Top 7 Best Ironing Boards in India: Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Everyone needs and loves a neatly pressed shirt. But ironing on an uneven surface could ruin your dress/shirt’s iron and turn to be a nightmare. You NEED TO have the best Ironing Board to help you in your ironing process.

When you have an ironing board, it will not only help you as a base to iron your clothes, but also aid in organizing your laundry room. You can systematically iron your clothes and place them in order. But for this, you need an ideal ironing board.

But how do you decide on whether an ironing board is good enough or not? If you end up choosing a bad quality ironing board or a small board for large dress, you may end up burning a hole through the cloth or worse, burn you.

There are multiple factors that contribute towards the quality of an ironing board. Be sure to check out important factors such as the size, quality of the wooden board, padding and the frame from which the body is made out of. Did you know that majority of companies promise good padding but end up giving cheap cloth? You need to be careful.

Today, we will be discussing what are the important things one need to consider before buying an ironing board. Attached to this article is a comprehensive “Buying Guide” that will help you make an informed decision. This buying guide, along with the following list of 7 top ironing boards in India have been narrowed down after a thorough and detailed research by our team of experts.

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Best Iron Tables in India

7 Best Ironing Board Reviews in India1. Bathla X-Press Ace Large Foldable Ironing Board

2. Paffy Ironing Board with Multi function tray

3. Peng Titan Ironing Board

4. TruGood Folding Ironing Board with Press Stand

5. Orril Wooden Based foldable Ironing Board

6. Solimo Folding Ironing Board with Iron Stand

7. Houzie Wooden Foldable Ironing Board

Ironing Board Buying Guide:Types of Ironing Board:

Important factors to consider before purchasing an Ironing Board:1. Size of the ironing board

2. Design and Weight

3. Strength and Durability

4. On Board Material

5. Padding

6. Additional features

Frequently Asked Questions?


Best Iron Tables in India

Ironing BoardsProduct DimensionWarrantyBuy Now

Bathla X-Press Ace Large Foldable Ironing Board143 x 42 x 10 cm2 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON

Paffy Ironing Board143 x 39 x 10 cm2 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON

Peng Titan Ironing BoardNANACHECK ON AMAZON

TruGood Folding Ironing Board47 X 122 cmNACHECK ON AMAZON

Orril Wooden Ironing Board112 x 40 cmNACHECK ON AMAZON

Solimo Folding Ironing Board 114.3 x 35.6x 88.9 cmNACHECK ON AMAZON

Houzie Wooden Foldable Ironing Board112 x 40 cmNACHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Ironing Board Reviews in India

1. Bathla X-Press Ace Large Foldable Ironing Board

First up on our list is the Bathla X-Pres Ace. A large foldable ironing board, it is durable, strong and has impressive features for regular to heavy ironing.

Ideal for every middle class household, this device is versatile and multifunctional in a way. The frame of the ironing board is made from quality steel which makes it durable and stable while the precision moulded plastic parts of the frame make it highly flexible and easy to set up and fold.

A Multipurpose tray present around the leg hinges of the board can be used to play freshly pressed and folded clothes . The iron holder attached to the board’s back is heat resistant and does not melt or break easily.

This iron board comes with a wire holder. This is nothing but a lengthy wire in height which holds the cord wire of the iron so you do not need to have the hassle of the iron wire coming in the middle of you ironing.

Surface of this ironing board comes with an aluminised cloth cover that allows efficient heat transfer. The anti-skid PVC shoes prevent the ironing board from slipping during use and provide high stability.

With such amazing features, durability and strength, this ironing board come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Things we liked:

    Minimal design

    Hasslefree cord wire holder

    High quality iron holder

    Multipurpose stand placed below towards the hinges.

    Anti skid legs

    Aluminised cloth cover for good padding

    Dimensions are (LxBxH): 143 x 42 x 10 cm

    Step wise height adjustment.

    2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like:

    Tad bit expensive compared to its counterparts

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2. Paffy Ironing Board with Multi function tray

Next on our list is the quirky and colourfully covered Paffy Folding Ironing Board. Paffy is known for their colourful and vivid board covers.

Similar to the Bathla ironing board, it is foldable and comes with a multi function tray and also a wire manager. It can be used in a small to middle sized household.

Coming to the design aspects of this board, as mentioned, it comes with a colourful cover of flag themed fabric. It can be folded and stored away and has an adjustable height setting.

Speaking of the build material, the frame is made out of entirely metal. This also has enough padding on it for a comfortable ironing session without any cause of wrinkles while ironing.

The anti skid pvc material at the legs of the ironing board make it stable for ironing. No more skidding or slipping of the board while ironing.

A multifunction tray present under the board near the hinges can be used to place freshly pressed and folded clothes. It also has a cord holding wire towards one end of the board. This makes it easier for you to iron on the board without having to worry anything about the cord getting in the way.

The iron stand for this device is also placed near to the cord holding wire. This is heat resistant and strong to hold very hot iron.  

Paffy foldable ironing board comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty against any malfunctioning or defects to the product during the tenure of the warranty.

Things we liked:

    Colourful and vivid cover fabric

    Foldable and adjustable height frame

    Cord wire holder

    Sturdy Iron holder

    Anti skid legs

    Dimensions are 143 x 39 x 10 cm

    2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like:

    Could improve its build quality

    Needs more padding

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3. Peng Titan Ironing Board

Peng Essentials is a dedicated brand towards the manufacture and development of home appliances and essentials. The Peng Essentials Titan Steel Ironing Board is a definitive ironing board from the house of Peng.

This ironing board is simple yet elegant and does the job. Ideal for bachelors and small to mid sized families.

Easily foldable and could be stowed away, the board is made out of high quality steel frames while there is good amount of padding to the board (made out of 100% pure cotton material)

Apart from that, we also have a iron stand to place the iron while you are working folding or turning the clothes. But unlike the the Bathla or Paffy, it does not have a multi purpose shelf nor the cord wire. These accessories are not important but a few people might find it irksome.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of the warranty for the product. So one has to be careful while using and not break it.

Things we liked:

    4 stage height adjustment

    Elegant design

    Steel framed body

    Padded and covered with 100% pure cotton fabric

    Iron stand available

Things we didn’t like:

    Absent cord wire handler

    Absent multipurpose shelf

    No warranty

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4. TruGood Folding Ironing Board with Press Stand

Next up is the TruGood folding Ironing Board which comes with a steel frame like iron stand towards one side of the board.

Coming to the dimensions of this board, it is a full size ironing board with 18 x 48 inch (47 X 122 cm) size. It is ideal for all types of bachelors and families.

The frame of the ironing board stand is made from superior quality steel with makes it strong and durable. While that is steek, the ironing board part is made from high quality wood which makes it stable and shockproof.

Fitted with rubber caps, the feet bottom of the stand provide proper grip and prevent the board from any slipping or skidding. The height of this ironing stand can also be adjusted as per the user’s requirements.

As mentioned, the ironing board comes with an iron holder which allows the user to rest the iron safely in between use. There is no specified manufacturer’s warranty for this product.

Things we liked:

    Strong steel frame

    Steel frame iron stand

    Wooden board material

    Fabric padding

    Adjustable height

    Rubber studs to legs to be anti-skin

    Dimensions 18 x 48 inch (47 X 122 cm)

Things we didn’t like:

    No warranty

    No accessories like multipurpose shelf or cord wire manager

    Needs better padding

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5. Orril Wooden Based foldable Ironing Board

Next up on our list is the Orril Wooden Based Foldable Ironing Table. With a size dimensions of 122X 40 cm, it is a medium sized ironing table. As it is medium. It is ideal for bachelors and small families.

Speaking of the design of the board, there are a wide variety of floral print and colours to pick from for the cover and the padding of the board. This cloth fabric is aluminised so that it can conserve the heat and thus saving you about 40% of the required energy.

The frame of the table is made from high quality steel frame while the board material, as mentioned, is made from wood. One side of this wooden board part is padded with cotton fabric while the other bottom contains a height adjustment lock clip.

Using the height adjustment clip, one can adjust the height of the board to about 70-80 cm. The legs of this board have rubber studs, like many others in the list, to make sure that it does not skid or slip off while you are ironing.

Coming to the accessories part, you do not get a lot for this board. There is a functioning iron holding stand but there is no multipurpose shelf nor there is any cord holder for the board to hold the iron cord.

Things we liked about the board:

    Aluminised and colourful printed cover fabric which saves 40% energy

    Sturdy wooden board

    Durable steel frame

    Dimensions are 112 cm X 40 cm

    Rubber studs to provide stability and prevent skid

    Iron stand to place the iron during usage

    Adjustable height between 70 and 80 cm

Things we didn’t like about it:

    No multipurpose shelf

    No wire management cord

    No warranty

    Could have improved the padding

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6. Solimo Folding Ironing Board with Iron Stand

Solimo is an Amazon acquired company through which Amazon sells its own brand of home utilities and appliances. The Solimo Chevron Folding Ironing Board is from the very same family of Amazon appliances and thus comes with a promised great quality.

Starting off with the design of the product, it is crafted with a steel mesh frame upon which the the wooden board is placed. This wooden board is covered with 250GSM felt which absorbs heat and aids in 2 sided press and thus saves energy. Covering this is the 110 GSM 100% pure cotton cloth cover. Overall, the product is durable yet light in weight.

Dimensions of the board are 45x14x35 inches thus it is a a compact small family’s home accessory. The legs of this ironing board are thick and sturdy which give great stability. Fitted with rubber caps, the legs do not move away easily and you do not need to worry about the skid while ironing.

It also comes with a built-in iron holder which is attached to the wide end side. This is to be used for placing the ot iron when it is not in use.

Though a budget product with the trust of amazon, this ironing board does not come with any sort of warranty.

Things we liked:

    Lightweight yet durable steel mesh outer frame body

    Durable wood table

    250 GSM heat absorbing padding with 110 GSM 100% pure cotton

    Skid proof and sturdy legs

    Height adjustment available

    Comes with an iron stand

Things we didn’t like:

    No warranty

    No additional accessories such as shelf or cord management wire

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7. Houzie Wooden Foldable Ironing Board

Last on our list is the Houzie Wooden Foldable Ironing Table. This is the only ironing table that is available in over 6 different sizes and model variations.

With sizes ranging from small, medium, baby, big, holder and premium. Depending on the size of the family and one’s requirements, these can be sought and bought.

The basic features and functionalities of these ironing table are the same for the most parts. For instance, all of the boards have a sturdy steel frame and have a quality wooden board.

Small, medium, big and holder are varied in the size of the board and the frame. The baby styled table does not come with any legs. It is more of a tabletop mode.

The premium model of this ironing table is the ultimate model. It is also priced at its level, it has all of the basic features such as anti-skid rubber legs, board and frame and an ironing stand. Additionally, it has premium features such as the cord management wire and an extra multi purpose shelf to place things.

But even with such wonderful features, the Houzie does not provide any warranty for these products which is the only possible con for this otherwise awesome product.

Things we liked:

    Variable sized models available

    Has anti skid legs

    Durable steel frame body

    Wooden board

    Premium version comes with cord management wire and multipurpose shelf

Things we didn’t like:

    Does not have any warranty for the products

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Ironing Board Buying Guide:

An ironing board is not just about the amount of surface area that you get to place your shirt or a dress on. It is more than that. The best Ironing Board will have ample surface area, greater build quality, soft padding and most importantly, easy set up.

Before we jump into these factors in detail, let us understand the two major different types of ironing boards that are available in the market.

Types of Ironing Board:

Majorly, there are two different types of ironing boards

  • Built in Ironing Boards:

As the name suggests, these types of ironing boards are built directly into the the walls of the room. They tend to occupy comparatively less space and thus are ergonomic. If you are a permanent resident in the house you live in right now, these sort of boards are ideal. They will stay with the home for a very long period.

Mostly made out of plywood or strong board, these boards are durable and have longer life. You can simply fix one to the wall of the laundry room or your closet or the bathroom too. Gives all of your pressed shirts an address thus no confusion.

  • Portable Ironing Boards

Portable ironing boards are lightweight and can be moved about anywhere with great ease.A modern day phenomena, these boards are ideal for individuals and small families who have very little space or who move constantly from a place to another.

Highly adjustable when it comes to size and height, these boards are very convenient and often cost lesser than inbuilt boards but at times, lack in durability.

Important factors to consider before purchasing an Ironing Board:

1. Size of the ironing board

As we have mentioned earlier, the space on the top of the ironing board is not the factor to be considered. But it is certainly the first factor one has to consider while picking a board. Make sure you have checklisted the following important aspects about the size of the ironing board

    Size of the ironing board should not be too big or too small. Go for a medium sized version for moderate ironing practices.

    The standard size of any ironing board is about 54in long and 15 inches wide.

    Commercial model ironing boards are largest with dimensions of 5 feet length and 20 inches width.

    Must home models are 4.5 feet long and 15 inches wide

    A full size ironing board that is at least 4 feet long and 12 to 18 inches wide is best if you do bulk ironing every week.

    If you are someone who does a lot of ironing, go for wider versions instead of longer versions.

2. Design and Weight

Design of an ironing board in reality does not make a big difference to the quality or operation of the board. The weight of the board, however, makes quite a significant difference. But make sure you have the following aspects covered when it comes to both design and the weight of the board.

    Always choose an ironing board that is light in weight .

    The ironing board which is more comfortable to set up and take down is the best option.

    Make sure that the design of the board does not lead to a lesser top area.

    Build material of the board will influence the weight of the board. Metal boards are sturdy but may be heavy. Wooden boards are both sturdy and could be lightweight. The same is the case with most plywood or plastic boards too.

3. Strength and Durability

Another important factor, the durability and the sturdiness of the product dictates how strong it is for rough usage.

    Metal is durable than wood, wood is durable than plastic. Look at the order of durability before the material of the product.

    Number of legs of the ironing board will tell you the stability of the board. Ideally, look for 4 legged boards or 4 cross legged frames (these are foldable types)

    Frame of the material is also an important factor. Instead of a carving of the material, go for a board which has a frame and material within the frame.

4. On Board Material

Apart from the material, the table top material on which you will be placing the clothes to be ironed is also equally important.

    A bad material might lead to melt down or burning of the clothes when pressed with hot iron.

    Different type of materials accommodate different type of textiles.

    A few synthetic materials have high resistance to heat which is ideal to iron on.

    Pick such materials which can withstand high temperatures and do not stick to the clothes.

5. Padding

Padding of the ironing board refers to the on board padding which is usually made out of cotton or linen cloth. This padding is placed to make sure you do not place the cloths directly on top of the board material. This fabric makes sure that the clothes are pressed to perfection and have a gentle backdrop so they won’t burn down.

    Ideal padding materials are cotton and linen

    If the board does not come with a natural padding material you can buy these separately online

    You can also use a few clean linen or cotton sheets to be stacked one on another and place them on the board to act as padding materials.

6. Additional features

Apart from the normal aspects such as strength, weight and stability, one can look for the following features to aid in their ironing journey.

    Iron Rest: It is a stand that lets you place the ironing box on rest while you flip or fold the shirt or in between changing the clothes on the board.

    Sleeve Board Attachment: A pull to extend board that will make the job of pressing sleeves of a shirt easy.

    Hanger hook for the board: So that you can hang the board on the wall after usage.

    Hanger hooks for the clothes: Mostly a feature in large ironing board sets, these are to place the clothes stacked one after the other while you are in the middle of ironing.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What kind of place should you an Ironing board?
Ironing Boards do not need a specific place to be installed. They can be installed anyplace you wish to perform the action of ironing and pressing. Mostly, laundry rooms, bathrooms or bed rooms seem appropriate places for this. In built ironing boards are comfortable even in the halls as they hide inside a closet.

2. Why is the ironing board shaped not rectangle but curved?
The shape of the ironing board is so because it offers great comfort, easy and does not occupy a lot of space.

3. Why do ironing boards have holes in them
Holes in an ironing board act as vents so that any extra steam from the iron which is not utilized can escape. These holes have the risk of being impressed onto the clothes. This is why many ironing boards have ample padding to avoid this.

4. Why do we need the ironing board cover?
A cover to an ironing board protects the ironing board from any external dust for the board and the clothes. Also, it makes sure that the uneven (if any) surfaces of the board do not cause any creases to the clothes in any way. Always use a cover for keeping the board and the clothes safe.

5. How high should an ironing board be?
It is always advised that one buy an ironing board with adjustable height. This makes it easier for a person of any height in any kind of room iron their clothes with ease.


With a minimal design, a cord management wire, multipurpose shelf a very durable body and most importantly, a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, our top pick for the best ironing board in India is the Bathla X-Pres Ace. Be sure that you are checking and comparing your choice product with all of the available options before making an informed choice. If you are having any further questions regarding ironing or ironing boards, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. Our home appliance experts will write back to you as soon as possible.






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