The 5 Best Angle Valve In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Whether you want to renovate the bathroom or just revamping, you have to consider what type of valves you have to use. Among various types of valves, angle valve is one of the best valve used widely to stop the water at the fixture without disrupting the entire water supply, in case if you need to fix, change or unclog.

In this angle valve, the outlet and inlet ports are placed perpendicular to each other. The valve is used on supply lines that come from the wall. The handles of the angle valve are horizontal and easily accessible whenever the water supply needs to be stopped.

It’s always suggested to keep these 2 main points in your mind while purchasing the angle valve.

    Material – Generally, the construction material for angle valve is brass, stainless steel and plastic, in which brass is considered as reliable, durable and lasts longer than other types.

    Operation Type – Along with the size of both inlet and outlet diameter, you have to consider how it has to be operated. Quarter turn and multi turn are two best ways the valve is operated. Here the quarter turn will be reliable, widely used, and expensive than multi-turn shut off valve.

Apart from these 2 key factors, one has to consider various other essential factors, which are clearly mentioned in the below Buying Guide. Also, to simplify your shopping process, we came up with a list of some of the best-selling angle valves.

Just go through and select your best one, as per your requirement.

Here is the list of some best angle valve, which we are providing after having some market research and analysis. Choose your best as per your requirement.

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5 Best Angle Valve In India

5 Best Angle Valve In India Reviews1. Kohler 80158IN-9-CP Complementary Angle Valve

2. Cera-F2002211 Garnet 2-Way Angle Cock

3. Kamal Two-Way Angle Cock – Ertiga

4. 10X Angle Valve 2 in 1 Capsule Bathroom Faucet

5. ALTON ALT 2025 Brass Angle Valve

How To Choose The Best Angle Valve1. Material

2. Locations / Place To Fix the Valves

3. Operations

4. Types of Angle Valves

5. Price

6. Number of Outlets

Features of Angle Valve

Functions of Angle Valves

Frequently Asked Questions


5 Best Angle Valve In India

Angle ValveMaterialType of Angle ValveWarrantySet ofBuy Now

KOHLER Angle ValveBrassOne-way10 years1 pieceCHECK ON AMAZON

Cera-F2002211 Angle CockBrassTwo – way7 years1 pieceCHECK ON AMAZON

Kamal Two-Way Angle CockBrassTwo – way3 years1 pieceCHECK ON AMAZON

10X Angle ValveBrassTwo – way-1 pieceCHECK ON AMAZON

Alton Angle ValveBrassOne-way7 years10 piecesCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Angle Valve In India Reviews

1. Kohler 80158IN-9-CP Complementary Angle Valve

Kohler is a famous brand that has proven excellence in plumbing products. If you are searching for the best durable and cost-effective angle valve for your modern stylish bathrooms, then go with this Kohler’s complementary angle valve. 

This knob-type wall-mounted angle valve is easy to operate with a feasible design. With a nice and attractive finish, it makes your bathroom appeal more aesthetic. Yet, you can maintain its finish by wiping with a cleaner or soft and dampened sponge or cloth. 

This angular stop cock is compact with 110*60*50 mm and ½-inch connector diameter and so it looks simple and neat in your bathroom. As it is well-constructed with solid brass, it ensures high durability and reliability. You can also use it for hot water. 

Kohler manufactures it with the ultimate resistance to corrosion and tarnishing and makes the industrial standards two times. Moreover, it ensures superior performance as it is tested perfectly with 100% standard quality checks. So, it lasts longer even at high-frequency usage. 

The company also offers ten years of warranty service from the date of purchase, and so, even in case of any malfunctioning, you can have free quality and instant service. Its customer care service through 1800-103-2244 works effectively throughout the working days to reach its valuable customers anywhere.


    Classy Chrome finish

    Quarter turn with a half-inch installation size

    Easy to open and close

    Resistant to corrosion and tarnishing

    Extremely durable

    You can use it for hot water.

    It cherishes two times the industrial standards. 

    Value for money

    10 years warranty


    Nothing much

Buy Now at Amazon

2. Cera-F2002211 Garnet 2-Way Angle Cock

The CERA is one of the best brand that manufacture its products with high quality and premium finish. This 2-way angle cock suits best for both cold and hot water outlets. It is made with brass, which ensures strong, durability and lasts longer.

This bathroom fixtures comes with 0.3 to 0.5 micron chromium plating and perfect surface finish. One can connect this 2-way angle cock / fixture to the washing machine or bathroom. This chrome finish color will make it look attractive and beautiful. Its high quality cartridges will make you trouble free operation. The manufacturer provides 7 years’ warranty against its manufacturing defects of the product.

For any queries on after sales service, you can contact them on 1800-200-1801 on all working days. The package contents 1-piece of 2-way angle cock with wall flange and it is easy to install. It comes with quarter turn, 15 mm size of thread dimension is used to connect waterline, and has 1/2 – inch installation size. This product confirms to green norms.


Built quality is good and won’t have any leakage issues.

It is sleek, sturdy and durable product.

Comes with 7 years’ warranty against its manufacturing defects.

The chrome finish makes it look attractive and stylish.

Easy to install and easy to clean.

Value for money.


Works well only when it has proper water pressure.

The size is small when compared with regular fittings.

Buy Now at Amazon

3. Kamal Two-Way Angle Cock – Ertiga

The Kamal products range of bath fixtures and accessories that definitely add ultra-modern beauty to your home and bath décor. This angle cock is ergonomic and engineered to provide hassle-free performance with sophisticated style.

This beautiful ergonomically design was made from high quality brass with chrome finish will make it strong, durable with superior looks. It has anti-corrosive that makes it scratch, water and heat resistance. The package comes with 1 piece of 2-way angle cock and 1 piece wall flange. It is easy to clean and easy to install.

It enhances smooth water flow with stunning and shimmering effect. It comes with quarter turn fitting/movement and 15 mm of inlet connection size. The manufacture provides 3 years’ warranty against any defects on the product. One can use this 2-way angle cock easily for washing machine / dishwasher and geyser.


Sleek design, space saving, convenience and attractive.

Made with high quality brass with chrome finish.

Strong, durable and last longer with corrosion resistance.

Comes with 3-year warranty.

Easy to clean and easy to install

Value for money.

Enhance smooth water flow.


Works well only if it has proper water flow (not less pressure).

Buy Now at Amazon

4. 10X Angle Valve 2 in 1 Capsule Bathroom Faucet

Looking for a stylish, economical and comfortable to use bathroom tap? Then simply choose this 10X bathroom fittings, which meets all your needs. The design of this 10X faucet is simple, stunning and innovative. The tap components will ensure a good flow of water and thus makes your life easier and comfortable. This technology will ensure uniformity, precision and quality.

It is made with high quality brass with a strong atomic structure, which ensures corrosion resistance and won’t damage or breakage for a longer time. When fixed on thickened wall, its provides high density, uniform thickness and strong pressure resistance. Multiple polishing with chrome surface finish will prevent the cock from rust and gives highly reflective mirror-like look. (mirror look technology).

The 1/2 – inch brass disc inside the valve will improve durability and provides smooth, reliable motion in bathroom faucet. It has water saving aerators with full of bubbles will filter impurities and gives a noiseless water flow. Its strong ceramic cartridge is tested for 500,000 times for opening, closing and leakage.

It comes with wall flange and it is easy to install and clean effectively. It is a perfect faucet for your bathroom and kitchen requirements. It has quarter turn fitting/movement to control the water flow (both hot and cold water), and suits best to connect washing machine, geysers or water purifier inlets.


Strong, durable and long lasting.

Value for money and cost effective.

Made with high quality brass and has mirror look technology.

Easy to install and easy to clean.

Strong ceramic cartridge is tested for 500,000 times to provide a leak-proof faucet.

Multiple polishing with chrome finish will make it heat and corrosion resistance.


It won’t come with any warranty.

Buy Now at Amazon

5. ALTON ALT 2025 Brass Angle Valve

Alton has a great name in India for its standard quality bathroom and kitchen fittings. Its products are popularly preferable because of technological mastery, quality, sustainability, and design. Alton’s ALT 2025 brass angle valve comes next on our list with its high-standard and long-life durability. 

It uses sophisticated ceramic engineering to assure better and smooth convenience and also controls great precision. Alton designs it perfectly, and so the water pressure is geared towards efficiency. So, it does not affect the overall performance without sacrificing the water pressure. Its reliable ceramic disc survives well even after 500,000 open and close tests. 

This angle valve uses high-quality brass with less than 0.25% total lead content by weight average. With multiple-layer electroplating, the brass valve has an elegant mirror look. It also maintains long-time freshness by protecting from dust mites. Moreover, it has an excellent chrome finish to prevent corrosion and tarnishing, thereby, elongates its quality life. 

It is quite advantageous because of its heat resistance, water resistance, and safety. Moreover, Alton offers a seven-year warranting period from the purchase date. So, it is quite a better option to get at an affordable price. 


    Made of brass 

    Durable long-life

    Chrome finish for mirror-look

    Resistant to heat and water

    You can use it for geyser or hot water. 

    Easy installation 

    It is suitable for washing machines too. 

    Simple quarter turn 

    No leakage

    7 years warranty


    It is too small and tiny.

    The threading length could have been better.

Buy Now at Amazon

How To Choose The Best Angle Valve

When there is a water supply from the wall and want to divert the water at a particular angle (90-degree), then these angle valve are used. The best designed angle valve will aid for easy maintenance with a quick change trim that won’t require any usage of welding or screws. One has to install and maintain it properly according to the user manual procedure to boost its long life span.

Choosing the right angle valve for your home needs is somewhat difficulty from various products available in the market. So, here we are providing a few key factors, which you have to take into consideration while purchasing the angle valve to make it a perfect choice. Have a look on it to know what to choose and how to select the best.

1. Material

The most popular materials used for this angle valve are brass, stainless steel and plastic. In most of the residential plumbing systems, brass is considered as the best and most commonly used material for valves due to its reliability & durability. One can use this brass valves for the essential fixtures throughout the home.

The second preferred one is stainless steel, which are durable than plastic yet used in less applications/fixtures. A few water valve types are constructed with polypropylene or plastic, which suits best in low pressure or low temperature applications like ice makers, reverse osmosis system, aquatics or hydroponics.

2. Locations / Place To Fix the Valves

These fixtures found either behind or underneath and may have small repairs or replacement. So, it is essential to know the location / perfect place to fix these valves for effective water flow throughout the home. The water shut off valve located inside the home.

In case, if you have a basement then find water distribution system and trace it back on exterior wall. If you home won’t have basements, then main water valve is concealed behind the access panel. This is useful if you want to shut off the water for any reason. The valve comes with multi-turn handle like single lever control or outdoor hose faucet will let you turn the handle to stop water flow.

Note – One should know where to find the main water shut-off valve to turn off water in case of any emergency / damage done to the water valve or piping.

3. Operations

Before purchasing the angle valve, you have to consider the size of both inlet and outlet diameter along with how it has to be operated. In general, they come with multi-turn shut-off valves and quarter turn valves.

Multi-turn shut-off valve: It comes with a handle used to tighten and forces the rubber gasket placed in the valve’s middle to restrict water. If you loosen its handle, then it keeps water to flow through valve.

Quarter-turn valve: One can operate it by the handle and twisting its handle will pivot a steel ball with a hole, when drilled its center. Then the water flow and stops if you turn the handle in other direction. This type of valve is reliable and expensive when compared with multi-turn valves.

4. Types of Angle Valves

Angle valve is one of the most commonly used valve type in gas and oil (fluids) industry. Also, it is referred as stop valve and has virtually endless uses. There are several ways the angle valve connects to the supply line, which we often determine by the material of connecting pipes.

CPVC Angle Stop – For the plastic & yellowish CPVC piping, you can use the glue on CPVC angle stop. Make sure to select all-purpose cement for both CPVC & PVC plastic types. Here the angle stop comes with a small CPVC insert on the interior of intake port. CPVC supply lines use valves with threaded or PTC connections.

Compression Angle Stop – While dealing with coper piping or CPVC, you can simply use this angle stop that comes with a compression intake port. The compression nut is used in the valve to squeeze the brass ring in place between water pipe of building and angle stop’s body.

Iron Pipe Thread Angle Stop – This valve screw onto a pipe having male threads. The thread of iron pipe turns on the ends whereas the plastic or copper pipes needs to install a male adapter fitting. Here this adapter uses national pipe thread (NPT) and thus all types of pipes can use this option till they have proper fitting or male threads.

Sweat Angle Stop – One can use this type of stop valve only if copper pipes are used. Here the angle stop is brazed on pipe with a torch. Most people prefer to use sweat angle valve due to its affordability. Avoid stopping this valve if you won’t have experience using solder & flux with propane torch to form a connection.

Poly & PEX Angle Stops – These both will be attached to the respective pipe by using crimp or clamp rings. They use small installation method by won’t be interchangeable. One can find PEX supply line use valve with compression, barbed or PTC fittings. The compression tool presses the ring to outside the pipe for crimp ring whereas the tab on a side of the ring will hold in its place.

Push-On Angle Stop – This will allow you to slide it over copper pipe, PEX or CPVC and it can be installed easily without requiring any special tools. This valve has rubber O-ring and stainless steel locking teeth. The ring places the intake port watertight and teeth keep the valve from sliding off the pipe.

Note: Copper supply lines accommodate PTC, sweat fittings, and compression. PTC fittings can be installed easily without any special tools.

5. Price

The price of the angle valve depends on its construction material. Although, the angle valve should be durable and lasts longer. So, one has to choose the best quality angle valve that comes within their budget range.

6. Number of Outlets

The angle valve offers single way, two-way or three-way water outlets. So, one has to choose them as per their requirement. The single and two-way outlets are generally used for home requirements like kitchen sinks or bathroom/toilet sinks. The three or 4-way water outlets are used for industrial purposes.

Features of Angle Valve

The angle valve / stop valve is used not only for home requirement like bathroom toilets or kitchen sinks but also used in various machines for safe processing of variety of liquids, & gases. Here are some of the features of angle valve.

The angle valves come in various sizes and designs. One has to determine the size and design of an angle valve by its project scope and piping size. Choose a large and high-quality angle valve while dealing with heavy-duty processes.

The angle valves are equipped with right angle with inlet and outlet openings. Its valve mechanism can be altered to control the flow.

Each and every angle valve will be able to handle a certain amount of pressure depending on the materials used and its mechanical function.

Also, the angle valve comes with some types of plug, seal, and stem to regulate the flow and let it work properly.

Functions of Angle Valves

Explore the following functions of the angle valve to learn more about the angle valves in detail.

The angle valve is used to regulate and control the flow and thereby reduces the pressure. It regulates material levels and influence temperature.

The mechanism used by angle valve to achieve these functions may differ. For instance, the angle valve used as needle valve, shutoff valve, stop-check valve and check valves.

If the flow is regulated then the angle valve reduces vibration, cavitation, noise and corrosion.

If the valve is engaged, the gas or fluid flows at right angle towards valve direction. Engaging valve will isolate the flow to provide a better control for machinery’s overall operation and functionality.

An angle valve is used in each and every mechanical operation where it needs to have proper control in terms of temperature, pressure and flow.

Make sure that angle valve needs to be dependable and highly reliable to ensure successful processing and safe operation for the industrial operations, especially in shipbuilding, petrochemical, compressed gas or aerospace industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the different types of handles used for angle valve?
The angle valve is designed for application & requirement of piping. It controls the rate of water flow effectively and has less corrosion, cavitation, noise or vibration. The most common types of handles used for angle valve are oval handle, lever handle, cross handle, square handle and round handle. So, choose the type of handle that match perfectly with your home décor.


All the above mentioned products are popular and widely used. To make you even more easier for buying the best angle valve, we recommend Alton ALT2025 Brass Angle Valve with Wall Flange as our first and best product. The reason is that, it is made with brass material with chrome finish and has 7 layers of electroplating to have a mirror-like look. Comes with quarter turn and has tested its ceramic disc for 500,000 times of opening and closing the valve. Also, 7 years’ warranty is provided on the product.






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