How To Choose The Best Induction Cooktop For Your Kitchen

Induction cooktops have become a preferred choice of Indian consumers over gas stoves. Because they are more convenient and reduce cooking time by 50%.

For instance, it just takes a couple of minutes to bring a pot of water to boil using an induction stove – which is very quick compared to gas or electric stoves.

Reason for their efficiency is – they work on electromagnetic fields so the heat will be generated within the pan, resulting in less heat loss and lower heat emission.

With a myriad of models available, choosing the best induction cooktop can be quite tricky. To help you, we have provided an ultimate buying guide with all the information required to make the right decision.

4 Key Points to Know For Choosing The Perfect Induction Stove


No. Of Burners


Must have fuctions


Control Panel Type


Other Features

Factor 1. How many burners do you really need?

This is the first factor to consider while purchasing an induction stove. Most of the induction stoves in India come in four variants – 1 burner, 2 burner, 3 burner and 4 burners. You have to choose based on the amount of food you cook in a day and the number of people present in your family. Below, we have provided a clear comparison to help you understand the difference.

Types of induction cooktops

1 Burner

Best For

Occasional use / Bachelor


Starts from Rs. 1,500

Installation Type

Countertop (portable)

2 Burners

Best For

Small Family


Starts from Rs. 10k

Installation Type

Both Countertop & built-in Counter hob design

4 Burners

Best For

Large family


Starts from Rs. 40k

Installation Type

sleek built-in counter hob design (Non-portable)

Our Recommendation For You

Most of the induction cooktops available in Indian market come with a single cooking zone. It is the perfect choice for bachelors and newly married couples. Induction cooktops with multiple zones are available in only a few models. They are suitable for medium to large families.

Factor 2. Must Have Functions

Unlike gas stoves, induction cooktops come with advanced functionalities that make the cooking process more easier and fun. We have mentioned some of the below for your reference. Make sure the model you choose comes with these functionalities.

Must Have Functions

Auto-pan detection

It ensures the induction cooktop doesn’t work until it detects the placement of pan or utensil on the cooking zone. When you remove the pan (even in the middle of cooking), the cooking operation will be stopped.

Pre cook Options

Induction cooktops are equipped with preset menus for certain dishes which will set the heat and time as per the dish. Some of the preset menu options are milk, fry, grill, boil, porridge and others.

Timer Settings

Cooktops usually come with a built-in digital timer that has a countdown range from 1 minute to 170 minutes. Once the preset time is completed, the cooktop will automatically turn off.

Heat setting

With a heat controlling option, you can now cook food to perfection every single time. This feature also lets you avoid overcooking or burning. The temperature adjusting ranges from 140 to 430-degree Fahrenheit.

Overheat Protection

This feature is helpful in cases of any spillage while boiling milk, broth or any other liquids. In such cases, it alerts the user with a beeping sound or turns off automatically to prevent any further mess.

Auto Shutoff

This feature turns off the induction cooktop automatically when the pan or cooking utensil is removed. Sometimes, you may place the pan and forget about it. In such cases, it turns off automatically after a certain amount of time.

Factor 3. Choice of control Panel: Button or touch

The control options of an induction cooktop are available in two variants: Buttons and Touch. An ideal choice among them depends on individual preference.

Buttons vs touch panel

Buttons Panel

In this option, the control panel comes with tiny buttons. They are available mostly in budget-friendly models. However, they are not durable enough.

Touch Panel

In this panel, it comes with touch controls similar to mobile screens. They are a sophisticated option that are often available in high-end or expensive models.

Factor 4. Other Features which you should consider

Below, we have mentioned some features that help you analyze the durability and reliability of the induction cooktop.

a) Child lock

This safety feature will prevent misuse of induction cooktop by children. It also prevents any unnecessary accidents and injuries. This child-lock feature can be activated while cleaning or during cooking as well.

If you activate it during cooking, any operation that is already selected will continue and display settings will remain active. However, other features and functionalities will stay inactive or locked. For safety purposes, only the power button will stay active or usable.

b) Indian Menu Option

Programmed for Indian cooking

Induction cooktops with this option come with several preset options for different Indian dishes. With this option, you can cook several Indian authentic dishes using just touch or a button.

c) LED Flames

Programmed for Indian cooking

In order to provide the feel of flames, latest induction cooktops are available with visual representation of flames. This visual also indicates the intensity of the heat selected.

c) Ease Of Cleaning

Programmed for Indian cooking

Most of the models are easier to clean and maintain. We recommend looking for a model with a continuous surface without any dirt trapping corners. When it comes to controls, it is better to go for touch as the surface will be easier to clean. however, if your choice is buttons, then make sure they are easier to clean. As the surface doesn’t get as hot as traditional gas stoves or ovens, most spillages won’t get stuck to it. However, you may have to beware of sugar spills as they can burn and create uneven surfaces on the cooktop.

d) Warranty

Similar to any other kitchen appliance, make sure to check out the warranty duration before making the purchase. During this period, you can get any repair or replacement without any extra payment or service charge. We recommend going for a model with higher warranty duration. Most of the induction cooktops in India come with 1 to 2 years of warranty.

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