How to Make Milk Tea in an Electric Kettle?

“Easy Steps to Make Delicious Cup of Milk Tea in Electric Kettle”

Compared to the traditional process, making milk tea in an electric kettle is quite easy and less time consuming as well.

It’s true that – electric kettles are not designed to make anything else, expect boiling water. However, people have experimented using electric kettle for several purposes like boiling milk or poaching eggs and making milk tea.

After trying all the recipes available online, we have provided the two best methods to make milk in an electric kettle that don’t disappoint.

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Is it Really Ok to Prepare Milk Tea Using an Electric Kettle?

How to Prepare Milk Tea in an Electric Kettle?Method – 1: Milk Tea using Milk

Method – 2: Milk Tea using Milk Powder

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is it Really Ok to Prepare Milk Tea Using an Electric Kettle?

Boiling milk and making milk are two different things. While making milk tea, the milk is mixed with the same amount of water and gets diluted. Therefore, there are lower chances of it spilling over or sticking to the interiors of the kettle. So, the chances of leaving a bad odor are also less.

How to Prepare Milk Tea in an Electric Kettle?

We have provided clear step-by-step instructions below for your reference. Follow them carefully to enjoy a delicious cup of milk tea without making any mess

Method – 1: Milk Tea using Milk

Go through these simple steps to prepare milk tea using milk in an electric kettle.

  •       Open the lid of the electric kettle and pour 1/3rd amount of water in it. Turn on the kettle by either opening/closing the lid.
  •       Wait for 3 – 5 minutes till bubbles start to appear and then add tea leaves.
  •       For instance, to make two cups of tea, you have to add 2 – 3 teaspoons of tea leaves.
  •       Also, add some cardamom seeds, crushed ginger, cloves or cinnamon for added flavor.
  •       Wait till the water boils and start forming bigger bubbles. Then add milk of about 2/3rd the amount of water added.
  •       Keep the lid open or else the milk may spill and cause a short circuit.
  •       Wait for the milk to boil but keep an eye on tea to prevent the milk from spilling, as milk gradually rises.
  •       If it reaches near the brim, then turn off the electric kettle to make milk settle down.
  •       After that, turn on the kettle to let milk start boiling for a couple of minutes.
  •       If bubbles start to appear then turn off the kettle.
  •       Now your tea is ready to serve. Simply, pour the tea in cups using a strainer.
  •       Then add sugar/natural sweetener as per your taste in the tea or else it may taste bland.
  •       Enjoy your milk tea.

Method – 2: Milk Tea using Milk Powder

  •       Add 8 oz of water to the kettle and wait till the water reaches a boil.
  •       Then add 1 – 2 teaspoon of tea powder (or tea bag) and let it steep for about 5 minutes.
  •       Now add milk powder mix (3 teaspoons of milk powder mixed in 1 tablespoon of water) to tea.
  •       Strain the tea over a tea strainer and stir it by adding some sugar/natural sweetener till it dissolves.
  •       Done and enjoy your cup of milk tea.

Note: After making tea or boiling milk, it is very important to clean the electric kettle immediately. Or else, the sticky residue can decrease its efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you put tea bags instead of tea powder in a kettle?

Preferably not, because steeping a tea bag inside the kettle not only impacts the flavor of the tea you’re making but also affects the future pots of tea. Instead, you can boil water in a kettle and pour it over a teabag in a cup to enjoy a perfectly brewed tea.

Are all electric kettles suitable for making milk tea?

Compared to standard electric kettles, multi-purpose kettles are most suitable to make milk tea.  The reason is that most standard models are meant to boil water whereas the multipurpose electric kettle is meant to cook various dishes like boil eggs, brew tea, prepare oatmeal/soup, etc. with its different temperature ranges and durability. So, it is better to use a multi-purpose electric kettle for making milk tea. 

Which electric tea kettle is safe for making tea?

One should avoid buying kettles that come with a plastic interior. The reason is that it starts to melt/break down while heating and causes cracks and may the unwanted chemicals get into water/food. So, prefer to use stainless steel, glass or ceramic interior kettles, which are quite safe and easy to use.


Electric kettles are much safer, faster and convenient compared to a traditional stovetop. While making milk tea using an electric kettle, you need to monitor it constantly till the end. Mostly people living in hostels or travelling will prefer to make tea in this kettle.

We hope this information will help you to prepare milk tea in a kettle. How was your experience preparing milk tea in an electric kettle? Do mention in the below comments section.







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