How To Choose The Best Trimmer For Mens Grooming

Well groomed beard is a trend that never goes out of fashion. However, maintaining this rustic-look is not a cakewalk.

Instead of visiting a salon on a regular basis for grooming a beard, investing in a trimmer is much more cost-effective. Apart from just cutting the beard, these trimmers also let you shape and improve the overall look.

If it is your first-time to purchase a trimmer or want to upgrade the older one, you can rely on this buying guide to choose the best option.

Below, we have provided a detailed description of each factor to help you analyze the models and pick up the right suitable for your requirements.

4 Key Points to Know For Choosing The Perfect trimmer for mens


trimmer Types


Types of Blades


Cord vs cordless


Other Features

Factor 1. Choose the type of trimmer you need

Trimmers are available in three variants: Beard, Face and All-in-One. Each variant has its own benefits and drawbacks. Choosing among them depends on individual preference. For your information, we have a clear comparison below for your reference.

Types of Trimmers

Beard Trimmer


starts from Rs. 500





chest & underarms

other sensitive areas

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Face Trimmer


starts from Rs. 1,000




hair (available in some)

chest & underarms

other sensitive areas

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All-in-one trimmer


starts from Rs. 1,500





chest & underarms

other sensitive areas

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Factor 2. Choose the type of blade

Different types of blades are used for trimmers that include Japanese steel, Chromium, SS and others. However, only two of them are quite popular and commonly available in most trimmers. We have mentioned a detailed description of each type below.

Types of Trimmer blades

Stainless steel blade

More Popular

It is the most common and popular choice. Stainless steel blades are well-known for providing better haircut quality.


Much more economical

Easy to maintain

Smooth and reliable

Skin Friendly


Picks the heat early

A little bit less corrosion resistant than titanium blade

May cause a little bit of irritation

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Titanium blade

Most durable

It is the most long-lasting and duration option. They are commonly used in face and body type of trimmers. They ensure a clear and precise cut every time.


Does not cause irritation and smooth on skin

Superior cutting experience

Highly durable

Extremely corrosion-resistant

Picks up the heat less quickly than the stainless steel


A little bit expensive

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Factor 3. Choose the type: Corded or cordless

Trimmers are available in two models – corded and cordless. An ideal option among them depends on your usage requirements. Below, we have provided a clear description of each model for your reference. Go through the information and choose the best option.

Corded vs cordless vs hybrid

Corded trimmers

It has a power cord which has to be inserted into an electric outlet for powering it up. Without a power outlet, it is useless. Corded trimmers are quite popular among barbers as they have to trim beards many times in a day.


Extremely smooth and powerful than Cordless

Provide a continuous performance

Lighter than Cordless model


No freedom of movement

Not useful for travellers

Not possible to use everywhere

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Cordless trimmers

These trimmers work on rechargeable batteries. They are a perfect option for people who travel a lot. For optimal performance, the battery has to be sufficient or else you have to wait until the batteries get recharged.


Freedom of movement

rechargeable battery

Fast charging available: from 8-10 hrs to 1-2 hrs


A little bit heavier than corded trimmer

Doesn’t provide a continuous performance

very high charing time non-fast charging

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Hybrid trimmers

It comes with both battery and corded options. When the battery is not charged, you use the cord for powering up the trimmer. Being versatile, this option has become quite popular among the consumers.


A continuous powerful and smooth performance

Both corded & cordless use

Good for travellers and barber


A little bit heavy than the corded device

Comparatively more price than others

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Factor 4. Other Features which you should consider

The below-mentioned features will help you analyze the durability and efficiency of a trimmer.

a) Length Settings

An ideal trimmer comes with different length settings that lets you trim the beard based on your preference. Having different length settings ensures that you don’t have to stick to a particular style or beard length. Usually, trimmer levels settings range from 1mm to 10mm. 1 mm provides a close shave while 10mm provides the longest. Some new models come with up to 20mm as well. More length settings mean you can do more beard styles. Don’t choose a model that doesn’t come with trimmer lengths settings.

Multiple Length Settings

b) Fast Charging

It is always a better option to choose a trimmer that comes with quick charging capability. It also ensures you don’t have to wait for a long time to get the trimmer charged. Most of the trimmers available in India take 5 to 10 hours to get completely charged. For a quick session, you can quickly charge the trimmer for 5 minutes as it provides enough charging for a single trimming session.

c) Battery run time

Actually, charging time and battery runtime are correlated. While looking for a trimmer, check for a model that runs 60 minutes to 90 minutes on a full charge.

d) Detachable Head for Easy Cleaning

For ease of cleaning and maintenance, it is important to invest in a trimmer that comes with a detachable head. Some manufactures don’t provide detachable options. These models may get damaged over time because of the exposure to water and moisture.

Detachable Head for Easy Cleaning

e) LED Indicator

This feature helps the user identify full charge, low charge and charging levels.

LED Indicator

f) Dry or Wet Trimming

When do you usually trim the beard – before, after or during shower? Based on this, you have to decide whether to go for a wet or dry trimmer. However, some of the models come with both options as well.

Dry or Wet Trimming

g) Warranty

Last but not the least factor to consider is the warranty. We recommend choosing a model with a longer warranty duration. Most of the trimmers in India come with at least 2-year warranty. Some of the reliable brands provide up to 3 years warranty as well. Along with warranty, also make sure the brand you choose comes with good after-sales support. Usually, reliable products don’t cause any trouble. However, it is better to make sure there is reliable support if any unexpected issues arise with the product.

h) Brands

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