Types of Air Cooler Cooling Pads: Comprehensive Buying Guide

To fight the heat of summers, we often prefer to install Air Conditioners as they are the most effective solution out there. It might be the most effective solution, but is it a cost-effective and environment-friendly method to fight the heat? A big No! That’s why most people, here in India, still use the traditional Air Coolers instead.

Comparing them to the Air Conditioners, absolutely there are differences in their cooling potential, but not enough to make you completely ditch them.

You can still utilize the Air Coolers in an amazing way and enjoy the cold breeze with just choosing the right cooling pads for your Air Cooler. As you might know, there are a few different kinds of Air Cooling Pads for Air Coolers available out there.

So, which one of them is the best? If you are curious to know, make sure to give this article a good read until the end and find the answers for yourself. So, without making you wait any longer, let’s directly jump onto the next section and see some Air Cooler Cooling Pad Types.

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Air Cooler Cooling Pad TypesAspen Pads

Honeycomb Pads

Aspen Vs Honeycomb


Air Cooler Cooling Pad Types

Whatever type of air cooler you have, cooling pads play an important role as they have high water retention or absorption potential. Hence, as the water slowly evaporates out of them due to the outside heat, the Air Cooler is able to throw cool breeze. Hence, the cooling of an Air Cooler is highly dependent on the quality of the cooling pads you use.

For a better experience, the cooling pads must have a good absorption potential, so that the Cooler can perform its job for a longer time. Got the point here, right?

There are chances that you might only be familiar with the Aspen Wood Wool Cooling Pads till now. However, you must know that there are several other kinds of cooling pads that have also joined the competition.

The next most popular option is the Honeycomb Cooling Pads which is presently well-known for its high durability. For the third type, you will find Plastic Cooling Pads as well, which we personally don’t like as they are neither very effective nor environment-friendly. So, we would like to stick to discuss only the Aspen Wood Wool Cooling Pads and the Honeycomb Cooling Pads here.

Aspen Pads

Commonly known as the Aspen Cooling Pads, almost every Air Cooler user must be already familiar with them as these kinds of Cooling Pads are being used for over many decades now.

Simply made out of shaven fibres of Aspen Trees, these are packed into a cushion structure and with the help of either Aspen Strands, and synthetic fibres in the better quality ones. Such Aspen Cooling Pad cushions are quite fluffy and have good enough space for a proper airflow as well. Apart from that, the aspen strands are also capable of holding a nice amount of water.

But are these the best kind of cooling pads? That’s totally a personal preference since they have their own benefits and drawbacks. No wonder, these kinds of pads are highly-affordable, and provide good cooling effectiveness. On the other hand, these are also the ones which require more care and generally have a lesser life as well. So, how are the Honeycomb Pads in comparison to these ones? Let’s find out.

Honeycomb Pads

The Honeycomb pads are given this name because of their construction that exactly resembles the actual honeycombs design. Being a new modern-age design, it is well-constructed from cellulose-moulded paper.

After the process, the resulting products, the Honeycomb pads, come out to be thicker and have better water retention than Aspen Wood Wool Cooling pads. The Honeycomb pads are highly useful in the areas where weather conditions are highly dry, and water evaporates quickly. With the use of Honeycomb pads, the water can be held and trapped for a longer-time, and long-term cooling is possible.

The only drawback of such Honeycomb pads is that they are slightly expensive as compared to the Aspen Wood Wool Pads. However, if you consider longevity, durability, and maintenance, there is no other cooling pad type that can match up to its levels of perfection.

Aspen Vs Honeycomb

Before we compare both the types of Air Cooler Cooling Pads, it should be clear to all of you what are the features of an ideal Air Cooler Cooling Pad:

  • The Cooling Pad must have good water holding capacity.
  • It should be durable enough to withstand for a longer time.
  • The Air Cooler Pump should be able to circulate the water through the cooling pads easily.
  • The porosity of the cooling pads should be good enough for optimal evaporation.

Depending on the usability factors, the Honeycomb Pads satisfy all the conditions to be called an ideal cooling pad. However, we cannot neglect the pricing here since the Aspen Wood Wool Cooling pads are a more affordable option here and still give a good competition to the Honeycomb pads if you are willing to take good care of them on regular intervals.


By now, we have discussed both the kinds of Air Cooler Cooling Pads in this article. If you ask for our opinion on the selection, we will prefer the Honeycomb Cooling pads over the Aspen Wood wool Cooling pads, for plenty of reasons. Being highly durable, efficient, and a longer life span makes these cooling pads our personal choice.

On the other hand, if you just want to use the Air Cooler for a short period of time, we would suggest you go with the affordable Aspen Wood Wool Cooling pads since they are perfect for short-term usage. Wrapping it up here, do let us know which of these cooling pads are you going to use in your Air Coolers next summer? And, also leave your valuable suggestions in the comment section below.







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