How To Use Feeding Pillow?

Today new moms can use all the support items they can get to make their life easier! And among these support items, feeding pillows come as a lifesaver.

Breastfeeding is a tough job for new moms in their early weeks. But eventually, when it becomes routine, your breasts don’t hurt much, and you will figure out a way that’s comfortable for both you and your baby.

And during this process, a nursing pillow is one of the essentials you need to help you with the positions and ease your arms’ support.

A nursing pillow is specially designed for a breastfeeding mother. However, it comes in a wide range of styles and designs; the usual ones, U-shaped are placed around the midsection, help you support your baby in a proper position while breastfeeding.

With this pillow, you can hold your baby and give them the bottle without a backache. Hence, it is essential to have a support pillow like this for you and your baby.

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How to use Breast Feeding Pillow?Preparing to Breastfeed

During Nursing

Cleaning Up

Other ways to use a Nursing PillowSupport during your pregnancy

Support while bottle-feeding

Help to prop your kid

Support while you teach your kid to sit

Help to alleviate the baby’s reflux

How to use a Breastfeeding Pillow for Twins?Double-clutch:

Double cradle with overlapping legs:

Football and cradle hold combo:


How to use Breast Feeding Pillow?

Preparing to Breastfeed

Once you choose the breastfeeding pillow for yourself, it’s time now to learn how to use them correctly.

First of all, choose a place that is comfortable for breastfeeding. Following this process will eliminate all the possible distractions during your baby’s nursing session and make it more relaxing.

Once you’re all set and ready to use the breastfeeding pillow, ensure that it is tight against your body. Your nursing pillow should be capable of supporting your arms while stabilizing your baby without being too unpositioned during the session.

Some of the nursing pillows also come with the fastening straps, while others just lay across your lap. And it doesn’t really matter which pillow you choose as long as it is as close to your body as possible.

During Nursing

Now, it’s time to think about how you are going to hold the baby. It is crucial to find a breastfeeding position that will help your baby have a deep latch during nursing.

Some of the positions we recommend are the football hold, koala hold, cradle hold, and cross-cradle hold. Each of these positions can be used in conjunction with the nursing pillow.

When you position your child in the cradle hold, football holds, or cross-cradle hold,  your nursing pillow will support your elbows and lift your baby to breast level, which will set a stage for deep breastfeeding latch.

And if you choose the koala hold position, then you can use the breastfeeding pillow even higher so that they can fully reach your breast.

Cleaning Up

Babies usually tend to unlatch unexpectedly and spit-up. Most often, even milk spills out during feeding times. Hence it is very vital to clean your feeding pillow as much as you can.

Most of the using pillows come with removable covers, while others have foam inserts that need to be removed and cleaned.

At the same time, others can be cleaned easily by the washing machines and dryers. Remember to read the care instructions on your nursing pillow to avoid all the possible stains and smells that have resulted from dried milk.

Other ways to use a Nursing Pillow

Support during your pregnancy

As it is a natural phenomenon that your baby’s weight and belly can cause you pain in the back. This usually happens when females are at the final trimester of pregnancy.

In this case, using your feeding pillow as back support is a good option. Use it by placing it backward as will ensure that the pillow is perfectly resting on your back, not on the belly.

The nursing pillow’s size and shape will make it a perfect support cushion for your back muscles.

Support while bottle-feeding

When you bottle-feed your baby, it may put excessive strain on your neck and arms while feeding your kid. But worry not! This pillow has a solution for that problem too. Laying your kid on this pillow will alleviate this pain.

Even your family can use this nursing tool to feed your baby if you want to continue working or go out for some walk. This will also help your child get adjusted to the people feeding him or her.

Help to prop your kid

If your little one hates staying on his tummy for a longer time, then this pillow can be of great use. The majority of babies cry a lot during their Tummy Time, and this is very unpleasant for both parents and children.

However, lying on tummy is necessary for kids to strengthen their belly muscles, neck muscles and prevent them from plagiocephaly or so-called flat-headed syndrome, occurring.

This syndrome usually happens when your baby sleeps and rest on their back. Hence keep the feeding pillow with some toys on the floor and gently place the baby on their stomach on the nursing pillow with their chest resting comfortably on the feeding pillow.

Also, stay with them and ensure that they don’t fall off and can breathe during this exercise process.

Support while you teach your kid to sit

A baby starts to build strength and muscles required to sit around five to seven months of age.

While your child goes through this process, it is best to use a feeding pillow to give additional support and save your baby from hurting himself when he can’t balance properly.

Help to alleviate the baby’s reflux

Most of the babies experience colic or reflux, which may lead to some severe pain after consuming food. Acid reflux, which is known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), usually happens when your baby drinks milk and it returns up his esophagus. This causes pains and sometimes even vomiting and spitting.  That’s why it is recommended to prop up your baby on the feeding pillow as it will prevent the food from coming back.

How to use a Breastfeeding Pillow for Twins?

It is very convenient for most first time mothers to learn to breastfeed one baby. But over time, once you’re all ready to bring one baby to the breast correctly, you are now prepared to try another one, too, at the same time.

To make you feel comfortable with tandem breastfeeding here, we’ve listed three different positions:


This position is used worldwide, especially for newborn babies. Hold your babies at your sides and make sure their legs come under your arm and your hands are supporting their head area.

Double cradle with overlapping legs:

Pick your baby like you do in the cradle hold but this time, place his head in your elbow’s crook. Now repeat this with the other baby and you will be able to breastfeed both babies without feeling any discomfort. To make it more comfortable, cross both babies’ legs over each other.

Football and cradle hold combo:

You could also combine the football and cradle hold to breastfeed both babies at the same time. This position is best when babies don’t like a similar feeding position. By doing so, your one baby will be in the cradle hold and other will be in a football position.


A breastfeeding pillow is one of the most beneficial products for nursing women. Hence we recommend having a breastfeeding pillow early on during your pregnancy days. The extra support this pillow offers makes an incredible difference while breastfeeding.

Plus, when the baby grows, the nursing pillow’s size can be adjusted easily to adjust to their size.  The flexible size of this pillow allows you to even bottle-feed or breastfeed with your baby on your lap either in the cradle and cross-cradle hold position or football hold position without getting your hand hurt.

So, every woman deserves comfortable and supportive nursing for her babies, and this nursing pillow just one of those items that can provide it. Thousands of moms have loved this product. We hope you will too!







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