The 10 Best Ring Light for Video To Buy in India 2022 Reviews

Ring lights have become very popular amongst actors, make-up artists, photographers, and videographers. A good quality ring light can boost the quality of photos and videos by a significant amount. They are most commonly used during indoor or night shots.

A ring light is made either using a single circular fluorescent bulb or multiple small LED lights connected in the shape of a circle.

The best ring light provides uniform lighting to the subject and reduces the appearance of unwanted shadows by emphasizing more on details. It is also helpful in creating good color effects. Look for the below factors before buying a LED ring light.


LED ring lights are available in various sizes ranging from 8 inches to 18 inches. If you want to buy the ring light just to take selfies using your phone, tablet, or DSLR camera, you can buy a smaller ring light. But ensure that it clips on your device properly, has a mount, and is big enough for the device to fit inside it.

To shoot videos or professional shoots, you can buy a bigger ring light with brighter capabilities.

Color Temperature & Brightness:

A ring light can provide the perfect lighting while you are taking pictures or during live streaming. Look for a ring light that has multiple lighting modes with adjustable brightness.

Most of the LED ring lights offer the color temperature of 3000K to 6000K along with 3 light modes – natural, warm, and cold light.

While some lights offer a brightness level ranging from 0-100%, others offer a range of 1%-100%. You should select a ring light that offers a dimmer knob so that you can control the brightness as per your convenience.

There are a few other factors that also play a major role in deciding the quality and performance of the LED ring light. Some of them are multi-angle rotation of the light, universal phone holder, and adjustable tripod. To learn more about them, you can check the “Buying Guide” mentioned at the end of the article.

To help you buy the best LED ring light, we have tested and reviewed some of the best and most-bought brands in the market. Let’s check them out.

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Best LED Ring Lights

Best LED Ring Light: Reviews1. DIGITEK 18 inch Professional LED Ring Light

2. OCTOVA Ring Light 18 inch with Stand

3. ehook 18 Inches Big LED Ring Light

4. Venganza 10 Inches Big LED Ring Light

5. Osaka 10″ Inches Big LED Ring Light

6. YOZTI 10″ LED Ring Light

7. COWBOY Professional Big LED Ring Light

8. mobicell 10 Inches LED Ring Light

9. Unifree Professional Selfie Ring Light

10. OLICOM Ring Light


Best LED Ring Lights

LED Ring LightRing SizeColor temperature
or modesBrightness levelsWarrantyBuy Now

DIGITEK LED Ring Light18-inch20-100%6-monthsCheck On Amazon

OCTOVA Ring Light 18-inch20-100%3-monthsCheck On Amazon

ehook Big LED Ring Light18-inch333N/ACheck On Amazon

Venganza Big LED Ring Light10-inch3331-monthCheck On Amazon

Osaka LED Ring Light10-inch393-monthsCheck On Amazon

SHYLOC Big LED Ring Light10-inch333NACheck On Amazon

COOLMOBIZ LED Ring Light18-inch330NACheck On Amazon

Mobicell LED Ring Light10-inch30-100%N/ACheck On Amazon

Unifree Professional Ring Light6-inch39N/ACheck On Amazon

Olicom Selfie Ring Light18-inch33010 daysCheck On Amazon

Best LED Ring Light: Reviews

1. DIGITEK 18 inch Professional LED Ring Light

DIGITEK is a popular brand among photographers. They make all sorts of photographic equipment, power banks, car adapters, Bluetooth speakers, and other gadgets.

The DIGITEK LED Ring light features an 18-inch wide ring made of 240 pieces of LED bulbs. This is a perfect tool to bring more light into an outdoor video shoot, live show, fashion photography, makeup tutorials, YouTubing, Vlogging, etc.

The device includes two dials for intensity and color temperature control. You can set the brightness intensity from 0-100% to create that gorgeous portrait lighting. This is a bi-color, or dual temperature LED light– white and light-yellow. The color temperature brings out a shadowless flattering skin tone.

It can be mounted on a grip head or a light stand, as per your need. The package includes a Smartphone mount and a hot-shoe mount.

The LED light can rotate 180 degrees. This will help you find that perfect lighting for a shot. The smartphone stand can rotate full 360 degrees. It is powered by AC power cable, which is included with the box. It can run on 2 lithium-ion batteries or Sony np-f550/ 650/960 batteries, where there is no power connection.

The DIGITEX Ring light comes with 6 months manufacturer warranty.


  • Best camera for outdoor shooting
  • Very easy to operate with the dials
  • Made of 240 pieces of LED beads
  • The LED light can rotate 180 degree
  • Smartphone stand can rotate 360 degree
  • Can run on batteries
  • Brand reputation


  • You have to buy the stand separately

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2. OCTOVA Ring Light 18 inch with Stand

OCTOVA Ring Light is a small brand. But the light has a huge fan base. You can trust this one as it has fantastic customer reviews and excellent ratings.

OCTOVA is an 18-inch wide, and 95 Watt power LED SMD Ring light. It is the perfect ring light for any indoor or outdoor shoots like fashion photography, makeup tutorials, Tiktok, Musically, portrait photography. Also ideal for professional tattoo artists, cosmetologists, etc.

It is a dual-color light that emits both cool and warm tones—white and warm white. The color temperatures are 3200K and 5600K. The dimming or brightening intensity can be adjusted from 0% to 100%

It comes with a 60-inch long adjustable light stand, one hot-shoe adapter, and a smartphone holder. The device is lightweight, so mounting requires little effort.

Unlike, the DIGITEK Ring light cannot work with batteries. It comes with an AC adapter and always need a power supply to work. The phone holder that comes with the package is compatible with almost all smartphones.

The package also includes a bag for the stand, making it easier to port. The seller provides 3 months warranty but with terms and conditions applied.


  • Brightness intensity adjustment from 0 to 100%
  • Ideal for professional artists, Youtuber, and vloggers
  • 60-inch adjustable stand
  • A bag for the stand
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer feedback


  • Very expensive

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3. ehook 18 Inches Big LED Ring Light

The ehook LED light includes every equipment that you will need in a photo session.  It’s priced low and offers plenty of controls over the color and brightness.

Ehook features an 18-inch LED Ring light, perfect for live video streaming, Tiktok, Musically, Youtube, and much more.

Though it’s cheap, it comes with 3 light color temperatures—cool white, warm and daylight along with 11 brightness levels under each color. That means you can choose from 33 types of brightness level adjustment.

It comes with a 60-inch adjustable tripod stand and a phone holder. The height of the stand is adjustable from 16-inch to 60-inch. So, you can place it on a tabletop or stand it 60-inch tall while doing a photoshoot. Even the tripod legs are adjustable; they can stretch up to 30-inches.

The phone holder is flexible with a 3-way pan and tilt ( landscape, portrait, and face down). The light itself can move in any direction 360 degrees so you can easily target the light on the subject. ehook Ring light is powered by USB cables only. It is compatible with any device with a USB port like a USB charger, power bank, laptop, PC, AC adapter, etc.

The advantage of this device over others is the wireless remote. It can work from 30 feet away, allows you to take pictures and record videos. It connects via Bluetooth, and no additional app download is required.

If there’s a downside of the ehook ring light, that would be the warranty. It has no warranty coverage. However, telling from the price point, it’s a full value for money product.


  • 3 light colors
  • 33 brightness level adjustments
  • Wireless remote
  • Adjustable tripod
  • 3-way pan-tilt phone holder


  • No warranty, thereby not so reliable.

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4. Venganza 10 Inches Big LED Ring Light

Those who are looking for affordable ring lights here is another option for you. The Veganza 10-inch LED light has excellent customer feedback, and it is one of the best ring lights for beginners.

There are 3 light modes-white, warm, and natural. Also, there are 11 brightness levels under each mode that you can adjust to match your photo setup.

It comes with a 7 feet tall retractable tripod stand, a rotating handle, and a smartphone holder. The smartphone handle can turn itself 360- degrees horizontally, vertically, even in a face-down position. So, you get full control without taking the phone out of the holder.

The smartphone holder, along with the adjustable tripod, enables you to capture different levels of brightness from different angles. The phone holder is compatible with the majority of smartphones.

The ring light requires a USB port connection to light up. It is compatible with any USB charging port, laptop, PC, power bank, phone charger, wall charger, etc. Being one of the cheapest 10-inch ring lights, the brand still offers you a 1-month warranty.


  • Inexpensive
  • Ideal for beginners
  • 30 brightness level adjustments
  • Warm, cool and natural color temperature
  • 360-degree rotational phone holder
  • 7 feet adjustable tripod stand


  • The 10-inch light is not bright enough for professional use

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5. Osaka 10″ Inches Big LED Ring Light

Osaka is a local brand that is well-known for its camera accessories, backpacks, batteries and chargers. All its accessories are affordable and come with decent quality.

This 10-inch ring light contains 300 LED beads to offer adequate brightness, helping you take flattering selfies or videos. 

Though this ring light ensures maximum brightness, it consumes just 10W for its functioning. So, you don’t have to worry about soaring electricity bills. 

The impressive feature of this device is that you can choose among three different lighting modes; white, natural and warm. All these modes have 9 brightness levels to beautify your face irrespective of the background. 

You can even adjust the colour temperature from 3400K to 5600K to hide blemishes or uneven skin tones, making you ready for selfies, videos, photography or live streaming. 

The device comes with a long USB cable, which you can connect to your mobile power, laptop, PC or AC adapters to turn it on.

In the package, you get a 9-feet stand with an adjustable height option, a mobile holder to mount your smartphone, and also a camera holder. All these accessories are easy to set up and let you start instant live streaming from anywhere. 

The 9-feet stand contains high-quality steel and is sturdy enough to ensure there are no loose joints. Also, the brand offers a warranty of 3-months against all the malfunctions in the ring light or the stand. 


    The 9-feet steel stand has a sturdy build quality, so you can mount it anywhere.

    The 9 levels of adjustable brightness ensures perfect selfies and videos.

    3400K to 5600K temperature settings help to cover all the blemishes on your face.

    The ring light has 300 LED beads for better lighting.

    3-months warranty against manufacturing defects.


    The stand is a bit heavier.

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6. YOZTI 10″ LED Ring Light

This 10-inch ring light from YOZTI differs from the rest of the lights we have seen above in terms of build quality.

The housing of the ring contains high-quality ABS plastic that has impact resistance, making it sustain accidental falls. The material is also heat-resistant to protect the 120 LED beads inside it.

To facilitate adequate lighting in any angle, the head of this ring light has a convenient handle allowing you to tilt it in three ways. This feature makes sure you can focus the light on the object properly for perfect selfies or videos.

This ring light features three colours of light; warm, cool light and daylight with 11 levels of brightness adjustments in each colour for an impeccable light setting. With these 33 brightness levels, you can use this ring light for Youtube video shooting, outdoor photography, live streaming or while applying makeup.

Coming to the tripod stand, it is adjustable to three height levels. Before expanding, the stand measures 19.48 inches and you can adjust it to 32-inch, 65-inch and 84 inches. This feature allows you to seamlessly take photos and videos at various heights and angles.

This tripod stand contains high-quality ABS and carbon steel that prevents corrosion formation. 

Along with this stand, you also get a flexible phone holder which is adjustable from 2.2 to 3.7 inches horizontally to fit every smartphone.  The metal hose of the mobile holder can be bent to a required angle. This feature helps you place the smartphone inside the ring properly so you can make most of the light.


    33 levels of brightness for outdoor or indoor photography.

    Warm, cool and daylight colours to beautify your face.

    Flexible phone holder to suit all smartphones.

    120 LED beads for better lighting.

    Adjustable steel tripod stand allowing you to place it anywhere.

    Tiltable ring light head for better focus.


    No warranty on the product from the brand.

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7. COWBOY Professional Big LED Ring Light

COWBOY’s ring light is one of the biggest in the market with an 18-inch size, so it can easily engulf even 6.5-inch smartphones. This ring contains high-quality alloy material, making it stand properly when you fix it to the stand. Moreover, the pad of this ring light is made of plastic that can resist scratches.

With the buttons at the back, you can adjust the brightness of this ring light up to 10 levels. This ensures you get perfect lighting indoors or outdoors. Having 480 pieces of LED beads, you get enough light for makeup, selfies, photography, live streaming or vlogging.

This ring light can give three colours of lighting including warm, cold and nature to make you look spotless in any background setting. You can even adjust the temperature of these colours from 3000K to 6000K, so there’s no need of applying any filter to your smartphone’s camera.

Being USB-powered, you can power this ring light with your power bank, USB slot of your laptop or a mobile charger.

To mount this impeccable ring light, you get a 9-feet tripod stand with lockable knobs, so you can set the height of this stand at a required level. So, you can use it as a table lamp, makeup light or a floor lamp. 

There’s also a phone holder in the package with 360-degrees rotation, helping you set various angles of lighting. This holder is attachable to the tripod stand, allowing you to fix it in the middle of the ring light.


    High-quality metal stand to ensure longevity.

    Scratch-proof ring light.

    10 levels of brightness to suit indoors and outdoors.

    18-inch size of the ring light for maximum coverage.

    Easy-to-access buttons for adjusting brightness.


    The phone holder cannot hold heavy weight smartphones.

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8. mobicell 10 Inches LED Ring Light

Mobicel LED Ring light is the cheapest standing ring light. It has excellent reviews so, you can opt for this if you are on a tight budget.

It’s a small 10-inch LED ring light made of 128 LED beads. It produces enough brightness for personal blogging, video shoot, live video, selfie, portraits, etc.

It has three color modes- orange 3200k, white 5500k, and mix. With 0 to 100% intensity control and the color filters, it can stand up to different scenarios.

It comes with a small but adjustable stand, which works fine if you are not a professional. There are two cold shoe sockets, one hot shoe ballhead, and a smartphone holder present below the light.

The light is able to rotate its head. The ¼” universal screw can connect it to any other stand available in the market. It is USB power and compatible with USB compatible devices, just like the previous ones. The phone holder also fits most of the phones available in the current market.

The  LED ring light doesn’t have warranty coverage, which is okay for the price as its cheaper than the most in the market.


  • Affordable
  • Full value for money
  • Ideal choice for a beginner
  • Comes with a stand


  • No warranty coverage
  • Not that bright

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9. Unifree Professional Selfie Ring Light

UnifreeSelfie Ring Light is the smallest ring light on the list. It measures 6-inches, its priced around 1k.

The small 6-inch LED ring light is made of 24 warm white, and 24 cold white LED beads. This 6-inch LED ring won’t be very bright, so this is suitable only for selfies, some video shoot, personal blogging, etc. You can also use it as a table lamp.

Despite its small size and even smaller price tag, it has 3 color modes- white, warm white, and mixed. It has 3 levels of brightness control.

It has small arms for the light and the smartphone holder. The arms are made of high-density carbon steel arms that are strong enough to hold your phone. It is adjustable and can rotate at any angle.

The smartphone holder is made of high-quality plastic, and it fits almost all phones. (adjustable 2.3-3.6-inch wide phone holder). It can also rotate a full 360 degree, which lets you target the light without removing the phone from the holder.

This, too, is USB powered. The 1.3 m 5V USB cable can connect to any device with a USB port, laptop, USB charger, etc. The device is returnable and replaceable but doesn’t come with a warranty.


  • Versatile LED light
  • 3 color modes
  • Solid build quality
  • Small and portable
  • Cheap but value for money product


  • No warranty
  • Might not last long

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10. OLICOM Ring Light

OLICOM is a local brand and it offers an 18-inch ring light with 480 pieces of LED beads, so you get more light in any background. 

This ring light has easy-to-access buttons at the back of it to adjust the brightness up to 10 levels, to toggle among warm, white or yellow colours of light, and to switch the LED’s on or off. 

The temperature of these colours can be adjusted from 3000K to 6000K to offer the right lighting for any occasion.

Coming to the tripod stand, it can be adjusted up to 9-feet without the need for any screws. You simply have to rotate the rod and lock it at a required height with the help of lockable knobs. 

As the stand contains a high-quality metal surface, it resists corrosion and lasts long. 

Along with this stand, you also get a mobile holder that suits almost all smartphones. 

Last but not the least, this ring light comes with a 10-day warranty from the brand. So, ensure you unbox the package immediately after delivery to check for any malfunctions. 


    18-inch large ring light for a broader visibility.

    High-quality metal tripod stand with enhanced shelf life.

    10-days warranty from the brand against malfunctions.

    10 brightness levels in each colour to meet all your lighting needs for any occasion.


    The tripod stand is a bit heavy.

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So, this was the 10 best ring lights in India. You can choose any, depending on your budget. If you are still wondering which one is the best of them all and which one to choose, we would suggest you go with DIGITEK 18-in Big LED Ring light. It’s big, powerful and belongs to a reputable brand. It has excellent feedback from the users. It’s both USB and battery-powered. Above all, it comes with the highest warranty period.

Is there anything more you want to know? Have you ever used any of the items mentioned above? Do you want any other product to get reviewed?

Write to us in the comment section below.






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