Top 7 Best Coffee Tables / Center Tables in India : 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Simple, elegant, resourceful and most importantly, a stylish decor to your hall. These are the perfect words to describe the best coffee table one could ever have.

A coffee table is a small, low-lying table that is usually placed next to a sofa or a chair. It can have a wide variety of uses – to place coffee or tea (as per its name), books, newspapers, magazines or even decorative items like a vase of flowers.

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes, from round and oval to rectangular or square. They can be lightweight and made of sturdy plastic, or made up of the heavier yet more elegant sheesham or mahogany woods that add to the décor of your room.

But choosing a great coffee table could be cumbersome as you are bombarded with a bunch of options. You never know which one of those options is genuine while which one is bogus. But lucky for you, we are here to help.

Depending on your requirements, here is a simple guide to help you choose the right coffee table for your place. Remember, it needs to be both useful as well as look good! Read on for tips and the best coffee tables to buy online in India today.

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Tips on Choosing a Coffee Table

Best Coffee Tables in India

7 Best Coffee Tables / Center Tables Reviews in India 20201. Hariom Handicraft Sheesham Wood Coffee Table

2. Cello Oasis Four Seater Centre Table (Ice Brown)

3. DeckUp Siena Coffee Table (Wenge, Matte Finish)

4. DecorNation Lawanya Coffee Table Set

5. Bluewud Osnale Coffee Table (Wenge, Rectangular)

6. Craftatoz Multipurpose Wooden Folding Table

7. Urban Ladder Claire Compact Coffee Table:

Buying Guide: How to pick the best coffee table in India1. Placement of the Table

2. Length and Height of the Table

3. Style Statement of your Room and Place

4. Storage Space

5. Materials Used

6. Additional Functionalities and Uses

Frequently Asked Questions?


Tips on Choosing a Coffee Table

The following are 4 important things one need to look for before finalizing on a coffee table

  • Which room do you want to place it in?
  • How can you make your room space efficient?
  • Length and Height
  • Extra functionality and Usage

Analyzing the user requirements and after a strong 72 hours of research, we have created a “detailed guide” with tips and tricks on picking the best coffee table which is available at the end of this article.  Along with this, we have curated a well researched list of the top 7 coffee tables available online. Read on to find out more about it.

Best Coffee Tables in India

Coffee Tables Dimensions (inches)WeightWarrantyBuy Now

Hariom Handicraft Sheesham Wood Coffee Table2 ft 9 in x 1 ft 5 in x 2 ft 9 inNANo WarrantyCheck the Price

Cello Oasis Four Seater Centre Table31.64 x 17.88 x 17.492.8 kg1 yearCheck the Price

DeckUp Siena Coffee Table35.4 inches x 16 inches x 15 inches18 KgsNo warrantyCheck the Price

DecorNation Lawanya Coffee Table Set39 x23.2 x 16.1 inchNA1 yearCheck the Price

Bluewud Osnale Coffee Table21.9″x21.9″x17.8I”6 kgNo warrantyCheck the Price

Craftatoz Multipurpose Wooden Folding Table15x15x15 Inches1.3 kgNo warrantyCheck the Price

Urban Ladder Claire Compact Coffee Table24.1 x 24.1 x 17.9918.2 Kg1 YearCheck the Price

7 Best Coffee Tables / Center Tables Reviews in India 2020

1. Hariom Handicraft Sheesham Wood Coffee Table

Hariom Handicraft have been into the Manufacturing spectrum since the year 1990. True to its name, the Sheesham Wood Coffee table is made from high quality Sheesham Wood in India.


With an exquisite coloured finish design, this coffee table is ideal for living rooms and drawing rooms of houses with large halls or ample floor space. It even comes with 4 sitting chairs. A perfect table for every tea time and coffee stage discussions.

Coupled with that, the chairs that come with the table are also made from high quality sheesham wood. Cushioned with the finest foam, these chairs are low stead. That means, the chairs are as small as 1.2” by 1.6”.

The table itself has a slightly higher dimension count of 85 cm x 44cm x 85 cm (2 ft 9 in x 1 ft 5 in x 2 ft 9 in) (Width x Height x Depth). This is slightly higher than the stools so that the stools can easily be slided under the table to make a perfect box like structure. Looks perfect!

Mooncraft Collections, the curation and designers of the tables, have spent a lot of energy to the minimalistic design of the table. One can sit down and admire the smooth and watery finish of the table. The top of the table has ample space for placement of coffee mugs, tea pots, a potted plant and even newspapers.

The best part about the table is the 3 different wood variants and 3 cushion colour variants it is available in. While Walnut, Natural Teak finish and Espresso finish are the two wood finishes, the cushions of the table are available in cream, red and grey coloured finishes. Personally, we prefer the espresso finish with the cream cushions.

Things we liked about the table:

    Elegant Finish available in Walnut, Espresso and Teak wood finishes.

    4 chairs with exquisitely soft cushions in 3 different colours (cream, grey and bright red)

    Dimensions are W x H x D= 85 cm x 44cm x 85 cm (2 ft 9 in x 1 ft 5 in x 2 ft 9 in)

    Sturdy and strong build quality

    Wide and spacious usage area

    Makes for a perfect decor for living rooms

Things we didn’t like about this:

    No warranty

    Should be careful with water or humidity

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2. Cello Oasis Four Seater Centre Table (Ice Brown)

This ice-brown coloured contemporary style center table is a product of Cello. Cello Oasis is the first Plastic Made Centre Coffee Table and it comes with an extra storage rack space under the table top.


Available in two other trendy colours – marble beige and sandalwood brown, the table is a DIY assembly contemporary styled coffee table. Perfectly suited for budget class bachelors and middle class homes.

Made of polypropylene, the Cello Oasis has four stable legs and the shelf at the bottom is perfect for the storage of newspapers, important books or papers.. Light in weight, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain, this four seater center table is value for money and most importantly, economically priced.

It could be used both indoors and outdoors, as per your requirement. Though basic assembly is required, it comes with instructions and can be easily assembled and/or dismantled.

The Cello Oasis Four Seater Center Table is sturdy, easily portable and elegant in looks too. This economical table comes with a warranty of 1 year on manufacturing defects.

Things We Liked About The Table:

    Made of lightweight, corrosion resistant polypropylene

    Waterproof; easy to clean and maintain

    Extra bottom shelf for additional storage

    Available in 3 different colours

    Can be used both indoors and outdoors

    1 year warranty

Things We Didn’t Like:

    Basic assembly required

    Does not have wheels

    Not as sturdy and durable build as a wooden table

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3. DeckUp Siena Coffee Table (Wenge, Matte Finish)

With a Mosaic Design and ample storage space and a minimalistic and modernist style, the DeckUp Siena Coffee Table is a perfect piece of furniture that every hubristic household wishes to have.


Made out of high quality engineered wood, the coffee table is colour laminated to give a smooth and ebony matte layer finish to the top layer. It comes in 3 distinct brown colour finishes one being dark wenge, one is walnut brown and another one is wenge with matte finish.

The product is delivered unassembled and one needs to assemble it on their own. A DIY (Do It Yourselves ) manual comes with the packaging and this will help you in the assembly of the table.

Coming to the unique storage portion of the table, there are variable spaced 6 partitions compartments along the table. Four of the compartment shelves are open ended while 2 of them to the either sides are opening side ended. And they are not just simply racks. The spaces are variable with a few shelves being small and narrow and a few being wide. The narrow ones could fit in small and miscellaneous objects while the wide ones can fit in big and bulky books or newspapers.

The top of the table has ample amounts of space and one can easily use it not just for news papers, coffee/tea pots and cups but also for placing small dishes and a makeshift dining table for 2. Elegant and beautiful.

The dimensions of this coffee table are 35.4 inches x 16 inches x 15 inches (Length x Height x Depth) Assembled, the product might look a little short but is a perfect fit for the living room, hall and drawing rooms. The product does not come with any manufacturer’s warranty but, the economic pricing of the product makes it a perfect go for it deal.

Things we liked about the table:

  • Stylish and Mosaic design
  • Ample storage space thanks to the 6 compartment shelves

    Good quality Engineered wood

    Matte finish

    Available in 3 different colour ranges (dark wenge, matte finish wenge and walnut brown)

    Perfect value for money

Things we didn’t like about i:

    No warranty

    A wood based DIY assemble could be a little hard for laymen

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4. DecorNation Lawanya Coffee Table Set

DecorNation Lawanya Coffee tables are a family of elegantly and ultra minimalistic designed coffee tables.The table top is made out of High quality wood both the table top and the legs.


Mainly, these tables are a set of 2 stackable coffee tables. There are two tables one is the large one while the other one is medium sized. That means that you can place it one over the other when not in use. The edges of the table are smoothly curved which makes it non-dangerous to place around children too.

Design of these are, as mentioned, ultra minimalistic and sturdy in nature. While they may not look like it but they are incredibly sturdy in nature. These tables are triangle cut in visual design. Thus the legs are also only 3 contrarily compared to the conventional 4 legged designs. This design style makes it easy for the tables to be moved about and placed about the room. Coupled with the fact that they do not have any bulky storage spaces underneath them, they are incredibly portable. Perfect for small and cozy homes looking to light up their living room or drawing room decor. Also ideal for bachelors or spinsters looking to liven their living quarters.

Just as mentioned before the entire body of the table is made out of wood. Even the legs, are made out of good quality engineered wood. Multifunctional in nature, one can use it as a tea of coffee table in their drawing rooms or even for breakfast or snacks in their evening. If you are a lone ranger, you can even use it as a makeshift dinner table for one or simply place it in the garden to read a book or the newspaper.

Apart from the wooden matte finish, the coffee table set is also available in a white table top and black legs which is also great looking for homes with white or bright walls. If you are looking for something big, then you can pick the long version of the same table (this version does not come with an extra medium table)

For the dimensions of the table, the large table is about 21.9″x21.9″x17.8I”Inches and as for the medium table, it is 17.3×17.3×16.7 inches. The product is shipped unassembled and needs some self assembly but this is one of the easiest self assembly table there is in the list.A DIY Manual that comes with the packaging will help you assemble the table for yourselves.

Unfortunately, there exists no product manufacturer’s warranty available for this product to cover any damages. You can, however return if the product is shipped damaged to you within 10 days of delivery.

Things we liked about the table:

    Simplistic and minimalistic design

    Comes as a set of 2 tables one large and one medium

    Comes in two colours. Wenge brown with matte finish or decolam white and black legs.

    Simplified DIY Assembly

    Light in weight and incredibly portable

    Triangle shaped design with smooth edges

    Neat finish

Things we didn’t like:

    No warranty

    Could improve the table top wood quality

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5. Bluewud Osnale Coffee Table (Wenge, Rectangular)

A simple and traditionally designed teapoy style coffee table, the Bluewud Osnale Coffee Table makes it to our list due to its strong and durable nature.


The cohesive styling of its design is typically found in any middle or upper middle class halls, living rooms or drawing rooms. Perfectly lengthy enough to be placed at the centre and can be surrounded by sofas or arm chairs and even with normal large chairs. The dimensions of this table are 39 x23.2 x 16.1 inch (L x W x H)

Bottom of this coffee table has a small and convenient storage rack. This is to place old newspapers or other miscellaneous objects. On an all, the design of this table is versatile and usable for every type of family. Small nuclear and even large families too (in gardens and balconies).

We like the fact that such a retro styled durable coffee table is coming for such a great economic pricing. Get one for a style statement that does not shout out fashion but at the same time does not lay low calmly. But make sure that you are not placing anything too much to weigh in as it may cause the table to wobble a little. But all in all, this is a great product that is light in weight.

The coffee brown colour of the table gives your room a retro and nostalgic\ look while the sturdy build of the table can even withstand jumps from kids. BlueWud is too confident about its product that they provide you with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for any damages to the product within the tenure of the warranty.

This product will come un-assembled and you would be needing to assemble it by yourselves. Lucky for you, a DIY manual comes with the packaging but one does not need it. Almost anyone can assemble the product within almost 15 minutes if done right.

Things we liked about the table:

    Simple and retro design, look and feel

    Coffee brown colour with neat finish

    Ample amounts of table top space

    Great and compact storage rack at the bottom of the table

    Ideal for every type of family

    Economic product

    Light in weight

    Requires assemble and can be done in 15 minutes by anyone.

    1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like about it:

    Gets a little wobbly when placed with too much weight.

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6. Craftatoz Multipurpose Wooden Folding Table

The next item on our list is the Craftatoz Multipurpose Wooden Folding Table which is a product of Craftatoz. If you’re looking for an elegant little table to add to the décor of your living room, this could be the ideal choice.


Made of handcrafted mango wood, this elegantly designed table is handcrafted. The mango wood promises great durability and longevity to the table. It lends a rustic look to the room and could be a good buy to complement the wooden furniture of your living room.

This solid table is completely foldable, making it easy to carry around. Though relatively smaller in size than usual coffee tables, its refined looks more than make up for it. The dimensions of this table are 15x15x15 Inches. Perfectly cube shaped. You could use it as a corner table to keep your telephone/modem, as a traditional puja stand or simply to serve tea or coffee in the evenings.

Moreover, the product is sent in pre assembled and does not require any sort of assembly. Unpack and use directly.

Ideally meant for light use, this is a small but sturdy table which is easy to handle around the house. Do not place heavy items on the table. There is no warranty with this product.

Things we liked about the table:

  • Handcrafted, rustic look adds to the room decor
  • Foldable, easy to carry around

    Made of solid mango wood

    No assembly required

Things we didn’t like about it:

    No warranty

    Does not have wheels

    Meant for light weights only

    Relatively smaller than other coffee tables

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7. Urban Ladder Claire Compact Coffee Table:

Last but not the least is the Urban Ladder’s Claire Compact Coffee Table. Urban Ladder is a furniture centric startup based out of Bangalore who has been consumer centric with their incredibly crisp designs from day 1. Finessely crafted for  a modernised living room and office surroundings, this piece of furniture has an ambiguous usage. Both in work spaces and residences too.


Made out of sheesham wood and high quality glass fittings, the table has a mahogany wood finish. The product is available in 2 different sizes and finishes. The compact and small square shaped body, ideal for a single or couple dwelling places and single office spaces. It’s dimensions are 60.96 cm, Width 60.96 cm and Height 45.72 cm. The long version is ideal for homes and larger office spaces. It has the following dimensions Length- 115 cm, Width- 60 cm, Height-60 cm.

Talking of the design of the table, it has a perfectly cut out shape. The top of the table is hollow cut with a perfect mahogany finish. Inside this hollow is the look through glass inserted. This gives the table a rich feel. The bottom of the table has a storage rack space. This is entirely made of the same sheesham wood. The size of this rack is of the same size as the hollow cut above it. Ideal for storing away newspapers or any other miscellaneous objects.

A small problem with this table is the fact that the glass at the centre and the frame about it are not exactly conjoined than placed one above the other. This gives rise to half an inch gap. If you are to clean the table, you might find it a little difficult due to minute particles getting stuck inside this gap. Thus obstructing your cleaning process.

Unlike the other products listed, this one is easy to use. It is delivered to your doorstep pre assembled. Urban Ladder provides you with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for any product damage during the tenure of the warranty.

Things we liked about this table:

    Neat and stylish design

    Look through glass on top

    Made out of high quality durable sheesham wood and has a mahogany finish

    Available in 2 different sizes to choose from

    Pre assembled. Hence no assembly is required

    1 Year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like about this:

    The half inch gap between the table top frame and the table top glass can obstruct your cleaning of the table

    Pricier compared to most of such table designs

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Buying Guide: How to pick the best coffee table in India

The key to picking a perfect coffee table is 3 things. Style, Quality and Size. But apart from those, there are a wide range of other important factors. You don’t need to wonder what they are for we have decided to help you out with the very same. Before picking any coffee table, you need to ask yourselves a few important questions. Below listed are the top and main important factors that contribute for you picking the right coffee table.

1. Placement of the Table

Coffee tables are first and foremost, ambiance tools. For you to buy a great coffee table, you need to first understand where exactly are you going to place this piece of furniture. Before deciding on the style, pick the place. For instance, If it’s the drawing room for guests, you can look for a formal coffee table with a glass top. A living room could make do with a stronger and more durable plastic or wooden table with an additional shelf for extra storage. Glass tables are less bulky and easy to clean. Wooden tables are heavier but add a touch of class to the room along with the furniture. Plastic tables are multifunctional and can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

Once you’ve decided on the room, the next question that arises is where in the room you would like to place it.

If it’s a smaller room then opt for an oval or rectangular coffee table which saves space. Larger and more spacious rooms are meant for square and round coffee tables. If children are around, it is always recommended to opt for either an oval or round table with no sharp edges.

2. Length and Height of the Table

Though this may vary according to your requirements and room, an ideal coffee table for the living room would be a maximum of two-thirds of the bigger sofa’s length, not more, with almost 2 feet of space between the table and the sofa. It can be either lesser in height than the sofa or equal to it, but shouldn’t be at a higher level than the seating.

The same goes for square shaped tables too. It should not be too high. Perfectly sized coffee tables are often knee length.

Talking about the typical garden tea/coffee tables, the need can be slightly bigger in height. This is so because the chairs used in the garden are slightly higher than those of the sofas.

3. Style Statement of your Room and Place

A coffee thing’s primary responsibility is to liven up your living space. This takes up the responsibility to brighten your drawing room, or living room or wherever you are placing the table.

If you are someone who likes retro styled, go for wood or brown coloured simple styles. If you are a bit hippy by nature, go for mosaic designs. A simple tripod styled tables will never go out of fashion.

4. Storage Space

You see that major teapoy styled coffee tables come with an additional storage space underneath of their table top. Either that or a drawer based storage spaces. For smaller homes, pick something that can be has closed storage. Owing to the comparatively lower living space, this will give you the space you need to store away and hide a few misc things.

For bigger homes and for garden coffee tables, you need not go for closed quarter style. Go for simple and open rack storage spaced coffee tables. This will give you ample space to place and store your daily newspapers or books that you plan on reading while on the little excursion to the backyard.

5. Materials Used

Coffee tables are made out of either plastic, steel, wood or glass. Depending on your surroundings, pricing budget and your moving profile’s requirements, pick one.

a) Wood: Coffee tables made out of wood are retro, strong and durable in nature. A wooden coffee table often screams of permanency. In a few cultures, it is also considered that gifting a wooden piece of furniture indicates a possible permanent bonding with the person. If your house or surroundings have a retro look and feel, go for wooden tables. They may be expensive but are have longer life.

b) Plastic: Plastic tables are the most economic of them all. They are light in weight and easily portable from one place to another. Apart from that, they also come in various shapes,colours and styles. A perfect pick for budget couples, small families, bachelors and spinsters. But the only con to this would be the low quality of material. Hence pick from a trusted company that protects your purchase with a warranty.

c) Metal: There isn’t much to talk about metal tables as there are not many who prefer a metal coffee table these days. Metal tables are durable and strong. They cost not too much yet aren’t cheap. Another problem with metal tables is there are not much styles and designs available. Ideal for government and other such retro styled office spaces

d) Glass: Glass coffee tables are infamous about their breakage. Though, they are often minimalistic and have some of the most wonderful designs. They are a little expensive (on the range of wood tables). Perfect for high end households and garden and backyards.

6. Additional Functionalities and Uses

Do you just need a flat table top for basic use? Or would an additional drawer or shelf be more useful to store things? If the coffee table you are buying is relatively light in weight (not made of heavy wood), it is better to get one that has wheels for easy portability.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Should the coffee table be lower in height than the couch?
Height of the coffee table is real important. Typically, coffee tables should be 1 or 2 inches lower than that of your sofa or the couch. By standards, the normal height of a coffee table is between 16 and 18 inches. If your sofa or couch is higher than usual, go for something that is higher of about 20 or 21 inches high.

2. What is a center table?
Any table that is to be placed at the centre of the room is called a center table. This is typically preferred for a parlour, living room or a drawing room.

3. Is cocktail table the same as a coffee table?
Most of the times, a coffee table and a cocktail table are almost the same. Cocktail table is typically and specifically rectangle shaped with much more table top area. A coffee table can be either rectangular, square or any shape.


With a superior wood cut finish, elegant colour availability, strong and durable body and economic pricing, the  Hariom Handicraft Sheesham Wood Coffee Table wins our list of the best coffee tables in India. While that was our list, we would like to listen to your picks. Did we miss anything? Do you have any questions pertaining to the picking and selection of a coffee table? Please feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team of experts will get back to you very shortly.






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