Top 7 Best Bean Bags in India: 2022 Reviews & Ultimate Guide

Bean Bags have been become popular and trending furniture now-a-days. There are three main reasons why many people are preferring bean bags – aesthetics, affordability and health.

Furniture that is too hard is often uncomfortable and doesn’t support the ergonomics of your body. But a bean bag supports the natural curves and movements of your body.

Apart from that, bean bags are also useful in maintaining and improving body posture, as they help the static and phasic muscles to relax. Apart from that, bean bags have several other benefits as well, which make them a worthy replacement for traditional and uncomfortable furniture.

Bean bags are available in different shapes, sizes and colors to suit individual requirements of any person. Choosing among these options can be overwhelming. That is the reason why we have provided a detail “buying guide” for bean bags. Apart from that, we have also picked up the top bean bags available in India. Take a look at them…

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Best Bean Bags in India 2022

Top 7 Bean Bags in India: 2022 Reviews1. Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover

2. Couchette Bean Bag

3. VSK Bean XXXL Bag Cover

4. Sattava XXXL Bean Bag Cover

5. Mollismoons Bean Bag

6. Lofster XXL Bean Bag Cover

7. Comfy Bean Lounger XXXL Bean Bag Cover

Things to Look Out While Purchasing a Bean Bag 1. Which one to Choose – bean with inner liners or without?

2. Which Size is Correct for Me?

3. Which Shape is Comfortable?

4. What Material is Used?

5. Is the Bean Bag Versatile?

6. What Kind of Filling Does It Contain?

7. Are the Stitches and Zippers Strong Enough?

8. Is the Bean Bag Childproof?

9. Is the Bean Bag Washable?

10. Does the Bean Bag Come with Warranty?

Usage Instructions of Bean Bag

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Few Words Before Wrapping Up….

Best Bean Bags in India 2022

Bean BagsSizeWarrantyFiller QuantityBuy Now

Solimo Bean Bag CoverXXXL1 year2 to 2.5 kg Check On Amazon

Couchette Bean BagXXXL6 months 2 kg Check On Amazon

VSK Bean Bag CoverXXXLNA2.5 kg Check On Amazon

Sattava Bean Bag CoverXXXLNA2 kg Check On Amazon

Mollismoons Bean BagXXXLNA3 kg Check On Amazon

Lofster Bean Bag CoverXXLNA1.8 kg Check On Amazon

Comfy Bean Lounger Bean Cover XXXLNA3 kg Check On Amazon

Top 7 Bean Bags in India: 2022 Reviews

1. Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover

Solimo is a premium brand in the bean bag market. They are known for providing premium quality products at great value go. Each bean bag from Solimo is carefully designed and built to deliver exceptional quality at affordable price.

Leathrette fabric is used for making the outer cover of this bean bag. This fabric comes with fabric resistance feature which helps to retain its color from regular wear and tear. Double stitching provides extra strength to the bean bag and extends its life. Velcro and zipper closure provides double protection and prevents the beans from spilling out.

Their stylish look and durability are a perfect fit for any contemporary house interiors. It comes with a handle strap which makes it portable to carry around the house without any hassle. These bean bags come in different sizes – XL, XXL, and XXXL. And moreover, this product is available in three colors – red, black, and brown. You can choose any size and color as per your requirements.

As this product doesn’t come with beans, you have to purchase them separately. According to the manufacturer, you may require 2kg to fill XXXL bag, 1.5kg for XXL and 1.25kg for XL bean bag. The double XL Solimo bean bag can hold up to 80kg of weight. More the size, more the weight it can handle. So, while purchasing make sure to analyze your requirements and purchase the product.

As it doesn’t come with beans, you can fill up as per your requirements. Bean bags that come pre-filled actually cost more. For cleaning and maintenance, you can just wipe the outer surface with a wet/dry cloth. This bean bag comes with 1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Things We Liked:

  • High quality material used
  • Prompt delivery service from the brand
  • Good zip covering is provided
  • Has wide opening for re-filling comfortably
  • Double stitching for extra strength
  • Double protection of zipper and Velcro
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Zipper quality is poor
  • Color slightly varies from the image provided

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2. Couchette Bean Bag

Couchette is also an Indian brand that designs modern couches, bean bags and TV cabinets. This XXXL lounge chair with footrest is one of the unique products the brand has come up with. 

It is an elegant lounge bean bag that comes along with a footrest to ensure utmost comfort. The bean bag is massive, so it can fit both kids and adults. It measures 30 x 30 x 29 inches and weighs just 1.9 kgs without beans. Meanwhile, the footrest is multifunctional and can be used to place your laptop or books. 

Both the bean bag and the footrest are made of faux leather and have decorative piping on the edges to ensure the material does not tear after prolonged use. This high-quality leather also makes the bag fade-resistant. 

The bean bag requires 2.5 kgs of beans to provide ultimate comfort to your back. Meanwhile, the footrest requires 0.5 kgs of beans. 

Things we liked:

Unique design providing support to back, neck and legs.

High-quality leather that is fade-resistant.

Ideal size for both adults and kids.

Has piping to prevent tearing.

Couch-like design ensures comfort while working.

Things we didn’t like:

No warranty on the product.

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3. VSK Bean XXXL Bag Cover

The Vsk is known for providing high quality bean bags in Indian market. They develop a variety of bean bags with different sizes and colors. Some of them include orka bean bag, printed bean bag, arm bean bag and others.

If you are looking for a product that adds premium and elegance to your interiors, then has to be your choice. Premium quality leatherette brand is used for making this product comfortable and elegant. With skillful stitches, extra-strength zip and Velcro, this bean bag will last for a very long time.

It is handcrafted with curated colors and tailored to provide a sturdy finish. The well-built zip ensures the bean doesn’t escape, regardless of the weight placed on it. It also helps to re-fill the bean bag easily. Being light in weight and robust, it is quite portable.

This bean bag perfectly complements any home or office décor. It is suitable to be place in bedrooms, living rooms, office space, playrooms and others. The cleaning and maintenance of this product is very easy – just rub the exteriors with wet or dry cloth.

Things We Liked:

  • Very good quality
  • Double stitch to prevent damage from regular wear and tear
  • Handcrafted skillfully
  • Durable and robust
  • Light in weight
  • Perfect décor accessory

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The material doesn’t have smooth finish

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4. Sattava XXXL Bean Bag Cover

This classic style bean bag comes from Sattva, one of the leading brands of bean bag manufacturers in India. It comes in an attractive and stylish dark brown color which suits the modern decor of your house or office.

It is made from premium leatherette material and comes in XXL size. Premium stitching of the seams offers extra strength and makes it more durable. This bean bag required 2kg of beans to fill it up.

Sattva bean bag is a classic must-have product for any home or office space, as it not only enhances but also adds a touch of elegance to the interiors.

Things We Liked:

  • Material quality is good
  • Worthy for the price
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Attractive color
  • Clear instructions are provided

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Height of the product is more
  • A small hole is present near the zip which often leads to leakage

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5. Mollismoons Bean Bag

Mollismoons is a local brand that is specialized in providing attractive bean bags with the latest designs and durable materials. 

One of its best bean bags is this XXXL bag that contains ultra-soft rabbit fur, making it look luxurious. It measures 101 x 101 x 152 centimetres and weighs less than a kilogram without beans. With these apt dimensions, you can use the bean bag in your office, bedroom, or any cosy space.

This bean bag supports multiple styles, like the drop, tear or round and provides ultimate support to your back and neck in any style. 

As it contains fur, it is machine washable eliminating all the effort of handwashing. The bag is stretchable and becomes bigger after prolonged use. So, it is ideal for both kids and adults. For the best comfort, fill the bag with 3 kgs of beans. 

Things we liked:

    High-quality rabbit fur for ultimate comfort.

    Good quality zipper for smooth opening.

    Thick material that is tearproof.

    Supports multiple styles for back and neck support.

    Luxurious look.

Things we didn’t like:

    The opening of the bag can be a little bigger.

    No warranty provided on the product.

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6. Lofster XXL Bean Bag Cover

Lofster is another regular brand that provides all types and sizes of bean bags. The bean bag cover provided by this brand is made using A-grade leatherette material and comes in an attractive black color and XXL size that is suitable for adults.

The high quality and premium stitching of the seams makes it extra strong and enhances it durability and life. This bean bag is an excellent addition to your home or office décor. It adds a touch of style and functionality to bedrooms, living rooms and garden areas.

It comes in bright blue color which add more color to your rooms. Apart from this color, it is also available in several other colors and sizes as well. For cleaning and maintaining this bean bag, you have to just wipe the exteriors with a wet or dry cloth.

Things We Liked:

  • Good quality cover
  • Comfortable
  • Velcro is good in shape
  • Has to be filled up with 3kg of beans
  • Zipper quality is good enough

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Gets heat up after using it for a long time
  • Stitching is not up to the mark

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7. Comfy Bean Lounger XXXL Bean Bag Cover

Comfy Bean Lounger is a stylish, gorgeous and modular chair which supports your curves and provides comfortable seating experience. Because of this, it is considered perfect furniture for many activities like watching a movie, gaming, reading and relaxing.

It is designed specifically to support your legs, head, and shoulders in optimal comfort. Unlike any other traditional furniture, this bean bag doesn’t have any awkward arm rests or hinges. As it is very light in weight, you can move it around the house without any hassle.

This bean bag can be used for both indoors and outdoors. Actually, it is a great addition to dorm room, recreation, bedroom, and living room. As high quality leatherette is used, this product will last much longer and is capable of handling regular wear and tear.

Usually, most of the bean bags have only single color. But comfy bean bag comes in double colors. Each piece of material is carefully selected and handstitched for strength and durability. The extra-strength seam, zip and Velcro hold the bean bag tightly when the weight is placed.

Things We Liked:

  • Quality is excellent
  • Light in weight
  • Sleek, stylish and gorgeous
  • Perfect for any home décor
  • High quality leatherette material

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • No warranty provided

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Things to Look Out While Purchasing a Bean Bag

Bean bags are actually a fun and affordable option to bring elegance to any room or office. They are perfect for relaxing as it provided comfort and support to your curves and muscles. As they come in different sizes and shapes, we often get confused on how to choose a bean bag. Purchasing a wrong choice will not be comfortable and you end wasting money as well.

That is the reason, we have crafted this buying guide for bean bag. It contains all the information required to analyze the options and choose the right one as per your requirements. Have a clear look on each factor before making any decision.

1. Which one to Choose – bean with inner liners or without?

Based on their bean holding type, bean bags are categorized into two – with inner liners and without inner liners. Well, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. We recommend understanding them before making a choice.

a. Bean Bag with Inner Liners

These type represents a bean bag which comes in an inner bag. In some situations, the outside of the bag can get damaged by accident or torn by animal which will lead to bean spillage on the floor. Beans are quite difficult to clean up as they are light in weight. And moreover, they are quite dangerous if your kid or pet consume or inhales. So, this is why bean bag with inner bags are more beneficial.

The inner bag contains all the bean and outer bag is provided for aesthetic sense. The outer bags can be washed, remove and replaced without worrying about the bean. Have a look at the below table representing the benefits and drawbacks of bean bags with inner liners. It helps to analyze whether this is your choice or not.

Benefits of Bean Bags with Inner LinersDrawbacks of Bean Bags with Inner Liners

Easy to clean, wash and maintainIf the outer and inner linings are not properly paired, then the bean bag becomes quite uncomfortable.

The outer layer can be removed or replaced to match your interest or interiors whenever you want.RE-filling the inner bags are very difficult and confusing when compared to bean bags without inner linings.

As the inner liner holds all the bean, there is less chance of bean spillage of leakage, even if the outer layer gets damaged.

b. Bean Bag Without Inner Bags

This type of bean bag is actually more popular than with the inner bags. You don’t have to pair the bean bag with inner liners to get comfortable. With more space, bean spread to all the corners freely, providing more support and comfort than the other type. However, if there is crack or tear, the bean present inside will fall on the floor. The fabric used for this type of bean bag will not be machine-washable. For cleaning and maintenance, you have to just wipe them with wet or dry cloth.

Which one is the best…?

The answer to this question actually depends on your interest and requirements. If you like a machine-washable or dry-cleanable bean bag, then choose the product with inner liner. However, if you want a heavy-duty outdoor beanbag then it is better to go with a product without inner liner.

2. Which Size is Correct for Me?

While purchasing a bean bag, it becomes very important to understand which size suits you. Or else, you will end up with a bean bag that is either too big or too small. Usually, bean bags come in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL and XXXL sizes. While Extra Small, Small and Medium sizes are suitable for kids, the upward sizes are better suited for adults.

Below is a table representing sizes, weight range, and other factors.


Height39 inches42 inches46 inches50 inches54 inches

Diameter (Base)21 inches24 inches28 inches32 inches36 inches

Bean Filling Required1.5Kg2Kg3Kg4.5Kg6Kg

Weight Holding CapacityUpto 50KgUpto 70KgUpto 100KgUpto 130KgUpto 150Kg

Recommended forKidsStandardAdultsPlus sizeGiant Size

3. Which Shape is Comfortable?

Bean bags come in four different shapes – Teardrop, Armchair, Sack and Cylinder. The sack is the most popular bean bag shape that takes the shape of the user. Teardrop shaped beanbags offer better back support to the user while extra-large cylinder shaped ones work better for accommodating two people.

Below, is a table depicting the appropriate shape according to the individual requirements.

ShapeSuitable for

Pear or Tear ShapedHelpful for tall leggy loungers. Good for resting your back and stretching legs

Sack ShapedIdeal for snoozing and watching TV

Flat pancakeMultipurpose furniture. Can be used as desk or table as well. It can accommodate two people. One person can happily sleep on it

FlatterSimilar to the shape of couch. Best suited for living and office rooms.

Kiddie bean bagCome in different animal and flower shapes. Suitable for kids bedroom

Chair shapedProvided complete back support. Perfect for people who love gaming

4. What Material is Used?

While purchasing a bean bag, most people forget to check out the fabric or material used. In most of the cases, bean bags are made up of soft polyester, artificial leather and other strong fabrics like elastic textile and others. A perfect fabric takes the whole experience of relaxing in a bean bag to a new dimension of comfort. If you are unsure of which fabric suits you best, then read below to know…


CottonSoft, stretchable and can be easily cleanedIndoors, especially bedrooms and children rooms

DenimBest comfortIndoors, especially living and bedrooms

SuedeSoft and sturdy materialIndoors, blends into any home décor

LinenStyle, comfort and super-trendingIndoors, especially in classic interiors

TwillSturdy, comfort and easy to cleanIndoor, excellent for kids and living room

LambswoolLuxurious, comfort and classIndoor, excellent in living and teenager bedrooms

LeatheretteSturdy, comfort and versatileOutdoors and indoors

5. Is the Bean Bag Versatile?

Not all bean bag products are same in terms of functionality. Some of them are best indoors and some of them are suitable for outdoors as well. When choosing a bean bag for home inside, it is important to evaluate the size of the apartment or the house so that it would not look crowded, but it is not necessary to decide on the certain location as bean bag can easily be carried to different corners of the room.

6. What Kind of Filling Does It Contain?

Most people use either shredded foam or virgin or recyclable polystyrene beads to fill the bean bag covers. While polystyrene beads offer better support and create a firmer seat, they need to be refilled from time to time because the beads get compressed with the weight of the user. Foam fills made using shredded foam provides a softer feel and doesn’t need to be refilled. Apart from that, some therapeutic fillings are also available in like rice, buckwheat and others. While purchasing bean bag filling, it is very important to make sure the beads are inflammable and has certified for the same.

7. Are the Stitches and Zippers Strong Enough?

It is best to choose a bean bag cover that comes with double stitching and over-locked stitching in order to ensure its strength, durability and safety. If stitches are not strong, then it can lead to situations where they get opened and spill on the floor. When it comes to bean bags without inner lining, double zips help to prevent the beans from spilling out. In most of the bean bags, the zippers are stitched to be hidden.

8. Is the Bean Bag Childproof?

According to the Consumer Commission, bean bags should have childproof zippers. Every brand should follow this basic trade guideline. This standard is to protect children from inhaling or ingesting the dangerous bean.

9. Is the Bean Bag Washable?

As the bean bags are used regularly and roughly, moreover children abuse it a lot, they have to be washable. Sometimes, you can stain the beanbag as well. Most of the bean bags comes with washable feature. However, some of them can be machine washed while some of them can be only hand washed. Choose any one based on your washing preferences.

10. Does the Bean Bag Come with Warranty?

There are bean bags out there in the market that have no warranty while others some with 6 months to 12 months’ warranty. Try to opt for one that comes with a warranty which is clearly stated with the product.

Usage Instructions of Bean Bag

  • Once you bought a bean bag, remove the product from packaging. Let the bean bag air out for few hours before usage.
  • Never ever open the base of bean bag unless you are going to re-fill it.
  • If there are any opening or cracks in the bean bag, then apply gum or tape to prevent any leakage or spillage of bean.
  • Keep the bean bag away from sharp objects in order to prevent any damage.
  • Also keep the bean bag away from fire as well.
  • If your bean bag is made up of leatherette, then we recommend keeping it indoors as the rexine material can get heat up/damaged.
  • Avoid jumping on the bean bags as they can handle only certain amount of weight. If it is abused then, the bean bag can burst open.
  • Avoid pouring eatables or liquids on the bean bag as it can damage the material.
  • Always keep away bean bag from cigarettes. The leatherette used for these products are made from petroleum products, so they are flammable. Apart from the outer layer, the bean are also flammable.
  • Make sure the zipper and Velcro are placed perfectly to avoid any spills or leakage.
  • Don’t allow kids or pets near bean bag while re-filling. The beans are choking hazards, if ingested or inhaled.
  • You can wipe out the dirt and dust using wet/dry cloth regularly for maintenance.
  • In case of removing any stains, you can use petrol and wipe them.
  • Jumping on flat bean bags can potentially cause injuries.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much weight can a bean bag withhold?
Usually, most of the bean bags are capable of withholding 150 – 200kgs. However, this also depends on the size of the bean bag. Make sure to check the size of the bean bag and its withholding capacity before making a purchase.

2. How much bean is required for filling a bean bag?
Bean bags that are more XXL and above require around 2.25kg. For bean bags that are XL and L, require 1kg. And bean bags sized M require less than 1kg.

3. Why is it important to purchase right sized bean bag?
As bean bags come in different sizes and shapes, you have to plan it in such a way that it fits into the space you are planning to place it. You should also consider the space you may require to store it, if you want to put away it when not in use.The bean bag you choose should also fit in the people who will use it. For that, you have to consider the weight of the people using it. You can also get single or double seated ban bags as per your wish. Correct dimensions for a bean bag can also be related to the person’s age. If you are looking a bean bag for fully grown adult, then XL is the right choice. However, if the product is for a teenage, then L is perfect for providing enough room and comfort. When it comes to kids, all sizes seem to beneficial for them.Finally, remember that – the size doesn’t impact the cleaning time required for maintaining a bean bag. Cleaning these products are quite simple – all you need to do is remove the cover and wash it. However, some of them can be a bit tricky and require only specialist treatment which usually depends on the material.

4. Can I fill a bean bag within 5 minutes? How to do it?
Though it seems like a big task that takes hours, actually filling a bean bag is quite simple. If you are not aware of this simple process and struggling to do it without any fuss or mess, then we have provided an easy way to achieve this. Actually, filling a bean bag is pretty fun task and doesn’t take much time – all you have do is follow the below-mentioned tips carefully.Step 1: Prepare the workspace1. filing a bean bag is not an e-person task, so make sure you another person’s help with it.2. Always fill a bean bag within indoors free of any wind or breeze3. Make sure to turn off all fans and air conditioners present in the room. Even a slightest breeze can create a big mess as the filling bean are light in weight.4. Don’t let children, pets and babies in to the room where you are filling, as the lightweight beads can cause suffocation if ingested.5. It is better to purchase a bean bag that has inner lining – as it is quite easy to refill and add whenever required. And moreover, it helps you change the covers as per your requirement.6. The place where you are filling up the bean bag should be clean, before starting to fill up, vacuum the area once to remove any dust or debris.7. It is better to use a floor surface that is actually covered with linoleum, timber or tiles. If there is any spillage of beans, then it is easy to clean the mess on these floors.Step 2: Make a FunnelThis is the step where you will make easy access to fill up the bean bag. For this, you have to make a funnel using any plastic waster paper – you can just swirl the paper like an ice-cream cone. Or else you can use a plastic bucket – any old or two-dollar store one will also be sufficient enough. If you are using a plastic bucket, cut a smaller end or make a hole at the bottom of the bucket using Stanley knife or hacksaw blade. This will create a funnel so you can pour the filling into the bean bag.Now, using a corn cob holder or paper clip, undo the safety zipper of the inner lining bag. Through the opening, insert the funnel and tighten the zip around the funnel.Step 3: Start FillingYou can purchase bean bad filling in any local or online store like Big W, Target, K-Mart and others. Usually, bean bags are sold in 100-litre bags. Now, ask the other person to hold the funnel and bean bag carefully. You cut open the filling bag (cut across the bag end about 150mm/ half the width of the bag). This way the re-fill bag can be is handled easily without any spillage or leakage. Now, slowly pour the bean content into the funnel. While re-filling, make sure everything is going into the bag without any spillage on the floor.Avoid over-filling the bean bag – as it makes the product less comfortable and places stress on stitching and zipper (which can weaken them and cause openings). As the bean bag can be holding over 100kgs weight when an adult sits on it, this creates huge pressure on seams as well.If it is confusing, remember this thumb rule – fill the bean bag around two-thirds of its capacity. It is much easier to fill the bean bag than to remove its contents. So, make sure to follow this thumb rule.Once you have filled or added contents into the bean bag, remove the top and secure the zipper carefully. Now place the inner lining into the bean bag cover.Step 4: Cleaning UpNo matter how careful you are while filling up the bean bag, some of the bean usually flow out during the process. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner to remove the spilled beans. If your vacuum cleaner is like Dyson (bag-less), then you can re-use the beans that are collected. Make sure to remove all the spilt beans as they can be fatal if your children or pets ingest it.If you follow these simple steps, you can fill up or re-fill the bean bag in no time. All it is just few minutes (not more than 5 minutes) without making any mess. If you have created a mess even after following steps, then you may have missed or done the step in a wrong way.Dispose any plastic bags or packets that came with the filling. We recommend people to collect these plastic bags and place them in a recycle bin. These plastic bags can be extremely fats if the children or pets get their hands on them. So, it is very important to dispose them immediately.Purchasing bean bags and filling them by yourself will save you more money than purchasing a pre-filled bean bag. Because flat bean covers are less expensive to freight than pre-filled ones.

5. How long do bean bags last?
A high quality bean bag will last for at least 3 – 4 years. However, this depends on the usage as well. If the bean bag is used carefully, then it will last more than 5 years. If the bean bag is not properly maintained, then it may not last more than 3 years. The longevity of a bean bag also depends on the material used, bean quality, and others.

6. Why are bean bags considered good? Can they improve poor posture?
Yes, they are. Most of us believe the myth that bean bags are not good for our health. However, this is actually not true at all. Hard furniture is uncomfortable and unsupported. But the ergonomics of a bean bag chair are malleable enough to conform precisely to the shape and size of our body. This way it will support the muscles, providing proper posture.

7. Up to how much extent a bean bad can be filled up?
When it comes to filling or re-filling a bean bag, there is a thumb rule you have to follow. Make sure to fill up only two thirds of the bean bag for good comfort and longevity of the product. If you don’t follow this rule, you can create a big mess. If the filling is more than required, then it will create pressure on the seams, zip and stitches when a person sits on it, often causing cracks and openings. If the filling is less than required, then it will not provide the comfort required.

8. How many types of bean fillings are available? Which one is the best?
There are more than 5 types of bean fillings that include EPS beads, EPP beads, Micro-beads, compressed foam, and natural fillers. Some people prefer natural fillers like rice, dried beans, dried corn, buckwheat hulls and others similar items. As EPS and EPP beads are much lighter, this type of bean filling is perfect for people who shift their bean bag regularly. If you are looking for therapeutic effects, then natural fillers are best. Finally, the best bean bag filling depends on your requirements.

9. Is it ok to sleep on a bean bag?
Yes, you can. In fact, most of the people experience good sleep on a bean bag. Because the bean will adjust according to your weight and structure, providing enough support and comfort no matter in which position you sleep. You don’t even need a pillow to place on a bean bag.

10. Is it ok to fill a bean bag with cotton?
Usually, bean bags are filled with polystyrene beads or memory foam. However, it is also ok to fill these products with cotton, shredded foam or any others that provide comfort. Any cotton that is available in grocery store can be used as a filling.

11. What is the best possible way to get rid of static in a bean bag?
This task cannot be handled by one person. So, ask someone to help you handle this task. First ask other person to hold the bean bag up and open. Now, remove out all the bean present inside. Take anti-static dryer sheet, rub it inside and outside the bean bag. Let it sit aside for an hour. Now, re-fill the bean bags. Quick tip: use a bag-less vacuum cleaner to remove or collect bean.

12. Why do bean bags go flat after certain period of time?
This is commonly experience by every one of us. The life of polystyrene balls is 6 – 8 months, which actually depends on the weight it holds on daily basis. Once the polystyrene balls go flat, the bean bag will also go flat.

13. Is it ok to wash bean bags with beans in it?
It is most probably impossible to remove add whole bag (with beans) into a washing machine. If you want to wash a bean bag with bean inside it, then you will have to do it manually. As the seams and zip carefully and strongly withhold the insides, you can use a brush and liquid soap to clean the outsides. After that, use a wash cloth to remove the soap. Let it dry under sun or dry air for few hours.

14. What are the different kinds of bean bags available in the market?
Actually, bean bags come in several shapes, colours, materials and sizes. With trending sales, bean bag manufacturers have started developing new kinds of bean bags apart from the classic bean bag chair. Some of the include couch, loungers, slab, and sofa bed bean bag. Bean bags are also categorized into two different types based on their usage that include – indoor and outdoor. Some of them differentiate bean bags based on the material used to build them. Some of the common materials used are faux fur, leather, faux suede, cotton, corduroy and others.

15 What is a bean bag filled up with?
In most of the cases, polystyrene beans are filled into the bean bags in order to provide comfort. Some of these bean bags are provided with two layers of comfort and security in order to avoid leakage of the bean filling.Usually, bean bags are either pre-filled or come with a removable inner liner that contains the bean fillings. Pre-filling represents that the bean bags is filled up to its capacity by the manufacturer before selling them. Removable inner liner usually allows the consumer to add or remove the filling according to their unique requirements. Actually, when the measurements are provided by the manufacturer, they represent the flat bean bag. These dimensions will surely change once the filling is added depending on the volume of filling added.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up….

Bean bags are the most comfortable and trendy furniture. When it comes to functionality, they are quite versatile as well. They are perfect for hanging out, relaxation, watching TV and sleeping too.

When it comes to purchasing bean bags, most of the people choose them over looks. But that is not the right procedure. You have to consider certain factors like size, shape and others. Without considering these factors, you may end with wrong choice that will not provide any comfort. If you are unaware how to purchase the right bean bag, then read our buying guide. It has all the information required for amazing bean bag products.

After analyzing several products present in the market, we finally picked up Solimo Bean Bag as the best choice. It provides long-lasting comfort and comes with fade-resistant fabric. And moreover it comes in several colors as well which makes it great addition to any home interior.

If you still have any queries, write to us in the comment section below. We will reply as soon as possible. For more information, stay tuned with our website.






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