The 4 Best Smart Thermostat In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Nowadays, we have almost all of the general home appliances replaced with smarter options that give you enhanced connectivity options as well as an overall better experience in terms of performance and durability. But, most of these control illumination of your home or take control of some essential tasks.

In order to enhance your lifestyle and get a better grasp of your home environment, you should get one of the best smart Thermostats available in India. Thermostats used to be manually operated devices in the past that did not have a reliable control on home temperature. But now, you can find many different smart Thermostat in the market with great features such as:

  • Easy and Intuitive control: Controlling a smart device is getting quite harder these days, especially for elderly people, as there are a lot of features and a separate section for multiple options. But, in the case of thermostats, you can choose to get a simpler and much easier operated device with a clean and easy-to-understand user interface.
  • Wireless Compatibility: The only thing that makes a thermostat smart is its wireless compatibility. Unlike traditional options, smart thermostats can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or even a smartwatch so that you don’t have to manually operate it.
  • Smart AI support: Similar to most current generation smart devices, you are also able to get a smart thermostat with a smart AI voice assistant support like Google Assistant or Alexa. This will let you control the thermostat directly from voice commands so that it gets much easier to fine-tune the settings according to your need.

In case you also happen to be looking for a smart thermostat for your home, you have arrived at just the right place. Today, we are going to talk about the best smart thermostat available in India and give you a thorough review of each of our picks so that you can learn a lot about them.

Like every other smart device available for home installation, smart thermostats also come with many helpful sets of features that you might not know about yet but need in regular day to day life. Make sure you don’t miss our Buying Guide for the best smart thermostat in India before making a decision.

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4 Best Smart Thermostat In India

4 Best Smart Thermostat In India Reviews1. Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

2. Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat 

3. Honeywell RCHT8612WF Home T5+ Smart Thermostat

4. Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat

Buying Guide For The Best Thermostat in India1. Compatibility

2. UI and Manual Control

3. Remote Access

4. Reliability

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4 Best Smart Thermostat In India

Smart ThermostatConnectivity optionsControl OptionsWarrantyBuy Now

Nest Learning ThermostatWiFiVoice Assistant, Smartphone App2 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON

Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat WiFiVoice Assistant, Smartphone App3 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON

Honeywell Home T5+ Smart ThermostatWiFiVoice Assistant, Smartphone App-CHECK ON AMAZON

Ecobee3 Lite Smart ThermostatWiFiVoice Assistant, Smartphone App3 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON

4 Best Smart Thermostat In India Reviews

1. Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Coming in 1st position, we have a great smart thermostat for you. As this option is coming from one of the globally acclaimed brands Google, you should have guessed by now that it is going to be the perfect choice for you.

If you have a Google Nest home control unit available in your home, then Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation will be a great pick for you as it is compatible with both Google Assistant as well as Alexa for voice commands. While using the Nest thermostat, you will have to set up the parameters only for a week or two in the beginning.

After that, it will automatically start scheduling the correct parameters according to the time of the day, thanks to its machine learning compatibility. It will also detect if no one is home and turn off the system completely to save power. As it is supported by Google, you will be able to control your home temperature remotely via your Android or macOS smartphone.

The only thing you will need in your home is a reliable WiFi connection, and you can pair it with other appliances as well to enable a cloud control system right in your home. For manual controls, it features a unique dial controller with a display, which is much easier to use as well as good looking as compared to other options.

Notable Features:

Supports Google voice assistant and Alexa

Premium smart thermostat

Reliable brand

A great addition for Google Nest smart home system

Smart machine learning-enabled

Power saving mode

Remote control available

Features dial control

Easy to use

Circular dial with display

2 years warranty


Unique and easy to use controls are available

Parameters are easy to understand

Automated operation available after a week


Comes at a very expensive price tag

Display size is small

Buy Now at Amazon

2. Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat 

In the 2nd position, we have decided to include an internationally approved product. The Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat has already been selected as the editor’s choice option for multiple renowned websites due to its high functionality as well as the premium look and feel.

In case you have an HVAC thermal system already installed in your home, then the Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat turns out to be an ideal pick as it is capable of saving up to 23% energy for HVAC systems. It uses an auto temperature adjustment algorithm that allows flexible scheduling to provide the most comfortable environment at all times.

It also supported remote access via popular home control applications such as Apple home kit or Samsung smart things for perfect remote access compatibility. It is also one of the easiest smart thermostats to install, and you can do it within 30 minutes without needing to call any professional help.

You will find a built-in level check as well as illuminated, easy click terminals in the thermostat that makes it much easier for installation. Make sure you have a C wire connection available in your HVAC system as required for this thermostat. Talking about the device itself, it has a large display available on the front, which has a color panel and supported touch screen control that allows you to set up more than just the temperature while configuring it manually.

Notable Features:

Supports Google voice assistant and Alexa

HIghly used option in the USA

Premium look

Compatible with an HVAC system

Up to 23% energy saving

Auto temperature adjustment

Allows flexible scheduling

Supported remote access

Can be used with Apple home kit or Samsung smart things app

Easy to install

Large touchscreen color display

3 years warranty


Manual control is user friendly

Supports third party smartphone apps

Most reliable option


Cannot be used if C wire connection if not available

Display size is small

Buy Now at Amazon

3. Honeywell RCHT8612WF Home T5+ Smart Thermostat

Most users prefer a sleek and virtually unnoticeable device when it becomes a permanent wall-mounted device such as a smart thermostat. If you are also looking for such a compact device,  Honeywell RCHT8612WF Home T5+ Smart Thermostat is a great option.

 But, it is still a similarly premium option as other options available on our list as it gives you all of the options necessary on a smart thermostat. Honeywell Home T5+ is fully compatible with Samsung SmartThings and Apple Homekit applications and supports voice-activated commands via IFTTT, Google Assistant, Alexa, and even Microsoft Cortana voice assistant.

There is a unique smart feature available on this device that detects your smartphone location via geofencing technology and sets up the parameters based on that data. It is a WiFi-enabled platform and supporters manual as well as remote control via either local network or internet connection.

In case you do not have a C wire available in your temperature control unit, you will get an optional power adapter included with the package as a low voltage alternative and universal compatibility. On top of that, it has intelligent control enabled that automatically determines what temperature is ideal for different seasons and gives you a fully automated performance. Even with the compact display, you will have a full touch screen user interface enabled for manual controls.

Notable Features:

Supports Google voice assistant and Alexa

Compact smart thermostat

All premium functions are available

Fully compatible with Samsung SmartThings and Apple Homekit

Personalized experience via geofencing technology

WiFi-enabled platform

Remote control enabled

Optional power adapter included

Can be used without C wire connection

Intelligent control

Fully automated performance

Touch screen display


A highly functional yet compact smart thermostat

Supports 3rd party apps

Automated functionality is great to have


It does not have a warranty period

Buy Now at Amazon

4. Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat

In the end, we are bringing you yet another highly reliable option from our picks for the best smart thermostats in India. Ecobee has decided to go with a completely bezel-less design for this smart thermostat so that you can even display it in your living room without it standing out too much.

Getting all of these advantages under the most affordable option on our list makes it the most value for the money pick. The ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat has also proven to be an efficient device that helps you save up to 23% over your annual energy cost. It supports both iOS as well as Android smartphone platform for remote control as it has popular app UI as Apple HomeKit integrated on the device.

It can also be paired with a SmartSensor to get a much smarter performance from this device. It is approved from the renowned Energy Star standard so that you can rely on the highest standard of home comfort as well as energy conservation. You will also get notified about the monthly savings and other changes right on your smartphone via the Home IQ.

It is backed by a 3 year long warranty period, which is pretty great considering it has full support for all HVAC systems and many other great options that suit a smart thermostat.

Notable Features:

Supports Google voice assistant and Alexa

Most affordable option

Bezel-less design

Attractive look and feel

High value for the money

Can save up to 23% power in one year

Supports both iOS and Android

Popular app UI like Apple HomeKit integrated

Optional SmartSensor available smarter performance

Approved from energy Star standard

Notifications about monthly savings

3-year warranty

Supports all HVAC system


Highly reliable option

It is one of the most affordable picks

Great for long term use


Need to buy SmartThings separately for extended features

Buy Now at Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Thermostat in India

As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying a smart thermostat, where each option will give you a distinct set of features. Almost all of the options that you came across by now has a different price tag and features the specifications accordingly.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you are getting the best option available for your budget to have a long and reliable experience with the smart thermostat. In our buying guide, you can find many different aspects that you should check while buying a smart thermostat to make sure that it will perfectly suffice for your needs without needing any extra peripheral. Therefore, we can assure you that you can certainly get hold of at least one of our best smart thermostats in India once you have gone through our buying guide.

1. Compatibility

As you are looking for a thermostat, it is safe to assume that you already own a thermal management system installed in your home that you will be controlled with the smart thermostat. But, not all of the options will be compatible with your thermal control unit as each option has a separate requirement.

The most important factor is whether your thermostat requires a C wire to operate or not. The common wire, known as the C wire, provides a constant current to WiFi-enabled thermostat. In most of the smart thermostat variants, you will have to include a C wire connection so that it can work properly. If your system does not have a C wire, you should look for a preferred thermostat for your system or look for one that has an options adapter included for such a case.

2. UI and Manual Control

The user interface is crucial when it comes to home comfort devices as it is going to be used by multiple people living in the family. This included kids as well as elderly users that prefer a simpler control as complicated user interfaces are often confusing and hard to understand.

Before buying a smart thermostat, you can check out the applications supported by the thermostat and check out the app right on your smartphone to get a better idea about it’s UI. Also, make sure you pay attention to the manual control settings available on the thermostat body itself, as you might not have access to your smartphone at all times and might have to change the parameters manually many times.

3. Remote Access

One of the greatest features of current generation smart appliances is WiFi compatibility and the fact that it can be controlled remotely from anywhere, given that you have a stable internet connection available for both your home network and smartphone. In all of the smart thermostats mentioned here today, you will get dedicated wireless support so that you can pair the device with your home network and set it up for remote access.

But, a few advanced remote access features such as automatic control and alerts are only available with a few options, whereas basic features like turn on/off, temperature control can be found with all picks. If you are also interested in advanced remote access features, make sure you check that carefully before buying. Also, you should double-check if the app you use for basic home integration is supported by the thermostat or not.

4. Reliability

Thermostats are one of the few appliances in your home that comes at a very expensive price tag, and you mostly will not be replacing it for multiple years. In such a case, it is crucial to make sure whether a device is suitable for long term use or not. There are many standards systems like Energy Star that carefully review the unit and gives it a suitable standard rating.

You can follow such ratings to make sure the device you are going to buy is one of the best options available in your budget. Also, you should check the warranty period available with the smart thermostat as the ones with a longer warranty period are often more reliable and durable. And you can avail free of cost repairs or even replacement in case you receive a faulty product within the warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is it difficult to install a smart thermostat?
Installing a smart thermostat is as easy as any other thermostat because it requires the same connections and comes with predefined wiring suggestions. If you have installed a thermostat before, you can easily get the installation finished within half an hour or so with the new one. In case this is our first time installing a thermostat, we will recommend you to go through the user manual available with all options or call professional help for a safer installation.

2.What to look for in a smart thermostat?
As the name suggests, a smart thermostat needs to be unique and functional. Not only just the functionality but also the look and feel of the thermostat should be subtle so that it matches the decor of your room and does not end up standing out in your living room. Talking about the smart features, you should have voice-activated commands, remote access feature, automated control, and other smart features enabled on your thermostat to get a complete experience.

3.What are the different connectivity options available?
Most of the smart thermostats mentioned on our list feature direct WiFi connectivity, which is the most reliable and secure option available. Not to mention, it is also the fastest connectivity option and allows remote access if you have a stable internet connection. But, in case you do not have your own local network by now, you should look for Bluetooth connectivity options in the smart thermostat to be able to control it with your smartphone. You can always switch to a WiFi connection once you have set up the network, as it gets much easier to pair multiple devices if all are connected to the same network.


All of our picks are smart options and support wireless operation, and also voice-activated commands thanks to Google as well as Alexa voice assistant support. Hence, it should not be much of a problem to choose one option. But, in case you are confused about your choice, take a look at our top recommendations given below:

  • Emerson electronics is one of the most reliable names mentioned here today. Hence, we will recommend you to go with the Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat if you want a highly reliable option. With a long 3 year warranty period, you are pretty much set with this option for a very long time. On top of that, it features a large touchscreen display if you wish to control the settings manually. It is also a color display, which is not easily available on smart thermostats.
  • On the other hand, Google’s Nest lineup of smart home devices has already proven to be one of the best smart home systems in the world. If you are also a part of the Google nest home system, then Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation smart thermostat is the best option for you. Google has backed this option for 2 years of warranty, so it is a reliable option. Along with that, it has a unique dial control option available, which is much faster and easier to use as compared to other devices.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!






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