading And Rising As Well.

Most Of The High-End Brands Provide Clear Instruction Guides Which Include The Information On How To Operate The Pre-Program Settings. This Guide Will Help People Use The Bread Maker Properly.

Pre-Programmed Settings

c) Delayed Timer

It Is The Most Useful And Popular Feature Among All The Bread Making Appliances. Some Models Come With Timers That Can Be Set Up To 13 Hours In Advance. If You Like To Have Freshly-Baked Bread For Breakfast, Then You Set The Timer Before Sleeping At Night And Get Bread Loaf As Soon As You Get Up.

Pre-Programmed Settings

d) Bread Ready Alert

Most Of The Top-Rated And High-End Bread Making Machines Come With A Sound Alert Feature. It Notifies The User When The Bread Is Cooked And Ready. This Feature Is Helpful For Users Who Have Busy Work Schedules And Often Forget To Turn Off Appliances.

e) Keep Warm Option

Some Bread Makers Come With A Special Feature That Keeps The Bread Warm For Certain Amount Of Time. This Feature Is Helpful For People Who Love To Eat Warm And Fresh Bread.

f) Warranty

Don’t Purchase A Bread Maker That Doesn’t Come With Warranty, Regardless How Beautiful The Design Is And How Many Advanced Settings It Has. Most Of The Brands Provide 6 Months To 2-Years Warranty. Longer Warranty Means Better Reliability.

g) Top Brands To Look For

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