Why is My AC Remote Not Working?

Your air conditioning system is one of the most crucial and expensive investments you make for your house. This is why it is important to make every effort to keep its every part safe and the remote is the most special one. 

Sometimes, AC remote may not function properly which will let you go mad in the scorching summer heat. But here we are to fix this problem for you. Just pick a back seat and relax. 

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Why is the AC Remote Not Working?Proximity

Check the Battery life


Sensor and the LED light

Contact the experts

Air Conditioner Remote and Its Functions 


Why is the AC Remote Not Working?

The AC remote may come with several problems related to basic maintenance, cleaning battery adjustment or furniture shuffling. So, let’s explore each one of them and also the solutions which will be helpful for you. 


In case you are pressing the button by pointing your remote towards your AC and still, it is not responding, then maybe you are not close enough to the appliance. Some AC’s require a minimum distance of 20 feet so that the sensors can work properly.  So, level the distance towards the unit and try the command again.

Also, try by shifting any furniture present in front of the unit. The sensor present at the pinnacle of the remote must experience a clear path to get the right signal.  

Check the remote’s and AC’s sensor for any dirt or grime. If any sort of dirt particles are accumulated on it, then it can obstruct the signal path. Wipe the sensors with a clean cloth.

Check the Battery life

Batteries are present at the back side of the remote control. If you ever find your remote is not working, then you can remove the back cover and take out the batteries. Test them with the help of a tester and if found they are not operating anymore, then you can replace it with the new batteries. Remember to buy a battery with proper size as per your remote. The remote controller needs two 1.5V AAA type batteries. In some remote controls, you also get an alert once the battery is exhausted. So, change the battery when the icon appears. 


The two poles of the remote control battery are an important factor that you shouldn’t miss. You need to install them correctly to make the remote function properly. 

Look out for “+” and “–” symbols in the battery chamber which is present at the back side of the battery. For better understanding, please refer to the below image which is demonstrating the right way to insert the battery. 

If you have inserted the batteries properly and still the remote fails to work, then it might be because of the dirt or some kind of blockage. It can prevent the remote control for receiving the signals and it’s incorrect functioning.  

In such a case, remove the batteries again and check on the metal contact points for any dirt. If you see some filth, then clean it with a soft cloth. You can also use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to do the same. 

Sensor and the LED light

LED light present at the peak of the remote is responsible for sending commands and signals to the sensor on the AC. And if that LED light is not functioning properly, then it’s a big problem. Malfunctioning of a LED light means the internal components of the remote are affected and need your serious attention. You should get it repaired or replace it without a delay. 

“Remember: A infrared sensor card determines if the remote is sending the signal properly or not from the LED light. You can use this card in your remote control device.  In case the card stops functioning or flop to react, then it means the LED light is damaged.“

Contact the experts

If you have tried and tested all the above mentioned solutions, and still your remote fails to work, then the problem lies somewhere else. It can be some manufacturing issue or the problem with AC itself. 

Here, you should contact the experts. They are aware of these issues and can diagnose it properly. You can also get in touch with the customer care agents. 

Air Conditioner Remote and Its Functions 

Some basic functions a remote can perform are- 

The usual on/off role: This is the most common function found in every remote. Once you press it, the AC will turn on and by pressing it again, the appliance will turn off. 

Swing- The swing option is used to alter the motion. It can be in two ways- either vertical or horizontal. 

Temperature: The remote gives you a flexible option of temperature. It is used to change the temperature as per your choice. 

Speed of the Fan- It allows you to modify the fan’s speed. 

Mode: The mode function is used to set the cooling modes which may vary from cool, dry, auto, fan etc. 

Timer: This feature can help you to set the timer. The AC will turn off automatically as per the desired time. 

Turbo/Fast Cool: It allows rapid or quick cooling.

Child Lock: This feature is designed especially for kids.  It is used to keep the remote safe from them. 


Your AC remote is as important as the AC itself. It enhances the comfort level of a room by providing cool air. So, keep your AC and your remote safe and receive the best bang for your buck!

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