What Are The Different Types Of Bean Bags

Bean bags are comfortable pieces of furniture that help you sit, relax, work and sleep. Being very inexpensive, people from all backgrounds use them, irrespective of age.

If you want to have one at your home, you should know which one you need. Bean bags are available in different sizes, shapes, colours, materials and are also made for different purposes.

You should always choose one based on your requirements like, to whom are you buying. Other factors like durability, budget, etc., also come into play as well.

Continue reading to get all the details and information about the different types of bean bags available.

This write-up will help you get an understanding of the various types.

Let us get started with the discussion.

Table of Contents

Types of Bean Bags1. Bean Bag Sizes

2. According to Shape

3. Bean Bag Stuffing

4. According to Cover


Types of Bean Bags

You can categorize bean bags into different types based on the below factors:

  • Sizes
  • Shapes
  • Fillings
  • Covers

Let us try to discuss about each aspect here and also the several options available for them.

1. Bean Bag Sizes

Bean bags come in different sizes for different age groups. If you want to purchase one, you should choose the right chair according to the size, age, and height.

  • Kids Bean Bags

Do you have kids at home? Are you planning to buy a nice bean bag chair for your little fun to help him enjoy the comfort? Then you can pick one from the kids’ category. Never try to pick a bean bag of regular size for your kid. You may find it fascinating, but your child may face difficulties when using it.

Hence, it is advisable to choose a bean bag specially designed for kids to help them have a good time. These chairs are comparatively small than the others and are best suitable for children with a height up to 4 feet and 6 inches. If we talk about the circumference of these chairs, they come in between 110 and 120 inches.

  • Teen Bean Bags 

These bean bags are exclusively for teenagers who are up to five feet and two inches tall. These chairs are a little larger than the kids bean bags, having a circumference of about 130 to 140 inches.

If your kid feels a little uncomfortable in the kids bean bag, you can opt for this chair. Your child will get that extra space in these models. These are the large version of bean bags.

  • Adult Bean Bags

If we talk about the older teens and young adults who are up to six feet tall, adult bean bags are the perfect option. They are a little larger than the teen bean bags, having a circumference of about 140 to 150 inches. These are the extra-large size of bean bags.

You may say that you are a little taller than six feet height. No worries. The adult bean bags can easily accommodate you without any discomfort.

  • Massive Bean Bags

The last and the largest type of bean bag in the size segment is the massive bean bag. As the name says, these chairs are huge and come in a double extra-large size. They are perfect for adults with a height of up to six feet and five inches. They are larger than adult bean bags, having a circumference of about 170 to 180 inches.

Being massive in size, these bean bags require more space. People of normal size and height can use the massive bags as a bean bag sofa or bed. Other than taller people, multiple users can use this chair.

2. According to Shape

Let us now come to the shape. Bean bags come in different shapes, which is entirely dependent on the covers. Here are the different shapes of bean bags that you can choose from based on your requirements.

  • Round Chairs

Round bean bag chairs are the most common type available in the market. They are circular in shape and often resemble a ball when spread. You can use these round chairs everywhere inside your home, i.e., living room, bedroom, balcony, etc.

Round bean bag chairs are just perfect to have fun and enjoy the time when watching movies, playing video games, etc. These chairs mould themselves into the shape of the user sitting on them. If you are an adult with a spine problem, then these chairs are not recommended.

  • Square Chairs

These bean bags go by their name – they have a shape similar to the square. They look like a normal sitting chair. The square bean bags come in a well-defined design having backrests and armrests.

These chairs are most preferred by adults because of the proper support they provide. If you want to enjoy a traditional sitting experience, you can opt for a square bean bag. The only downside to them is they are not easily available in the market and are not as popular as the round chairs.

If you love reading and want to have a relaxed time doing so, these chairs are all you need. They give great support to your back and arms without hindering your reading activity.

  • Game Bean Bag Chairs

As the name says, these bean bags are specially designed for gaming. You can comfortably play video games when sitting on these chairs. They earned this recognition because they give the required support for your neck, back, and arms while playing the games. They help in reducing the discomfort.

In construction, the game bean bags look similar to a computer chair. They have a round and wide bottom with a narrow endpoint. Some models from these come equipped with built-in speakers that you can easily synchronize with your computer.

Having a proper sound while gaming is necessary. Hence, these chairs come enabled with this feature to augment the playing experience.

  • Body Chairs

Till now, we discussed about bean bags of different shapes that are for seating purposes. We are now going to talk about those chairs that allow you to lay down on them. Yes, and these are the body chairs. These chairs are of massive size and allow multiple seating capacities for the users. You can either use them to lay down or sit.

While you may confuse body chairs with massive bean bags, both are different. The former is a huge version of the round chairs, and the latter comes in a rectangular shape.

  • Novelty Bean Bags

The novelty bean bags are for kids that come in various designs and often shapes of objects, animals, etc. They add a fun element to the chairs, making them more desirable for kids. Not only they are comfortable, but also very attractive. Hence, kids love to use them as their reading chairs.

3. Bean Bag Stuffing

The next category in the types of bean bags is the filling. To make sitting on these chairs comfortable, they come with stuffing that is not the same for every model. Here are some of the chairs you can choose from depending on the filling. Remember that it is this stuffing that enhances your experience. It makes a lot of difference, and hence you need to select the right one that suits your requirements.

Below are the different types based on the filling:

  • Polystyrene Beads

A Bean bag with polystyrene beads is one of the most popular fillings often used in many chairs. They earn their significance for being capable of providing maximized comfort to the users. The polystyrene beads are usually lightweight and small in size. It is because of this stuffing the bean bags are able to mould themselves into the shape of the user sitting on them.

Did you just talk about the comfort factor? Do not worry. We heard that. Bean bags stuffed with polystyrene beads give you first-class comfort and outstanding support. And the best part, you can move them around easily. Most round bean bag chairs come with this stuffing.

  • Shredded Foam

The next type of bean bag in the stuffing category is the shredded foam chair. Usually, these models come with shredded polyurethane foam filling. You find this stuffing in most of the couches and recliner cushions available in the market. Although it is not top-notch, it can do the job.

Typically, the shredded foam filling is different from the other types of filling, as it gives a firmer look to the products. Do you want to know which type of bean bags contain this filling? You will find it in those that have a chair-like appearance. When compared to other types of fillings, these foam-filled chairs provide less comfort.

  • Expanded Polypropylene

Bean bags with expanded polypropylene filling are the most comfortable ones in comparison to others. Mostly, you find this kind of filling in the high-end bean bag models. Such bean bags have great popularity in Asian countries.

Expanded Polypropylene is a lightweight material that offers great comfort. Being beads of small size, these absorb the pressure easily whenever you sit on them. They ger back to their original shape and size once you release the tension off them. Additionally, they are very much durable.

4. According to Cover

If you prefer an enhanced look and comfort to your bean bag, then you need to opt for the bean bag cover. You can use your bean bag for dual purposes, i.e., sitting and novelty purposes. They come in different textures, colours, and designs. You can choose one of the many types to elevate the decoration of the room you are placing in.

  • Cotton Covers

Cotton covers are the most popular ones in the bean bag covers for their user-friendliness. The other advantage of these covers is that they are easy to clean in comparison with the other covers. Moreover, they come in different sizes and colours to beautify the look of your bean bag chairs. Besides, you can even use bean bags with cotton covers as a decorative furniture piece for your interiors.

  • Vinyl Covers

Vinyl cover is yet another famous type of bean bag cover for its durability. It is easy to maintain than the other types. Continuous usage of these covers might lead to spots on the surface. Hence, you need to clean them regularly to avoid anything as such. All you have to do is just wipe the exterior using a cloth. Isn’t that easy!

  • Suede Covers

Suede covers are also very durable. If you want to have a comfortable material for your bean bag exterior, then these are the best bet. The texture of these covers does not fade easily. That means they retain the fresh and brand-new look for a longer period.

Some suede covers are machine washable. However, refer to the user manual for instructions to clean them.

  • Plush Covers

Plush covers are yet another type of bean bag covers. They have an elegant exterior, and hence you can use these covers for your interior bean bags. To clean the surface and retain its look, we advise you to use a hairbrush with plastic bristles.

  • Velvet or Velour Covers

Velvet or velour covers for bean bags are the most luxurious ones that enhance the look of your interior. They come in a wide range of colours, and you can choose from them that match your furniture. However, they need more care than the other types of covers. Moreover, they are very comfortable too.

  • Leather Covers

Leather covers are the most elegant covers that require proper maintenance. For your convenience, they are available in different shades to choose from. You may use a leather conditioner to nourish and protect the leather for a long time.


To conclude, bean bags come in different sizes, shapes, stuffing, and covers. You can choose

one from among them that suits you best according to your use.

I hope this article helped you in making the right choice for selecting the best bean bags according to your requirement.

Write to us in the comments section below if you think this article helped you gain an understanding of bean bags. If you have any questions or need more information on the same, do not hesitate to post them in your comments.

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Stay home, enjoy your relaxing experience in your bean bags and stay safe!!!







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