How To Choose The Best Dishwasher For Your Kitchen

Investing in a dishwasher is the smartest solution to handle the most challenging and time-consuming task of the kitchen – cleaning and drying vessels.

Recent dishwasher models have been specially designed to suit the requirements of Indian style of cooking. Some of the latest ones are even equipped with smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity.

If you want to invest in a dishwasher, then make sure to take a look at the ultimate guide mentioned in this article. Here, we have gathered all the information necessary to analyze among the various models and choose the best dishwasher as per your budget and requirements.

4 Key Points to Know For Choosing The Perfect dishwasher


Dishwasher Capacity


types of dishwashers


Wash Programs


Other factors

Factor 1. Family Size vs Dish washer Capacity

While purchasing a dishwasher, capacity is the foremost factor to consider.

Dishwashers in India are available in different capacities that include 8 places, 12 places, 14 places and 16 places. As per AHAM, one place setting can hold a small saucer, one large plate, snack plate, a mug, two forks and two teaspoons.

An ideal capacity is usually calculated based on your family size or number of members or eating habits. Below, we have provided a brief explanation of standard recommendations.

Family Size vs Capacity

2 – 3 members

Capacity Recommended

8 place settings

4 – 6 members

Capacity Recommended

10 to 12 place settings

above 6 members

Capacity Recommended

14 to 16 place settings

Note: Remember if you have to clean large utensils like kadai on a regular basis, then invest in a higher dishwasher size, even if you have a small family.

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Factor 2. Which dishwasher type should you consider

Dishwashers are categorized into two types: Tabletop and free-standing. The ideal option between them depends on whether you own the house or live in a rented one. To help you more, we have provided a clear description of each type below for your reference.

Popular Dishwasher Types in india

Table Top Dishwasher

More Compact

These dishwashers are compact in size and don’t require any installation. So, you can place them anywhere on the kitchen countertop near the sink faucet.




Compact, can fit on counter


4, 6 & 8 place settings

Best for

perfect for small families

Wash programs


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Free Standing Dishwasher

Overall best

Free-standing dishwashers are specially designed to be stand-alone units. They can be placed anywhere near the water outlet and water drainage.


comparatively Expensive


Bigger, needs dedicated space


8 place settings to 16 place

Best for

any family as per capacity

Wash programs

Many Programs

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Our Recommendation For You

Tabletop dishwashers are usually compact in size and have small dishwashing capacity. So, they are suitable for small families with less cleaning needs. However, if you have a large family, then a free-standing dishwasher is the right choice.

Factor 3. What wash programs to look for?

Previously, there were only 3 wash programs in a dishwasher that include light, normal and heavy. The difference between these cycles is time duration, water temperature and wash intensity. For example, if you have to wash heavily soiled kadai or other cooking utensils, then heavy wash is perfect. If the utensils need just a splash of water to get cleaned, then light is a better option. In recent times, these machines have also got some upgrades in terms of wash programs. Below are some of the wash cycle programs you can see in modern dishwashers. It is better to have some of these in-built wash programs for precise cleaning.

Dishwasher Wash programs


Steam Wash

The steam generated in this mode will soften the grease or burnt deposits which become easier for cleaning in regular cycles. It is not a complete wash cycle, just a pre-rinse facility.

Best for

for removing heavy grease and oily utensils.


Regular Wash

This option is perfect for daily cleaning where you can load with utensils made up of different materials like glass, steel, plastic in a single go.

Best for

all utensils like glass, plastic, and steel


Light Wash

This wash cycle is suitable when the utensils are not soiled and just need a quick rinse. Using it will also save water and power consumption.

Best for

lightly soiled and pre-rinsed dishes


Heavy Wash

In this wash cycle, more time, water temperature and intensity are used to clear away the tough grease stains. It is not suitable for cleaning plastic and glassware.

Best for

for extra dirty dishes with greasy pots and pans


Auto Wash

It is suitable for any type of load. Here, the sensors will automatically adjust the water temperature and intensity based on how dirty the dishes are.

Best for

for any load & any type of dishes

Factor 4. Other Features which you should consider

The below-mentioned factors represent how to analyze the functionalities of a gas stove.

1. Inbuilt Heater

It helps the dishwasher with hot water. Using high temperature water (above 70 ° C) will help to remove 99.9% germs compared to using normal or cold water.

2. Kitchen Fit

Dishwashers are available in different sizes and shapes. So, before making the purchase check the available empty space and choose the size or shape accordingly.

Compact counter top

fitted dishwasher

Free standing

3. made for indian kitchen

Some dishwashers are specially designed to accommodate different Indian cooking utensils like kadais, tawa, pots and others without disturbing the spoons and glasses space. And they are also specifically developed to deal with tough grease, masala and black stains that are common in Indian food and kitchen. It is better to choose a model with such specialty for optimal cleaning performance.

4. Water & Power efficiency

Did you know that manual washing can use a minimum of 60 liters of water? With some effiecient Dishwashers, you can save this precious resource. They use about 10 liters, helping you get a clean wash even with low water consumption. Also, some Dishwashers come with eco wash program which saves on energy consumption & water. Your dishes are soaped longer while minimising the amount of water required.

5. Noise

Average sound levels produced by a dishwasher are provided in terms of decibels. If you don’t like noises, then choose a model with lower noise levels (less than 50 decibels). Dishwashers that produce more than 50 decibels of power are considered noisy and loud.

6. Delay start & Auto restart

With these features, you can let the dishwasher work around your schedule. With the delay start feature, you can start the dishwasher late at a certain time. Auto-restart is helpful when your locality has frequent power cuts. After power comes back, the dishwasher will automatically restart without manual intervention.

7. Child Lock

This feature is helpful if you are naughty kids at home. This prevents the dishwasher door from opening or closing the dishwasher while working.

8. Compatibility with hard water

Hard water often leaves stains on the utensils and take more time to rinse of the soap. To prevent such things, some dishwashers are designed to be hardwater compatible. If your home has a hard water supply, then make sure the model you choose has this feature. This feature will convert hard water to soft water before rinsing the utensils.

9. Control Panel

Control panel provides ease of operation and aesthetic appearance to the dishwasher. Most of the models have either a button or touch panel. When it comes to price, touch panels are more expensive than button panels. You can choose anyone among them based on your preference.

Button Control

Touch Control

10. Brand Trust worthy & Warranty

Brand value and warranty provide insights on how durable the dishwasher is. And moreover, purchasing from a popular brand ensures good customer service as well. When it comes to warranty, dishwashers come with 1-, 2- or 5-years warranty. It is better to invest in a model with higher warranty duration.

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