How To Choose The Best Electric Coffee Maker For Your Home

Do your mornings start with freshly-brewed coffee? Then it’s time to invest in a coffee maker. Brewing your own coffee comes with many advantages like adjusting the milk quantity, flavor, cream and sweetness as per your taste preference.

Thanks to the latest innovations, coffee makers have become super-efficient, smart and versatile unlike the older ones. With just one machine, you can make different types of coffee whenever you want.

But purchasing the best coffee maker isn’t very simple. As it will stay for a long time, you have to take some time and consider certain factors. We have mentioned these factors clearly in the below buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

2 Important factors you need to know to make a perfect buying decision


Types of coffee makers


Other Factors

Factor 1. Types of Coffee makers

Coffee machines in India are available in two variants – drip coffee machine and espresso coffee machine. We have provided the comparison between them below for your reference.

Drip Coffee Machine vs Espresso Machines

Drip Coffee Machine

More Economical

It is the most common coffee machine found in Indian homes. In this machine, you can adjust the brew, water level, and coffee level before night and wake up to freshly brewed coffee as per your taste. This can make coffee for multiple people at once.

Suitable For

Black coffee lovers

Brewing Time

5 to 10 minutes


3, 4, 6 or 12 cups of coffee


compact in size & can be carried anywhere


Compact in size & can be carried anywhere


Very easy to clean. The filter lasts long and the damage charges are cost effective


Easy to operate and maintain

customisable as per your requirement.

Comes in several models, sizes & shapes.


can only make a basic black coffee

Quite slow

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Espresso Machines

More Advanced

These coffee machines are capable of making different types of coffee including cappuccino, macchiato, latte and others. Though they produce a small amount of coffee at a time, the coffee will be strong in flavor. These machines are similar to the ones present in CCD/Starbucks and barista.

Suitable For

Strong coffee lovers, & Barista, CCD coffee lovers

Brewing Time

25 to 30 seconds


The volume of coffee you get is less than a cup if you’re making a single espresso shot


Basic starts from 3.5K, Semi-Commercial from 20k


Less in weight but occupies more space


It is expensive to maintain an espresso machine and cleaning can also get difficult.


Many coffee varieties and flavours

strong & highest quality of coffee

Looks stylish, Fast and efficient


Can get Very expensive

The comes out in smaller quantities than expected

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Our Recommendation For You

If you want an economical option, then we recommend drip coffee maker. Though it can make only basic coffee, it is still worthy to invest if that is your preference. However, if you have to make different types of coffee, then it is better to choose an espresso coffee machine. However, it is a bit expensive.

Factor 2. Other Features To look For

Once you have to determine the suitable coffee machine type, you have to check out the features available with them. Unlike older versions, the latest coffee machines come with several features that ease up their operation and improve usability. Below, we have mentioned some of the beneficial features with clear description. It is better to choose a model with the maximum number of features. However, remember that models with maximum features tend to be expensive.

a) Built in Frothing (In Espresso Machines)

A coffee machine with built-in frothing machine lets you make different types of fancy coffee drinks. However, having it also increases the cleaning and maintenance. So, if your need to make fancy coffee drinks offsets the extra cleaning, then you can go for this attachment. And moreover, these machines are usually expensive. Usually, there are separate devices as well to froth milk. If you have to use the frothing feature rarely, then you use such devices instead of coffee machines with this in-built option.

Built in Frothing (In Espresso Machines)

b) Built-in Coffee Grinder

This feature is suitable for people who like to brew coffee using freshly ground beans. You can get coffee grinding machines separately. However, having it in-built will help to decrease the mess of using multiple devices and save time.

Built-in Coffee Grinder

c) Auto-Shut Off

Because of our tight and busy schedules, it is common to forget to turn off the coffee machine. However, with this feature the coffee maker will automatically turn off when not in use for longer duration. This will save electricity consumption.

d) Water Filter

Some of them come with in-built water filtration which is suitable for areas with lower water quality.

e) Pause and Serve

Some coffee machines let you pull the carafe in the middle of the process and let you fill the mug without spilling coffee. However, remember that the first served will have an unpleasant strong flavor.

f) Self-Serve

These coffee machines store the freshly-brewed coffee in a built-in tank before dispensing it into a carafe or mug. This will maintain the coffee at a hot temperature for a long time. So, you can have hot coffee with a balanced flavor.


g) Safety

Any appliance that runs in electricity should be shock proof as safety is the one thing that should not be compromised. In case of overload, the circuit breaks and the appliance stops working.

This factor should never be underestimated as in case of an overload there might be chances of shock.

h) Brand Trust worthy & Warranty

Brand Trustworthy and warranty is another important factor that should also be taken into account. Now-a-days everyone purchases the branded items as it builds trust and gives assurance to the customers by providing standard warranty – 1 or 2 years and support service centers at their nearest places.

A few top Brands to look for

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