The 5 Best Steam Cleaner In India Reviews and Buying Guide

There are many cases where you have to clean very hard stains, and most cleaning methods you might think of do not work. Not only that, but some places in your house or office also need to be sanitized and not just cleaned in terms of dirt and other stains. In either case, using a steam cleaner can be quite handy since these cleaners are highly successful in cleaning most stains and surfaces without any issues.

But, just like any other cleaning appliance that you might use at your home, there are a lot of things to check, which makes picking up a steam cleaner quite confusing. To help you out regarding this, we have mentioned the best steam cleaners in India in this article, which have been selected based on the following factors:

Wattage: Since a steam cleaner is essentially a water heater with a mop at the end, it needs to be powerful enough to quickly turn water into steam. This power rating is given in terms of its wattage, including ratings like 1100 watts, 1300 watts, or 1500 watts, where a higher rating is always better.

Cleaning Width: Apart from producing steam from water, a steam cleaner also has a mop at its end, which does all of the cleaning part. Because of this, the width of this mop or the cleaning width of a steam cleaner is quite important since it tells you about the area it can clean at a time. While most steam cleaners have a cleaning width of 11 inches, a few models also offer a higher cleaning width of 13 inches.

Tank Capacity: To create steam, steam cleaners heat up water, which is stored in a water tank. And if you want to create a lot of steam, then checking the capacity of this tank is quite important. While some models come with a tank capacity of around 500 ml, better ones can even have a tank capacity of up to 1 liter.

Apart from these factors, you can also find more details regarding these steam cleaners in the form of the best features and options of the different steam cleaner models present in this article. You can also find a detailed Buying Guide and FAQs related to steam cleaners so that you can buy the right one after following this article until the end.

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5 Best Steam Cleaner In India

5 Best Steam Cleaner In India Reviews1. KARCHER SC 3 Steam Cleaner

2. Shark Ninja Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

3. BLACK+DECKER FSMH13E5-QS 1300-Watt 5-in-1 Steam Mop

4. Maharsh Healthy Spray Mop

5. BLACK+DECKER FSMH1321-QS 1300-Watt 7-in-1 Steam-Mop

Buying Guide For The Best Steam Cleaners In India1. Wattage

2. Cleaning Width

3. Tank Capacity

4. Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions


5 Best Steam Cleaner In India

Steam CleanersWattageCleaning WidthWarrantyBuy Now

Karcher Steam Cleaner1100 watts-1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Shark Ninja Steam Pocket Mop1500 watts13 inch1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

BLACK+DECKER Steam Cleaner1300 watts5 inch1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Maharsh Steam Mop———-CHECK ON AMAZON

BLACK+DECKER Steam Mop1300 watts7 inch1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Steam Cleaner In India Reviews

1. KARCHER SC 3 Steam Cleaner

Karcher is known globally for manufacturing cleaning equipment such as high pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners and more. Their high quality products undergo several tests for efficiency and deliver reliable performance.

Their SC 3 steam cleaner consumes 1100 W and offers a powerful operation for deep cleaning the floors. It heats up in an instant and is ready for cleaning in just 30 secs saving you time. 

The steam cleaner removes all the contaminants from the kitchen and bathroom using the non-stop steam. You need not worry about toxic components as it cleans all types of surfaces without using any chemicals in the cleaning process. It has good usability as you can refill the tank at any time. 

This quality cleaner comes with a one year warranty.


    Wattage rating of 1100 W

    Heats up water in 0.5 min

    Has one year warranty


    Leaves no chemical residue

    Steam gun has a child safety lock

    High pressure steam delivery at 3.5 bar

    Suitable for all sealed floors


    No mention of the width of the cleaning mop.

Buy Now at Amazon

2. Shark Ninja Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

SharnkNinja and its Steam Pocket Mop is one of the most popular options out there if you are looking for a steam cleaner. It can be a great option for all those of you who want a steam cleaner for using it at home, thanks to its small and compact design.

Despite having a compact design, you get a pretty decent wattage rating of 1500 watts with it. The best thing about this steam cleaner is that you get a cleaning width of 13 inches, which is the highest in this article.

Because it uses steam, you can expect it to offer up to 99.9% sanitization.

Another great thing about SharkNinja is that it offers a 1-year long warranty to the user.


Wattage rating of 1500 watts

Uses a 13-inch cleaning width mop

Includes a 1-year long warranty


High width steam cleaner

Offers 99.9% sanitization

Compact and home-friendly steam cleaner


A bit on the expensive side

Buy Now at Amazon

3. BLACK+DECKER FSMH13E5-QS 1300-Watt 5-in-1 Steam Mop

Black + Decker offers you efficient and best in class steam mops that are bound to make cleaning convenient and enjoyable. It has a sleek and lightweight construction, weighing just 1.2 kgs and measuring 6.2 x 0.3 x 1.2 meters. This makes the mop easy to handle and use. You can reach and clean all the areas and corners without hassle. 

Its 1300 watt motor provides steam in 30 secs to remove tough stains and dirt with ease. It has a cleaning mop of 11 inches and best for heavy cleaning. The mop provides deep cleaning using regular tap water and with its transparent tank, you can keep track of the amount of water available. 

Moreover, you can have an ultimate cleaning experience with this mop as it comes with a warranty of one year.


    Wattage rating of 1300 Watt

    Has a cleaning mop of 11 inches

    Includes 1 year long warranty


    Offers 5-in-1 functions 

    Mop with 180 degree swivel head for easy usage

    Uses no chemicals 


    Expensive model

Buy Now at Amazon

4. Maharsh Healthy Spray Mop

Maharsh spray mop comes from the manufacturers who excel in meeting our daily requirements. Their wide range of products include all kitchen accessories, home essentials, car accessories, personal grooming kits and more.

This cleaning mop from the brand is easy to assemble and use. The mop has dimensions of 65 x 14.6 x 11 cm and a weight of 770 grams. Its thin and lightweight build allows you to easily move around while using. 

The mop uses a water spray mechanism and has a piston on the handle that releases water when pressed. This unique feature is useful for switching between dry mopping as well as wet mopping easily.

It also has an adjustable handle so there is no more bending or straining yourself over the simple task of cleaning.


    Uses water spray mechanism

    Adjustable handle

    Easy to assemble parts


    Suitable for all types of floors

    Machine washable microfibre pad

    A 360 degree rotating mop frame


    Has no mention of warranty

Buy Now at Amazon

5. BLACK+DECKER FSMH1321-QS 1300-Watt 7-in-1 Steam-Mop

From Black+Decker comes another high performing steam mop that is versatile and multi-functional. In its compact design, it packages advanced technologies and control buttons to provide better utility.

The powerful 1300W motor is efficient and produces steam in only 15 seconds without consuming much of your time. You can find it easier to reach all the greasy spots using its 180 degree rotating mop head. The handle has an ergonomic design to give you utmost support while carrying.

With its 350 ml tank capacity, it does not require constant refilling and works without interruption. 

The mop is available with a one year warranty making it one of best appliances to have at home.


    Wattage rating of 1300 Watt

    Water tank capacity of 350 ml

    Includes a one year warranty


    A multi-purpose 7-in-1 steam mop

    Easy to maneuver and use

    No chemical residue

    Continuous steam


    Defective auto-select function

Buy Now at Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Steam Cleaners In India

Just per the name, a steam cleaner is essentially a cleaning appliance that uses water, heats it up to turn it into steam, and then uses the steam to clean any given surface. These are excellent for cleaning the floor of your home or office while easily removing all kinds of stains. They also sanitize your floors since they are using hot steam, which can easily kill all germs.

Because of these reasons, we have mentioned the best steam cleaners in India earlier in this article. All of the steam cleaner models present in this article have been mentioned, along with their major features and options. If that is not enough, then this detailed buying guide regarding steam cleaners is just for you. It will take you through the following factors related to steam cleaners so that you can get the perfect one afterwards:

1. Wattage

If you are going to buy a steam cleaner, you would want a powerful one to ensure that you get a lot of steam out of it. Thankfully, it is quite easy to ensure that a given steam cleaner is powerful enough by simply checking its wattage rating. This is due to the reason that a 1500 watt steam cleaner is much more powerful than an 1100 watt steam cleaner.

2. Cleaning Width

Another thing to consider while getting a steam cleaner is their cleaning width. It tells you about the area your steam cleaner can clean at a given time. This means that a steam cleaner with a 13-inch cleaning width will clean your floor much quicker than an 11-inch wide steam cleaner.

3. Tank Capacity

To use a steam cleaner, you have to fill its water tank with water so that the water can be turned into steam. And if you want your steam cleaner to make a lot of steam, it needs to have a large water tank capacity. Because of this, a 1-liter tank is much more practical than a small 500 ml tank capacity.

4. Warranty

When it comes to getting the right steam cleaner, you would expect your steam cleaner to be powerful as well as reliable enough to ensure that it can last for a long time. Therefore, make sure to check the warranty offered by your steam cleaner. While most models come with a 1-year long warranty, a few others also offer a 2-year long warranty for peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where can I use a steam cleaner?
One of the best things about steam cleaners is that they can be used on virtually any surface without any issues. This includes your floor, mattress, furniture, and much more. Although steam is quite hot, you cannot use a steam cleaner on a heat-sensitive surface.

2.How does a steam cleaner clean dust?
At the end of all steam cleaners, there is a fabric mop that is responsible for cleaning all the dust. Once the fabric portion gets used up, it can be replaced to make your steam cleaner almost brand new.

3.Do I need to use any cleaning chemicals with a steam cleaner?
When using a steam cleaner, you are only supposed to put water inside its tank without any adding chemicals. And even without any chemicals, it still sanitizes all given surfaces thanks to the heat offered by steam and a given steam cleaners.


Those of you wish to keep their home and office clean and will find various cleaning appliances out there. While most of them only clean dry dust, a few of them can also clean hard stains as well as sanitize your floors. This also includes steam cleaners, which offer excellent cleaning performance thanks to the fact that they use steam for cleaning.

Hence, we have mentioned the best steam cleaners up above in this article. All of them have been mentioned, along with their major features and options. You can also find a detailed buying guide and FAQs related to these steam cleaners. But, if you are still confused, consider our favorite recommendation regarding the best steam cleaners in India:

With the SharkNinja S3501 steam cleaner, you get excellent cleaning performance since it offers 99.9% sanitization. And with its large 13-inch cleaning width, you can quickly clean a large surface with ease and within a short time. Since SharkNinja is a popular brand of steam cleaners, it also offers a 1-year long warranty with it.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!






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